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I ve bought Avion (TSX:AVR) shares in august 2010 for 55 cents.

This week I secured my initial investment at 2 CAD.

I have reinvested the proceeds in AXMIN at 0.13 (nice low market-cap)


Many expect a similar development for Avion, as for Semafo.

I expect a similar develpment for Axmin, as for Avion.

Only the time intervals are offset by 2 years.


from SH:


I agree that avion has done good. Avion has taken over the failed assets of Nevsun in Mali. If you add in Nevsun's involvement you will find that these Mali assets have also been under development for 10+ years. To compare like with like you should take into account the change in top management of Axmin that happened early in 2010 with the merger between Afnat and Axmin. The management of Afnat is now in charge. I would contend that the clock for the new Axmin got reset 8 months ago and there has already been substantial progress since. In 2 years the Passendro mine will be in production at the rate of 200,000 oz per year and Axmin's market cap will be $1 billion+. I am confident that AVR's market cap will be considerably less than 10x that of AXM at that point, ie. axmin will outperform avion going forward.


Your other negatives about dilution and share structure are red herrings. It is share price to cash flow or market cap to cash flow that really counts. I have factored a reasonable amount of dilution to finance the new mine and made the case for Axmin to cash flow 16 cents per share (more than the current share price) in 2013 when Passendro goes into production. This will result in a dramatic re-rating of the share price.


increasing volume:





there must be a lot of shares in strong hands!!!:




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there is allready a political risk, yes!!!


But when did you heard the latest really bad news from C.A.R.

In the northern regions of the DRC (and boarder region with C.A.R.) is the only dangerous militant group: LRA




There is a strong tendency to invest in Western- and Central-Africa (look Afren, Moto Goldmines, Banro, and all the Katanga copper companies (Tiger Resources ;-))) )







Gross RI Quotient (Company Value per share/Today's market price per share 57.74





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Sierra Leone and C.A.R? Are these places safe to do business now?



found some older stuff (2007):


Underexplored Opportunities Justify Risks for Axmin


By Katherine Young, Resourcex.com

Jun, 13th


Axmin Inc. (TSX: V. AXM) is a gold exploration company operating in Central and Western Africa whose stock price has grown from about the CAD $0.40 mark in May of 2005 to CAD $0.85 on June 6, 2007.


Although exploring in Central and Western Africa where political instability is the word of the day, Axmin Inc. CEO, Dr. Jonathan Forster is assured that exploring in Africa is worth the risk. The company has mineral rights to over 5,000 square km in the Central African Republic (CAR), 600 square km in Sierra Leone and has additional properties in Mali and Senegal.


Forster explained that there are methods of reducing risk when operating in Africa. “We have experience operating in all these areas. We’ve got good communication with government. We’ve got good local staff. So it’s because of our lengthy experience [that we can be successful]. I suppose to the outsider [the African environment] may appear like chaos, but there is order within it.”


The Axmin team, CEO Dr. Jon Forster and President Dr. Michael Martineau, have been working in Africa for 15 years. The company’s predecessor company, Samax Gold founded two gold mines in Tanzania, the Golden Pride and the Kukaluma-Getia. The Golden Pride was the first modern gold mine to go into production in Tanzania. Samax attracted the attention of Ashanti Goldfields, which purchased Samax in 1998. Axmin was then formed at the request of a shareholder to try to duplicate Samax’s success in Tanzania.


When asked how he justifies the risk of exploring in a developing country, Forster said, “There is risk certainly, but the reward potentially is much greater. We’re operating in a country that has very prospective geology, in most cases still underexplored. CAR is the case in point, it has never been explored so it provides us with the opportunity to get very large blocks of ground--the entire greenstone belt, which is highly prospective. So although we’re starting the project with 200,000 oz/year potential we’ve only explored in detail a very tiny percentage of the belt and we’ve got a whole host of targets to go at to expand the project. So the risk is mitigated in part by the geological potential. You can’t get away from that. We’re the first in the country. We’re able to pick the low hanging fruit.


The Passendro project in CAR is the company’s main exploration focus. The company completed pre-feasibility on the project in May of 2006 and expects to have completed feasibility studies on the project by the middle to end of the third quarter of this year. The resource estimate on the property is 2.6 million ounces indicated and inferred.


Forster is also confident that Axmin has the support of local government to carry out their projects. “Governments in Africa do respect and understand the potential that the mining industry can generate in the country. So they are proactive and supportive. If you look at a country like Ghana or Tanzania and see what’s happened there in the last 15- 20 years. There’s been a tremendous improvement from the exploitation of private resources. And so you tend to get pretty good support from governments.”


The government of the CAR in turn has support from the European Union and the French governments as well as the UN. When asked about violent outbreaks in the northern region of CAR near the border with Chad and Sudan, Forster explains that the violence is 400-500km from the Axmin site. He also points out that international support helps the CAR government to contain and control violence if necessary.


Reasonable political stability was one of the factors guiding Axmin’s decision to invest in CAR. The other factor was geology. Forster explains, “It was a time when we’d just sold our previous company which was Samax to Ashanti Gold Fields. We’d been operating in Tanzania on the greenstone belts there, and also in West Africa. We’d had good exploration success in Tanzania. We were looking and recognized that the greenstone belt in Tanzania and DRC extended into CAR and clearly it just hadn’t been exploited. We took the risk went into a junior venture with a Canadian junior at the time and we liked [the property] so much that we bought it. So initially it was driven on geological potential and the recognition that the country, although not an easy place to work at that time, was certainly moving in the right direction.”


