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Is there Anti-White hatred ?

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Is there Anti-White hatred ?

Old title:

Is there Anti-White hatred... and a decline of IQ in the West?


Look, I am fed up with what I see happening - and this may prove to be a very important cause.

Right now, many groups are promoting the hatred and scapegoating of the white race

while they are safely hiding behind laws that protect them from "hate speech"


It is time to put an end to this double standard,


This issue comes up in this rather fascinating "debate".

I don't agree with everything, but this needs to be heard!


David Duke Debates Alex Jones (8-18-15)

From Aug 18, 2015

Alex Jones debates white nationalist David Duke on a variety of current topics in national news.


(unfortunately, Alex did not put the full debate on his own channel)


Thank you ConspiracyScope for posting the entire broadcast. Alex Jones official YouTube channel was cowardly and unprincipled in that they posted only a 13 minute clip, out of 2 hours, and then gave it a title that only a tabloid yellow journalist could be proud of. I am very disappointed in them.

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As I said on the Sweden thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20122&page=2


I don't get why Sweden wants to destroy its culture and its racial purity.

Where's the sense in that?

When are the Swedes who value these traditional ideas going to strike back.


MEANTIME in Sweden you can see strange images

- Like THIS one


I think promotion of hatred of the White race (and any race, but not excluding the white race) should be made a crime.


Repeat: the White race... and any race


In many circles, it now seems to be PC to single out the White Race for special abuse, and exclude them

from Rights that other races have claimed.


THIS reverse-exceptionalism, is what I want to see ended

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Is there an Agenda driving these changes ? Whose Agenda? Why?




Mixed race in the UK: am I the future face of this country?

With ‘mixed race’ now the fastest-growing ethnic minority in the country, prejudice should be a thing of the past – but as one writer reveals, we've still got a long way to go

. . .

Reaction to this social change has been contradictory, and peppered with hyperbole. On the one hand, the rise of “beige Britain” is eulogised as evidence of an open, tolerant country that’s moved beyond outdated notions of race and racism. It has become fashionable to shrug and say, “Well, we’ll all be brown soon.” On the other, it is not unusual to see alarmist articles about white people becoming the minority (two recent stories predicting that so-called “indigenous white children” would be “outnumbered” in state schools by 2037 were illustrated with images of mixed children), while in the black press there are reports about the disappearance of the Caribbean presence as increasing numbers “marry out”.


Reactions to Danny Boyle’s casting of a mixed family in the London Olympics opening ceremony encapsulated these frictions: while some celebrated this very modern take on British life, the Daily Mail called its depiction of a white mother and black father living happily in a suburban home “absurdly unrealistic”.


> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/womens-life/11205165/Mixed-race-in-the-UK-am-I-the-future-face-of-this-country.html


Part of me thinks that "mixing" could be a good thing, if it promotes more racial tolerance.

But what if that does not happen? And what if those whites who oppose blending of races because they do not want to

lose their racial purity and their traditions become demonized? Then this policy may prove to increase tension.


(from the article):

"In May the British Social Attitudes survey found the numbers of people admitting to being racially prejudiced has increased in the past decade. There can be a tendency to use the success of some mixed-race individuals to paper over these realities; in fact, the trend for mixed actors, models or television presenters to be deployed as the unthreatening faces of “diversity” can squeeze out other people of colour."


Curiously, Jewish people seem to be some of biggest proponents of "blending of the white race",

but favor racial purity for Jews themselves - so what is their real long term agenda?

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Battling Alex Jones' "Damage Control"


The "debate" has touched off a storm of emails and interest in David Duke's website


You might want to listen to the first 3-5 minutes of this (warning, you might get hooked)


Date: 08-24-15

Dr. David Duke and Rev. Dankof expose the power driving the globalist New World Order!


MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/dduke/082415.mp3


On today's show Dr. Duke begins by discussing the sad fact that Alex Jones has removed any videos from his main Alex Jones YouTube Video Site of the debate. The same is true of his main internet Infowars.com site. But the videos have a life of their own with over 170,000 internet postings and articles and copies of the debate with tens of millions of views.


