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ACORE's Learning Discernment thread, Version-2017

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ACORE's Learning Discernment, Version.2017

DISCERNING the wider reality and moving forward

... To Create a better and Truer World

(I may close the 2016 thread, and use this new one)

Expecting the Unexpected in 2017... and beyond

On 1/11/2017 at 4:40 AM, DrBubb said:

WAVES OF CHANGE, Coming like a Global Tsunami

+ Discussion starts at post #2, with this comment by Rigger

"This forum is developing a real niche in alt right politics and is the better for it I may add.

You read some things on here you won't see virtually anywhere else."



Rise of (Christian, Nationalist?) Values in Russia and USA

"If Trump were as effective as Putin, we’d probably see a radical shift in American grand strategy, a shift away from the postwar global consensus and toward an alliance with various right-wing populist movements simmering around the globe."

This is an excerpt from a story in the NY Times...

Dugin is Putin's advisor, and Bannon is Trump's...

It’s actually interesting to read Donald Trump’s ideologist, Bannon, next to Putin’s ideologist Alexander Dugin. It’s like going back to the 20th century and reading two versions of Marxism.

One is American Christian and the other orthodox Russian, but both have grandiose, sweeping theories of world history, both believe we’re in an apocalyptic clash of civilizations, both seamlessly combine economic, moral and political analysis. Both self-consciously see themselves as part of a loosely affiliated international populist movement, including the National Front in France, Nigel Farage in Britain and many others. Dugin wrote positively about Trump last winter, and Bannon referred to Dugin in his Vatican remarks.

“We must create strategic alliances to overthrow the present order of things,” Dugin has written, “of which the core could be described as human rights, anti-hierarchy and political correctness — everything that is the face of the Beast, the Antichrist.”

“We, the Judeo-Christian West, really have to look at what [Putin] is talking about as far as traditionalism goes,” Bannon said, “particularly the sense of where it supports the underpinnings of nationalism.”


> more: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/01/10/opinion/bannon-versus-trump.html

"Let's put it more bluntly.Likely 100% of GEI readers were un-surprised by the (2016 Election) result.

Compare that to the MSM." - Rigger, with a likely typo fixed


Here are some other surprises that may be coming in 2017/18, and that GEI readers are being encourage to think about:


+ The announcement the ET/ED's are real and our governments are in contact with them

+ The discovery that our planets history is richer and longer than we have been told, and the human race is not the only race that has had civilization here

+ The fact that non-humans are impacting our governments, and that regular meetings with these beings are occurring in Antarctica and other places

+ The idea that the Earth has a "breakaway civilization" that is already engaged in Interplanetary travel and trade

+ The concept that the global economy will be hit by crashes, probably starting in 2017 - but these crashes will be cleansing in that they will be triggering needed changes, and political leadership is being put in place to cope with them in a creative way

+ The notion that our main outlets of news are controlled centrally, by a group that has been pushing a NWO agenda, which is not to the benefit of We-the-people


> New thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21241

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Picking up old business, #1:

I posted the wrong Simon Parkes video, sorry



There are NEW interviews with Simon, done my Kerry Cassidy


(( coming ))


I will comment here after listening

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old business, #2:


RIP: The 4th Estate - per Gerald Celente



The daily newspaper dies in 2017.

Don’t read one anyway? Why should you care?
For nearly a century, fat-staffed newsrooms, populated with reporter-class curmudgeons who questioned authority at every turn and made it their life’s mission to expose the bad guys, set the agenda for public discourse.
Back then, broadcast outlets didn’t have the staffing, investigative chops or clout the print world did.
Over the years, more expedient media – radio, TV, cable and now digital outlets – and a far less patient audience whacked newspapers’ laborious printing processes that accommodated tedious layers of fact-checking, editor scrutiny and other exercises in thoughtfulness.

What is news?
Today, information fragments – whether sound bites on broadcast news or Twitter firestorms between news sources and media – now pass as news. “The masses,” as Gerald Celente says, “are headline-strong and knowledge-empty.
But what stands out in 2017 is the perfect storm that’s been raking over the so-called mainstream media this autumn.
Poll after poll show trust rates well below 10 percent. Then, the “mainstream” get the presidential race all wrong, driving barely detectable positive sentiment deeper into the mud.
But there’s more that unfolded in the fall of 2016.
The financial fundamentals of media – print, digital and broadcast outlets largely owned by one of six mega corporations – hit lows not seen since the economy’s fall in 2008-09. Declining revenue is triggering layoffs and massive expense reductions. They’ll continue in early 2017.

