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Protest & Message Videos : What works and Why ?

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Protest & Message Videos : What works and Why ?


Let's compare some of these videos, and talk about What is working, and why.


+ How important is the Message? Versus "production values"?


+ What's the best way to distribute them?


Good video, maybe we should put one together something together like this, seems to get hits


("World Coming to an End" Video): Hits: 448,768 / +13,795 / -171 :: The + are an amazing 3.1%


Have you got the production skills? And equipment?

I don't even have a decent microphone (yet).

By the way, what does the maker of the Video expect people TO DO ??


Here are two Videos - which got disappointing receptions


+ Palestine : Then They Came... : 277 hits / 4+ / 1-


+ Dancing Israelis : Cheering while "Documenting" 9/11 Disaster : 200 hits / 5+ / 4-


This one did better :


+ Robert Kennedy and the Moral Courage we Need in Gaza : 425 hits / 6+ / 0-


... and this last one, much better :


+ The NWO Agenda - as revealed in 1969 : 1850 hits / 23+ / 2-




Not sure why - I suppose people found it easier to make sense of the last two, and especially

the NWO Agenda one, and the "Cover Image" was very clear.

Also, the Guy Fox channel has more hits, more subscribers.

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Let's get this comment out of the way:

The Voice is not good in these videos.


(Let's be honest, there seems to be a phelgm problem.)


The reading is okay, and the microphone is marginally okay.


There's not point in doing these, if the "vocal quality" is not easy to listen to

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Intelligence ?


Do you see any genuine Intelligence in MSM reports?

(perhaps you watch more than I do... )


What I see on the MSM, makes some of Russell Brand's comments look pithy


Is White Supremacy The Real Offender In Ferguson?

Russell Brand The Trews (E129)

Hits: 205,621 / + 3,054 / -289 :: The + are 1.48% of Hits




But both the MSM and Russell Brand attract tons of hits.


More thoughtful stuff? Less hits

For instance, here's one guy who truly impresses me: Chris Hedges


Chris Hedges (2014) "America - A Nation In Captivity"

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqVprcvL6rY =

Hits: 5,881 / + 062 / - 000 :: The + are 1.05% of Hits


"What we have undergone in this country is a silent coup d'état... a corporate led coup."

He talks about "Sacrifice Zones" that are created in places were corporations were out of control.


... and another - this is an interview :


Chris Hedges Interviews Noam Chomsky

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9eRrSfNzng =

Hits: 19,811 / + 241 / - 003 :: The + are 1.22% of Hits

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Okay --- Let's try something - I posted this on Russell Brand's site:


Hi Russell, I met you before... anyone ever heard of you, when you were doing stand-up in tiny places above pubs. But nevermind that. (How's Ron, TBW?) Anyway, you got a huge following now. Good for you. You've got the gift of gab, some articulate speech, and loads of freedom. Are you ready... To take These Guys on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZbZxW9Lefc


+ here's where: https://www.youtube.com/user/russellbrand/discussion


I doubt there will be a response - Given this comment:


JJ :

Looks as if "Brand Russell" doesn't participate in the discussion.
One must educate themselves away from the "conditioning" to truly get the meaning of symbolism that one sees and "words" that one uses. It's not AT ALL what you think.

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Nice try. Keep going...


Protest Videos : What works and Why ?

Here are two Videos - which got disappointing receptions


+ Palestine : Then They Came... : 277 hits / 4+ / 1-


+ Dancing Israelis : Cheering while "Documenting" 9/11 Disaster : 200 hits / 5+ / 4-


This one did better :


+ Robert Kennedy and the Moral Courage we Need in Gaza : 425 hits / 6+ / 0-


... and this last one, much better :



These guys have been production values, loads more experience, and will get to 30,000 Hits

with their approach:


Emmy Awards 2014 - Deleted Scene!! Outstanding Psychopath




Published on Aug 15, 2014

Deleted scene from the 66th Annual Primetime Emmys. The winner for best Psychopath of the year. Find out who won!

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It's not that easy, Y. (haha)


Now some good news: GuyFox Channel has cracked 1 Million Minutes today !!


VIEWS : 68,299
That's an average of 14.67 minutes per View (not bad!)
And there were 375 Likes - 0.55% of Views
And only 21 Dislikes.