Dr. Duke has also mentioned and praised the work of Tommy Sotomayor who is a proud Black man who understands how destructive the Jewish Hollywood and media establishment has been to the Black community and to the Black family.
[8/24/2015 12:08:24 PM] European American: Great show!


He's right !

Non-Jewish people face powerful racial discrimination at Ivy League institutions

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David Duke on Mike Rivero 'What Really Happened' Show (8-25-15)



Published on Aug 26, 2015




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Time to Put an End to Anti-White hatred ?


Let's STOP this!. I think we have ALL had enough!


Just as Jews. Blacks, Hispanics, and gay fight hatred against their groups,

it is time that WHITE people stood up too, and demanded that they not be the subject of Hatred,

or unfair prejudice.


The anti-white narrative is strong and shrill, and is highly in-accurate.


This thread will collect the rising tide of anger to End it


The Rise Of Anti-Whiteness


Black-Lives Matter seems to be an anti-white hate group, which frequently commits acts of violence.

It is financed by the puppetmaster of Hate, George Soros, a Jewish financier


Can anyone tell me why BLM members should be treated any differently than KKK members?

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"The Democrats are a Racist Party" - favoring people with dark skin


David Horowitz: Why I am No Longer a Leftist (Pt. 2)


"White Christian men ended slavery"

"'People of color' is a racist phrase"

"When they cross the border, they are People-of-color, deserving special privileges"

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It is OKAY to support Trump - and NOT be White


WOW! Joy Villa interviewed by Tomi Lahren


Look, "even Black people" are entitled to have an opinion of their own.

And thank Goodness, for those who do not simply suck up their usual in-group ideology

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Pushback coming against Black racism


Fired for being old white men.


A production team for Sean “Diddy” CombsRevolt ​TV ​is suing the ​cable ​and radio network, claiming reverse discrimination — saying they were fired for being old white men.

Douglas Goodstein and four producers, who’d previously worked for “The Howard Stern Show,” were hired by Revolt TV in January 2014.

The team produced ​its popular urban talk radio program “The Breakfast Club” that airs mornings on Power 105.1 FM.


But the producers, who are all white and over age 39, say they were “treated worse than other employees who were younger and African American.”

Executive Vice President Val Boreland “was always rude, condescending and dismissive towards the Goodstein Production Team,” the Manhattan civil suit ​claims.

“Ms. Boreland, however, treated the African-American staff in a much friendlier and respectful manner,” according to court papers.

Meanwhile, execs turned a blind eye to the behavior of “African-American employees who arrived to work intoxicated or hung over,” the suit says.

One production assistant “often came to work late, drunk and slept on the editing floor during work hours,” the suit says.

Yet he “suffered no repercussions for this behavior.”

Val Boreland’s brother and the assistant director of the show allegedly said that “Caucasians harbored racism against African-Americans” and called 53-year-old producer Todd Baker “old guy.”

“The animosity Mr. Boreland had towards Caucasians was clear,” the suit says.

When Baker complained about the lack of punctuality of the show’s guests, production manager Cherisse McKenzie allegedly said “he just did not understand the ‘culture’ of the show’s guests and on-air personalities.”

Her “response was clearly referring to African-American culture and/or African-American hip-hop culture, which she assumed Baker did not understand because he was Caucasian,” the suit says.


> more: http://pagesix.com/2017/03/21/diddys-revolt-tv-sued-for-reverse-discrimination/


The door swings both ways, and so does the law

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Trump Cuts Funding to Life After Hate, Redirects Funds to Combating Islamofascism


Published on Jun 24, 2017

There's no racism problem: https://archive.fo/rBgUK

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Time to Put an End to Anti-White hatred ?
Started by DrBubb, 16 Mar 2017
+ + +
Let's end the promotion of hatred of the white race !
Started by DrBubb, 20 Aug 2015

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The report is headlined this way - is it a good thing? ("Diversity is our strength")


New Census Data Show US Becoming More Diverse

(inside, you will find):



All races and ethnic groups grew in the U.S. over the last year, but the Asian and Hispanic populations continued to be the fastest-growing, according to the annual count released Thursday by the Census Bureau.