Sinking revenue
Second- and third-quarter 2016 revenue for all major newspaper companies is dramatically down – from 12 to 18 percent. That necessitated rounds of layoffs at The New York Times; News Corp., which includes The Wall Street Journal; Gannett, America’s biggest newspaper company; and many others.
The across-the-board bad news prompted staffing cutbacks, merged operations and reductions in published space allocated for news by those companies and others.
The industry is closing in on a decade of dramatic cutbacks in reporting and editing power. According to estimates from The American Society of News Editors and Poynter Institute, those reductions add up to about half of all newsroom jobs being eliminated in less than 10 years.

TREND FORECAST: Expect dramatic shifts to begin early in 2017. National and metro newspapers, as well as smaller newspapers, will aggressively cut space for news to save costs. Print-publication frequency will reduce. The daily newspaper – as we know it today as something you hold in your hand and page through – will fade.
Investigative and in-depth reporting will become even more scant. That will leave the door wide open for unprofessional, poorly resourced and purely biased media to produce shoddy, untrustworthy reporting disguised as legitimate and in-depth.

The truth will be harder to find.

And when upstart or existing alternative-news sites begin to make news, the mainstream media, taking their last breaths, will label it “fake news.”


> source: http://trendsresearch.com/stories/4-RIP-THE-4th-ESTATE,4705




Piper Pilot

I could not believe the NY Sunday Times on the weekend before he election. NINE hostile Trump make believe articles, and so brazen! I usually get the NY Post and the Times, assuming that the truth is somewhere in the middle. That was the last NY times I will ever purchase!


GERALD - This is your opportunity! Create a web page similar to the Drudge Report, and provide links to the stories you tell us about on the daily Trends in the News. You do the business and financial areas, and let Drudge do the normal news. Many of the publications you tell us about, no one even knows about. Drudge makes good money with it, and so can you. I think you can hire a college kid to simply place the links on the web page. This would also allow us to read the full article as opposed to putting pressure on you for a fast summary.


The "fourth estate" is done. We used to rely on them to keep the government under some kind of observation. Now they are simply working for the politicians!

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old business, #3:


(From the Empire beneath the Ice thread)


Why did John Kerry go (urgently) to Antarctica on Election Day?


Michael Salla has a unique explanation:

The democrats had worked out be election day (using internal polls) that she was likely to lose. In fact, people will recall that she cancelled her fireworks.


Salla says, Kerry went to Antarctica to brief the powerful race living down there what a Trump victory would mean, and discuss what to do about it. He thinks some of the blocking actions that we have seen in the last two months may have been planned in that meeting.



Salla also said that The Tall Whites (as described by Charles Hall) are involved in trade with humans, and one of the trades that they have is human slave trade, and as many as one million humans may have been taken as slaves into that trade.


This comes from the follow C2C broadcast

Coast To Coast AM - Gravity Revelations & Secret Space Program


Published on Jan 12, 2017

Coast To Coast AM - Gravity Revelations & Secret Space Program

Engineer and independent researcher Maurice Cotterell discovered a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. In the first half of the show, he discussed his most recent work on the nature of gravity, contradictions in physics, as well as his research into medical issues and the immune system.

In the latter half, pioneer in the development of 'Exopolitics', Michael Salla, shared evidence that the US Navy began its initial development work on a secret space program in the 1940s, signs that the Trump administration may be more open about secret space programs, as well as assorted whistleblower revelations on the ET presence.

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Good topic for 2017....discernment.


It was for last year too:



Last year, we learned Discernment 1.0 from these three guys:


DISCERNING misinfo from RVD, DS, & GMOP, and moving forward

... Creating a better and Truer World




A post that I read this morning and responded to, has encouraged me to start a new thread and close the old one.


I want to encourage people who have discovered Acore thru: Ron Van Dyke, Dave Schmidt, and The Ambassador,

to be a part of a larger discerning process - looking at other half-baked ideas on the web, and discerning them too.


