Many an architect these days just build structures for the sake of building one but listening to Mr. Ian Fulgar gave us a tiny flicker of hope that maybe, just maybe we're wrong. Dressed in a simple baby blue polo, the architect exuded an air of cheerfulness while he gradually fleshed out the ongoing disconnect between the architectural field and the real aspirations of investors.

I don't know much about being an architect but what he shared immensely resonated with my idea of how architects should treat real estate properties. He capitalized on how being a member of REIN helped him get diverse viewpoints that can help him refine the way he builds structures and help his clients have more satisfying homes.

Are you like Architect Ian who wants to better your craft by gathering ideas from end users? Sensible projects that are not only appealing to the eyes are achievable if you can expose yourself to pragmatic and holistic approaches. Members of REIN came from different fields to prevent committing myopic takes on properties. From businessmen, artists, architects, financial consultants, engineers, to IT professionals. We all gather every Saturday to discuss and exchange ideas. If you want to make better use of your free time, perhaps you can sip a cup of coffee with us and enrich your knowledge of real estate. It's easy, just click I'd be more than happy to share investment methods with you! 1f642.png #GetItReal