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The Dragon Family : Bloodlines and Wealth claims

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The Dragon Bloodline and the Illuminati




Tracy Twyman: http://www.unravelingthesecrets.com/hidden-history-merovingians-dragon-kings-and-bloodlines/


Tracy Twyman, The Mystery of the Royal Meroviagian Bloodlines on FarOutRadio 11-13-13

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtF7732rCVg =

Published on Sep 15, 2014

Tracy Twyman was back for another visit. She's a writer and researcher of ancient history, the occult, and secret societies. We talked about her 2004 classic book,“Meroviagian Mythos and the Mystery of Rennes-le-Chateau.” The topic of royal bloodlines has been popularized by books and films such as “Holy Blood, Holy Grail” “The DaVinci Code” and others.

It's a complicated story with numerous secret organizations and people that go back thousands of years to the time of Jesus and Mary, and long before then. Tracy gave us a broad and insightful overview of this fascinating, timeless topic.



will add more later, when I find it, and have finished listening to it


Tracy R. Twyman on Ground Zero tonight, talking about ...

  • By Tracy R Twyman On November 8, 2012·

    I will be a guest on the Ground Zero radio show with Clyde Lewis on KXL in Portland, OR tonight as well at 10 PM PST to talk about my appearance tonight on Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura where I talk about the Dragon bloodline. See this link to listen online. That’s the same time that the show airs on TruTV so be sure to record one show and watch/listen to the other.


Link to here : http://tinyurl.com/Dragon-Fam

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by Iona Miller


Holy Grail of Sumeria

Tree of Life


THE DNA BRIDGE: Paternal & Mitochondrial Dragon DNA explains the importance of the female decent.

THE DNA BRIDGE: Paternal & Mitochondrial Dragon DNA explains the importance of the female decent. Mitochondrial DNA is passed only through the female line... A mutant mtDNA will drift to fixation in a human matriline in 15 generations. Recently an attempt was made to estimate the age of the human race using mitochondrial DNA. This material is inherited always from mother to children only.


By measuring the difference in mitochondrial DNA among many individuals, the age of the common maternal ancestor of humanity was estimated at about 200,000 years. It remains implausible to explain the known geographic distribution of mtDNA sequence variation by human migration that occurred only in the last ~6,500 years...


The (Central Asian) Khazar name is derived from Turkic *qaz-, meaning "to wander." The Ashina was considered a sacred clan of quasi-divine status. Q1 actually refers to the subclade Q-P36.2. The Ashina clan, a noble caste, carry the 16q24.3 "red gene" inherited from the Sumerian Annunaki, the root of the Dragon seed that permeates royal lines: Merovingian, Carolingian, Tudor, Plantagenet, Stuart, Hapsburg, Hanoverian, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Guelph, Bowes-Lyon, Battenberg (Mountbatten), Guise, and Savoy families - and Transylvanian lineages. The Davidic House of Judah married into the descent of the Merovingian Kings of the Franks. They are connected by a shared bloodline. The dragon archetype rests within the Dragon blood, passed on through the genes.


According to Nicholas de Vere, "Briefly, the Dragon lineage starts in the Caucasus with the Annunaki, descending through migrating proto-Scythians to the Sumerians while branching off also into the early Egyptians, Phoenicians and Mittani. A marriage bridge back to Scythia infused the Elvin line of “Tuatha de Danaan” and the Fir Bolg, which branched into the Arch-Druidic, Priest-Princely family to the Royal Picts of Scotland and the ring kings of the Horse Lords of Dal Riada, through the Elven dynasty of Pendragon and Avallon del Acqs, and down to a few pure bred families today."


The Royal Court of the Dragon was founded by the priests of Mendes in about 2200 BC and was subsequently ratified by the 12th dynasty Queen Sobeknefru... Vlad Dracul was a minion of Sigismund of Luxembourg, and was educated at the Emperor's court in Nuremberg. Dracul was invested into Societas Draconis.


The Byzantine Emperor Constantine was a Dragon King. The Byzantine emperor Leo III married his son Constantine (V) to the Khazar princess as part of the alliance between the two empires. Princess Tzitzak was baptized as Irene. Their son Leo (Leo IV) was known as "Leo the Khazar", emperor of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire from 775 to 780.


The re-expansion of paternal group R1b and maternal group H from the Basque Ice Age refuge spread up the coasts of all the countries facing the Atlantic, after the ice melted. The British Isles retained higher rates than the other countries


...These revealed 21 founding clusters, which could only have arrived direct from the Basque country. Their descendant twigs are unique to the British Isles.


Rb1 - http://www.familytre...b2/default.aspx


Royal Red Dragons -
King Tut was a Celt - http://wn.com/King_Tut_was_a_Celt


Rh Negative

Where did the Rh negatives come from? If they are not the descendants of prehistoric man, could they be the descendants of the ancient astronauts?

All animals and other living creatures known to man can breed with any other of their species. Relative size and color makes no difference. Why does infant's haemolytic disease occur in humans if all humans are the same species? Haemolytic disease is the allergic reaction that occurs when an Rh negative mother is carrying a Rh positive child. Her blood builds up antibodies to destroy an ALIEN substance (the same way it would a virus), thereby destroying the infant. Why would a mother's body reject her own offspring? Nowhere else in nature does this occur naturally. This same problem does occur in mules - a cross between a horse and donkey. This fact alone points to the distinct possibility of a cross-breeding between two similar but genetically different species.


No one knows where the Rh negative people came from. Rhesus negative blood simply means that the blood doesn't have any Rhesus antigens on the surface of the red blood cells. An "absence" of a protein does not necessarily have to originate from anywhere. The simplest explanation is that Rh negative blood is caused by a mutation on the first chromosome which rendered individuals incapable of producing functional Rhesus proteins. As for why there are so few people with Rh negative blood, Rh-negative is a recessive trait, so all an individual needs is one functional Rhesus gene to produce Rh positive blood. Since Rh negative blood does not hinder an individual's survivability or confer any evolutionary disadvantage other than the inability to receive Rh positive blood (which is pretty much a non-factor during the time period when blood transfusions weren't available), people with non-functional Rhesus genes continued to thrive and reproduce which is why there are still individuals with Rh negative blood.


Most, familiar with blood factors, admit that these people must at least be a mutation if not descendants of a different ancestor. If we are a mutation, what caused the mutation? Why does it continue with the exact characteristics? Why does it so violently reject the Rh factor, if it was in their own ancestry? Who was this ancestor? Difficulties in determining ethnology are largely overcome by the use of blood group data, for they are a single gene characteristic and not affected by the environment.

The Basque people of Spain and France have the highest percentage of Rh negative blood. About 30% have (rr) Rh negative and about 60% carry one ® negative gene. The average among most people is only 157%-Rh negative, while some groups have very little. The Oriental Jews of Israel, also have a high percent Rh negative, although most other Oriental people have only about 1% Rh negative. The Samaritans and the Black Cochin Jew also have a high percentage of Rh negative blood, although again the Rh negative blood is rare among most black people.