QUOTING the last post there:


"... I am seriously at ends with all this, I dealt with my dad being naive to certain things or plain stubborn bUT RVD takes the prize...."

- Adam Toxic


I suppose that is a legitimate one line summary of how many of us feel about Ron's case.


After saying that, what more is there to say?

I recall one of the posters on Ron's channel saying (I paraphrase):

"Ron DOES have a purpose here, and that is: To be a negative example that people can learn from."


His case teaches the importance of Discernment !

If people visiting here agree with this, I invite them to visit some of the other Acore threads, and contribute.

Of particular interest may be :


DISCERNING others : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20553


As I have added to the Logo, I think that 2016 will be the year of Learning and Enhancing our discernment.


If we are to have a better world, we not only need to awaken from the sleep that the mainstream media puts us in,

we need to be able to discern truth. We are being bombarded with misinformation and half-truths, not only from

the mainstream, but also on Alternative media. I reckon that at least half of RVD's ideas are partly or fully wrong.

The same goes for Dave Schmidt, and the merry band of hucksters surrounding the Ambassador.


I think Acore and GEI can be a place where people examine non-conventional ideas, and separate wheat from schaaf.


When Ron was promoting OPPT, I looked into it, and saw it was a scam. I nearly ran away from RVD and OPPT.

But I asked myself (my higher self?) some deep questions, and the answer that came back was that I had a platform (GEI),

and a role to play in seeking and finding truth. I also heard an interview with Zen Gardner, who talked about Wisdom teachings.

This gave me the idea of starting Acore, and so i did.


Thanks to all who have visited here, read the threads, and contributed here. I invite you to be part of a bigger purpose.



But After 98 pages, on the 2016 thread, including about 72,000 views, and 1,953 replies,

I think we have moved past the opening idea of the 2016 thread, and we need to learn from others now.

We did apply Discernment to the political campaign(s) of 2016, and with some success it seems.

In 2017, the need for continuing discernment is as great as ever

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Ron Van Dyke (RVD) Update


Ron did not vote in the 2016 election, and that seemed short-sighted to me.

But is 2017, he seems to have discarded some of his old ideas, and is still on a search of sorts.

So of his recent videos suggest that he, too, has moved on to using greater discernment


Here, he talks about the dangers of Secrecy - and I think many old secrets will pour out in 2017:



Published on Jan 14, 2017

This grandmother from Alaska is amazing. I know what she is telling us is the truth; and she has written over 450 articles. I was part of a group here in Florida for a good while. We were doing our best to re-establish what we believed to be the constitutional republic. I was secretary of state in that group. I saw others, including the governor, go through hell in the court system. Several lost their homes, cars, etc. It took them a bit longer to steal my home, since I never had a mortgage. Still, they finally managed to pull the rug out from under me as those who have been listening to my videos know. Anyway, Anna's info is right on. I highly recommend it.


For me, the election of Donald trump has brought us back to face some of the issues that got swept away when JFK was killed


*For newcomers, RVD's home was not stolen.

What happened was, he took a mortgage loan on a house he did not fully own, and used to proceeds of the loan

to buy a second smaller house. When he failed to repay the loan, the bank had trouble foreclosing on the first house,

where there was a mortgage, so they moved on to attach the second house, purchased with their money.


RVD;s sleight-of-hand did not work, so he lost "his" house, because he bought it with the bank's money.

He also failed to pay the property taxes on "his" home for many years.


I do not think that Ron will be ready for True Discernment, until he can accept the truth of why his home was taken.

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Before dropping Dave Schmidt from the discussion here - let's revisit him briefly


His update

Jan 4th, Updates and Annoucement of a Special Guest on the Broadcast Program


(( More later on the Mr M interview, maybe )):

Dave Schmidt Live Stream, Jan. 4th, Interview with Mr. "M"


Dave seems to have left behind the Ambassador, who delivered nothing - but Schmidt is still promoting RV scams,

and his "thin porridge" seminars, that warm over lots of old ideas of collateral accounts, RV's and Dragon families.

There is no hard evidence for any of it.


