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"The Awakening is Everywhere" - Zen G.

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"The Awakening is Everywhere" - Zen G.




The Awakening – Star Across the Bow of Illusion

by Zen Gardner ... ( bigger Awakening Beach photo )

What I’m seeing take place in front of my eyes is so inspiring. What is going on, people ask. How can you see the awakening taking place that you talk about when everything seems to be falling apart and getting worse?
Glad you asked.
The awakening is everywhere. From massive cracks in the dystopian news façade to profound alternative revelations, it’s here. You just have to look. And you know it in your heart if your course is on the right track. We are the star across the bow of deceit that they’ve feared and are fearfully recoiling from.
Know that.
That they are scrambling so desperately to cover it up is the greatest testament to this truth.

WHAT a Great Start to an article by Zen !

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WE are the Witnesses to a Great Awakening - Can't you see it ?




(Don't be "bullshat" upon !)


Don’t kid yourself. The awakening is happening on a massive scale, and you know it.

The shift is on, however you want to conceive it. It’s dawning on people profoundly in all walks of life. “Why is this so? Who said? Is this the only way?” It’s absolutely revolutionary in every sense of the word. And the mainstream bullshit doesn’t cut the mustard one bit. Why? Because it’s become clear it’s part of the continued lie – the pacifying programmed panacea of a falsely structured reality. People sense it and are rejecting it and looking for alternatives, which thankfully are at our fingertips.


“Sleep on sleeple – it’s only a voice from the wilderness”…says the system megaphone. Sorry, we will be bullshat no more.


You can look at it just geopolitically if you want that slice of the consciousness cake. The mindless Machiavellian marching drum beat of the obviously psychotic adventurism of the would-be controllers into nation after nation is more evident by the day. Why advance such an agenda into benign territories of self governed people, and so massively and militaristically with obvious destructive results? Who gave who dominion over whom? What is driving this manifest destiny bullshit, or whatever justification du jour that’s driving it?


We would be living in a peaceful world of continual progress were it not for these manipulative “rulers” who pull the levers of their plethora of carefully placed puppet strings on willing minions of our manipulated physical matrix. They’re a very strange breed indeed, obviously masking the reality that lies beyond their veil. Nature itself attests to their immature intrusions on all that is sacred and lovingly designed.

And we’re here to witness and endure this carnage – this is, until we wake the hell up and shrug them off. And it doesn’t take much to dispel darkness. Just turn on the light.


... Zen continues ...

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What Proof Do You Need?
When did humanity, in such a wave as now, ask such profound questions? When have you heard “Where did the moon come from”, or “Why do we need a money system, never mind this one?” “Is this a holographic experience we’re living in?” “What are our true origins?” Other questions that arise that you won’t hear about in the mainstream sewage include people waking up and questioning our entire historical record from ancient history and archeology to fundamental religious belief systems.
Don’t kid yourself. The awakening is happening on a massive scale, and you know it.
. . .
You can look at it just geopolitically if you want that slice of the consciousness cake. The mindless Machiavellian marching drum beat of the obviously psychotic adventurism of the would-be controllers into nation after nation is more evident by the day. Why advance such an agenda into benign territories of self governed people, and so massively and militaristically with obvious destructive results? Who gave who dominion over whom? What is driving this manifest destiny bullshit, or whatever justification du jour that’s driving it?

. . .

Look at the backlash every time there’s a false flag or engineered media stunt. Don’t think the “alternative” media is all that “alternative” to anything, we’re playing front and center in the real world. The would-be controllers are listening as we amass weight, evidence and awareness. Many, many more are listening than they’ll ever let on. We’ve deviated war plans and screwed up their agenda big time no matter how carefully these bastards have planned their intended takeover and how many low level sycophants they’ve recruited to execute their diabolical agenda.
It’s all based on empty lies.

Look at the uprisings against GMOs, EMF pollution, radiation, ocean contamination, west-based and Zionist genocide, police militarization, surveillance crackdowns, oligarchical control, financial usury, drone warfare, depopulation techniques, the advancement of transhumanism and on and on. We are not sitting silently in a corner. We are being heard. They just don’t want to give us the satisfaction of realizing that.


... Zen continues ...

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The Awakening is NOT in the Newspapers (!?)...


Because YOU are Now the NEWS - that's Your Role:

To BE the News, you have been Awaiting...

You are Here Now. The News is You !


(those are Friar N's thoughts. Zen continues below)




So take it at intuitive face value if you can’t yet see it in the news – they are running scared. How can they stand to even know such an arising is in their midst? You can just imagine their fury – let’s glory in it. These weak-kneed kowtowers to evil have nothing to stand on, just temporal machinations borne of wicked yet empty intent. What we’re witnessing is designed to instill fear and hence inaction and lack of confidence. Conditions they need for takeover.

Stand strong. One with Truth outweighs armies of lies.


They Are On the Run
This might sound presumptuous or pollyanna-ish to some but to think so is lacking real spiritual vision. The Truth cannot be defeated. Oh, they can suppress and kill and intimidate, but they can never quash the Truth. It lives on no matter what shallow thunderous storm rolls over the landscape. The flowers will bloom, the trees will give life, the birds will fly and sing.
As with humanity.


The beauty we witness day in and day out of loving deeds and caring behavior is beyond description. Our gorgeous mother earth gives and gives while absorbing abuse after abuse. These affronts, she knows, are not the doing of conscious humanity, but engineered by enemy inspired forces. She can handle it, and will rectify all things in her time. In the meantime loving people also inhabit her realm who care for each other, a fact that is clearly downplayed, minimized and belittled by the would-be controllers as they exalt wickedness and destruction.


