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Need for: RATINGS & Reviews of Videos-of-Awakening

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Need for: RATINGS & Reviews of Videos-of-Awakening


/ I saw the post on the other thread, and RAN WITH IT on RVD's channel today (09/01/15) ..

and there have been some interesting reactions /:





(What an interesting coincidence - that you should make a Video this morning, talking about a long 9-hour video of Michael Tsarion - another group that I am joined with, has been talking about how there are just HUGE amounts of material on Youtube now, and so little of it has been reviewed and rated. So there has been a proposal to form a small group to start reviewing and rating some of the material that exists. Someone has just posted notes about the proposed REVIEW and SELECTION COMMITTEE, and I will share these here, given the subject of today's video)



There's a lack of vetted materials to help people "wake up" to the reality
of the ET presence on our planet, and the REAL control structure.
The idea is to find and vet materials which may be suitable for presentation
at a discussion group of adults, teens, or a mixed group of adults-&-teen


Panel's Meeting Procedure:
1/ A selected video of maybe: 1-3 hours will be the target of discussion
2/ Everyone to watch it ahead of time

3/ People to each make Notes of 1-2 pages, and share them ahead of time

+ Notes to be arranged in pre-agreed categories, and rate video in certain categoies
4/ Discussion to go thru the categories, one-by-one

5/ Group to decide and agree on a Composite Rating
6/ Meeting secretary to make "composite notes"

Some of the meetings may be online, and recorded as videos, and shared with others
Suggested Videos for Discussion: THRIVE may be a good starting point


LINK to here------- : http://tinyurl.com/Acore-Ratings

Ratings Databank : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19797

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+Friar Newborg I noticed what is going on just a few months ago, and I have been watching around 6 hours of vids every night for close to 2 months. I saw thrive...I loved that movie, very well made. Weird thing is I never heard of Michael Tsarion until now so I'll be checking him out tonight.
Wouldn't it be great if someone had reviewed these materials, and gave them some ratings? That's what we are talking about.
Is anyone interested in joining such an effort?
+Friar Newborg if you do watch this video, you'll understand why I told you a few days back why I understand Mr. Ambassador and believe he speaks truth after watching Michael Tsarion's video entitled 'Earth is in Quarantine. Although from what I understand, 2012, according to the Mayan calendar was the end of the quarantine...this video that Ron mentions is a superb video. I"m glad to see him say something positive about MT compared to one of the vlogs Ron did where he put him down. 
The Earth is in Quarantine - Michael Tsarion


Published on May 14, 2014

Eye of the Observer - it holds true in the whole UNIVERSE
New World Order Agenda is to Divide & Conquer. Awakening is a Must.


Fr.N: / 48 minutes ago
+Softlywinged : I watched the "Earth in Quarantine" video, and DID find it worthwhile. What did you see in it, that you feels supports the Amba?
Softlywinged / 14 minutes ago (edited)
so many things Friar....all the explanations of why we're so unconscious/hypnotized, that he speaks truth when he talks about the pure blood line and that the cabal is also of this same blood line on a lower level...beneath those who are guardians, etc., like I said the other day on Jan 5th to you, I could write a book...but the biggest thing is he's right, giving funds out means NOTHING and will accomplish nothing, it's breaking through the deception that will free humanity 
Why not write a Post, Softly - on those things, and post it on GEI/ACore. I'm sure people would want to read it, and some would respond. Do you have the Link? It is free and easy to join. I have. Aristo has. Ash did. Others are looking, based on the traffic. Things get too easily lost here, and I do not like the harvesting operation, that is Facebook.
Softlyw. / 5 minutes ago
+Friar Newborg I like your idea, please send me link? I'm about burnt out on Facebook to be honest
....I'd love to be around people of like minds...why I enjoy Ron's vlogs so much...thank you 
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OTHER COMMENTS - re: The NEED for More Truth, More Understanding


Would Reviewing the Videos-of-Awakening Help?

If a Video had a good Review, friends and family might be more likely to look at it.


Critic_zpsdcd9c7d3.png : Critical thinking needed !


Modwiz125 / 5 hours ago

Unfortunately, the Ambassador is correct. People are far more ignorant than they have a valid excuse for. Most have not experienced the 'hard' mind control referred to in the video. How many of our friends and family call us conspiracy theorists and dismiss us? They have no excuse, they are ignorant. Even if they are very nice people. Nice zombies serving the problem.

It is time to look in the mirror. Who stand there? A victim or a son/daughter of Deity? To think one can be both is self-deception. As divorced from reality as the love and lighters who see no evil.