His most recent scam is to collect Dinars from those hoping to cash them in "private exchanges"


He has a new mystery expert, Mr M, who goes onto some of his radio shows - "No I am not the M2"

I've got news for you folks, there is No Hidden Dragon wealth, and no M2.

The claims of this may or may not have some grain of substance, but if they do, they have been blown up by 1000x - 1 million X


Don't waste your time with this guy

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Rense and guest look at the NWO (some episodes, hundreds of years ago)


Jeff Rense & Herbert G. Dorsey III - The Secret History of the New World Order



Another Good one:

Trump "kicked ass", and there is now some fascinating numerlogy concerning the inauguration


Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Trump...Numerology & Divine Inspiration?


Is Donald Trump "Divinely placed"?

"Nothing is random at the larger level"


On the day of inauguration, Trump's age will be: 70 years, 7 months and 7 days (ie 777)

"He will be a manifestation President, and will manifest like has never been seen."

"If I am right, things will come, and it is going to be effortless"

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Discernment Lesson 1.0


CNN = "The Highest and Worst form of Lying"


Support a false narrative, using deception


Professional Liars


Carl gives some good explanations of how CNN (and their ilk) Lie, and spin


Lies of Omission

1. Cherrypicking

2. Gatekeeping

3. Wilful Ignorance

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Yes, and I enjoyed all of the topics above. I learned, was entertained, and am back for another year of trying to make sense of it all! This room helps with that. Thanks Dr B.


It is great to see you posting here again in 2017, agaye.


Do you want to say anything about what was the biggest surprise, or "discernment lesson" for you in 2016.

And also, what you are expecting in 2017?

Who are your favorite Youtube channels? Is there anyone (whom you want to suggest) that we should be talking about on this thread?

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(Here's a guy who I do not find easy to Discern. But I do like listening to him):


I actually find much of what his says to be fascinating, and some of it highly believable.

But he is hard to pin down, since he rarely says things that are easy to disprove.


Also, he offers his information freely, and does not seem to have the money-seeking-motive that many scammers have (like DS):





"I was attacked (before the interview). I followed it back, and it is coming from Antarctica" (how do you prove or disprove this?)


Simon is also unfailingly polite. And if a cold fish sometimes, he does seem to genuinely care about people and our future.


NOW, we have some predictions, than can checked:

+ He expects (some form of) Disclosure in March-July 2017, for a govt Agency.
"Supercomputers have been in touch with aliens for six months" - but it may be a False Flag
+ Before that, a bank collapse in Italy... leading to a collapse of the EU
+ Between 2017-2019, we will see a total paradigm shift
+ He only goes public, with what he gets confirmed from (at least) to sources

How does he get this info?

He phrases questions, and the answers come to him telepathically, often immediately.

Most of his info comes from Mantis beings, who are tied to this planet


+ There's a channel of communication between Mantids and Nordics

+ There's no longer communication between Mantids and Reptilians/Reptoids


He claims he predicted Trump would win (Trump) and that all his predictions were correction (untrue),

except for the prediction of a bank collapse in October 2016 (he missed on some other forecasts.)


+ A semi-autonomous group of Nordics is backing Putin

+ Project Avalon (Bill Ryan's site), remoted-viewed the Vatican "to send it Love", and fell into a trap. PA resented the fact that Simon had his own "coordinator" to handle questions - and pA wanted that role for themselves.



SIMON PARKES : CHANGING THE FUTURE - PART TWO - even more interesting !


(I lost my original notes, and there are from memory):

+ Ben Fulford remains a CIA Asset; but Mike Shrimpton had no one to protect him
+ The Annunki are returning (says KC), they left a humanized group behind, who took control & they like control
+ The "D-" Group is like the Nordic-like group in The Event series, they are in Antarctica, and have ties w/ US govt
+ John Kerry went to visit them, and so did the Pope. Buzz Aldrin went to see if they were the same ones he saw in space
+ They have light skin, originally almost white, and a Nordic look; Reptilians can appear as Nordics -
+ The Clintons moved $1.6 Billion to Qatar, in case they have to make a run
+ The election was almost overturned, but a deal was made to allow a peaceful transition, and not go after the
+ The top part of the FBI may "have a nice retirement in the near future", and the middle part almost revolted
+ The US will have a military government, but in suits, because they are less corrupted than politicians;

