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Daniel Sheehan - The famous Harvard lawyer assisting Disclosure

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Simon Parkes on the Pope, etc. - An excellent interview, that gets better


Caravan To Midnight - Episode 302 Peter Schiff & Simon Parkes



Comment from there:

Interesting response at 1:59 Hours to: What do you think of this Pope?

Paraphrasing: He seems to have a spark of humanity, and I just might invite him around to an English tea to find out what he's about. (Unlike the previous one.)


He went on to say:

There have been three attempts to detonate a Nuclear explosion, and they have been thwarted each time.

He says there will be help, when it is most essential -

and the Zionists (not Jews) have been behind much of the troubles on our planet.

"These are people who think they have been cheated on their birth-right...

Their fanaticism is just as strong as... (any terrorist - that's my word.)"


SP has said that the Zionists have tried to assassinate Obama and "the Russian president"

Obama is "not the devil. He's a decent person who's been got at"

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"Perceptions are managed on a grand scale, by who?"

One of the GEI posters has a long-running thread on the World's power structure:



Unfortunately, there remain far more questions than answers.


I'll get back to that. Thanks for link.


Regarding Simon P, in my book he is just another disinfo chill. I've seen forums where he is heavily dissed by people having personal interactions with him. Also I have some knowledge about specific issues and when he talks about them I can see he has absolutely no clue. I have filed him in the "potential MI6" folder.

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I'll get back to that. Thanks for link.


Regarding Simon P, in my book he is just another disinfo chill. I've seen forums where he is heavily dissed by people having personal interactions with him. Also I have some knowledge about specific issues and when he talks about them I can see he has absolutely no clue. I have filed him in the "potential MI6" folder.


Okay. I have heard that too.

On the other hand, I had communication with a woman who had extensive interactions with him,

and she said he helped a good deal, and that he was highly intuitive.

She was a poster at Project Avalon, where Simon used to post extensively, before he came under attack.


I think the jury is still out on Simon, but I find his information highly specific and fascinating.

I haven't yet heard him making statements that I think are obvious lies, in the way I did with OPPT, Swissindo,

and the Red Dragons. If you find him saying something specific that you think is misinformation, please do point it out.

Many of his statements would be hard to prove one way or another

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"Control and power has to come very high up on the list. The energy of ego, selfishness or extended selfishness to the small group benefitting from the control. One very important aspect of the situation is that considering the level of consciousness the majority of people on the planet are in at the moment, they are basically getting what they ask for, or deserve."


That sounds a bit like the Iluminati / NWO claim that they have "Consent of the people".

How can you have consent when people are routinely deceived and lied to?

For instance, they do not have my consent, so how can they claim it? How much risk do we-few who are Awake and Aware have to take on ourselves, to begin to change things? Many have already given their lives to make meaningful change (JFK, a subject of Sheehan's lectures is only one example.)


Do all A&A people have to risk their lives to demonstrate we are not giving consent, and that we are not getting what "we ask for, or deserve"?


It has to do with cause and effect. E.g. someone may being engaged in causing harm or braking fundamental laws by free will, by choice. On day reactions will come to that person. Perhaps imprisonment. The person doesn't consent to being imprisoned but he/she actually caused the reaction by the way they chose to act to start with. So indirect consent was given at the time of action. Ignorance of the laws of society don't work as an excuse. It's the individual's responsibility to know and understand the connection between cause and effect.


Think of it in terms of vibration. And that is what I mean when I say "people get what they deserve", if by choice the collective maintains a very materialistic ego-centric low level of vibration they by that choice create a reality dominated by that level of vibration. In other words, the system of domination and control we experience is created by the sum of the collective consciousness.


There is a sanskrit word describing or defining material vibration, "guna". Guna also mean rope, that energy which binds the conditioned soul in the matrix. The Veda divide this energy in three main categories, goodness, passion and ignorance. These mix in unlimited combinations but the take away is that if your desires and activities are predominantly in a certain type of vibration, more of the same is created.


So what is needed to be changed in not the evil system in itself, it's the foundation of consciousness that created it and allows it to exist in the first place. The root cause.


This is very good and empowering since the solution is not to buy pop-corn, sit down and read on the internet about how we are going to be saved by some charlatans doing the work for humanity. We have ours, as well as the destiny of the planet literaly in our own hands.

