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Boni / Shaw, Greenfield District & Ortigas: Near MRT

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Top-of-page Map show key New Bridge!  (Map added in edit, Dec.2017) : Goog-maps


Sta.Monica - Lawton bridge with a 4-lane highway should be operating in Q1-2020, though there were previous reports it would be before then.

Experts are predicting Shaw to BGC transit time of 15 minutes or less


View past DMCI Sheridan's Tower 2 towards Boni/Shaw area

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NEW BRIDGES will help to ease congestion

" Sta. Monica-Lawton Bridge involves the construction of a 4-lane bridge across Pasig River

... and onwards to the entrance of Bonifacio "



/ 1 /

TO EASE TRAFFIC CONGESTION: DPWH starts widening of Lawton ...

Aug 22, 2017 - Once completed by March 2020, travel between the central business districts of Taguig and Pasig will only take 12 minutes. This will also ease traffic congestion at EDSA and Circumferential road 5 particularly along Guadalupe bridge and Bagong Ilog bridge by about 25 percent. The widening of Lawton ...

Jul 20, 2017 - Aside from the Sta. Monica to Lawton Bridge, the DPWH also identified as top priority the construction of 12 new bridges crossing the Pasig-Marikina River and the Manggahan Floodway to provide fixed links over these rivers and increase road network capacity in the metropolis. with JOVILAND RITA ...

/ 2 / A second bridge will also help

The Estrella Pantaleon Bridge, a 1.37 B project connecting Estrella Street in Makati to Barangka Drive in Mandaluyong City, has just been approved by NEDA. It is one of the 12 new bridges we're constructing across Pasig River, Marikina River and Manggahan Floodway. #BuildBuildBuild

> http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/11/15/17/2-china-funded-pasig-river-bridges-inch-closer-to-construction

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(From the New Bridges thread):

3rd New Bridge  to connect Pasig City with BGC?

pasig-bridge.jpg ; Sta.Monica / Lawton Bridge connects Pasig/Mandaluyong to BGC

Article from Aug. 2016 anticipating the Bridge : Duterte admin pushing BGC-Ortigas bridge

The bridge, which would cross Pasig River from Makati to Pasig, is among the measures that the infrastructure committee of the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) had recommended to address the perennial gridlock problem, especially along Edsa.

... the project needs to be undertaken as soon as possible because Guadalupe Bridge, also on Edsa, would have to undergo retrofitting and this upgrade would leave only one lane of the bridge open to traffic. Phase 1 of the project envisions a bridge from Sta. Monica Street in Kapitolyo in Pasig City to Lawton Avenue, Makati. Phase 2 will run from Lawton to the BGC viaduct, then from Shaw Boulevard to the Sta. Monica viaduct.

THIS seems to be where it is going
The Grain silo is likely to be an expensive new Condo someday -- and/or a Mall or something... I suppose.
Not clear if you can walk along the Pasig River.  But it seems to be not possible yet.
BGC / Lawton Avenue side of the Bridge
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PINES PEAK - from City Land


(March edit): Reports are being heard that rents (for bare studios) have now pushed above P12,000 per month

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This advert may give some idea of land values in the area : P 260k per sqm

1980sqm Commercial lot along EDSA, beside Boni MRT Station, Mandaluyong City @ Mandaluyong City

Php 515,000,000 / 1980 = P 260,101 per sqm
Lot Area: 1980 sqm
Frontage: 44 Meters (Edsa & Sierra Madre)
Rectangular lot, almost square lot located right beside Globe Asiatique Towers, beside the Boni MRT Station.

Ideal for a residential/ office condominium project.
Thru lot to Sierra Madre St behind Edsa.
with an existing 8 storey building, fully leased out.
For sale only, not for joint ventures.

Email / phone for inquiries: Arch. Joseph C. Chua
0917-819-4131/ 664-5830
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Awaiting AVIDA VERGE, Centera's coming neighbor

(not much on the Avidaland website yet - just this):


Avida Towers Centera is a four-tower development in Mandaluyong City that features many firsts for Avida. Poised to be an EDSA landmark, it offers a built in retail center and unique, zoned amenities so its residents get to live where everything is built in.