The Rh-Negatives Factor is considered a "Mutation" of "Unknown Origin", which happened in Europe, about 25,000-35,000 years ago. Then this group spread heavily into the area of what is now Spain, England, Ireland, etc. 5% of the Earth's population are currently Rh-Negatives. But, they are 15% of the population of the England and the USA. The most distinctive members of the European branch of the human tree are the Basques of France and Spain. They show unusual patterns for several genes, including the highest rate of the Rh-negative blood type. Their language is of unknown origin and cannot be placed within any standard classification.


Consider Iceland, 1% of its population is Rh-negative. The population of Iceland is about two-third of Scandinavian and one-third of Irish descent. Scandinavia, Ireland, and the British Isles show from 16% to 25% and above Rh-negative. The other populations with a proportion of Rh-negative individuals similar to Iceland occupy the eastern half of Asia, Madagascar, Australia and New-Zealand. The people of the Basque region have a greater than 50 percent concentration of the RH negative gene,. The frequency decreases in relation to the distance from the Basque region into the rest of the world until there is very little evidence of this gene.


This genetic mapping helps to show that a mutation from RH positive to RH negative occurred somewhere in the Basque area of Europe maybe as much as 40,000 years ago. Science tells us that the red hair DNA did not originate with human beings but was Neanderthal DNA. "When we look at the Y-chromosomes in Wales and Ireland, we find a very close match with the Basques." Other genetic evidence, he says, strongly suggests that the Basques are the descendants of the Paleolithic inhabitants of Western Europe prior to the arrival of farmers between 9,000 and 6,000 years ago". During a period in history known as the Dark Ages, which happened around 1200 - 800 B.C. The "Tribe of Dan" was shipped into Western Europe with the aid of the Phoenicians from the Mediterranean Sea at about the same time in history. They came into Spain, France (Languedoc Area of France).


We also know that the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel known as the Hebrews migrated into Europe and became a blended group who would later become known as the Scythian, aka Aryan Races. They migrated into Europe from the Caucasus and Carpathian mountain ranges while the Tribe of Dan into Spain, France and the British Isles from the Mediterranean Sea. Phoenicians helped transport the Tribe of Dan into Spain, France, and the British Isles by way of the "Sea Route," from the Middle East. Phoenicians appear to be the Siberians of Russia, the Yakuts, Sakha and the Buryats. THEY ARE THE SAME RACE WITH THE SAME DNA. They have the same spiritual and historical traditions: the same names of landforms, rivers.


Rh-negative women and men have several "Unusual Traits" that Rh-positives don't:


* An EXTRA-Vertebra (a "Tail Bone")....some are born with a tail (called a "Cauda"). CAUDA EQUINA - The bundle of spinal nerve roots arising from the end of the spinal cord and filling the lower part of the spinal canal(from approximately the thoraco-lumbar junction down). Embryology : Caudally the tail region projects over the cloacal membrane.

* Lower than normal Body Temperature
* Lower than normal Blood Pressure
* Higher mental analytical abilities.
* Higher Negative-ion shielding (from positive "charged" virus/bacteria)around the body.
* High Sensitivity to EM and ELF Fields.
* Hyper Vision and other senses.


Another salient genetic feature is the the shape and sutures (bone joints) of cranial bones of Basques [The skull ridge].
A third skeletal difference is the tendency to having a thicker breast bone
> more: http://herebedragons...amily-tree.html

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Illuminati, Pope Francis and the Dark Side with Leo Zagami




Something big may happen to the Pope this year, since it is XX years after the demise of Jacque De V., the head of the Templars.

Zagami thinks the present pope will be the last pope.


Some other notes: (at about halfway)


+ The Vatican is relunctant to open its archives, because of what might be discovered there (Sean: "That the Vatican is more satanic than religious")

+ There is a force "of a pagan nature" under the Vatican

+ There is a book, forbidden to human beings, which gives unlimited powers, by giving "the access codes" for certain demons

Karen Hudes has said "something important... that the Vatican is covering up an alien race"


Leo Zagami seems to dress like a Merovingian (from the Matrix film):


zagami2_zps20e5d238.jpg : Mero1.jpg


The Merovingian (also known as The Frenchman) is a fictional character and a supporting antagonist of the films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. He is portrayed by Lambert Wilson in both films and voiced by Robin Atkin Downes in The Matrix: Path of Neo. He also played a prominent role in The Matrix Online role-playing game. > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merovingian_(The_Matrix)

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The Eye In The Triangle



(at 30 mins in):

Merovingians are descended from the tribe of Benjamin, in ancient Israel, and they were the result
of humans interbreeding with ET's from Sirius. The Vaticans tried to wipe them out, but some survived, and they set
up the Priory of Sion.
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DRAGON WEALTH / DRAGON FAMILY and the Collateral Accounts


