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Is God Dead?

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Is God Dead?




(as posted on RVD's channel : 5-Dec-2014 ):


IS GOD DEAD? ... No! He's just busy.

Keeping this giant cosmos in operation and growing, is a big "godlike" job.
Does he really concern himself with our tiny planet and tinier humanity

Isn't it enough that Creator God built this massive machine, and programmed it, and may be reprogramming it, as the cosmos becomes more and more self-aware. Where's the rule that says he has to be aware and involved with every human program that runs on his creation?
What I do find plausible, is that there are entities, more powerful than humans who do interfer with us. They may have created religion as a way to program and control us. There may be good and bad entities involved with humans.


I met Kerry Cassidy not long ago, and she spoke about the Big Picture, the way she sees her world which is populated by Good and Bad ET's. She says there are many such beings with a presence here. And she can tell the good ones from the Bad ones. The Bad ones try to manipulate us thru Fear, and Lure us with promises. The Good ones reveal information in a neutral fashion, and leave it to us to make our own choices.

Think about some of the ideas presented here over the months, and years, and you may be able to see different influences, of good and bad entities.

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(some reactions to the above)


George L.:

"What I do find plausible, is that there are entities, more powerful than humans who do interfer with us..." Yup. And how do they do it? Probably through these people:
( seeking link ) Excerpt: "If We lose, not only do We fail to overcome the sinister most Evil Agenda of the Establishment’s Top Policy-Makers who are puppets of a foreign power, We lose our Republic forever and our Great Nation will be completely Balkanized."


G L:

Link: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2014/12/01/the-mad-race-to-the-end/

If there is truth to this. How is praying to a busy God, going to solve our "local" problem? Especially when most of the religious apparatus is there to control us ??

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The Anunnaki likely created modern man and the clever concept of God which serves number purposes.


Such as religious and societal control, are you a God fearing person, as well as a means to create constant wars and unrest – divide and conquer


Since God created man, heaven and earth there’s no need to question the history of the Universe, evolution or science too much, hence protecting and hiding the truth.


The PTB would be very aware that as man and science evolved, albeit very slowly, there would come a point when the accepted beliefs and science (lies) would start to be questioned.


To remain in control the PTB would need to replace these beliefs by updating and re-directing our belief system and science to cater for modern thinking.


This is where it gets a bit confusing because it is my contention that before the masses became too aware of the truth the NWO and agenda 21 should have been implemented.


I think what we are seeing now is a lot of infighting between the dark and light factions of the illuminati where the Zionist Cabal are desperate to fulfil their original NWO plans by any means, the longer this drags on the more people that will awaken and question.


Having said that I think it is a grave mistake to underestimate the cunning of Illunminati, particularly if their masters, the reptilians who appear significantly more intelligent than mere humans and maybe the plan is to cause chaos, financial and religious collapse on a grand scale so they can unleash technologies for mass depopulation and NWO and even a fake invasion

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Kerry Cassidy talks about two pathways for our future:


+ Angelic human, or

+ Robotic "superman"


Robert Bernatowicz, says that the Buddha-like humans from 6-8,000 years in our future,

are already acting on our timeline, trying to guide us to the Angelic Human timeline:



One hopes that this is not (another) deception


Linda Moulton-Howe sounds less optimistic here:

Ep.165 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Linda Moulton Howe



She says (at about 1:44 Hours):

"Human life is not guaranteed on this planet."

She thinks: Crop circles are related to time travelers,

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Crop circles are very interesting and appear to contain messages or are perhaps location indicators within our Galaxy. Crop circles have been filmed being made by a small white ball of light, an orb, which I have witnessed quite close up; just the other side of a field behind my house.

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The Question is WHY make Crop Circles?


Perhaps Linda MH is right, and they are a way of communicating with the Future,

since they do get "cataloged" to some extent

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I don't think they are made up because genuine crop circles have particle features, like their accuracy and the way the crops are flattened with an unknown force, perhaps a form of microwave energy and not a plank and string. They appear to be be of a scientific in nature, perhaps relating to energy or even free energy generation, many images look like electro-magnetic field energy diagrams, maybe!

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A Time travel may have access to some Orb technology, which would allow him

to create Crop Circles to communicate with his handlers

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Could be, using a form of energy to communicate. Orbs are also associated with ET telemetry devices that come from a mother ship and essentially collect data.


Time travel is a difficult concept because if the grandfather paradox, however, as I understand, if you match the exact frequency of any point in space and time you can go there. Not sure if this would be a physical or mental thing.


Perhaps things like remote viewing, astral projection and out of body experiences (together with technology) may allow us to view the past and future but not alter it, perhaps influence it.


Would be a good question to ask Greg, the astral projection guy, if he's around. He may be in the future now, lol

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