The census reports that across all races and ethnic groups, the non-Hispanic white population grew the slowest.

"The non-Hispanic white alone group grew less than one-hundredth of one percent and only gained about 5,000 people,” Lauren Medina, a census demographer, said in a news release.



/ 2 /

Put another way:


America's dying whites: Caucasian death rate now outstrips the birth ...

Nov 30, 2016 - MailOnline US - news, sport, celebrity, science and health stories ....

The death rate among Caucasian Americans outstripped the birth rate in 17 states in ... It shows that birth rates among white women fell drastically during the ...


"Diversity is out strength", Right?

Or is it more accurate to say:

Brainwashing is our reality - and - Diversity is a code-word for less white people

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DIVERSITY is our Strength"?


What is happening to American IQ and SAT scores?




I believe that SAT scores were rising until 1973-74


Not only in the US



WORLD IQ figures: https://www.darkmoon.me/2012/world-iq-figures-a-complete-chart-with-notes-and-comments/

United Kingdom 100
United States 98

With the single exception of Ashkanazi Jews (see Endnote), the “yellow races” enjoy the highest IQs in the world, with the Hong Kong Chinese scoring most (107), South Koreans (106), North Koreans (105), Japanese (105). In comparison, the average Caucasian has an IQ of 100 or less.


Here's where these projections come from:



Although the drop in IQ levels was recently presented in the controlled media—and the Daily Mail in particular—as some type of mysterious drop to which no easily-identifiable cause could be attributed, the decreased IQ is obviously the product of mass Third World immigration from countries with much lower IQs. According to the statistics, IQ test results in the UK, Denmark, and Australia have shown a significant decline in the past decade alone, and the average IQ of “Westerners” has plunged 10 points or more since 1900. In the UK, for example, tests carried out in 1980 and in 2008 showed that the average 14-year-old was two IQ points cleverer in 1980. Brighter teens who took part in the study in 2008 were on average six IQ points less intelligent than their counterparts tested 28 years earlier.


The Moronification of Western Man: Are we all becoming more stupid?


: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=140370

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Anti-White male hatred is even stronger, apparently


Professor: Otto Warmbier got 'what he deserved'
DesMoinesRegister.com-23 Jun 2017
"The comments of Katherine Dettwyler do not reflect the values or position of the University of Delaware. We condemn any and all messages ...

WILMINGTON, Del. — People from all over the country are calling for a University of Delaware adjunct professor to be fired after she wrote on Facebook that Otto Warmbier "got exactly what he deserved" after being taken into custody by North Korea, falling into a coma and dying.

On her personal Facebook page, Kathy Dettwyler, an anthropology professor, wrote Tuesday that Warmbier was "typical of a mindset of a lot of the young, white, rich, clueless males who come into my classes."

"These are the same kids who cry about their grades because they didn't think they'd really have to read and study the material to get a good grade. ... His parents ultimately are to blame for his growing up thinking he could get away with whatever he wanted. Maybe in the US, where young, white, rich, clueless white males routinely get away with raping women. Not so much in North Korea. And of course, it's Ottos' parents who will pay the price for the rest of their lives."



Kathy Dettwyler, an anthropology professor

Dr. Katherine A. Dettwyler is an adjunct anthropology lecturer at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware.
She is also a lecturer, author and breastfeeding advocate.

Dettwyler’s page on RateMyProfessors.com suggests that her outburst was not unusual, with former students describing her as “very opinionated” and “obnoxious,” and even claiming that she “hates America.”

“It’s her opinion or no opinion and she won’t be afraid to express it even if it may offend half the class,” one former student warned, while another declared that “My problem with her is that she says we are not ‘entitled to our own facts,’ but she clearly seems to think she is.”

In her original comment, Dettwyler ultimately blames Warmbier’s parents for allowing him to grow up with the impression that “he could get away with whatever he wanted,” concluding that they “will pay this price for the rest of their lives.”

> http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-23/delaware-professor-says-rich-white-clueless-male-warmbier-got-exactly-what-he-deserv


( Does she really understand Otto? She called him "a white male", when he is Jewish.)


