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The GEI Watch List of potential disrupters

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The Current Watch List - as per 8 Feb. 2010


ZERO or Low tolerance for these four:


Carbon Junkie,

GOM and




Originating from this thread, and posting:


By way of an explanation I came originally to GEI for a good read and have recently ended up frustrated with the incessant trolling & thread destruction from the likes of Swampy, Carbon Junkie, GOM and Fitkid. I may not add as much value as some posters here but nevertheless could not stand back and watch Dr Bubbs & others hard work here be destroyed by a small group of what are essentially sociopaths. Hence the DB SA thread to draw some reaction & recognition to the problem from the site owner which failed and secondly, as troll bait...so yes I was a little naughty.



Here's what i want to see (after reading this thread):


ZERO or Low tolerance for these four: Swampy, Carbon Junkie, GOM and Fitkid

(I know Swamp is gone)

They are now on a Watch List. And will get 24hour to 1week suspensions, whenever the Mods here choose.


And a bit more leniency for the others that step over the line from time to time.


I will start a new thread - to go into the "ABOUT GEI" section, to see if we need to add anyone to the Watch List

from time to time.


I certainly do not think Catflap belongs on the Watch List

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Another area for leniency/or complaints ... One's own thread !


The guy who starts the thread should have some strong say about what postings and posters are Troll-like

per this suggestion:


I think this could be a solution for those who easily feel disturbed.

what if we let "thread owners" define who is allowed to post and who not on "their" threads. Mods can then remove posts that are from unwanted posters. The problem is that it could cause a lot of work, but with 1-week suspensions for violations, it should work.


And if YOUR THREAD is getting disrupted, then you can posting complaints about that here,

and ask for moderators' help


The Moderators have discretion to move threads OFF MAIN to FRINGE or elsewhere, if they feel they do not belong on Main

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(I just got this report from one of the Moderators):




Being on the zero tolerance list, GOM has had his posting privileges suspended for week. The following sentence has been sent:


You were put on zero tolerance by Bubb. Instead of taking it on the chin and letting things cool, you have continued to post in a baiting manner. Your posting privileges have been suspended for a week. When you come back, please try to contibute to this site in a constructive manner as you may be banned for good next time if you continue to distract the forum from economic issues.

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USING the "ABOUT GEI" SECTION - as a repository of Admin issues


I would like to suggest that this thread and all other matters about moderator policy, trolling etc... be moved to 'About GEI' That way arguments will not be conducted in full public view and those who do not wish to be involved in them will not have to read through these matters. This way only people who are genuinely interested in the way the board is run can will contribute and it will starve attention from posts that are there to disrupt and create divisions.


Moderators were wise to move the 'Explanation for the banning of GOM and CARBON JUNKIE, RH please address this mind boggling anamoly?????' thread to the fringe, it was a thread made purely to bait other members. I would like to suggest that comments and discussions about moderators past and present decisions and and troll accusations should also remain the 'About GEI' section. One of the most disruptive things we have seen over the past year is threads, like the Gold Thread, become infested with all sorts of negative side swipes against other posters.


I would be very sad to see Bigtbigt leave the forum and hope that he has chance to reconsider and if he does leave he would be welcome back anytime. I would also be disappointed to see Catflap leave and I hope he can step back and realise that Goldfinger is not an enemy, he just did the best he could in the circumstances given.


The mute/suspension function should be seen as a tool for 'damage limitation' rather than a punishment or judgement on an individual. They help prevent minor incidents from escalating and give the suspended individual the chance to cool down before they post something in the heat of the moment that they may regret.


These threads below could also be moved to About GEI, they will give posters the chance to find out what has gone on over the past year and realise why board members have reached a consensus on these matters.


Freespeech, cdswamp, and commercialisation, suspension vs. more tolerance of abuse here




Does GEI need a Governing Council? Or new mods?, A democratic structure? Or just clear guidelines?




GEI code of conduct for posters, what is acceptable, what is not acceptable.




Complaints, Flames, OTT Postings - Collect 'em here, "Let loose ...complain about something"




GEI's Reign of Terror - Tigger-happy Mods takeover, I'm frigging tired of receiving these Emails




Is GEI being formally attacked by an enemy?, What are the options for survival?




THIS IS A CIVILISED INVESTMENT FORUM, And that is the way it is going to stay




Inviting back... certain GEI posters, Show them the support they have (or dont have) here




Invitation only sub-forum(s) - any takers?, To improve S/N and concentrate on what matters




Freespeech on GEI / Where did cdswamp go?, Poll : Do we want CDS back? When? After what?




Suggestions from loyal GEI-ers about the site's direction, Do you miss the FOPPs?




Edit: I Would also like to add that posters make an effort not to use words that can be read as swear words, starring out the letters is not really an effective method of making it harmless, because the onus of accurate communication should be on the person making the post and should be on them to remove any ambiguity. Thankyou.

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