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Take Back Our Power: Attorney Daniel Sheehan, and Sara Nelson (his wife)


Fri, September 25, 1am – 2am
DescriptionThis episode of "Take Back Our Power" features Constitutional Attorney Daniel Sheehan and the Executive Director of the Romero Institute, Sara Nelson. They join host Joy Binah to discuss the erosion of our constitutional rights.
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Daniel Sheehan goes deeper here, and speaks of the foundation

of NWO invovlement in the Middle East


Ep. 356 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Daniel Sheehan, Kosta Makreas: ET, Let's Talk!


Published on Nov 30, 2015

Danny Sheehan and Kosta Makreas join the show...and we start off with Danny going through the history of the Middle East and how it all started with Cheney back in 1991 playing both sides and starting a war...all the way through today and the recent events in Paris. Danny just got back from meetings at the Vatican about ET contact as well as the NWO and the 1% that drive the economy...he and Kosta then tie everything together in a brilliant conversation.


Cheney won the cooperation of the Saudi Ruling family, by offering to protect them from their own people


It gets deeper, and DS and KM talk about how the Vatican is preparing for open contact with ET's

DS sees a real need for a higher level of human consciousness for that contact to be successful


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Sheehan nails it here - explains how the Greed of Western businessmen, and Arab families created the mess in the Middle East


Coast To Coast AM - November 28, 2015 Lost & Forgotten History



Published on Nov 29, 2015

Daniel Sheehan, Harvard Law School and Harvard Divinity School trained constitutional litigation and appellate attorney joins Jimmy Church to discuss the lost and forgotten history between the U.S. and the Middle East


Royal families were put in place to rule these countries, and given 10%. The money was given directly to the families, and not the people in the country.

These countries were founded on corruption

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"My favorite part" - he calls this lecture


SC Free U #10: UFOs and the Cosmic Perspective


Published on Dec 15, 2015

December 15th, 2014: Danny gives his UFO / ET overview lecture. Explains how a cosmic perspective helps us look objectively at the actions we take here on earth. Note that all current worldviews on Danny's chart assume human beings are uniquely sentient beings in the universe. Topics include Betty and Barney Hill, Project Blue Book, SETI, Army and Navy testimony, and others.


He tells the story of the Interrupted Journey (Betty and Barney Hill) into perspective

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Daniel Sheehan ushering in a New World View

"A man of extraordinary intellect" - that is true...



Responding to :
Likely Discovery of a technological advanced new species

NEw PARADIGM Institute has been established
Mission: to investigate the key questions to ask

Including: the Public policy issues
2nd : To provide answers
3rd : To Formulate a new worldview, without humans at the center
Humans are NOT at the Apex !

A conference has been called, and money raised (over $1 million) to bring world experts together. 100 world experts are being vetted, and Father Funez will host the meeting

It is impossible for us to imagine what the new world view will be !
The process
he calls for proposals, regarding aboutr what the new world view will be. And how did is come to you: a Dream or a Vision?


More info, given earlier




Published on Oct 19, 2015

Daniel Sheehan Webinar with ET Let's Talk founder Kosta Makreas.

Over 3 hours of priceless time with Danny! It’s a great overall view of past events that have brought us forward to now, with a clear guide to next steps; and for everyone, a mind-expanding journey into post-disclosure reality and our role in helping it manifest.

On September 21st of 2015, Daniel Sheehan - in response to Pope Francis' call for every member of our human family to ask NOT what our spiritual community can do for us, but what WE can do FOR our human spiritual community, announced the establishment, in Berkeley, California, immediately adjacent to the Graduate Theological Union of the University of California and the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley, THE NEW PARADIGM INSTITUTE.

It will be the "mission" of The New Paradigm Institute to convene and host "the serious discussion of the profound philosophical and theological questions that will be posed to our human family - sooner than later - by the discovery of non-human life elsewhere in our Universe." This "Call" was issued by Jesuit Father Jose Gabriel Funes, the Director of The Pontifical Observatory of The Vatican, who will be "in residence" at the Jesuit School of Theology in Berkeley in 2016 to "host" these NEW PARADIGM discussions with our planet's leading astrophysicists, astro-biologists; cosmologists; philosophers, theologians; church leaders; quantum physicists; poHOUR ONE - New Paradigm Insitute and Current Events in our Cosmos

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Steve Bassett and George Noory Talk Disclosure with Ron James on Bigger Questions

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Ep. 755 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Daniel Sheehan : The New World Order : LIVE

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Daniel Sheehan, Co-Founder, President - New Paradigm College


Original Conception... New Paradigm Institute

 Intro: "We are not Alone"

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