*Of which: 24,447 views (35.8%), 479,502 minutes (47.8%), and 100 Likes (26.7%) were LMH's Big Picture

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THIS is a good idea, but is beyond my own capability

( An animated video )


By demonstrating how power and money is controlled, including the secret relationships with ET and exotic technologies which have been used to suppress and commit unbelievable crimes against humanity it will accelerate waking up.


It would be great if we could make a comprehensive educational type documentary, perhaps cartoon style showing all this.

. . .


Yes, making an animated documentary is a biggish and likely expensive task. The documentary needs to be written, story boards then animated.

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Watch it guys. No dissent is allowed in the UK.

BTW, that website could always use donations to help them carry on with their work.





David Cameron Says Non-Violent Conspiracy Theorists Are Just As Dangerous As ISIS

David Cameron told the U.N. that "non-violent extremism" is just as dangerous as terrorism and must be eradicated using all means at the government's disposal. He references 9/11 and 7/7 Truthers as examples of the type of extremism that must be dealt in a similar fashion to ISIS.

If you thought
Obama's War is Peace speech to the U.N. was creepy, wait until you get a load of this. Cameron is officially announcing a the plan to use a full assault on dissenting views.


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Can you believe this asshole.


Did you notice how his voice was out of sync, it was dubbed. Here's a transcript of what he actually said.


We face some unprecedented tests and challenges, from aggression in Ukraine, peace in

the middle east, spread of the Ebola virus and mortal threats from ISIS and Syria. I am the mouth piece of Satan so please listen carefully.


I'm viewing these problems without reference to the past because my controllers have no intention of learning from these which might prevent us from carrying out our plans. We

should act, but differently, by defeating the route cause of idealism so we will win this battle through fear, brainwashing and mind control, just look at me.


We should influence and bribe other governments so they are forced to request our help in fighting this global threat from ISIS, if they don't we'll introduce terrorism to them.


We should use all the means at our disposal, including draconian sanctions, bankruptcy, bribery, blackmail, threats, torture, brainwashing, drugs, poisoning, mind control, abduction, cloning, droughts, flooding, earthquakes and tsunami's or direct scala energy beam to make you sick or vanish. If that doesn't work we'll just shove you in a portal to the backend of



Isolation and withdrawal from the problems will only force us to make matters worse for those that ignore or go against us, so this is a warning


We must appear to be addressing the route causes of islamist extremism, this has nothing to do with Islam, ISIS believes in using the most brutal forms of terrorism because we trained and funded them.


Just look at the Palestinian terrorist who use sophisticated home made rockets with no guidance systems powered by fertilisers. Poor old Israel must retaliate with depleted Uranium shells and thermite bombs with satellite guidance so as to pick out schools and hospitals.


I have been instructed to introduce new laws that will soon be passed to ensure you cannot criticise our leaders or their plans, in fact you'll be considered an enemy of the state with no rights.


We must be seen to be defeating this ideology in all its forms, as the background emerges of those convicted of terrorist offences, obtained through torture techniques learnt Guantanamo Bay, it is clear they were encouraged by religious preachers employed by the intelligence services, so we need to destroy the whole of Islam because the zionist cabal says so.


We all know that 911 and 77 were staged crimes where 3k Innocent people were sacrificed. We must continue to ignore the thousands of witnesses statements and expert opinions and irrefutable evidence because we know your government would never lie to you, we truly care for you just like you would a pet rabbit.


There are some obvious ways governments can be seen to help stop the extremism we have

created. We must ban preachers of hate from coming to our country, this excludes the

cabal, illuminati and Reptiles


We must prescribe organisations that insight violence against people at home and abroad

We must take down online videos that might embarrass or expose us in our dastardly plans. We're already seeking to impose a two speed internet making it go slow so trying to watch these videos will really piss you off.


We must encourage non violent extremist in our schools, Universities and prisons, people will be rewarded for in-sighting hatred and intolerance because this proves ISIS is working.


Some will argue this is not compatible with free speech and enquiry, and you'd be right, as people awaken we are shit scared about being found out so we must stop the truth at every level, we do not want to go to jail any time soon.


In fact, as I lick my lips, all this lovely blood and gore we're going to create soon will allow us to accelerate our New World Order Plans as well as more restrictions on our freedoms and privacy to keep you extra safe.


Would we sit back and allow extremists like the klu Klux klan or Nazis or illuminati to recruit at our universities, of course we would, silly. We aim to achieve a global war on religion which worked very well in the past, we must pitch Muslims against Christians and the rest of the world. Destroying religion is central to our plans and help keep us in a state of war and fear, its how it's always been done.