Twr : HLURB : Start :  Original  : Completion :  Height : storeys : H/st. : Units :

T. 1 :  #25070 : 2012 : Dec 2014 : ???  2015? : 100.0m : 30 fl. : 3.33m : 25x24= 640? :
     T. 2 :    25717 : 2012 : May 2014 : ???  2017? : 100.0m : 30 fl. : 3.33m : 25x24= 642 :
     T. 3 :    26911 : 2013 : Dec. 2015 : ???  2017? : 100.0m : 30 fl. : 3.33m : 25x26= 649 :
     T. 4 :    29259 : 2003 : June 2017: ???  2017? : 128.8m : 35 fl. : 3.68m : 28x24= 683 :

> https://avidaland.com/project-page.php?projname=avida-towers-centera

Floor plans for Centera.  Verge may be similar




Centera images & floorplans: http://avidacondo.ph/avida-towers-centera-brgy-highway-hills-mandaluyong-city/

MRT Stations: 400m to Boni station, 500m to Shaw station

The Target Market: Young professionals, single or married with household income levels of P50k and above.
Well-educated, practical, and value conscious. Living in a convenient urban location is a major consideration
+ Young professionals
+ Newlyweds
+ Young families
+ Businessmen/Investors

> from : Avida-Projects : Centera T2, Project presentation


Centera's showroom is just above - it will be gone soon


The Verge will be built where the showroom was & where the flowers are, above

Centera Tower 4, is in the background, above the red flowers


This angle shows the Verge site more clearly

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Area of Condo- : Maximum : Minimum
BGC / McKinley :  302,588  : 159,125 :
Mandaluyong--  :  119,144  :  092,935 :
BGC/M. Ratio - :    R- 2.54   :   R- 1.71  :

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Is Boni-Shaw area going to be the "Mongkok of Manila"?


(Mongkok means "crowded corner" and is a crowded but popular part, right in the center of Kowloon in Hong Kong)


The new bridge will connect Mandaluyong (Boni-Shaw & Kapitoloyo) to Lawton Ave. in BGC

... from a Viber chat today ...

J- :

I’m looking at it from the local point of view.... That (comparative price) data might be talking about the whole of the Mandaluyong area. But the whole city (of Mandaluyong) is not that nice


Mandy is like Mongkok in Hong Kong, which is very near where I live. Mongkok = means "crowded corner" and it is the most crowded place on the planet.  That's good and bad.  I have watched it slowly become more live-able over the years. Boni-Shaw area is the "Mongkok of Manila" - what I reckon will happen over time is the "social infrastructure will improve progressively" = more restaurants, coffee shops, co-working spaces. Doctors clinics, -- all that stuff.  Meantime, people from Hong Kong and mainland China may discover it, and it could remind them of "back home"

J- :

Yeah I go there from time to time. I see the similarities your pointing out. One thing with Mandaluyong is they have a lot small roads and many squatters. Mandy Edsa is a good place and pioneer  reliance area would develop well it’s the other side that’s a problem


Squatters? ...depends on the area.  The territory between Boni station and Shaw Station, called  Greenfield district is what  interest me most right now. The opposite side, beyond EDSA, will not connect easily to BGC, and I don't favor that

J- :

That should be good. Mrt stations are nearby


I met the CFO of Greenfield on holiday years ago, and I have been watching the area change and improve.  I call the Greenfield-plus area "Boni-Shaw" and a few of us from the meetup made a field trip there a few months ago,  One or two are already investing there

J- :

I guess the data is the whole city not like greenfield district. That Greenfield part is looking like it’s going to be nice.



That's a Night Street in Mongkok

Boni-Shaw is still pretty cheap, and I am focused on small properties under the P2.5million VAT threshold


Mongkok is even MORE crowded than Boni-Shaw

it has a great "social infrastructure" and even includes one or more Michelin star restaurants

J- :

It’s been a while since I went at night, I do go mornings or afternoons since we stay at tung Chung. Yes those units I believe will do well (I believe)


It is interesting to hear that Jack Ma, the Founder of Alibaba, and currently the "richest man in China" has been buying units there (in the heart of the Boni-Shaw area.)  Until now, not really discovered by the mainland chinese, but that may happen

J- :

Seems like he’ll be the one selling to the mainlanders after it’s completed


I think he will open an business in BGC and wants to put some employees in decent but cheaper accommodation in Boni-Shaw.  Another mainlander bought 40% of a building last year, and the price skyrocketed after that.  I have been tracking that one, since one of my HK friends owns there, and I own in a "sister" building.  Prices are up by about 50% in three years.