Estimates of Dragon wealth and Global wealth vary wildly


There was an interesting discussion on this topic, under one of the videos:
Geo. Lincoln:
COLLATERAL ACCOUNTS : the Video mentions this at the Beginning. I have to ask:
"Does the Family HAVE the Money, Or has the Family LOST the money?"
(By "money", I mean wealth, and/or control of a vast amount of Gold, etc.)
One theory I heard was: They have been snookered, and are very p/ssed off now. The theory goes: They turned over a great quantity of Gold, in return for certificates (Gold bonds) saying they would get the gold back. But they are NOT GETTING the Gold. Now on the Jean Haines Blog is a suggestion that they will never get it back: QUOTE: "Now for the global accounts. When I first heard about Neil F. Keenan and these accounts I did some digging on that supposed gold. Here’s the problem I have. The official records at the Treasury and Bureau of Engraving and Printing does not show that they ever printed sufficient notes or bonds to have been used for giving to the Chinese in exchange for their gold. Since there is no official record either they were printed off record or were printed by some other agency (CIA?). Either way with no record of them being legitimate notes and bonds the U.S. will never acquiesce to them being real and will always say they are fakes. Therefore, there is no way to ever convince a reputable court of jurisdiction to order the U.S. to pay up or produce gold" - JHaines Blog and:
2/ The theory goes on: The cabal that pulled this trick, has promised that they WILL give back the Gold. but now it becomes more and more clear that they have been stalling and cannot or will not give the Gold back. For instance, Karen Hudes has said that there is a huge amount of Gold in the Bank of Hawaii. But later she admitted that that bank did not hold so much gold (their vaults were not big enough to hold so much gold.) What they held were mostly "fake" Gold bonds. So where is the Gold? Theories abound. And some wild claims have been made. Is the cabal handing over control of the Fed, because they cannot return the Gold? This seems to me, to be the most likely scenario, if the Dragons do indeed now control the Fed. (this whole story seems to "fit the facts", which is why I report it here
(3) Z. Sha.
St Germaine founded the ORIGINAL "World Monetary Fund" (IMF) which was supposed to collective interest until 1999, and then be distributed to every man, woman and child, equally, to end what the thieves of all that wealth were planning on unfolding right after that. St Germaine knew what they were going to do, and thought the only way to end it ll was to 'arm' the 99% with the same weapon that the 1% has been using against us - our own stolen wealth, with interest. I believe the FRAUDS BEHIND THIS 'FEDERATION OF CONS' (con-federacy) not only stole our gold, but they enslaved us all in a debt scheme with worthless paper and owe us that, with interest, and the money they stole out of the World Account, which is now worth 45 'zeros' (literally) after the number 45, worth of ACTUAL wealth, because St Germaine stocked the storage facility with precious metals and gems to insure our wealth would remain stable and knew its value would increase exponentially.
(4) G. L.
I regard these St Germaine claims as "highly speculative", there is no hard evidence that the guy ever existed. I have seen so many wild claims about the amounts in those accounts, that I have zero confidence in these claims. If you think that there is such a huge amount of wealth on this planet (when official estimates of Total Tangible Wealth on Planet Earth are under $300 Trillion), then WHERE is the wealth ?? If you have no answer for this obvious question, then I suggest you give up the wild claim.
(5) Z. Sh.
It has been estimated rather recently, that America the land mass, owned in all ordinal by the Pope and shared by the Queen of England, plus all the man made elements within its borders, not including the value of the LIVE STOCK TRADE NAME ACCOUNTS, is at around 290 trillion American dollars. This doesn't include the estimated value of the 21 trillion barrels under the ground in the Bakken oil fields. The Rothscilde cabal is estimated to be worth 500 trillion themselves.
And as far as the 'legitimacy' of whether a man whose handle became St Germaine - eventually - I guess actual historical accounts from the courts of Europe is speculative history, huh?
You should put all that healthy skepticism into looking at the fraud that is currently being pulled on humanity, let alone the entire history of mankinds relationship with these inbred, psychopathic mental defectives who enslaved the World, rather than defend IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER the system that operates only upon th premise that YOU are apiece of chattel.
I sometimes have to elaborate, and even though it may seem like I care about what you think you know, I don't Mr Lincoln. The irony. He also believed what his trusted sources told him, and look what it got him; ushered into a theatre so tat he could be assassinated. Or isn't there enough 'concrete evidence' for you, in your infinite wisdom, to believe that the very same cabal who stole all of America's collective wealth, then proceeded to enslave the Americans and declared us belligerent enemy combatants of these foreign usurpers, had him killed to finalize their plans to ONLY put their agents into the White House, to trade ALL AMERICANS OF EVERY ETHNICITY, on a 'black market' STOCK EXCHANGE as collateral?
Am I making too much sense here?
(6) Z. Sh.
'Programmed' spell checkers are no different than the 'programmed' populace, who find it incredulous that what we say IS NOT what the system wants you to say, and so challenges it, expects you to correct it at their suggestion and if you don't, will change it for you, or dismiss it as an error altogether.
Just because one does not want believe something is true, doesn't make it NOT so, Mr Lincoln.
But again, no 'hard' evidence that some lone nutter wasn't the sole culprit, right? Yeah right, and JFK just so 'happened to be' in the wrong place at the wrong time too, right?
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... continues, after (6) ...


(7) Z. Sh
What I typed but what the 'programmed' spell checker rejected, because the 'system' said so, was that the VATICANUS INC. laid claim to the entire land mass when they sent Cristobal Colon (aka 'Columbus') here to steal it from the inhabitants before anyone else did, and therefore...
The 'Pope' owns the land mass in ALLODIAL TITLE: outright; lock, stock (that's 'us')' and barrels, and is in a partnership with the British CROWN CORPORATION, to maintain their Global slavery operations with British Admiralty Maritime Law of the high seas superimposed over the land masses of their empire(s) and the chattel who squat there, without 'their'' permission. That's how the engineers of this system see us; as invaders in their realm.
(8) Z. Sh.
'Programmed' fact checkers are no different than the programmed spell checkers - they only know what they are allowed to know, Mr Lincoln.
What we think we know is often pure scat arranged in such a way, by the system's media and education (indoctrination) systems, that the massaged messages become the beliefs of the unassuming or unwitting masses.
Look into the 'real tale' of St Germaine before you post next time. Otherwise you're a part of 'the problem' as far as I'm concerned.
I'm a 'solution' oriented contributor, who did his research for decades before they even began YouTube. 
Show less
(9) G.L.
The Real Tale" haha.
I think you should be talking to the OP about his fantasy about someone having such a huge sum of money. I have read articles, and watched videos on St.G. It's a good story, lacking in evidence.
(10) Z. Sh.
'Tales and lore' are historical accounts, with biases, agenda and content altered. Written historical accounts of certain men and women achieving supernatural Status among mankind abound, without a shred of 'hard evidence' to verify or validate the claims "- like 'religions' - so which tale did you choose to believe in, despite the clear and non-present evidence available to back up their 'tales?' 'Ha ha,' huh? Well, 'lol' to you. Seriously, which phony religion DO YOU believe in? Because religious indoctrination is next-to-near impossible to penetrate, nd it would(pardon the pun) "a miracle" to convince someone who's under the ' God spell' of a 'hole-y' gospel, to believe the surrendered to a fiction, and all truth and evidence available to disprove their so-called historical' accounts of human history are fictitious, yet they waste their Spiritual Soverainty surrendering to an invisible schizophrenic guy in the sky, who does not exist?
So what's the foundation of your entire belief system (aka: indoctrinated programming), Mr Lincoln?
It was a rhetorical question, that you should ask yourself.
(11) G.L.
There's a pretty good explanation of Beliefs and Values here : xx - (?)
Before I believe something, I look for evidence. But my imagination, and willingness to monitor stories goes way beyond my Beliefs. If a story has solid confirmation, then I may move it into a belief. I rarely take things on Faith, but the evidence and the testimony that we have an ET presence on our planet is strong enough for me to take a little on Faith, and move into into a belief. But I was not as quick to do that, as some others seem to be with "good storytellers."
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MISUNDERSTANDINGS - of those who make the Huge Wealth Claims


(I think this shows that some New Agers do not count well, or understand accounting principles):


(12) Z.S.

Oh yeah, and in the previous post I forgot, 'the profits' made from weapons, drugs and People smuggling, and a host of other offenses like blackmail, thefts of natural resources, etc. I don't think they take those factors into consideration, because that kind of capital gain, I'm pretty sure, isn't included in their 'official' reports, Do you?
I could go on about black budget moneys, off shore accounts, the Vatican, the British monarchy and foreign banks, but then I'd probably start making too much sense, and lose you altogether.
You should, just a suggestion, take all that energy and employ it in something worth your while.
I intuit, that you're not completely asleep, and will do some 'real' research into the true (un-natural) 'nature' of the system, that you still believe was designed from the gitgo to enslave the unassuming, clueless masses.
(13) G.L.:
Do you know anything about accounting or finance? Look up the words: "Double-entry accounting"
- You are talking about a possible SOURCE of wealth. The actual subject here is ASSETS - in other words: Where and How is that Wealth Held as an asset. If you want to measure the Wealth on our planet, you need to add up the tangible assets: stocks, real estate, gold, precious stones, etc. You must leave out financial assets like loans, since those are just loans or claims on tangible assets or on future earnings. When you do this, as some have done, you will get a number of $200 - 300 Trillion. Beyond that, is pure imagination. I can exchange my IOU for $500 Trillion, for your IOU for $500 Trillion - but the Net Tangible Wealth on the planet does not increase - there's no rise in real wealth. Do you get it yet?
My counter suggestion to you: Stop believing fantasies, backed by no evidence. They will get you nothing useful; just waste your time. Look at all the time people already wasted on OPPT , Swissindo, and the Republic. Sad chronicles of time lost, thanks to weak discernment.
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HOW GOOD is David Wilcock's Discernment?