Further mitigating the company’s risk in CAR, Axmin owns other properties in Africa. In Mali the company has a land position in the highly productive LuluKofi gold district where 15 million ounces of gold have been discovered by other companies in the last 5 to 6 years. Providing all goes well in CAR, the Mali property will be the next exploration focus for Axmin, slated for the end of 2008.

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Central African Republic: Country outlook

September 1st 2010





ECONOMIC GROWTH: Activity in the mining sector is set to pick up in the CAR, driven by the strong recovery in global demand for minerals.

In August the government awarded a Canadian company, Axmin, a 25-year mining licence for its Passendro gold project, which is owned by its subsidiary, Aurafrique.

Under the agreement, the government will receive a signature bonus of US$11m, in addition to shares in Axmin and a 2.25% royalty on sales of gold from the mine. Now that it has the licence in hand,

Axmin confirmed that it would immediately proceed with the development of its Passendro project. Exploratory work in 2008-09 estimated the project's reserves at 2m troy oz of gold, and the first production could start as early as 2012.


A French nuclear group, Areva, has announced that it will start work on its Bakouma uranium deposit, located 100 km north of Bangassou, by the end of the year. The deposit has estimated reserves of 40,000 tonnes of ore, of which 17,000 tonnes are of high quality, and Areva intends the mine to reach full production by 2014. However, several issues remain outstanding, notably what proportion of the mine's infrastructure costs and energy supply will be paid for by either Areva or the government.


The CAR is set to receive its first substantial investment from China, following an announcement on July 27th that two Chinese groups—Yanchang Petroleum and Poly Group—had signed an agreement to jointly explore for oil and gas in Block B, located in north-western CAR. The block lies close to oil reserves in neighbouring Chad, which are currently being exploited by a US company, ExxonMobil.

Yanchang Petroleum will hold a controlling interest in the block, whose potential reserves have not been disclosed. The CAR government is also keen to licence the adjacent Block C, as well as to re-licence Block A, which has been the focus of a dispute with a US-based oil company, RSM Production. The International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes, an arbitration panel of the World Bank, is expected to rule on the dispute.


An Indian company, Jaguar, has launched two projects in the CAR, which represent the first major Indian investments in the country. In early August construction started on a cement factory, Société centrafricaine de cimenterie, which is expected to start producing 400 tonnes of cement per day in mid-2011, helping to reduce the high cost of cement imports to the landlocked CAR.

At the same time a new company, Société nationale de transport urbain, has been launched, which will provide public transport in Bangui and its suburbs using 100 Indian-built buses.

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borrowed from vanbrussel at ADVFN






AfNat Resources Limited is a Bermuda incorporated company listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange. AfNat has interests in mineral exploration projects in Mozambique and Zambia and has investments in Niger Uranium Limited and in Copper Development Corporation, a private company with a controlling stake in the Hinoba-an Copper Project in the Philippines. More information on AfNat can be found at www.afnatresources.com.





Holdings of Significant Shareholders


As of 13 December 2010 the Company is aware of the following persons who hold, directly or indirectly, voting rights representing 3% or more of the issued share capital of the Company to which voting rights are attached:Name         Number of Ordinary Shares         Percentage of issued share capital


Senator Sidecar Master Fund LP        




MSD Energy Investments, LP        




Tocqueville Gold1        




Luxor Capital Partners Offshore Master Fund LP2        




Haywood Securities Inc.        




Chiropo Company SA        




AfNat Resources Limited        




Luxor Capital Partners LP2        




Libra Advisors LLC3        




Solfotara Mining Corp.        








"on 6 January 2011 that Senator Sidecar Master Fund LP ("Senator Sidecar Master Fund") acquired a beneficial interest in an additional 9 571,427ordinary shares in" [CDC].


look at the number of Shares


CDC at £0.315 x 9571427 = £ 3.015.000

or CAD 4.650.750 equivalent


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...and up she goes B)


here is a very interesting post:




I spent $30 on a very long call with The new CEO Mr. Roach during which I asked him the questions that I as a 35 years veteran of the markets including `investmentbanking' thought appropriate

I grilled him and he is:

sharp top notch I bought 500,000 shares

give it 18 months The government is pushing axm to get into production....the govenment has over 20 million shrares and 20 m warrants

expect 3-5 times your money

It is wired Swiss connection will buy the gold for swiss ETF's

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hope, the financing is on the right track

The next major milestone for the Company is to obtain financing with an additional debt facility lenders for the balance of the funds. With the assistance of the Companys financial advisers, Endeavour Financial, the management of AXMIN is in advanced discussions

with additional debt facility arrangers.

Although Management remains optimistic that it will obtain the required financing, there are no guarantees that the financing efforts

will be successful.


Interesting...P8 2nd qtr results.


So this is the key driver short term?

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Toronto, Ontario – February 15, 2012 – AXMIN Inc. (TSX Venture: AXM) (“AXMIN” or the “Company”) (AXM-TSX Venture) is pleased to announce that effective February 15, 2012, the Company consolidated its common share capital on the basis of one (1) post-consolidation common share for every ten (10) pre-consolidation common shares held.

Well,, my broker slept through this and tells me now that I still hold the old amount of share, but at the new ten times higher price. Should I try and sell? :)

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