Fr.N.: / 4 hours ago

We can educate ourselves. But there's a shortage of good, reviewed and vetted material to use in that process


paradoxman316 / 1 hour ago

I agree that many people are ignorant because they CHOOSE to ignore things they do not want to admit to themselves. Maybe I make too many excuses for people, although it is also true that our food, air, water, bodies and minds have been poisoned in one way or another; and our DNA was most likely screwed with a long, long time ago to make us slaves. Still, people who seem intelligent still refuse to even try to open their minds and consider alternative ideas. It's sad. We may all pay a high price for that attitude.


Fr.N. / 31 minutes ago

I think many people are overwhelmed by how much material is out there.
I do think that a REVIEW AND RATING SYSTEM by an Open-minded Panel of independent reviewers could prove very valuable,
to help guide people to the better quality videos.
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I watched this yesterday for the first time and liked it.


This 2 hr video was very well made and presented with some excellent graphics, full of relevant and useful information that would appeal to a wide audience.

In fact, everyone should watch this video especially those that are in a positions of public service and influence, it should be mandatory.


By and large I believe most of the information was well researched and correct which tended to steer clear of ET influence and their technology, a sensible idea.


Once people are aware of the one great human lie and what an Elite few are prepared for greed and power they will likely be more accepting of the great ET cover up ‘Thrive 2’


Is Thrive the right platform to push the truth and re-educate people? If so, how can we help to support it, how can we get the message over that the masses have allowed themselves to be trapped and enslaved in a bubble of deceit. We need a situation where you are considered an absolute fool or misfit if you do not have a fundamental understanding of what is going on.


We perhaps need a 'new word' to describe those people who have allowed themselves to be are blinded by their own ignorance. Just like the word 'selfie'


We could then use and promote this new word on all forums, far and wide, we're effectively winking in the face of the Illuminati eye, we can see through you - subliminal stuff.


90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual which are processed significantly faster than text.


New Word Ideas (also need an icon)

eyes-wide-shut (EWS)


Eyes & Brain Off (EBO)

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We are reaching fever pitch with the amount of content available in relation to how the world is controlled and the secrecy surrounding the ET and their technology which you would expect from factions like the cabal who feel very threatened as the truth emerges.


I agree there's a need to somehow screen and rate the material as best we can, anything is better than nothing, even though the panel itself would likely still come under fire from the disinfo mob, nevertheless good old common sense and gut feel largely tells us the answer

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"We perhaps need a 'new word' to describe those people who have allowed themselves to be are blinded by their own ignorance. Just like the word 'selfie'"


Sheeple doesn't convey enough, I suppose?


How about:

SECLUSED - as in self-closed, voluntarily shuttered, secluded from reality ?


could be a "secludo" - as in weirdo (?)




Compare : Recluse


1. a person who lives in seclusion or apart from society, often for religious meditation.
2. Also, incluse. a religious voluntary immured in a cave, hut, or the like,or one remaining within a cell for life.

adjective, recluse, Also, reclusive

3. shut off or apart from the world; living in seclusion, often for religiousreasons.
4. characterized by seclusion; solitary.


"... the panel itself would likely still come under fire from the disinfo mob.."


What's that old saying: No publicity is bad publicity... so long as they spell the name right (haha)

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It's a Latin word already ! Let's USE it !

We can use it as a noun, as in: "Don't be a Secludo. Become engaged with the Truth."

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It is good to see this idea developing - the Timing may be great.

It can be Voluntary, and would not require extensive funding !


I have mentioned today (again) on RVD's channel, 11-01-2015, The Ambassador clears up Misconceptions


Fr.N :

I am getting fired up, by the idea mentioned in the last day or so, to have a Reviewers Panel, to review and rate Youtube videos, material like the Thrive film, to see how convincing and effective they may be in waking people up. If this idea moves forward, it will need people to join the Panel and act as voluntary reviewers.
Apart from Thrive, what other material should be reviewed? We could even review films, like The Winter Soldier.


(Another poster, RHM, has called for a Truth-related new media), to which I responded:

We nee a "reliable main stream media source televising it (Truth) non stop..."

Agreed. The best we have right now is: VT, RT, and Press TV. I don't watch the others, too many lies.



Once established it would get the message out world wide and those who don't know it exists will hear about it through friends and family. It would only be a few weeks before the majority of the masses will wake up. Then game over for the cabal.


Who would pay for it?

The idea of having an Independent panel of volunteers to review material on Youtube might be a good starting point. No one would need to pay for it. It would use committed volunteers


(A poster, George Lincoln, points out that there ARE people on Youtube already doing reviews):


G.L :

there's someone out there, I think he is called Gary Larrabee, who is already doing reviews.

How would your effort be different?


