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2015 - The Year of "Alternative" Energy?

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fits the name of the website too.

where did he say that?

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The thrive movement had this conference not long ago:


The Latest on Breakthrough Innovations

Join us for our next live interactive event to explore the latest in breakthrough innovations!



“The energy of live discussion is amazing, and it personalizes and solidifies into reality this movement, these concepts, and this community…it provides hope and a platform for positive action, the antidote to the paralysis of fear.”
— ThriveTogether member

BTW, someone who is ALREADY FUNDING and mentoring PROJECTS is the Thrive Movement.


(Thrive have decided to back 70 projects, this video says):

Free Energy, Open Source and 3D Printing


They have an Open Source distribution model which works for Software and certain Internet tools -

as the video describes. Robert David Steele is the guru of Open Sourcing, and has a book; Open Source Everything.


How can I make this work for Transitional Educational? (or other projects that might be launched here)

At this stage, I honestly have no idea.


Thrive has "met the test of time", for over 2 years now, and I like most of their ideas, including these:


Top Ten Actions See All

0. Find Your Way to Stillness

1. Get Informed, Speak Up & Connect with Others

2. Bank Locally

3. Buy and Invest Responsibly

4. Join the Movement to Audit and End the Federal Reserve

5. Keep the Internet Fair & Open

6. Support Independent Media

7. Support Organic, Non-GMO Farming

8. Require Election & Campaign Finance Reform

9. Advocate for Renewable and "Free" Energy

10.Take Part in Critical Mass Actions

All worthy imho
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fits the name of the website too.

where did he say that?



he says it in the link I posted but also in a couple of recent youtube interviews


"Daily Bell: You speak of a rise in alternative energy as a trend for 2015 and a gradual replacement of fossil fuels. You write 2015 will mark the beginning of the grand finale for fossil fuels. That's a strong statement. Can you expand?


Gerald Celente: We don't call it alternative anymore. We call it dominant.

Ironically, you're looking at fossil fuel prices going down at a time when alternatives are coming into the marketplace and that's not being talked about very much. Our science editor, Ben Davis, is one of the tops in the country if not the world. What we are looking at now is a scenario very similar to what history has seen before. From Julius Caesar to Grover Cleveland, the world's emperors and presidents and prime ministers went to their inaugurations and coronations in horse and buggies. Then all of a sudden that changed and when it began to change, the automobile was the alternative means of transportation. Then it became the dominant means. Then horse and buggy became an alternative. Same thing with iceboxes and refrigerators, candlepower and electricity. That's the turning point that we're at now, where we see not only hydro or thorium or uranium processes, but a number of them, being solar, thermal and biofuel, that are going to replace fossil fuel. Again, ironically, this is happening at a time when fossil fuel prices are under attack. That's just a brief overview of it, but the details of it are in the Trends Journal. By the way, we just had a conference in Colonial Kingston, where we're based, of the Top Trends in 2015. It's all been videorecorded in very high quality and people can buy the five-and-a-half hour conference DVDs. Ben Davis, our science editor, talked in detail there about this issue. It's not only in the Trends Journal but also much more in depth at the conference, about what these alternatives are going to be and how they're going to have an effect not only on pricing but on economies. Think of what it will do to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia and Qatar and United Arab Emirates. You think the United States will have a Mideast policy if oil isn't the priority? So this has much bigger implications than just economic and industrial. There's a big geopolitical aspect to it as well. Again, it's only history going in a new direction. After all, there were many wars over resources. There were the spice Wars – they fought over spices. They're fighting over fossil fuels. Fossil fuels will be as irrelevant to fight over as spices as these new energy developments take place. And to think that we're heading into the first quarter of the 21st century using fossil fuels, it's a pretty fossil idea in itself. - See more at: http://www.thedailybell.com/exclusive-interviews/35950/Anthony-Wile-Gerald-Celente-Threatening-Western-Freedoms-With-Trans-PacificAtlantic-Treaties/#sthash.zkGUpN82.dpuf"

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You must be onto something, this is from the FT today:


Here be modern-day fossil-fuel dragons


Investors are struggling to access the impact of climate change on their investments - Steve Johnson


"Divestment is seen as being done for ethical reasons, but when you look at 30-year horizons, the financial risks are enormous."



+ The Rockefeller Bros Fund, with $860mn assets, began in Sept., to reduce its exposure to coal and oil sands to under 1% by YE

+ This was merely the first step in getting out of fossil fuel investments altogether

+ Norway's largest pension fund, will also blacklist those co's that derive more than 50% of their revenues from coal

+ Part of a global trend: in all more than 180 institutions and roughly 650 individuals (with over $50 Bn assets) will divest


XLE / Select ENERGY ... update : 5yrs : 1yr



"Some investors are motivated by moral concerns, others a more pragmatic view... that (regulations)

may render the bulk of fossil fuel companies reserves as 'unburnable' and therefore of zero value."


"If you get a divestment campaign that gains traction you might be left with a stock that no one wants..."


Others are holding on or bargain-hunting, on the theory that "fossil fuels will remain a key part of how the world operates"

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This is possible.


Many people are now working to develop Free Energy technologies.


Gordon Duff and others say that already exist

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Fossil Fuel prices may stay under pressure


Jun 05 7:46am:

The world has too much oil. Don't expect that to change any time soon. More

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"I know a man..." says Dr Greer, who has a technology


Published on 9 May 2015
"He had worked out down to the mathematical formula all the transdimensional technologies up to and including teleportation, dematerialization, anti-gravity, electro-magnetic-gravitic, energy from the vacuum etc. and so on... and I´m just gettin started"
-Steven M. Greer, MD
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Washington Post - ‎24 minutes ago‎

4:04 p.m. (1404 GMT, 10:04 a.m. EDT). Not only environmental activists and renewable energy advocates are celebrating Pope Francis' strong message on climate change

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