I have my doubts, after his many misses, and comments like THIS one:



David Wilcock Comment(s) on Ben Fulford’s 11-11-14 Post…


"Neil then contacted me and sent me an enormous amount of hard, provable data. This includes a wealth of documents I did not release, due to their sensitivity, as well as a staggering number of photographs of bonds, bond boxes and bond chests of all different sorts.


The Global Collateral Accounts are absolutely real. The bunkers are absolutely real. The gold stored in them is absolutely real. The bonds are real. All of this was independently verified to me by not one, not two, but multiple other insiders. The Joseph Riad case released more images of them.

I have met and spoken with people who have been in the bunkers and described the staggering, staggering amounts of gold in them. These people had described to me, privately, what the bonds looked like, which I had not published, BEFORE Neil sent the pics. By the time I saw them I already knew what to expect.

Since this whole story is indeed real, there are plenty of cases where people get access to these bonds and then attempt to sell them to others at a profit. As I documented in Financial Tyranny, the USG very quietly tries to buy the bonds back, and real criminal penalties occur.

The Italy case was also very significant, because bonds that looked exactly like what Neil sent photographs of were seized at the border and taken very seriously. It is all too easy to write off this whole case as if it is all fraudulent, but there is such a huge variety of data — including the very well-documented atrocities involved in the initial theft of this gold on such a massive scale — that the burden of proof has been satisfied.

There have been plenty of Internet scams that have come and gone, dating all the way back to the 1990s, where someone says the Fed is going to be wiped out and that if you buy into whatever they’ve got, you will make spectacular amounts of money. One of these rings went to federal court in 2000 and 13 people were convicted.

I have been told, breathlessly, about imminent payouts and sent emails to “Get In Now” ever since 1998. Not one of them has ever worked..."


source: http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/david-wilcock-comments-on-ben-fulfords-11-11-14-post-including-a-message-about-neil-keenan/#more-32528

"The Global Collateral Accounts are absolutely real. The bunkers are absolutely real.

The gold stored in them is absolutely real. The bonds are real. All of this was independently verified to me
by not one, not two, but multiple other insiders."

Whoops ! Well, saying so, doesn't make it so.


You've been Wrong before, David.

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New Age Heroes (like Wilcock) can be Wrong too...

We need to be careful with info about Collateral Accounts coming from sources like Wilcock and Keenan


The Keenan discussion is a great example of perhaps the laziness of the masses when it comes to doing your own research. Ben says he’s CIA and DW says no. This creates an interesting conundrum here for the ones who give their power away to these two as the conflict of whether Keenan is or isn’t CIA never gets resolved. No one wants to face the inevitability that one of their idols and heroes is, in fact, wrong. In true form, it just gets ignored. This aspect is something the cabal thrives upon, like the constant fear mongering, it keeps everyone in suspended animation.

DW says he vetted Keenan. Great…so did I. Perhaps he’d like to share what he found out rather than leave everyone with the impression that Keenan is a good guy.

If anyone is hooked up with Pacer, I suggest you run his name through the system, both civil and criminal and see what you find, it may prove interesting. As regards to the NY case that Keenan filed which caused all the chatter a few years ago, I URGE you to read the complaint and exhibits he attached to his lawsuit and it will give you a good picture of what transpired.

According to Keenan, the Dragons gave him the bonds (that were later confiscated at the Italian border) to put into a trading program. Keenan set out to Europe to find a bank that would accept them as collateral for a trading platform. Through his travels, Keenan attempted to make a deal with the devil through Leo Zagami, hoping to get the bonds put into the Vatican bank for trade.

I realize that knowledge of the trading programs is scarce and the implications of all of this are not understood but suffice it to say that if Keenan is CIA, he would have no problem getting the bonds into trade as the CIA RUNS the trading programs. The proceeds fund the black projects, the secret space program and the various takeovers of foreign countries…just to name a few of the beneficiaries of these proceeds. When Lord James disclosed the 3 $5T SWIFTS that were originated by the NY FED that went through JPM and RBC on its way to Pureheart using Homeland Secuirty clearance codes, it ended up being put into a trading program through a platform in the Caribbean.

This fact alone tells me Keenan is NOT CIA no matter how many names he’s dropped to Ben.

He’s also NOT an attorney, at least not in the US. This is easily verified through the ABA.

So Keenan is not an attorney and not CIA, he’s exactly what caleb said he is, a treasure hunter. Why the Dragons gave him the bonds and charged him with the responsibility of putting them into trade is not known but I have my suspicions which are irrelevant to this whole discussion.

If you read the docket on the NY case you’ll also find that Keenan dropped the case after the presiding judge dismissed about half of the defendants. This case was frivolous from the beginning and was an attempt by Keenan to coerce or shame or expose the PTB to get them to release the bonds so he could trad them. As can be easily ascertained, Keenan is being held responsible for getting the bonds back since they were put in his stewardship by the Dragons.

Keenan was originally promised an island if he accomplished the task of getting the bonds into a trading program.

Digging deeper into his background, you will find that at one point, he was hooked up with one Keith Scott. Google that name and see what you find.

So Keenan is not CIA and not an attorney but just another guy attempting to become rich from participating in the trading programs. A treasure hunter, like thousands of others who’ve tried in vain to become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.

So if Keenan is telling the truth in the complaint he submitted in support of his petition in the NY case, you know what his motives are now. And if he wasn’t telling the truth then he’s a liar so either way it doesn’t take a genius to figure this guy out. To this day, he’s STILL trying to get the bonds back.

But our esteemed DW “vetted” him so he’s a good guy, we can rely on that.SARCASM

Starting to see a pattern here? And lets go back in history for just a sec and revisit DW’s interview with Kerry Cassidy when he balled like a baby because he heard from someone (his “insider” who is now his handler) who heard from two other someones that his life was being threatened supposedly because of his posting of information regarding the Keenan lawsuit. If you recall, DW claimed that he needed to release Part 2 ASAP…like that night…so he wouldn’t be harmed.

(Part 2 was subsequently released not that night or even the next day but 4 days later.)

Lets pause and revisit all of this. DW gets a death threat for putting out “Part 1″ yet at the same time can save himself by putting out Part 2??? So by introducing information contained in a public lawsuit that everyone can read, he gets a death threat but by completing the information in Part 2, he doesn’t?????? Ya think just maybe the objective was to get Part 2 to say what his threateners wanted him to say?????

Of course, the article was titled “The Trillion-Dollar lawsuit that could end Financial Tyranny”.

Lots of hype and where is the lawsuit now? Dismissed by the plaintiff (Keenan) because it was frivolous, ridiculous and had no standing to begin with. Fraught will legal problems from the beginning, it was destined to never gain traction. Seriously, did Keenan think he would get satisfaction in one of our kangaroo courts in the US???


But it brought traffic to his (DW) website for the objective of starting a plethora of disinformation regarding the financial system, hence the Financial Tyranny articles which quickly followed. Half the information contained in these articles is already out there, the other half filled with inaccuracies to mislead the public. The common tried and true psy-op method of mix in a little truth with all the lies to make the information believable.

