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Who are the 1%? "The Rich are Different"

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Who are the 1%? "The Rich are Different"


... from You and I, right. Because they have more money, but not only that.


Their interests are not aligned with the rest of us


/ Actually, it is the 1% of the 1% that we need to worry about /


Collecting Videos and comments here

Who are the US 1% & what they do?

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJOljjRbT1U =


"The US have more than 400 Billionaires"

"They have Tripled their share of the pie in 40 years"

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"Yes, they have more demons."

Hmm. Yeah. Right.


Well, what can happen when a Billionaire wants to escape from those demons?

And is willing to give away his fortune to do it.

Here's the amazing story of an Irish American called Chuck Feeney.


"He works in an intuitive way... and goes by gut and by feeling"


Secret Billionaire: The Chuck Feeney Story




Among other worth projects, he got involved in finding a way to end the troubles in Northern Ireland.


"Giving while living" - what a concept ! They have become a "spend down foundation",
determined to give the whole endowment away by the end of 2016...
"And that means giving away one million dollars per day."
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Let's look at the OTHER side - the rich psycho paths


It is said that: "Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely."


Well, one of the worst monsters was the Roman Emperor Caligula - one of history's famous psychopaths


Caligula One of History's Most Sadistic Emperors



One of the most interesting parts of this documentary is his family history, and the privileged

and violent environment he grew up in -

I imagine Child-traumas, a with "alters" being created, giving a home for demonic possession.


I can imagine that demonic entities (Reptilians) must have had a pretty firm grip on the Romans,

especially from the time of Julius Caesar forward.


At 19 years, Caligula was summoned to Tiberius palace, and was witness to the excesses of that earlier Emperor


As the narration said: "Caligula got a master class in depravity."

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Then... Caligula had a sister, called Agrippina, who was also raised to be ambitious



Agrippina the Minor


To gain power, she married Claudius (THAT emperor, of: I, Claudius)


As a woman, Agrippina could not rule on her own... but she has a son...

And for some years, they ruled together, and their heads even appeared together on a Coin.


Who was this son?


Nero One of History's Cruelest & Murderous Emperors




Nero was another of history's great psychopaths.

(The Demons just love certain bloodlines, don't they?

I reckon they help them into positions of power, so they can manipulate society as it pleases them.)

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Nero One of History's Cruelest & Murderous Emperors




Nero was another of history's great psychopaths.


Wow. He behaved just like a Wall Street bankster:


+ After Rome burned down, he appropriated 1/3 of the City, and built an enlarged palace on it


+ When he ran out of money, he got more by debasing the currency, the Denarius. He connived to hide his crime.

The outside was 100% Silver. But hidden on the inside it was 80% Silver, 20% Copper, saving him plenty.


+ He fell in love with a boy, had him castrated, and married him. That reminds me of Vulture investor, Paul Singer,

who spends some of his ill-gotten vulture gains on promoting gay marriage. In 50 or 100 years, I wonder how our

descendants will see that action? (I do not agree with the politically correct stance of today, and claim my right here

to express an opinion, even if not popular - and I shall do it, saying others have a right to hold opposite opinions,)

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I agree, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I wonder if there's been any tinkering with the human genome. Let's look at a number of subtle tools of destabilisation used by the cabal.


Racism (lets open up the borders and create mayheml), sexism, ageism, homosexualityism, terrorism, communism, Naziism, Zionism and political correctnessism

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"ISM's" - that's a good list.


By creating "isms", they are reinforcing Divisions.

A small number stay in power through a practiced and perfected strategy of DIVIDE and Conquer

... and Buy-off of the Masses


The Divide and Conquer, assisted by Taxes, weakens the productive class.

On the other side, they hand out bribes to the masses:

+ On Roman times, it was bread and circuses, and

+ Now, its welfare, benefits, and reality TV


"Racism (lets open up the borders and create mayheml)..."

Tax Marrs on the Rense program, makes an argument that this is an organized effort by TPTB:


Jeff Rense & Texe Marrs - Elite Push US, Canada, Mex - NAU

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