This needs to be an International effort, where we unite our military, our police our laws and religions under one new world order, are you with me.


Fighting extremism that we created won't be enough, just like the Rothschild's who created the illusion of communism and made a fortune from funding the wars, destruction and rebuilding we now want to do the same with ISIS and extremism because it allows to rob the world and the people actually thank us for that.


It is important for young people to succumb to our lies so they can continue to remain fast asleep and stupid for generations to come.


The 20th century taught us the vital role of the benefits of our unaccountable governments and the power of the secret societies that rule us without anyone noticing, we need to build on this successful model which offers no hope of free will, freedoms or privacy. We must dampen and

destroy every last persons will and desire to seek the truth. This is the threat I seek to destroy.


Not every country will fall into our trap, but make no mistake those that do not comply will find themselves inundated with terrorist cells making it impossible to rule. In these cases we will not hesitate to act just like in Iraq and shortly Syria.


On the one hand we must give the impression that we support an open and free society, so, in the case of Iraq and Syria, we intend to install a system of Government that enables the sheep to believe they are free and that the government can be trusted to look after you. How else can we legally steal the wealth to fund our war games and exotic technologies which brings

much pleasure to the illuminati and their followers?


In the case of Assad our enemies enemy is indeed our friend because we created them, although we don't like to talk about it because it provides an excuse to bomb them. Syria needs what Iraq needs, a dam good bombing with plenty of blood, pain and suffering just like the reptiles like, but we don't mention them


For those that have supported and backed Assad we're ready to hoodwink you as well by bringing terrorism to you one by one, eventually we'll have you under our spell of deception.


Finally we must appear to be inclusive and engage with the widest possible coalition of countries as we can, ISIS is a threat to us all. If that doesn't work we'll have to go to dirty bombs or even an alien invasion, what do people prefer?


There is also a threat to the whole region including other Arab countries who fail to comply, we will stop at nothing to control the oil and any star gates in the region, in particular the evil Iran who we sincerely hope remains stubborn so we can blame them for destabilising the region. We may soon run out of countries to blame and bomb. Although we can always attack ourselves, hint, hint.


For our part in the UK we are introducing new powers to strengthen our ability to seize passports and stop anyone we want from travelling, to allow us to strip British identity from dual nationals and prevent British national from getting back into the UK. Airlines to comply with no fly list and draconian security, to allow the police and security service to restrict

the movement of anyone we want. This is a new type of soft Marshall Law, we hope you like it.


Here at the UN we have led a security council resolution to give the impression the flow of funds to ISIL have been disrupted. You may ask why are we hindering ourselves, well it's all about perception folks.


We intend to frame many clones who we have programmed to help ISIS, we encourage all other countries to do the same.


What about the role of our military, as much as I'd like , I don't think we can get away with putting troops on the ground at the moment. We intend to deploy them on the false pretence of humanitarian activities. We should do all we can to introduce a puppet governments controlled by the illuminati and its agents. We are actively involved in bribing or forcing many governments

around the world so things are coming together.


We now have a substantial international coalition in place, in fact enough to start WWIII if needs be. We have forced the Iraq governments hand so that they formally request military assistance; this provides a nice legal shield of international law and helps me off the hook when we shortly vote in the House of Commons for airstrikes. All appropriate MP's have been bribed so it will be unanimous.


It is right that Britain should move to a new phase of deceit and lies. I will recall parliament for a vote on Friday. When I say this I am looking in a mirror, we should all unite to fight this evil course of constant wars and fear of terrorism. Soon these atrocities will be at a city near you.


On a personal note I'm working my up the ranks of the Illuminati and I'm a proud member of the Committee of 300, how cool. I should retire like a king when they reward me for my services against humanity God Bless my soul, whoops, I haven't got one

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Obviously, this speech is an attempt to "cash in" on the fake beheading videos


How do people reject that load of crap? (that Cameron has spouted)

Is there any movement to do that... apart from on the web?


I think some Scottish folk may already be regretting their NO votes.

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Cameron's speech is quite dangerous. He appears to be threatening freedom of speech, especially on the Internet.


The fact that he had the nerve to ridicule the overwhelming evidence of foul play on 911 and 77 is beyond believe. The ground zero crime scene was cleared of evidence, it took 92 days to put out the molten metal fires. 1000's of witness statements from fire, police and even reporters at the scene all saw and heard many explosions taking place as the building were intentionally demolished, including the mysterious building 7 which contained sensitive cases of corruption being investigated in the banking sector.