And then approximately two months later, DW introduces us all to Drake, another character who he’s “vetted” and assures us is the real thing. Enough said on that.

So lets recap…2+ years later, the Keenan lawsuit is a distant memory…..the one DW claims will bring down the cabal which perhaps could’ve led us down the path to discovery of the real financial system…instead gets hijacked by DW’s own disinformation put out in articles that followed. Again, an old CIA psy-op thats employed whenever a part of their misdeeds and crimes gets exposed to the public. They hijack it with disinformation….they’ve done it for 50 years on the Kennedy assassination…have done it for almost 30 years on the Iran Contra fiasco and for over 10 years on 911. Anytime their crimes get exposed, their disinformation hacks crank up the propaganda and take the story down the road to nowhere.

Keenan and Drake are prime examples of this and DW was just the puppet to use to accomplish this. They knew Keenan’s background as they knew Drake’s. (Drake is Section 8). Getting our attention focused elsewhere while they continue to steal us blind.

DW’s ego is his biggest enemy and will be his undoing. He profiles as the perfect tool to be used for the purposes of disinformation….unbeknownst to him, I’m convinced. He’s a very bright individual who has a lot to offer in his field of expertise but his enormous ego is a major weakness the cabal has exploited for their own purposes.

Pride is the deadliest of the seven sins and the mind controllers at the CIA are fully aware of this and exploit it to their advantage. The MSM is filled with egomaniacs (O’Reilly, Hannity, Limbaugh, Matthews….etc.) who are well paid for foisting the propaganda on the masses. As the internet proliferates with alternative news sources, these too, need to be hijacked in order to keep the truth from coming out.

As a postscript, its telling that no mention was made of the trading programs in the big expose’, Financial Tyranny. Not one word which was the cabal’s objective in the first place, to bury Keenan’s task of converting the bonds to collateral so they could then be trading on a platform for the enrichment of Keenan’s benefactors, the Dragons......


Comment by paladin on November 13, 2014 @ 2:52 am

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More "DRAGON-related" Research - from the Fringe section


Comment by paladin on November 13, 2014 @ 2:52 am

Paladin, here’s a guy who’s been digging around into Neil Keenan and the Dragons. Would you like to comment on the info? ....






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"The Secret System of Wealth" ("screens"?) ... May be just pure fantasy


The Amba mentioned it here:

FULL DISCLOSURE: Red Dragon Ambassador Speaks Out! You'll Never Believe Whats Coming!

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJbM67u9Br0&index=1&list=PLEqLtjOAAKuXjC_QN6kle7ACAHQDEqExO =


(my comment was):

He talks about "screens" being collections of wealth, accessed by Central Bankers and senior bankers (near the end of Hour 1 - at about 50 minutes.) I have friends who were in senior positions at top international banks, like JPM and UBS, and I have asked them about this. They told me: "That's complete nonsense. Such things do not exist." (I trust these guys completely.) I think the Amba needs to provide some actual evidence, or else, we should regard his comments about Secret Wealth and how it works as a "tall tale."


OTHERS have said about this podcast:

"It is not FULL disclosure" - Johnny L.R.

"Your title is correct. I do not believe it" - The Crowhouse

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  • 4 weeks later...

(Comment/Q's from under a Dec.10th Video by Dave Schmidt):


/from PrinceX48/

This whole Dragon family "wanting to empower humanity" phenomenon seems shady to me.

For people have a slight of knowledge on Asia/China would ask these questions:


Why the Chinese old royal blood families-association choose such method to "free humanity"?

- As the Chinese's aristocratic titles/status and rank were never inheritable in the history but only
demonstrate family prestige through cultivation of "literati" attributes as well
as trade to increase wealth. - Although, I do understand many of them have
escaped from mainland China still many old aristocrat families were destroyed
during the "Cultural Revolution" period. - The Chinese aristocratic tradition is
known for its indestructible loyalty to the own ancestry, in this case Chinese,
regardless the differences of Han, Manchu or other 56+ major ethnic tribes.
Why couldn't these families work on (example: free energy) projects inside China
(low-profile, even if through current ruling Communist/Capitalist system) that
would directly benefits their clans' land of origins, or privately offering
free-energy devises (already existing) to the poor families worldwide, Yet to go
through troubles to delegate such project of "it's not about money" to the
"White Devil" after more than a hundred years of unfair Western treaties had
been imposed upon their ancestors.

What is this "Ambassador"s agenda?
- He claims he has lived inside China and studied Wenyanwen (ancient
language) under the Chinese masters more than a decade; then, I shall remind
people that the core of Confucius' teaching is about play "Ruling Game", to name
a few of its strategies:

1. Stay above all conflicts and use prosperity to sustain power and employ structure for control.

2. Only offer resources through authority/government so it can limit citizen's unity.

3. Only keep citizen happy enough not to rebel so they stay loyal and love the ruler.


The bottom-line is KEEPING a strong (pyramid) hierarchical ruling construction so
the power will always stay in the hands of the "Elite".

I alert you to observe the conclusion of this theatrical diversion:

meanwhile do not wish a saviour drop from the sky to help you pay bills.


You are a slave till you die unless you slay the master within!

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The QUESTIONS continue - this is getting very good and SPECIFIC !:


(1) George L.:

Well, I don't think the Ambassador is speaking to me today. He says we should stop listening to "jokers". Many of us here, never fell for that nonsense. I wish that he would start speaking to those of us who are truly switched on. (Or we may switch off to his message.)

He says he may take questions in the future. Well let me ask one now:

Mr. Ambassador can you please explain the actual TRAIL of how money goes from the Dragon Family to the people, as in a Food stamps program? The cost of that seems to show up in the US budget, and then in our taxes. So how are the Dragons funding any of that? I could ask another dozen or so, questions if I had the chance.

(2) Modwiz125:

George, he has to address all of the people. And the 'switched on' have a few more switches to put in the on position, IMO. Taking things personally is a little self focused, my friend. Although I know that is not your intent. You have displayed a very good heart throughout your posts and I acknowledge you for that. You do play nicely with other too. Thank you

(3) George L.:

That is exactly my point: He is not addressing ALL the people. Many here are not the sheeple that he thinks he is talking to. We have to let him know that. Then, maybe then he address at least a part of his message to the people who have done much research, and have sufficient discernment to avoid the scams and flytraps.

(4) Modw.:

Perhaps you might give an example of what the Ambassador is not addressing. I am not quite getting what you want from him. What is missing for you?

(5) George L.:

Sure. Many of us do not listen to "jokers", or silly messages saying "the Republic has been restored", or that "the RV is happening." We want INFORMATION; clear and accurate information about what is happening in the world, and how the world is actually being run. We are not getting that from Western politicians who spin and lie. Some of the most direct truth telling is coming from one powerful guy, President Putin. I wish the Ambassador could speak as directly as Putin does.

(6) Modw.:

Some of Putin's best talks are Q&A with people. For clear and exact answers, well formed questions, that ask exactly what they want to know will get their answers. The Ambassador has responded to the frustrations regarding this just tonight with Ron. He will take questions. He has wisely put the responsibility on the people to ask the questions they want answers to. This should address what you see as lacking in the talks. Your questions will minimally lead you to greater clarity.

