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Iwant to buy into Gold and Silver

Guest Gel

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Assuming all goes well over the next week or so I should have abut 100k to invest.


So far the plan is:


32k in ICICIbank

32k in Icesave


3k in a Tracker ISA (Wondering if this is really a good idea considering how high the FTSE is)


10k in Gold

20k in Silver


My concern is that silver attracts 17.5% Vat doesn't it?


Should I buy mining shares or actual physical product, and where should I go?


Thanks, I was going to post this on HPC but I reckon there are a lot of unstable opinions on there!

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I am about 80-90% invested in mining & resource shares


That would be "shear madness" for most everyone. But it has worked well for me.


My advice: Study, learn, and make your own decisions, and take responsibility for them.




Maybe you should consider attending a Minesite Forum or even...


Mines & Money next week: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=1168


= =


"They currently offer .25% above the BOE base rate."

they must be losing money- what is the credit risk?

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They currently offer .25% above the BOE base rate.


"Icesave" is offering 5.4% in its internet savings account - plus some good looking guarantees about keeping 0.25% above BoE base rate.


Problem is that Icesave is run by the Iceland-based Landsbanki that was recently downgraded by Moody's:




Remembering how the Icelandic krona was hit by the May stock tumble. Does this make it look too vulnerable to financial shocks?

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The Krone's downfall happened in February and was caused by :


first : an increase in interest rates to a high level which

second : sucked the carry trade in and

finally : when the icelandic economy was downgraded they all tried to rush for the exit


I don't think it had much connection with the stock tumble in May, though it was all getting a bit hairy by then.


I do agree about the risk of countries which have a high interest rate, in an inflationary world.




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