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TIPS: Choosing a Condo to Rent (or to Buy) in Makati

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DEVELOPER Comments - from SSC

MW: Looks great on the outside. Inside substandard workmanship and materials.

SMDC: Looks average on the outside. Inside substandard workmanship and materials. 

DMCI: Looks average in the outside. Workmanship and materials are decent. Plus, lowest association dues.
/ 2 / More on SMDC:
Originally Posted by Mabalotski View Post
DO NOT make a big mistake of buying an SMDC project. 

1. Their materials are SUB-STANDARD. I have 2 SMDC properties bought in MOA complex, in less than a year I have been requesting for warranty repairs on the paint, door hinges, walls, wall cabinets, etc. Their warranty is just ONE YEAR - think about it.

2. Their PMO - Greenmist is notoriously INCOMPETENT, you just have to suck it up even you go directly to their managers. Their incompetent manager will wing your complaints and no actions will be done, have to accept it. Unless you are ready for this kind of stress, then by all means go ahead.

3. You cannot work repairs & have huge deliveries during weekends, no deliveries past 6PM - your only free time from work. this is how idiotic their PMO - GREENMIST thinks. Your mcdo/jollibee deliveries? You will have to fetch them from the lobby.

4. Water leakage is your worst nightmare in a condo property. I have seen a lot of video complaints from the groups of SMDC projects. There are a lot of them.

5. Their Fire Alarms will wake you everyday 7x a week during the middle of the night. I'm not exaggerating. There's nothing you can do coz these are under their PMO. But it is obviously faulty materials.

6. Chinese tenants are flooding SMDC projects, Well... I'll let you imagine what kind of things they will and can do to the whole area. lol.gif
> ssc: source
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thanks!  BTW, some of our newer people might find this article of interest:

5 steps OFWs buying property in the Philippines can follow

1) Set your budget and prepare finances
...Having a general idea of what you can afford and how you’ll pay will save you time in the future.
2) Start your search
(you can go online, or talk to an Agent.)
3) Pick the right seller
Several property developers and real estate agents now specialize in working with OFWs buying property in the Philippines. These sellers will understand common pain points others in your situation face and have the knowledge to help you avoid those problems. This shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when picking an agent or developer. Ultimately, you must select the one you’re most comfortable with.
4) Get your documents ready
(articles gives a list of usual docs. required)
5) Prepare for what comes next.  ...                      

>. https://www.dotproperty.com.ph/blog/ofws-buying-property-philippines-can-start-following-steps?vgo_ee=Fjxwc5cH0bmOWYIAEPwHHqFpS84Elpo8uohH7sAJYbf%2FnFE%3D%3AtbUP3xamav8n2ymfAH4m%2BWSzc0EERvLl

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