J- :

I don’t know why he’s doing it...but making it for his employees and at the same time investing in properties is a good strategy


I presume he wants to know that some key employees will be able to afford to live close to his BGC office


Another Mongkok photo.  Will Boni Shaw have this density some day?

J- :

That much people yes but you won’t see them. Most likely they’re inside the malls


I think the streets will come alive there, and you may even see some of the second floor retail that you see in Mongkok and Causeway bay ... eventually. There are some good malls nearby, mainly the Shangrila Mall, ...Plus Star mall, and the Greenfield mall, right next to Shaw station. If the transformation comes, it may start with; restauarants, coffee shops, and themed retail - like sneaker street in Mongkok

J- :

Maybe it will take some time. Behind those condos are still factories and main offices of some big companies and it will take some time for them to relocate if they decide so


The factories are getting replaced, and SM, Robinson, Ayala, Cityland and other developers are very active in the area,  Cityland probably has the best yields, as W-- can tell you

J- :

Cityland has been there a long time and their development are always doing good yet I don’t see them advertise or sell aggressively


I agree. Their investors always make money -- but without fanfare

... There are also some other projects I like (such as Avida's), which you may be able to enter at below the P 2.5 million VAT threshold.  But there are now fewer and fewer now that the threshold has dropped from P3,2 to 2,5 million.  And with the right plan, you might do well buying above that level too...

Some of the Attractions of Mongkok:
+ Many hotels
+ Night Market, Ladies market, Flower market,
+ Street Food
+ Sneaker Street
+ Goldfish market

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WALKING TIME : Possible Impact of the Ste.Monica / Lawton Bridge


I reckon The Bridge will cut the Walking time by about Half, to under 30 minutes.

And the Bus ride, if there is one from Centera to Avida HQ in BGC, might be just 15-20 minutes.

And Uber ride could be under 10-12 minutes when the traffic is flowing well.

That's my estimate, but I actually want to do the journey on foot sometime soon, and improve on those rough guess-timates.

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The Big Picture from the Center of Boni-Shaw


Feeling at Home in the Heart of Centera


Looking North towards Greenfield District & Shaw Blvd. from Centera Tower 3's roof.  That's Fame in the foreground, and an almost finished BPO owned by Greenfield (more jobs coming into the area?)


Looking East, down Reliance Street


The site of the future Bridge, connecting Ste.Monica to Lawton Ave. in BGC.  If you leave Centera, and walk for 25 minutes walk and (I counted) 2300 steps, you will arrive here, where there is some construction equipment.  This is the intersection of Santa Monica and Manila Railroad St.  (Google maps pictured a basketball court here.)

Once the construction is finished there will be (at least?) another 5-6 minutes walk to Upper BGC.


The good news for someone looking to live in Boni-Shaw and work in BGC is that there may be a future bus route from near Centera to the heart of BGC.  And also, it is mostly downhill, and so an easy 10-12 minute bike ride to the top of BGC. And other forms of mechanized transport might also work well.  (It would be a bit more strenuous coming home to Boni-Shaw, maybe. But a quick DOWNHILL COMMUTE TO WORK may be more important that the time and effort spent on the return journey.)

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VERGE - Soon?


Nothing yet released... the following is from a Facebook page

In a few days, a new residential community will rise in the heart of Mandaluyong.

There are no known information about this project yet, but definitely, it will be worth it as the developments and demand for properties here are rising as we speak.

... See more

/ 2 /

(the following may, or may not be accurate - I was expecting more than one tower, & not so tall)
Lot area : 6,105 sqm
#, bldgs. : 1
Floors -- : 50
#, units  : 1,140 flats, plus 799 parking spaces
> source: http://ortigaspropertyhub.com/


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There is more news about Avida Verge.