AFTER she is fired, they should torture her dog, and let her watch. Then, she might have some empathy.

If not, she deserves Otto's fate - hand her over to North Korea

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An argument that we are experiencing a "white genocide"


Jason Kessler - Right-Wing Activism: The Alt-Lite Disavows Free Speech Rally

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French IQ declined 4 points ...

Presumably due to "replacement migration", and the fact that high IQ women are having fewer children




VoxDay Darkstream 06.26.2017 Declining IQ In the West

Published on Jun 25, 2017

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Black Trump Supporter Called White Supremacist For Supporting Trump

Published on Jun 28, 2017

Terrance Williams has had many videos go viral on the internet, but because he is viewed as a black conservative, he received a lot hate including being dubbed a white supremacist, despite being black.

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"Art Project"? - that's rich!


Mysterious fliers threaten "genocide of the white race"

Matt Boone
11:22 PM, Jul 3, 2017

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - With the headline "Jobs Jobs Jobs," fliers have been popping up around Little Italy with racially charged language appearing to target white people.

10 News has obtained several variations of the flier. While the language varies slightly, they all use the same font and have similar themes.

Alyssa Ermann said she received one on her windshield in late April. It appeared to be a jobs flier, promising to "make you rich if you join us." Then it continued, "we are killing off the entire evil white race by making them addicted to cocaine, crack, spiked marijuana, spice, meth, heroin, hash, and other poisons, to kill them."

The fliers are anonymous, but typically include numbers to local businesses. They also end with "Latino Power - Viva la Raza."

Ermann speculated it may be an art project but had no idea where they came from.

10News has reached out to San Diego Police but have not heard back whether or not they are investigating the fliers.

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What a revealing chart - Is it true?


Race Realism | A Black Man Discovers The Truth About Race & IQ


Audio taken from: https://www.amren.com/podcasts/2017/0...



being an Uncle Tom is called growing up


I'm a black dude who has also gradually become a race realist. I came to this conclusion in part from my research on race and IQ, but mainly from my own experience as a black dude who always struggled connecting with most blacks, and is often described by blacks as 'acting white'. My defensive response usually was 'I'm speaking correct English', and 'anyone can enjoy Classical music'. However, over time I came to realize that within the black community, 'acting white' is actually a derisive synonym for being intelligent. It completely sucks knowing that you belong to a race of less intelligent people but the truth is the truth, and you got to have faith that the truth will set you free.
My life, to a degree, shares many parallels with Robert's; even down to ancestry. I was ostracized as a teen growing up for "sounding white", or being called a sell-out. While others listened to Master P., CMB, I preferred Alanis Morissette, Oasis or The Sundays. I too am a member of Mensa (146 IQ). I also had supportive parents that encouraged me to never stop being curious and to constantly challenge myself. I am my own person. I just happen to be Black. The age of monolithic thinking needs to be challenged because in predominantly Black enclaves, progress has been slow. We are a capable people, but we have to realize if we can get access to iPhones, strip clubs, buy wheels that cost more than the car, we can buy a book. We can go to the library. We can intellectually and creatively change our mindset over time, ergo our environment. Whites don't shackle us to the ground and hold us back, as some would suggest. If we look closely the keys are right next to us.

Zionist media is purposely making white people guilty about everything. It's like a giant brainwashing matrix to keep everyone outraged at each other. This way we won't notice the corporate one world government closing the trap until it's too late. We are debt slaves being robbed of our freedoms by weaponized political correctness and forced multiculturalism. I wish I was joking.

this is some funny shit. Make a fake graph and a "stranger" in an interview who agrees with said graph and ignorant racists get to pretend to be smart lol. The one who made this should be a preacher.
The graph is academic, representative of factual data from years of IQ testing. I have seen this graph in academic publications and it is above questioning.
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"Then you got that white American culture..."


White Americans are considered fair game in the world that (((Cultural Marxists))) have made.


But the wheel turns ... and their day may come too

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I am watching the creation of the Freedom & Excellence movement (which has not been named yet)


And want to be part of it

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