(7) Princex48:

If all information given is leading us to believe that dragon backed China banks are pushing dramatic changes in the current international financial system, at the same time dragon are trying to push for improvement from the grassroots level - to release common people's burden, then let's judge it by the result not the clever, pontificating and garish lectures. For this "ambassador" who should clearly understand the meaning of the Chinese old saying: Never Eat Food Handed Out in Contempt!

(8) George L.:

My sense is that the natural interests of the BRICS countries - their desire to move away from the heavy influence of a West-gone-mad - is driving most of the change. I cannot see how the Dragons deserve any credit for the changes.

(9) Merlin-:

George Lincoln: Very good question. Mine all along, where is the bookkeeping for all the Red Dragon funding over the centuries, names, dates amounts, where did it all go or where is it all going, going, gone? We are all attempting to understand here while being told we don't know or aren't seeking to find out.. and I think it takes more than shredding our credit cards. Or, Maybe the Dragon Family would like to create a Dragon Visa / Mastercard that has 1% interest attached and we can all switch over. This won't be throwing money at us as fish to seals... for I don't think we are that hungry or eager to swallow without chewing first.

(10) RhmBicyc-:

George Lincoln You may have the Ambassador clarify exactly who the "Dragon Family" consists of. You make statements like they are not everywhere globally. Their influence is world wide!! Why would he tell you where they store their wealth? Why do you think you deserve to know?

(11) Prince-

In one word: fraud, I do not think this "ambassador" and his representation of the dragon family can offer anyone much. I feel sorry that the dragons that have to place their bet on this "ambassador's" persuasion - for he surely doesn't have the legendary Chinese 3-inch glib tongue. But instead with the constant "you know", "I mean" and quite a few "f**king" … during repetitive sermons, which is obviously recycled and ample use of meaningless words, especially selling of quasi-religious nonsense clearly designed for halfway awake followers.

It was curiosity that made me start to follow this; my first step was to stay all night listening all of Ron's video with him, as well as the "ambassador's" other interviews…etc. I have learned nothing new from these EMPTY speeches. Nothing!

(12) George L.:

I would like to have readers here come up with a list of Questions (not softball questions) to be put to the Ambassador. I wonder if Ron would permit that?

RHM, the Dragons claim vast amounts of wealth. Knowing something about where they store it, might help us to confirm they are whom they say. If he said they store it in the US Stock market, we can work out the size of the market cap of US stocks, They don't own all of the stocks there, so we might get some idea of the scale of their wealth. These vague claims he makes are not satisfying to me. It amazes me that you are so quick to buy into them!

(13) Modw.

Permit it? I remember the Ambassador saying that EXACT thing in the video. Did you listen to the video and hear that? I am not being a smart ass, just confused.

Hardball or softball as long as they are helpful to getting at the bigger picture of a plan and not an endless pursuit of idle curiosities that appear important to the minds that ask them.

George, you seem well placed emotionally to ask the hard questions you feel people need answers to. So get to it. We hear you.

(14) Modw.2:

George, Where the Family stores its wealth has zero utility to anyone but thieves. WTF kind of questions is that towards anything, George??? If you think where the Family stores its wealth is one of the top questions to be asked to understand how the world works better please do not show me any of your plans based on your "information" gathering. Despite being a very nice fellow.

C'mon man, that is a goober question. Is dignity so difficult? Are some people really that beaten down as to be beaten senseless? If so, the task ahead is one of considerable heavy lifting.

(15) George L.:

Don't be silly, Modwiz. That's how we caught on to OPPT's lies. Heather claimed that there was $6 million (or was it $6 Billion) in "our" value waiting somewhere. Someone clever added up all the real wealth assets on the planet, and it came to less than $300 Trillion. If you divide that by 7 billion people, you get less than US$43,000 per person. So Heather's number was an obvious fabrication. It is not so easy to hide massive wealth on this planet. So I would like to know in what asset class the Dragon Family holds its wealth. If they say: "stocks and real estate", they will not be giving much away. BTW, there are about 5 billion ounces of gold on our planet - that's $6 Trillion at $1200 /oz., and Central banks are said to hold about 20% or so of that. That means that PART of the $5 Trillion that are left could be held by the Dragons. But if they claim $100 Trillion in wealth, and say "half is in gold", the numbers don't work. What I am doing is the sort of careful questioning that anyone with both sides of their brain engaged should and must do imho. What do you suggest instead of such care? This sort of questioning has exposed: Neil Keenan, OPPT, and Swissindo. I will not stop, even if Ron decides to boot me off his channel. It is an essential duty of at Truth Warrior, don't you think?

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I POSTED there : on RVD's interview with the Amba.:




George, in a word: AWESOME !
What a great, clear, and specific discussion you have all shared with us today!
Keep it going, everyone ! I hope that Ron will allow some specific questions to be asked of the Amba.
Many of us are still waiting for more evidence backing up his claims, even if we are very supportive to his overall message. If we knew if he was "for real" we might have a better idea how to cooperate with the Dragon Family. We are fed up with the lies of politicians, and he seems like a breath of fresh air.
OTHER FORUMS / "TheOneTruth" : http://jandeane81.com/
Going to re-post a comment of mine here, to someone in a thread I keep at a forum.

"There is no hope in these messages. Hope is magical thinking. There is a plan, panoramic in concept, that little pieces of are being shared. This is not the new age phony contrived compassion of channeled entities with their, 'dear ones' and other sugary impersonations of compassion. This is the compassion of what is really going on. What's wrong, how we got here and how to fix it. It involves the world's population. The scope of the plan is breathtaking and cannot be seen or heard with jaded eyes and ears. This is understood by those who need to and is undoubtedly accounted for in plans. The language of the Ambassador is very revealing, IMO, just a bit subtle.

My views are my own." FWIW
Good one. Like you, I am fed up with the followers of channeled messages, posting their misinformation everywhere. NONE of these GFOL, Jesus Santana (or whatever), Archangel Michael, or Sheldon Nidle type channelers have contributed anything useful to my understanding of the world. They spread false hopes, and demotivate people. What is the name of the Forum? I would like to take a look, I have just posted an excerpt of some comments from today to a Forum I visit too. The link will follow, since otherwise my post will go into the "holding bin."
C- ) Modwiz
I will not post a link unless Ron 'blesses' hooking the discussion up into other channels. I have nothing to promote other than to help the Ambassadors communication get out to people where a discussion is possible. It is called TOT or theonetruth. However, that is not its web addy.

I am having a decent discussion with people who are hearing what the Ambassador is really saying and are comforted by not receiving comforting words but uplifting ideas. Just a few at the moment but, the lack of vitriol is pleasant.

The scope of the information and lack of deception is dazzling people. They are blinded
D- ) Modwitz, I am mainly on the same page with you on this. It would be interesting to see what other Open Minded skeptics are saying. I will have a look. The forum I mentioned is something like tinyurl (dot) com /Dragon-Fam, but the exact link will be posted separately, so Ron can hold it up, or delete as he feels best.
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Fleeing "the Other Place" (is it Project Avalon?)