It seems that Avida has developed a new business strategy now that most of its land in BGC has been developed. They are "pumping"

this project as a way to get into BGC at a lower cost than the official preselling prices of their existing projects in BGC.

Verge is quite expensive, it seems. It looks as if they are charging PHP180K psm. For Boni Shaw area - this price is very high.


4.2M for a 22.80sqm Junior 1 bedroom and 7M for 35sqm 1 bedroom.

according to comments posted on SSC - the Verge thread. not cheap.


ECB comment. It is quite IRONIC as BGC is on the "verge" of COLLAPSE. Rents have collapsed already but it is capital values which are at risk now due to rising supply, falling rents and rising interest rates. "Rents collapse first", capital values are next. IMO.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: tekst

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ECB comment. It is quite IRONIC as BGC is on the "verge" of COLLAPSE


I always liked idea of playing the Arb (arbitrage) between Mandaluyong Boni/Shaw and BGC.

(I wonder if someone doing marketing at Avida has seen this thread?)

It actually made great sense when you could buy cheap units at centerra at under P2.5 M - but not at P4M.

BGC rent are weak now, but I think they will recover as the sudden surge in BGC units is absorbed eventually

Avida employees who bought cheap units at Centerra can rent them out at decent rents, and find something

cheap to rent near Avida HQ in BGC. The Arb argument is much less compelling at current price levels.

(The price difference that made the arb interesting is hardly there, when you look at some rents & prices)

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Mandalyulong called: "TIGER CITY of Metro Manila"... ready to pounce on demand for workspaces"

Here's the article I liked, from today's Philippines Star.

Headline:  Greenfield District on track to meet high office demand. Property Report, pg.D4


Greenfield Tower: 30-storey with 65,765 sq m of prime office and retail space.

(Use 5sqm per job and you get: 13,000 jobs BEFORE double and triple shifting.  That could be a bonanza for those owning property nearby, and should make it easy to absorb Fame and The Verge.

Greenfied Tower is now ready for occupancy and features provisions for four telecoms providers, and built in fibre optics connectivity

MORE OFFICES also available in Greenfield district: Bonaventure Plaza, The Square, and the Sheridan Bldg

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Finally - this BRIDGE is coming

OLD photo


The site of the future Bridge, connecting Ste.Monica to Lawton Ave. in BGC.  If you leave Centera, and walk for 25 minutes walk and (I counted) 2300 steps, you will arrive here, where there is some construction equipment.  This is the intersection of Santa Monica and Manila Railroad St.  (Google maps pictured a basketball court here.)




The bridge connecting Kapitolyo to BGC is taking shape

Some people in Ortigas think their journey time will be cut in half

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Progress on the Santa Monica bridge

Target completion: 2021 ? (actually, one website says June 2020)


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COMMENTS from a Viber chat - about the Pioneer & Boni / Shaw area


My concern with pioneer is that it seems over-saturated with BUILDINGS from other developers.  Like sunshine etc


Yes.  Maybe.  Many "cheap" units have been sold in that area. And they will compete for tenants and for Buyers in the Secondary market.

( I hope to discuss this and other issues at a Sat. morning MEETUP, at Seattles Best Coffee on Dela Rosa st.)


My problem with Boni mandaluyong bldgs is the sheer number of development you have to compete with. Take a walk at pioneer and wall to wall it is just condo bldgs, one after another


It is the MONGKOK of Philippines.  Mongkok : means "crowded corner", the most busy and crowded part of Hong Kong.

And it happened for similar reasons, I thinjk.  "cheap" factory property got bought up and replaced by Condos. It is now a crowded sort of High rise heaven.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Is Pioneer & Boni/ Shaw, THE MONGKOK of Manila?