Countless expert opinions have categorically stated that the buildings were intentionally blown because the buildings should have easily withstood the impact of an aircraft. It was not possible for the steel structure to have collapsed in the way it did because there was insufficient heat generated. In addition numerous expert analyses found weapons grade nano thermite throughout the debris which could have only come from the military weapon. The steel girders were melted by the modified nukes, some of the steel was turned to dust.


Non of these damming evidence were included in the official report including the fact that no other high rise building had ever suffered a collapse as a result of fire, many of which were worse fires than the twin towers and burnt for significantly longer. In fact most of the other recorded tower fires were able to be repaired and refurbished quite easily.


It makes you wonder whose advising Cameron, perhaps they want him to dig a hole and jump in because he's got very little chance of being elected next year. The speech made him look a complete and utter fool, but no doubt it will earn him a handsome payout from his masters. Can't believe they actually applauded him At the UN, they must all be full of self importance! crap and bribed up to the brim

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More and More Americans are seeing through the lies.


And when they do, they find those politicians promoting the official story to be repugnant.

The US election in November may show if Americans are angry enough to throw out the old guys,

and bring in a new crowd, who may be more honest, and less willing to be co-opted, as Cameron seems to have been.

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Normally in British Politics if a politician says they'll be introducing controls on so called extremist seeking the truth it means the plans are already in place and ready to go. You'll likely see website and videos being taken down very soon.


I wrote to my local politician about voting no to air strikes in Iraq. I explained to him that my research showed ISIS were an offshoot of Al Qaeda trained by western intelligence and likely funded by the Saudis. Politician voting yes would have blood on their hands and a pre-planned reprisal on both UK and US would follow making them responsible for further bloodshed at home. The organisation responsible for ISIS is the same one that will carryout the counter attacks, generally referred to as the cabal who are likely behind illegal Chemtrails.


He's already promised to investigate Chemtrails but has not yet replied. I suspect in light of Cameron's comments politicians may be instructed not to respond until their plans on censorship are finalised. In which case they'll likely start saying that I'm factually incorrect and such claims fall under legislation designed to counteract extremist views which might insight violence or to lead to civil unrest.


It might be worth thinking about how this attack on freedoms may effect us and ways around it. Not all countries will follow suit and depending on where the server is located they might no be able to stop it. They might even make it an offence to view such websites, who knows. It was obvious that one of the biggest threats to the secret government was the Internet so it's no surprise they'll try to address that threat

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Do you think your local guy is honest, or co-opted in some way, and just telling you what he thinks you want to hear?


I was amazed to hear from the recent VT podcast that many people whose support was needed to cover-up the 9/11 crimes,

were supposedly bribed with $20 Million each. That's a great deal of money if multiplied by dozens.


I wonder how many ordinary politicians are also getting bribed?

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He's relatively young so would imagine he's a career politician towing the party line.He's unlikely to tell me whether he's in the loop, I can only judge him by his replies which usually contain a bit more detail than the standard response, although he avoids the ET agenda like the plague.


Here's a link to the UK chemtrail campaign below. You can see the replies to complaints from the electorate around the country. By and large politicians have not replied so something is going on to prevent them answering the letters. I don't trust any politician in the slightest.



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Not a "Protest" Video, but the "Like" percentage on This Video is very high


Virtual Reality: Turning Our Minds Inside Out




Views : 17,888

Likes : 1,171 : 6.55%

Dis L. : 0,019 : 0.11%


Why? Maybe, because, It has:


+ A very excited narration

+ Musical backing

+ Loads of colorful scenery

+ Presents something new, and potentially fascinating

+ Quotes, the well-known Terrence McKenna

+ It is short : 2:47

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Interesting video but didn't share the presenters excitement. This sort of stuff will open our minds up to complete control and blind us even more to truth and reality. Virtual reality will become the norm but will further subdue human evolution. Distraction through entertainment.


If a video is short people are more likely to find the few minutes to watch it. When you see a video of 2 hrs you think blimey I'll watch this later and often you don't get round to it unless it had 10m hits then you probably would. If it was Simon Parkes I would always find the time, because it reinforces what I believe, hmmm.


With youtube people want to be visually entertained, made to laugh, shocked, surprised or plain educated or informed about something. If you can cover all those in one go The video will more likely be popular.

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