I found this:


The Dragon Family Ultimatum To Illuminati cabal; Free Humanity in 2015 Surrender or Die



Jan. 6, 2015 - 2:39 minutes
829 views / 36 Likes (4.3%)

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Using the Rating system / THRIVE Film, as an example


Okay - Think I should explain more about what I recall from my conversation with Yelik about this. We were talking about the need fir materials for waking up Young people, and Adults too. And we agreed that there was a great deal of material on Youtube, but very little of it had been reviewed or vetted by people we trust. What materials are really useful? There's not enough time to review it all

I brought up the THRIVE MOVIE as an example of some gateway material that I considered excellent, but Y. was unfamiliar with it. I also mentioned people like Richard Dolan, Joseph Farrell, and David Wilcock who were producing good material, but that there were different levels of research, and evidence backing up their work.

I suggested that Youtube films might be separated ito different layers, like the layers on an onion:


EVIDENCE Categories :
A : Fully supported by evidence
B : Likely, but not fully supported by facts
C : "High-octane speculation", as JF calls his educated guesses
D : Wildly speculative, or totally unsupported
E : Wrong, or contrary to evidence

I suppose I would want to see Youtube videos put in one of the categories, and also given other ratings too, like:
+ Engagement Level (how interesting, and entertaining ws it)
+ Eye-opening (how much help is it in waking people up)
+ Awareness Level (how awake does someone need to be, to engage with it)

Off the top of my head, I might Rate


Apr 5, 2012


THRIVE Movie, Rated as follows: (based on 1 reviewer)

Views : 8.796 Million since Apr. 2012 (21 mos: 419k / mo. )
Likes : 66,497 : 0.76 %
Engagement : 8.5 (out of 10)
Evidence----- : B - / A mix of Likely, and/or High Octane Speculation
Eye-opening : 9 (out of 10)
Awareness-- : Level 3, (out of 10) is needed to get most out of it
Might also include some descriptions of the Film,
and what the reviewer liked and did not like about it.

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for the Elites to retain power they must hide their secrets at all costs, although they often disclose in front of our eyes which people do not see because they are not even looking, they have allowed themselves to be SHUT OFF from reality, they are SECLUDO's


Misinformation is growing by the day, so much so that people are confused and cannot see the wood for the trees. The Elites understand human weakness and know that good conditioned and compliment citizens will be hard to awaken and simply lack the time to do their own research because of the prepared debt trap. They believe our Government actually cares about them


Furthermore more People are lazy and lack the time or motivation to do their own research.


Just like the Illuminati who make the task of ingesting oil based products unavoidable we also need to make the task of re-education simple and unavoidable, by nature we are curious so if we can shine a light on materials which have been vetted, as best we can, we can accelerate the rate at at which people are re-educated where the truth and grand deception is exposedthe truth and deception is exposed.


Perhaps we could create a YouTube channel where we have a sort of library of vetted materials. Once we have the materials they can be used more widely

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The New channel does not need a Library, just Playlists, like maybe the following:


+ All Rated Videos

+ Videos rated 7.5 or higher (or whatever the cutoff is)

+ Best Videos-of-Awakening

+ Videos held for future ratings

+ Reviewers roundtable.


The King-of-Playlists, is probably a guy called Johnny LaRose, who posts on RVD's channel.


Look how many he has! : https://www.youtube.com/user/RealtorJohnnyL/playlists


I know that Johnny has talked about dropping in here. Maybe joining Acore too


Will you take and Rate (new) Videos, submitted for a Rating?

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Just looked at Johnny's channel. He's got an impressive selection but its quite a broad brush. If we give the masses too much selection and choice they get confused and lose interest. KISS


Perhaps we need to set the bar high, only the best of the best, before we approve and recommend the info

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I was talking to someone yesterday, I pointed the chemtrails out too them, they had no idea but the guy was very interested. I told him a few truths which he had a tendency to believe, however he said it was so amazing his mind could not manage some of the stuff because he went against all their beliefs. Hopefully he'll do some research for himself


I have found this before with people, so the baby steps re-education approach is needed, as you have eluded to before Dr B

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(I want a Dolan interview on the Breakaway Civilization in the reviews

- there may be a better one than this. Please suggest one.)


Red Ice Radio - Richard Dolan - Hr1 - Privatized UFO Knowledge & The New Age Movement




R.Dolan Interview on Redice, dtd. Jun. 17, 2014 : (based on 1 reviewer)

Views : 19,136 since Jun. 2014 (6 mos: 3.2 k / mo. )

Likes : 00,121 : 0.63 %


Engagement : 8.0 (out of 10)

Evidence----- : B + / A mix of Likely, and some sources; but no "footnotes"

Eye-opening : 8.5 (out of 10)

Awareness-- : Level 4, (out of 10) is needed to get most out of it


It helps to be familiar with historian, Richard Dolan, and his works.

He gives the background for what he calls "the breakaway civilization."

At 38 mins, I liked his story about Brad Sorenson, and the ARV's,

Alien Reproduction Vehicles. I wish he could ID more insiders.

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