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Wisdom Council / A-Core related Videos

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Wisdom Council / A-Core related Videos


Original Video, proposing the Wis-Council


Zen Gardner's "Wisdom Council" Idea : Council of Elders






Zen Gardner has suggested in his recent interview with Henrik Palmgren, that our planet needs a Wisdom Council, of Elders. I am inviting people to join a serious discussion of this idea. In the Video have suggested an:
AGENDA OF SIX KEY ITEMS to be the focus of the Wisdom Council: To be superceded
1. To officially Disclose the presence of extraterrestrials on our planet
( etc. )
5. To identify ways of returning power to local communities, and making elections free from non-local, globalist influences
( etc.)
Some people who like the idea of a Council found the Six-point Agenda too disruptive, and preferred a more gentle approach towards change, and so a morphing of the orginal idea within the Video is taking place, and it is now being discussed here on YouTube, by email, in Skype rooms, and in Forums, such as the GEI Forum whose link is provided below:


===== =====


Red Ice Radio - Zen Gardner - Hour 1 - Activate the Warrior


... at about 46-50 minutes into this interview,

Zen Gardner and Henrik Palmgren discuss the Wisdom Council idea:


Red Ice Interview, Aug-14 : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFUC7NaTxZanB_FVOJN92eg

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UPDATE : A Pivot Ahead to A-Core Forum, and other intiatives


Getting beyond Disclosure, and a focus on ET's to something broader


Zen's reaction to Video#1:

"- I was looking for an example of taking initiative and that (the Wisdom Council idea) just popped in: - even if it was just an advisory/opinion group, no hierarchy, no power over anyone, just an opportunity to hear from trusted people, - the Truth would carry it’s own momentum..we don’t want to create dependency or sycophant behavior and short circuit the true organic learning process either"


(Translation: Let's focus on Get participants involved, not putting together a panel of New Age celebrities. - I agree !)


Video#2 : The Wisdom Council #2 : Update





HELP GET THE WORD OUT! Link to here !
A Quick update on the Wisdom Council idea:
+ 1 / Many positive reactions, mostly by email, and on Skype.
+ 2 / Considering setting up a small Forum, or chatboard. If anyone wants to help build a website, please contact me
+ 3 / Some concerns with the Six-point Key Agenda : Is it too aggressive. Might it put members of the Council at some personal risk of pushback from elites. This would mean good people might be reluctant to join. We need to get the balance between the strength of the Agenda and Quality of council members right, so there will be more thought on this
+ 4 / Some people want the agenda to include some discussion of ideal currencies. I am open to that
+ 5 / Final point, I have had a suggestion that we include scientists on the Council, instead of shamans, we might have a "concerned league of scientists". And Why not?, I say.
FILM: The Day the Earth Stood Still: Prof. Barnhardt's Plea : Film Trailer, from 1951 :
Klaatu's Warning :
Too much emphasis of an ET connection, and Disclosure here?
Probably !
This project and effort is open to everyone, not just those who thing there's an ET presence on our planet.
So, please note that possibility, and move on to a broader focus
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This one arises partly from the notion that:

"To officially Disclose the presence of extraterrestrials on our planet"

would be a worthwhile goal. Why is it not happening ?



In case you missed it, there's a thread about this video, in GEI's Discussion area:


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Imagine... the whole world sits in a circle, and CHOOSES WISDOM : The Wisdom Barrier


Breaking "the Wisdom Barrier", Earth's Future (Kryon)


"The galaxy teams with life... You are a young civilization"


Channeler of Kryon (Lee Carroll) talks about Earth's place and its future




Kryon - The Future of The Earth



"You have reached The Wisdom Barrier" - where you will learn how to get along


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Part of the Awakening process, is for New Agers to stop falling for Prosperity Schemes, and false Ascension ideas

& Lessons in Discernment are now underway



Sadly, many, many people got sucked into the OPPT scam.

Millions of hours (collectively) were wasted on this scammy project


Donations were made and spent.


I think there was a big Learning Experience imbedded in OPPT's ability to suck people in,

and then observe the slow-but-inevitable Failure of it.


I have been waiting for The Night of the Long Knives and the Big Apology.

And this is it... finally. Late by at least 12 months (?) imho. But late or not, it has come.


THIS IS A SIGN, that all the lightworker, Love Bunny, Soft-headed DUPES

do finally, at long last, WAKE UP in the end to these scams, packaged in pseudo-love.


And that seems to be The Moment we have finally arrived at...

Not just for OPPT, but for SwissIndo, the RV, and various other scams


Max Igan on the Dragon Family,etc: "No Savior is Coming !"




From the Conclusion:
A common sense explanation. He is not feeding you with false hopes. Let's realize that we in the Truth Movement have learned something important. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

There's no saviour. No OPPT. No Swissindo. No mass arrest by a gang of Ninjas. No trillions from the Dragon family that are sudden going to change the world and make it right. Those are psyops. To keep you waiting, and thinking you will not have to take action yourself. In fact, all these FANTASIES should have taught us discernment.


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Yep. I was looking at some old posts on here and on avalon the other day and fokes have been saying the same things for years and years, speculating about this, predicting that.


I was thinking that I do not want to be sat here in a few years time thinking and doing the same old things, learning a bit, speculating a bit, and expecting change.


The illuminati plans are spread over generations and not just a few years. There is also a tendency to latch onto information that supports your own wishes and believe the cabal is in real trouble and will soon fall.


Whilst there appears to be much infighting and jockeying for power going on behind the scenes I suspect both the illuminati,cabal, military, corporations and our Governments all stick together when it comes down to the ET question because of the implications for society and not least the effect on the existing power structure which has served them so well. The masses are still viewed as a disposable inconvenience where they throw the odd concession but work tirelessly towards their goals.


It is also my view that unless the masses unite and march on our capitals, peacefully, and demand truth, change and true democracy nothing can or will change.

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Zen Gardner has returned to Seattle after two years

Jeff Rense & Zen Gardner - Avoiding Truth At All Costs

His reactions:

"The superficiality is enormous... The women are cold... There's a political correctness"
A pretty good summary. "The veneer is creepy."
"The aware people want to get out... but they do not know where to go."
Hypocracy: "Don't smoke in the park," while the skies are full of chemtrails.

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Beating the Cabal - advice on that from Kryon "of magnetic service":



=== ===


callmejoe, on 08 Feb 2015 - 10:55 AM, said:
Poroshenko presents 'proof of Russian involvement' in Ukraine war at Munich Security Conference

Comments to the video;

The Fish Whisperer
9 hours ago
"I'm gong to go invade Ukraine.. Better not forget my passport as evidence of my presence!"

Pauli650 15 minutes ago
So if you go to war, you bring your passport with you? 


Typical scvmfvk False Flag logic from Porky the Pig


Kryon, in this video on New Paradigms talks about how people will learn they can

live better without a central govt., and they will learn to see thru lies



"Consciousness is the key to everything"

We need to see through the Lies - and rid ourselves of the Liars who what to lead us

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