This is a meme that I picked up from the TOT Forum, there seems to be a flood of people coming over

from another Forum, referred to as "the Other Place"


- here's what FringeWatch (formerly Sidney) wrote: 7th December 2014, 05:59 PM

Great to see y'all - i'm from that 'other place', glad to meet new energy and see some of ya i've met b4.. gonna catch up here..
THANKS Pris and PurpleLama and to The One, 777, and Tribe for allowing me to sit a spell.
Others who fled:
Spiral, Ronin
Fringewatch said:
"So pleased to meet you. Come and sit by the fire and tell me about the mass exodus from That Other Place . . . :) LOL, well, that was subtle. Hehe.. Ongoing dizzyness on display over there. I think its pretty transparent whats happening. The psyop seed has sprouted. "
Ronin :
"LOL, well, that was subtle. Hehe.. Ongoing dizzyness on display over there. I think its pretty transparent whats happening. The psyop seed has sprouted.
i really do not think that anyone should glee at people leaving another forum for whatever personal reasons.
the forum in mention served a purpose in each of our developments.
we would not be here today now if not for that forum.......and others.
i would say be thankful of the stepping stones to bring you where you are today.
who knows what stepping stones lies ahead?"
(The psyop seed has sprouted):
I left shortly after it was planted... Around the beginning of 2012.
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Comment from Youtube:


Interesting. I'd like to know more about this "Dragon" family.
Something like this is direly needed, I've said this before. An angry mob is no longer an effective means of defence against modern day tyrants with their own plans for us. They know we are tired of being treated like cattle. I just hope no deals have been struck with omnivorous beings looking for some quick meat for the freezer. Some of the insanity might actually be explained by such. Is our planet now ripe for the picking? Is that why we don't care for it or what we do to it? Because it doesn't matter anyway? Probably not. But still. There's a lot of good meat here
Tracking Global Changes - Thrive Movement
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Interesting vid but I find it all a bit confusing. Some truth may be mixed in there somewhere. No doubt there's plenty of wrangling and posturing going on. I doubt many countries will want another global collapse because of the severe implications this time around, perhaps this is what will cause the failure of the cabal.



1. Dragon family elders throughout Asia are stewards of most of wealth of world, including collected gold buried. Elders are advanced beings waiting to use the gold to reboot economic system. Requires the cabal system to step aside system based on real assets


Money that was borrowed against Asian gold used during the Bretton wood agreement now needs paying back. To allow huge wealth to be introduced into the world to restore fairness and compassion.


Plan B is where cabal resists dragons request but US would be isolated with dollar collapse and unable to pay its bills and people.


Plan C dragon elders are not who they claim to be. Russia, China may be working in cahoots with cabal to introduce NWO. Global fiat money system


Plan D without elders, China continues economic growth, yuan becomes global currency of exchange and the new world leader.


Plan E -ET plays a role bad ones vs good ones.

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Interesting perspective from Bro. Nathaniel, who takes on the Gold bugs (& Schiff)


Real Money And The Jewish Dialectic




He likes the Real Money effort

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Just posted this on avalon to see the response, ooh they don't like it one bit, Paul the Mod moved the post and thinks the word Jew should be replaced with banksters, which is a fair point I suppose.


Not that I have anything against the Jews or anyone else as long as they are truthful and caring for humanity. When Israel is a created state because they've been kicked out of most other countries it could be argued its is difficult to separate Zionist and Jews because they always do business with themselves to control many business sectors around the world and money is the route of power and evil. I suppose it is wrong to tarnish all Jews with the same brush and no doubt many are honorable and honest people but many are complicit with the art of money magic.

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haha. No surprise ... to hear about that reaction

(You know that Brother Nathaniel is of Jewish extraction, and was raised as a Jew, right?)



"If you want to know who rules you, see whom you cannot criticise."

(Maybe we should all adopt the term: "Scvm-svckers" to describe this group, Or maybe: wealth-suckers)


Have you checked out the TOT site yet?

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Yes, cannot criticise the Jews too much. Would I moan or get upset if people said The English are controlling global banking from London, the English have been responsible for many crimes against humanity over the centuries, no, I'd probably just point out that the average educated English person does not support the corrupt Royal Bloodlines or covert security services. Unfortunately many people are simply unaware of the facts.


In the case of the Jews, a small country with a population of some 8m, (world 14m) smaller than London, and well know for their selected business and money dealings I'm pretty sure most Jews are aware but stay quiet about it, I could be wrong but they sure create a lot of trouble for such a small race of people. Not surprising if they believe they are the chosen ones to inherit the earth, if there's anything left after they've finished.


If the average Jew feels threatened by certain comments then they ought to do more about it rather than try to protect themselves through the control of western money, legislation and now the internet - its not working though. Its a relatively small price to pay to free the world if all countries isolated the Jews & Zionists until justice was done. Obviously the illuminati does not consist of just Jews but they are a powerful and influential faction within the control structure.



PA Mod Paul..... If I mentally replace the word "Jewish" in the video with some such words as "Illuminati Banksters", then the video makes sense to me (not my preferred style, but I roughly agree some of his points.)

This video could be seen as an excellent example of a common technique - tar and feather a worthwhile message with hateful slander, and sink both.


My reply ....I just posted the video for comment. I agree the video is referring to the Zionist cabal and their control of the art of money magic, the route of power and evil. I know many Jews are honorable people and clearly do not support the Zionist. The Jews should be up in arms with the Zionist who have used their own good people as pawns over the centuries. (are they?)

I’m British and not necessarily proud of it because of our jaded misguided history; I use every opportunity to expose the truth and peck away at the establishment. I frequently write to politicians and demand the evil rulers including the Illuminati / cabal and the Royals should be held to account for heinous crimes, destruction of democracy, the planet and its people.

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Where are the Jewish protests against the bad behavior of the Zionist Bankers?


There are some (Bro.Nate, G.Atzlon) - but they are few and far between.


If they fail to "clean up the mess" within Judaism, they are at risk of getting tarred with the same brush,

and will (partly) deserve the Tar for not being more self-regulating


(Instead, they are busy trying to silence those with legitimate criticism):


Jews, not Palestinians, Trapped by “Narrative”

By Alan Hart on December 12, 2014.

In recent months nothing has made me more angry than an article written and posted on 11 December by Alon Ben-Meir with a headline that described the occupied and oppressed Palestinians as being Trapped In Their Public Narrative.…


(You and I are gentle in comparison with a writer on VeteransToday, who wrote this)


“Though it is obvious to all of us that the Jews control America, it astonishes me that they still keep pretending they don’t! They appear to be concerned right now that the Chinese might get the “wrong idea” that they control America! They would obviously like to dupe the Chinese into thinking they are pretty harmless.”


To this comment I received a thought-provoking response from writer Franklin Ryckaert, a veteran commenter on Kevin MacDonald’s The Occidental Observer: “It wouldn’t astonish you if you knew about what is called ‘aggressive mimicry’, which is defined thusly : ‘Aggressive mimicry is a form of mimicry in which predators, parasites or parasitoids share similar signals with a harmless model, allowing them to avoid being correctly identified by their prey or host.’” (See here)


“Jews are parasites who want to exploit, control and eventually destroy their host,” Ryckaert went on to explain, “but because they are everywhere a small minority they must resort to certain strategies so as not to be identified and expelled.


