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BINGO! : GEI-ers win on the (unsurprising) "Upset"

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BINGO! : GEI-ers win on the (unsurprising) "Upset"


Those who were surprised by Trump's win were not paying attention


Trump Takes Florida, Closing In on a Stunning Upset
Trump : 244
Clinton: 215

Donald J. Trump, who ran an improbable and often ugly campaign against the establishment, was holding on to small but significant leads in a series of key battleground states on Tuesday night, upending months of polling that had given the advantage to Hillary Clinton and raising Republican hopes of seizing back the White House.

Just after 11:30 p.m, Mr. Trump was declared the victor in Florida, earning him the state’s 29 electoral votes and giving him a more certain grip on the presidential contest with Mrs. Clinton.

Reaction to the prospect of a Trump presidency rippled across the globe, with financial markets abroad falling as American television networks raised the prospect that Mrs. Clinton might lose. Asian markets were trading sharply lower, down around two percentage points, and in the United States, Dow Jones futures were down as much as 800 points in after-hours trading.
> http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/08/us/politics/election-live.html?action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=span-abc-region&region=span-abc-region&WT.nav=span-abc-region

We nailed it here on GEI, and the MSM clearly did not,

and especially "the bad guys" who supported Hillary is such a full-on way


There may now be some "hell to pay" for their extreme bias - Bring it on !

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It is BINGO Time - for those (like me) who bought Puts yesterday


Stock Futures

arrowDown.gifS&P -99.25 / -4.65% Level 2,036.25 Fair Value 2,135.55 Difference -99.30
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What we avoided - and what we might see


The FIRESIGN Document, anticipated her loss

Is it "punishment" for her extreme corruption, and selfish ambition?




We certainly need more honest reporting !

AB : "It looks like Wikileaks was given a free pass (and help1) to bring her down"

"WE DON'T HAVE A 4TH ESTATE... We don't have real journalism in America."


RF: "We have all kinds of problems, and now we need solutions!"

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BINGO! : GEI-ers win on the (unsurprising) "Upset"


We nailed it here on GEI, and the MSM clearly did not

So Wednesday morning I sat down to breakfast with business associates in a leafy Surrey village hotel and 7 out of 8 of us were stunned staring at the Breakfast propaganda 1 show coming from America, which was refusing to call it until American equivalent did the same.


Now one of the 2 females in the group was so aghast she could barely eat her breakfast and proclaimed I'm yet to meet anyone who saw this coming and actually likes him or at very least would vote for Trump (much nodding).


So I got brave and said actually I thought he'd win and I would have voted for him, but then I voted for brexit too. At that point I seemed to get a sense of what it's like to being a criminal, as I swear blind it was like making a confession. "You really thought he would win, but, but the man's a nutter, he wants to build a wall, make friends with Putin and he's a womaniser!!"


So I suggested that many Americans perhaps didn't fancy an increase of 25% in Obamacare and was told that's ridiculous, at which point I said to be honest I don't care much for any political party, but all I got back was well you just wave to the nuclear missiles when they pass overhead with that man on the button. You just realise then some people haven't been listening to what Clinton had been saying at all.


MSM really do a great job, fooling a lot of people.

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"You really thought he would win, but, but the man's a nutter, he wants to build a wall, make friends with Putin and he's a womaniser!!"


Two possibilities:

+ These people are drinking MSM Koolaid, and believed all the Lies in the lamestream,


+ They don't believe SOME of the Lies in the MSM, and realize it was not reliable, but for some odd reason they believed most of the anti-Trump spin that was reported by these Palaces-of-Spin:


These Hill-Zombies need to do something: Pick up any newspaper before the election, and look at the images of the two candidates:

The criminal (Hillary) was nearly always shown in a positive photo, and Trump was shown in a negative image with a twisted mouth,

or with lighting to make him look sinister. Maybe the Zombies can see that, if you point it out to them.


That was one of the things that got me thinking there was enormous anti-Trump bias in the media - and then I began notice it in the reporting too.


Once you train yourself to look for the SPIN, it is very obvious


As far as the "womanizer" thing goes - that was years ago, and so was his lewd language. None of those things are 1% as worrying to me as the considerable evidence of Hillary;s Crimes and her very questionable temperament, which is backed up by all those stories of her throwing ashtrays when she gets angry - and this:



Is anything Trump has done or said as bad as that??


(The arrogance and vengefulness of the creature in that video made it easy to believe the stories of her Satanic practices. I now see her as The Witch of Washington, and one of the 10 Most Evil Women in History. If the 5-7 live investigations on her are allowed to proceed, I think the world will share this view of H3LLary. I have Zero sympathy for her in this loss, and thank God that enough Americans came to their senses to defeat her.)

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