Such is our battlefield. One we were born into. That we’re witnessing the apex of such emboldened forces of darkness and evil should not surprise us – we came here for this. It’s grown darker exponentially in recent decades and will continue to do so until it expires itself. We’re very close to that time.


Ours is to fulfill our part. That’s all we need to concentrate on. Our individual role. Our activation in the face of such an onslaught – to connect, inspire, encourage and enliven.

Be encouraged. And activated.

The awakening is gathering like a supernatural storm swell to quench the falsely lit fires on the conscious shore of humanity and bring life and relief.

Revel in it – and be part of it! The time is now!


Love, Zen

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Watching for Synchronicities - will help keep you Awake and Aware




Here's a good one.


While I was starting this thread, Awakening Is Everywhere, I happened to be listening

to this inspiring story, of a Woman awakening from Inside the Illuminati,

and then talking about How she found a New Purpose... in helping others to awaken.


"You are ALL spiritual people... Don't turn it off."


Arizona Wilder - Deceived No More

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qF3CM3VMzc =


"The Illuminati see us as weak."

"We are being overstimulated, and sometime over-whelmed.

But you don't be..."


"They are going to depopulate the United States... Unless we stop it."

"Their plan is to get rid of most of the population of the planet,

and just have their slaves."


"They look like they are in power... But they are being used."

"They are part of a pyramid too. They are not at the top of it."

"They will be thrown aside."


"People need to know. We've all been subject to... A lot of programming."

"It is designed to shutdown our chokra system."

"Without knowing it, you give them permission to use your unconscious mind."

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What a wonderful and positive article from Zen Gardner !


And I sense that he has it right, also


I haven't had time yet to watch much of the Arizona Wilder video.

But she seems to have some important things to say about the Illuminati.

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(I posted this on a thread in the Fringe : Moving to the 4th Dimension, & about its nature )


What did those folk say about 2012?


In my reading I have found that the same people who were wrong about 2012,

are now promoting the Awakening / Ascension idea.


But perhaps I am wrong. And I will be happy if you can demonstrate that somehow.


Do not feel you MUST do so. But if you come across info that these are different folk, please post it





> source / ZenG : http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_conscioussociopol35.htm


I must ask Zen what he was saying about 2012

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You don't need to Wake Up, if you were never put to sleep!


(From Zen G's article):


The War On Consciousness

Children are very often extremely spiritual, often remembering their previous state in detail.

Children are born pure. If this inherent spirituality is encouraged and the reality of our true nature reinforced, this would be a very different world.

However it rarely is. Those indigenous peoples who were not raised in engineered societies but only within simple cultural guidelines are very spiritual and natural. There is no "waking up", they just never went to sleep.

This is why these rich, conscious native cultures and their shamans have been systematically decimated by the ugly Controllers.

They do not want an awakened populace nor for these simple empowering truths to be propagated. Period. And these spiritually free, unharnessed indigenous peoples carried this awareness and connectivity that the Controllers so despise.

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So You’ve Woken Up…Now What?




How are you addressing this (your Awakening), Vlad?


Personally, I experience some Joy from the signs of political awakening




The failure of Jeb to get anywhere with his campaign, even with all the money he raised,

I took as a sign that people are rejecting the old lies.



And I felt like I wanted to dance, and I imagined the street full of people dressed like Fred Astaire,

joining in a big celebration:



Sharing the Joy --- On Bush suspending his campaign


Someone should rent a ballroom, and paint Bush's image on the floor,

so people can have the Joy of Tapdancing on his face




Fred Astaire. Putting on the Ritz.


Taco's Version:

Taco - Puttin' On the Ritz (Original Uncensored 1982 Version) [HQ]


=== ===


Imperial Imperiousness ?

(he thought it the office he thought was his birth-right)


CNN - ‎3 hours ago‎
Columbia, South Carolina (CNN) Jeb Bush always remained optimistic. Jeb Bush suspends campaign:
What went wrong?
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How are you addressing this (your Awakening), Vlad?


In a nutshell, I am working to build myself up physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually so that I can be ready to assist others when I am called upon. And of course to be there for myself, and to be at 100% functioning capacity.


Some things I work on:

+ finding organic ways to entertain myself in my free time

+ remove or reduce most bad habits, or anything that I perceive to be holding me back or slowing me down

+ figuring out and understanding what people need, and what the best way to provide assistance is

+ smacking myself over the head daily (figuratively) to get more serious, more focused, and more grounded ("get my head out of the clouds, aka be realistic, practical, critical, etc.)

+ letting go/processing my pride/arrogance, anger, envy, and laziness


I am starting to see that nothing is achieved overnight, so in theory I need to start preparing for "life 10 years from now" today, now. Otherwise I risk being unprepared and unable to do anything about it other than regret how I used my time.

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Excellent !

You are settling into some good habits.

I am doing that too.

But I still have some bad habits, but not not as much access to good food and exercise facilities as I would like

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TRIGGERED by the Loser Class of SJW's


(this is a classic discussion)


Fox’s The Five Piles on MTV ‘White Guy Resolutions’ Video: ‘Victimization Propaganda’



Published on Dec 20, 2016

The hosts of Fox’s The Five went on a tear today against MTV’s “white guy resolutions” video, which features a list of suggestions for white men to improve upon in 2017 (i.e. “America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy” and “Blue lives matter isn’t a thing”).

Greg Gutfeld said the suggestions are just “moronic mantras repeated by smug goons” and said maybe they’re creating a whole new victim group: “the loser class.”
But in a weird way, he said he kind of likes the video because “it guarantees conservatism will rule.”
Eric Bolling bluntly called the video “victimization propaganda” and took particular offense at the suggestion that “blue lives matter” isn’t a thing.

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