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Bitcoin jumps of 2017 & 2020 : $1,000, $5k, $10k, $50k & rising?

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HALVING IS COMING.  Likely to Push BTC higher in 2024


The block reward is currently 6.5 BTC, meaning that after the next halving, the block reward will drop to 3.25 BTC. This translates into a total of 450 BTC being minted each day.

During the lead-up to previous halvings, Bitcoin’s price has historically bottomed between 517 and 547 days prior, which aligns with the most recent bottom in the BTC market on November 19.   A chart on the performance of Bitcoin relative to the halving cycle was provided by Cryptollica, which shows that BTC price begins to trend up as the halving approaches, followed by a blow-off top phase where its price experiences a parabolic rise and then a rapid sell-off

> source: https://www.kitco.com/news/2023-07-10/Bitcoin-could-hit-50K-in-2023-and-120k-by-2024-Standard-Chartered.html

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Bitcoin consolidates below $29,500 as traders await SEC decisions on ETF applications

As for what could be the spark that initiates the next move, Markus Thielen, Head of Research at Matrixport, pointed to upcoming Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) developments, including an Aug. 13 deadline to respond to the ARK-21Shares Bitcoin ETF re-filing and an Aug. 15 deadline to respond to Grayscale’s GBTC lawsuit filing.

“More SEC responses will also be expected during the first week of September, when seven other Bitcoin ETF filings are required to receive a response from the SEC,” Thielen said. “The possibility is high that several Bitcoin ETFs would be approved in short order, igniting the next leg higher in Bitcoin prices as those ETF providers would spend considerable marketing expenses to draw in retail and institutional capital.”

“While Bitcoin prices could continue to consolidate or even correct slightly in the short term, any SEC approval could have a material positive impact,” he added. “Investors should have sufficient upside exposure on any day when the SEC is scheduled to respond to the ETF Applications.”

While the SEC has a deadline of Aug. 13 to rule on ARK’s BTC ETF application, the regulator does have the option to extend the time to make its final ruling as it judges the practicability of the surveillance-sharing agreements with Coinbase, which Thielen warned could result in a short-term price correction.

“This could then cause [a] dip in mid-September which we believe would be the dip to buy,” he said. “Bitcoin prices could decline to $26,000/$27,000 as the summer lull ends. This could be an attractive buying opportunity for the seasonal rally in Q4.”

As for BTC’s macro outlook, Thielen said Matrixport has a price target of $45,000 by December 2023, $63,160 by March 2024, and $125,731 by December 2024.

( I know Markus from HK.  Smart guy, and I think his price targets could have some value. ).      > MORE:  https://www.kitco.com/news/2023-08-10/Bitcoin-consolidates-below-29-500-as-traders-await-SEC-decisions-on-ETF-applications.html


( HIS BOOK):  per Markus Thielen's email

We are targeting April 10 for our book launch. Pre-order is already available on amazon, otherwise the hard copy can be ordered from April 10 onwards.

Crypto Titans: How trillions were made and billions were lost in the crypto markets (Markus Thielen)

This book explains how the crypto industry started and evolved, and how everything in crypto is ultimately connected. It shows the players behind the $3 trillion industry (at its peak) and how billions of dollars were lost.

"If you want to understand how everything in crypto is related, and why and when crypto prices move up or down, this book is for you."

In this book you'll learn:
    How each of the four crypto bull markets of 2011, 2013, 2017, and 2021 unfolded, the drivers behind them, and what caused prices to correct violently during bear markets
    How crypto markets naturally progressed, and how everything is therefore related
    The players involved, and how they have made money—while others have lost large sums.

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Ether Price Closely Associated with Central Bank Policies: Researcher |  Video | CoinDesk

Understanding these points may help the reader to identify the next crypto bull market. The last three years have been the most instrumental in the development of the market, with the adoption level reaching not only individuals but also asset managers and corporate executives—only for the development to be cataclysmically overshadowed by bankruptcies of multi-billion-dollar crypto lending firms and crypto trading desks and the misappropriation of $8 billion in customer funds by the executives of the FTX crypto exchange.


  • The first part of the book describes how Bitcoin started as a peer-to-peer payment system, and how the first crypto bubble was facilitated by onramp payment companies in 2011, which mainly funneled money into the notorious Mt. Gox exchange in Japan, eventually leading to investors’ funds being stolen.
  • The second part analyzes how China embraced Bitcoin and hailed it as a new form of money, which set off a massive speculative bubble in 2013.
  • The third part describes how Ethereum got really started and set off the period of initial coin offerings (ICOs) that would lead to the third bull market in 2017. It also identifies the decisions that caused Tether to become the most important stablecoin.
  • The fourth part of the book shows how decentralized finance (DeFi) started, and how the speculative mania that was set off by the COVID stimulus checks would reach its peak. Binance became the largest crypto exchange despite its controversies, and effectively dethroned BitMEX as the most important crypto exchange. The crypto trading firms Alameda Research and Three Arrows Capital also became multi-billion-dollar players in the crypto bull market.
  • The fifth part of the book takes a deep dive into the 2022 bear market, exploring how crypto spectacularly crashed from a multi-trillion-dollar valuation and why the implosion of the Terra stablecoin caused $60 billion to vanish within a few days.
  • The sixth part contemplates the events that led to the implosion of Sam Bankman-Fried’s crypto exchange FTX, once valued at $32 billion, after a meteoric four-year rise.

About the Author:
Markus Thielen is the Head of Research and Strategy for Matrixport, a leading digital-asset investment firm. Before joining Matrixport, Markus was the Chief Investment Officer for IDEG Asset Management, and prior to that he was the founder and Chief Investment Officer at Jomon Investment Management. Previously Markus was a Portfolio Manager at Millennium Capital Partners and at JP Morgan's Investment Group. He started his career at Morgan Stanley, where he set up and ran the Quant & Derivatives Strategies Group in Asia. Markus has a degree from the ESCP Business School in Paris and a Certificate in Sustainable Finance from the University of Cambridge.

You can follow the author on Twitter @DeFiOnTarget

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My early 2025 Peak BTC target is $130k (2x peak)

BTC Futures / Last: $26,885. (12 mos.: 14,925. to 32,165. )


BTC v. RIOT: $10.93 (.041% Btc), ETHE: $11.54, .043%


RIOT: from 2020:


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FocusDigital asset fund inflows continue, spot BTC ETF could push Bitcoin to $141k - CoinShares

(Kitco News) - Digital asset investment products have now seen inflows for eight consecutive weeks as total assets under management (AuM) for globally listed products increased $176 million during the week ending Nov. 17, according to the latest fund flows report from CoinShares.

The year-to-date total now stands at $1.32 billion, which shows that interest from institutions is on the rise, albeit a far cry from where it was during the last bull market.

“The inflows remain well behind 2021 and 2020, which saw US$10.7bn and US$6.6bn respectively,” said James Butterfill, head of research at CoinShares. “Trading volumes in ETPs have averaged US$3bn per week, double this year’s average of US$1.5bn.”

> more: https://www.kitco.com/news/2023-11-20/Digital-asset-fund-inflows-continue-spot-BTC-ETF-could-push-Bitcoin-to-141k-CoinShares.html

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