First of all they do that by hiding their identity (assuming non-Jewish names, “converting” to another religion etc.) and by staying as much as possible in the background (as “adviser” of a leading figure but not as the leader himself). Secondly they project the image of themselves as harmless, powerless or even as oppressed and persecuted. Hence the stress on the Holocaust story.


This is why the Jews don’t want to be seen by the Chinese as in total control of America. China is their next host and they need to be seen as harmless.”


>see: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/12/10/china-and-the-jews/


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The article goes on, talking about:




Jews and the Opium Wars


Winning the Opium Wars made the Sassoons the Richest Jews in the world


The JEWISH ROLE in the Opium Trade, etc:


/ Is this where the Dragon Family money really came from ? /


The British East India Company had a matching monopoly of British trade. [it] began to auction opium grown on its plantations in India to independent foreign traders in exchange for silver.

The opium was then transported to the China coast and sold to Chinese middlemen who retailed the drug inside China. This reverse flow of silver and the increasing numbers of opium addicts alarmed Chinese officials.”


To deconstruct and simplify:

Europe wanted tea, silk and porcelain from China, but China was self-sufficient and needed nothing in exchange from Europe. The result was a trade deficit in which Britain (via its East India Company) owed China an enormous and increasing amount of silver.

How did Britain try to solve this tricky problem? It left it to the Jews who formed the nucleus of the East India Company to come up with a neat solution.

The East India Company began to grow opium on its Indian plantations. It then transported the processed opium to Bombay and Calcutta where the crop was sold by auction to “independent foreign traders.” This innocuous phrase—“independent foreign traders”—needs translation. It is of course a euphemism for Jewish merchants.

There were not only swarms of British and European Jews in India at this time, concentrated mostly in the port cities of Bombay and Calcutta, but an entire community of Indian Jews: namely, the Cochin or Malabar Jews (see this picture) who had made their home at the southernmost tip of India from earliest antiquity.

The Jewish merchants who had bought the opium in India then shipped it to China on their opium clippers where it was exchanged for silver from “Chinese middlemen”—most of whom were Kaifeng (Chinese) Jews—another fact that has been carefully concealed by our politically correct court historians. These Chinese Jews thereupon proceeded to distribute the opium all over China, causing an epidemic of opium addiction among Chinese of all classes, ranging from the elite landowners and mandarins to the lowest coolies and rickshaw pullers.




As for the silver received from the sale of the opium, this not only helped to narrow the British trade deficit with China but enriched the East India Company’s vast army of officials, many of them Jews.


This, then, is how the British Empire became so powerful: by winning two Opium Wars with the help of Rothschild money. (The First Opium War: 1839-1842; the Second Opium War: 1856-1860). The Brits grew rich on Chinese tea, Chinese silk, Chinese porcelain, and acquired Hong Kong on a 99-year lease. And on this they built their Empire, with the help of the mercantile Jews.

What did China get in exchange? — Millions of opium addicts. By 1905, it has been calculated, 27 percent of Chinese males had become addicted to opium, with “13.5 million people consuming 39,000 tons of opium yearly.”

When we look back at the British Empire, and the part played by Jews in bringing it to the pinnacles of wealth and power, we cannot but help reflecting on Balzac’s famous epigram: “Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.”




This iconic image of an opium warehouse is a lithograph produced by Bengal Commissioner Lt. Col. Walter S. Sherwill. The production and distribution center was located in Patna, India. Here 13 million pounds of opium juice were processed in giant vats and compacted into sticky, grapefruit-sized balls (see picture above), the workmen being expected to roll 100 balls a day. These were then placed in chests and sent to Bombay and Calcutta, from where they were shipped out to Canton in China. (For more details, see here)


Here is a map showing the route from the opium warehouses in Bombay and Calcutta to Canton in China. And here is a chart showing the huge growth of British opium exports to China between 1729 and 1832. Thereafter, trade was to improve spectacularly as the number of Chinese addicts soared to over 10 million.

Did the British care? Apparently not. Growing rich on the sufferings of others, as all predator nations know, is the iron rule of life. It’s known as the Survival of the Fittest. The Jews were indisputably the driving force behind this evil trade, as today they are behind the evil pandemic of porn addiction. Then it was opium, now it is pornography. New addictions for new ages.

Curiously enough, opium dens often doubled as brothels.

Among other things—painkiller, anesthetic, stupefacient, hypnosis inducer, euphoria giver—opium was also a powerful aphrodisiac and had been associated with sexual performance since the 16th century. According to Chinese physician Li Slizhen, writing in his Compendium of Materia Medica (1578), opium had the ability to confer extra stamina and staying power during intercourse, since it had the ability to “arrest seminal emission.”


Gorgeous young Russian girls and slant-eyed Asiatic Jewesses were available for sex in the opium dens of Shanghai. These sordid dens of vice where emaciated men poured their semen into the voracious vaginas of opium-addicted girls—for whom sex was a way of paying for their next opium fix—spread to the great Western cities: to Paris, London, Berlin, New York, and San Francisco. By the late 19th century, there were 200,000 opium addicts in the United States, three-quarters of them women.


Here (see the Punch cartoon below) is how the jingoistic Brits, under their Jewish mentors, treated the Chinese in the heyday of the British Empire. The Chinese would do well to remember these past humiliations and do their utmost to keep the old colonialists raptors out of their country.



We have now learned a valuable history lesson. The Chinese intelligentsia today are doubtless acquainted with these basic facts. They too must know who their historical enemies are.

If they have any doubts, let them open their history books and a litany of Jewish names will spring from those musty pages, the names of all the Jews who helped to plunder their ancestors via the British Empire: Elias David Sassoon and Silas Aaron Hardoon, partners in E.D. Sassoon & Co, as already mentioned above, in addition to Edward Ezra, Morris Cohen—described by the South African Sunday Express in 1945 as “the guiding genius behind the War Lords of China”—Jacob Borodin (aka Grusenberg),Trebitsch Lincoln (British MP), BK Galen (aka Chesin), Skidelski, Gekker, Koslowsky, Snamensky, MD Lashewitz, WN Levitscher, A Joffe, R. Haas, JB Rajchman, Ben Kizer.

All these names will be found in an essay written by Arnold Leese, a notorious anti-Semite, so maybe he shouldn’t be taken too seriously when he concludes his exposé, The Jewish Rotting of China, with these shocking words:

“Every key position in the process of the Bolshevik destruction of China has been Jewish.”



The prospects for the world do not look good. We are not talking here any longer about the “takeover” of China by the Jews. As Franklin Ryckaert, with his astute observation on aggressive mimicry might say: “The parasites have already taken control of the host’s body.”

When the time is right, I predict, the Jews will jump ship en masse and make China their next cash cow and kleptocracy—but not before they have destroyed America, leaving behind a Third World country in ruins.


> MORE: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/12/10/china-and-the-jews/

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There is nothing to be proud of regarding the British empire, it was all about power, wealth and greed, just like today, not much has changed.


The control has gone deeper underground because of the Internet, in years gone by news travelled slowly by word of mouth, not many could read or write.

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