Cityland's Pioneer Heights, is at the corner of Pioneer & Reliance St. maybe 12 minutes walk from the Bridge


Maybe the biggest impact of the bridge, will be to flood BGC's immediate area with cheap accommodation, which is suddenly within walking distance (over the bridge).  BGC is already showing weakness in rents and weakness in prices.  Maybe this bridge will provide "the final nail in the coffin" for those who bought expensive property in BGC, especially upper BGC, where MEG and Federal land are still promoting overpriced property

Along with the negative impact (as stated above), some with decent properties, in well run buildings, may find their Mandy proeprties near the bridge get "gentrified" to some extent, with new tenants with higher salaries paying for the establishment of new restuarants, coffee shops, and other establishments - just as Mongkok (in HK) has gentrified over time

C /

I could be wrong, but I think people value malls in this country...

COMPARE: SMdC grace and acacia estates are close to BGC as well. smdc grace on top of a mall, and compounds in acacia dont have a mall apart from the one in the middle of the estate which is inconvenient. smdc rental (at Grace) is doing well, but the acacia estate is so terrible (hard to get tenants)


Certainly, condo residents like a nice mall within a short walk. 

C /

So by deductive reasoning, thats my concern with pioneer heights coz its a fair distance to forum, it wont be walking distance with a grocery shop.

Pioneer is in between Robinsons Forum and PC Supermarket. both directions arent walking distance if u have a stack of groceries to carry.

D /

Good thing with Pioneer Heights it will have commercial units on the ground floor so its possible that there will be groceries there.

C /

there are lots of warehouses in the area that could be converted to a mall in the future so you never know.  Need more than just convenience stores... hehe Need cinemas, restaurants, appliance stores, hardware stores, banks, etc

D /

Right, but for at least the basic needs


I certainly think a good large grocery market is an important draw. To be honest, if Cityland was smart they would DO that sort of conversion, or help to finance someone else to do it. Win-win

C /

I wouldn't write off Pioneer heights just yet...  Pines Peak 1 was really slow on the take up, the prices stagnated while Grand Central was being sold.  Nobody thought Pines Peak would have so much demand that it has today way back then...    And that's the moral of the story isn't it, you gotta take a risk somewhere....


SMARTER to take a Risk, buying a cheap unit at Pioneer (or maybe in the 2nd market at Pines Peak, or nearby), where the Bridge can help you.  Rather than buying an over priced one in BGCm where the Bridge can hurt you

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PIONEER HEIGHTS, newest Cityland project in Mandaluyong


Cityland's Pioneer Heights, is at the corner of Pioneer & Reliance St. maybe 12 minutes walk from the Sta.Monica Bridge



Pioneer Heights is being built BEHIND Cityland Pioneer (see building beyond Shakey's etc above) across an access road back there


Q: "How much is the price difference between RFO pines and Pioneer Heights?"

A:  "Currently the cheapest studio in pines is around 2.5M already, in Pioneer Heights cheapest is 1.67M"

Q: "Might be worth doing the math as Pines Peak flat will come with 3 years worth of income."

Answer, using a Back-of-Envelope calculation:

====: Pioneer : P.Peak + adj. : Adj.PP:
Cash : 1670 K : 2500K ===== : 2500K (+49.7%)
2020 : P000K : P156K x 95.0%: P148K
2021 : P000K : P156K x 85.5%: P133K
2022 : P000K : P156K x 77.0%: P120K
Inc.    : P000K : P468K x . adj.  : P401K
$ - I.  : 1670 K : 2032K + 401k : 2099K (+25.7%)

Assume same RENTAL income starting 2023.
Until then, P13k monthly x12= P156k per annum
From adjustment, I assume 10% pa, and midyear income

"Looks like Pines Peak is currently 50% more expensive, or 25-26% more, if you adjust from the income you will earn on PP over the next 3 years"


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Guest Light 2 Residences

LIGHT 2 : There's a new condo by SMDC located in Mandaluyong, near Boni Station.

The Light 2 Residences will also have its own Light Mall. In fact, almost 1 hectare of the development is allocated on its amenities.

Here's the perspective of the condo building:


And here's the actual site photo (white arrow facing EDSA):


It is currently pre-selling, and actually on full-swing construction right now. Expected turn over will be on year 2024.


Two Pools, and Resort-like Amenities



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Looks nice!  Got any anticipated YIELD Calculations for Light 2?

(Rental levels and Return on Investments are obsessions here)

VIDEO: showing how actual bare units will look:


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A LIGHT on today's prices ... New Condos: About 240-250k per sqm


LIGHT2 : Price Range: Php 5,400,000 - Php 11,200,000

LIGHT 2 Pricing:
Twr, floor:  All-in Pr: Size,m: PerSM : Type of Unit : View : Down: Pmts: x48p’s: Bal.85%
# 1, 1507 : P6,125K : 25.65: 238.8k: 1 BR w/Balc. : Amen: 300k: 14,944: P717k: 5138k
# 1: 1508 : P5,197K : 20.69: 251.2k: Studio w/Bal.: Amen: 300k: 14,396: P691k: 4955k
# 1: 1601 : P7,668K : 32.38: 236.8k: 1 BR w/ Den  : Amen: 300k: 18,999: P912k: 6494k
=> https://smdc.com/properties/light-2-residences/

Here's a more sophisticated look at what you are buying, when you use the SMDC-suggested payment scheme.

Actually, you pay P300k now, and something like 15k-20k a month over 48 months.  And then you pay the last 85% to get the key.  In effect, You are buying a call option at 85% of List price, and paying the upfront and monthly payments to "keep the option alive."  Is it in the money?  I would say NO, not based on today's rents of maybe P 800-900 per sqm.  Since you are paying like P200-210K to buy a property where the rent now is maybe 5% Gross.  Better to buy now in the secondary market, and lock in a better yield imho.  You might get 7-8% or better if you find a genuine bargain.

Having said that... If you don't have the cash to buy now...  Paying those monthly payments, will at least give "a grip" on the market.   And that may be a good move, if you can imagine prices going higher at this well-connected location, next to Boni station.  And 15% spread over 4 years, this is not an especially expensive out-of-the money Call option.


Light2 will have its own mall.  Something like the one at AIR, next to Rise - I reckon



Light2 will connect by bridge to Light1, which connects to Boni MRT station on the other side

Compared to Light1, Light 2 Residences, boasts bigger and better amenities, a four-storey mall that will showcase fashion and beauty to complement the food retail shops at Light Mall and vast open spaces embraced with pocket gardens and lush greenery.

> MORE images: https://www.condobysmdc.com/properties/smdc-light2residences.html

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SHERIDAN TOWERS ( North & South : Overview )


South Tower is the one closer to the Pasig River


Historical Cost after launch, early 2016

Location: Sheridan Street Mandaluyong City,
Near: Robinson Forum , Pionner, & Shangri-la Mall

Status: Pre Selling and lifetime ownership.

PROMO: 20% DOWNPAYMENT 0% interest, 80% Balance For In-House or Bank Financing

South Tower: Turnover Date: Nov 2018
Payable: 31 months

1BR 28.   sqm 2.0M: 71.4K psm
2BR 56.5 sqm 3.4M: 60.2K psm

NORTH TOWER: Turnover Date: May 2020
Payable: 50 months
1BR 28.5 sqm 2.2M: 77.2K psm
2BR 56.5 sqm 3.4M: 60.2K psm
3BR 79.   sqm 5.1M: 64.6K psm

FREE ASSIST and AUTOMATIC APPROVE with our Bank Partners


Villar: Sta. Monica-Lawton Bridge Project Nears Completion; to open in 2021 (after target Dec, 2020 completion) : 

"The BGC Ortigas Link Bridge Project is only one of 22 projects aimed at decongesting EDSA and C5. 2021 will be a game changer," Villar noted.

"The bridge, which is part of the Metro Manila Logistics Network, will also include a bicycle lane," he added.
Part of the massive Build, Build, Build program, the 1.367 kilometer Bonifacio Global City-Ortigas Center Link Road Project which will cut to 12 minutes the one-hour-long drive between the Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas business districts has the following components: the 440 meter Sta. Monica-Lawton Bridge, 362 meter rehabilitation and widening of Brixton (corner Reliance Street) to Fairlane Street, and 565 meter Lawton Avenue – Global City Viaduct which will traverse Lawton Avenue to the entrance of BGC.

Despite limited movement and manpower deployment at jobsite because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the DPWH targets to fully finish the Sta. Monica-Lawton Bridge by December this year.  / > https://www.dpwh.gov.ph/dpwh/news/19229

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