The US military has not lost its connection with the people (unlike the Pedophile-politicians)
( Simon's Items ):
+ A black magic spell is on money; to free humans, we need to remove the connection to money
Barter and trade need to be equal to money
+ A false flag alien invasion is still possible, but the leaders are disorganized and keep changing their minds
+ Watch out for saviors, and do not take inoculations

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Fulford's comment on Trump, and his MILITARY BACKING:




Make no mistake, the Trump Presidency is a second American revolution and it will deeply affect the operations of the international secret rogue government. Russian intelligence operatives contacted the WDS last week to seek reassurance the Trump presidency will be allowed to go ahead. They were told by the WDS that Trump was not going to be another assassinated leader like Kennedy because, unlike Kennedy, Trump has the backing of the US military. Here is what Pentagon Sources had to say about the matter: “A CIA plot to whack Trump is unlikely since the military has read them the riot act. There are no Geneva conventions for domestic enemies of the state and military justice is swift and lethal.”


However, Trump is not going to be allowed to do everything he wants, especially when it comes to Israel, the Pentagon sources say. “The UN Security Council may vote on January 17 to impose 1967 borders on Israel enforced by sanctions,” they say. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and Trump “may be forced out if they oppose the will of the international community, as peace and settlement of all conflicts is needed for a global currency reset,” the sources add.


> more: http://benjaminfulfo...ncy-approaches/

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"Bravest since JFK"


Jeff Rense & Jon Rappoport - The Week That Changed America


"RFK jr will join the Trump administration to lead an investigation into vaccination companies"

"Trump (along with RFK jr) is the bravest President since JFK"


Hitting big pharma can hurt the Lie-Stream Media, because up to 70% of their advertising income comes from Pharmaceutical co's

=== ===


Brainwashed Leftist are ignoring important things like Trump taking on Big Pharma in a way that may help We-the-people promote a false narrative that Trump is somehow a puppet of Russia - an accusation for which there is zero evidence


Towards the end, they talk about smashing the CIA and the intelligence agencies - in the way the JFK planned before he was eliminated


It seems like we are back at the historical moment, when JFK threatened the Deep State

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I think the battle lines are drawn between Trump vs CIA, Pharma and Media. Because of the huge sums of money involved this is not going to be pretty unless there's some sort of deals done behind the scenes.


Stamping on the toes of the Elites puts him at high risk where the media is going to try to wear him down and discredit him every step of the way. Getting the popular support is extremely important in draining the swamp.


If he can reign in the disruptive foreign policy of regime change and resource grab and use that for infrastructure development, as he claims, he'll eventually win the battle with jobs growth; although the Military Industrial Complex may retaliate by dumping jobs to spook industry into following suit.


Furthermore if he can do business with Russia and prevent an expensive arms race he'll shift the popular vote further in his favour forcing other nations follow suit because no normal person wants a war, although the US is still a war based economy.


Clearly exposing the vaccine crimes will gain him a huge amount of respect from the people as they learn the truth

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Unfortunately, gullible Hillary-supporters are still being manipulated to help the Cabal


TRAINING for Useful Idiots, how Globalists manipulate the naive


At Activist Training Camp, Protesters Prep To Disrupt Inauguration

Six days before Donald Trump takes his oath of office, a group of activists met to plan how they'll voice their opposition

Jan 19, 2017

Six days before Donald Trump’s inauguration, dozens of people — from college students to gray-haired hippies — gathered in a classroom at American University in Washington D.C. to listen a lawyer offer tips on how to handle getting arrested.

A woman in her late 30s raised her hand. She was worried that, since she’s a teacher, an arrest could get her fired and maybe hurt her chances at landing another job.

“We’ve had teachers get arrested,” the lawyer said. “It’s not the end of the world.” That’s likely reassuring, since for many of those in attendance, the kind of disruption that could end in arrest is the goal.

The morning’s legal training session was one of several classes offered by a group of anti-Trump activists calling themselves DisruptJ20 — “J20” standing for January 20. The event was a training camp of sorts for protesters aiming to “shut down” the nation’s capitol during president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday.


> http://www.vocativ.com/393923/disruptj20-donald-trump-inauguration-protest-activists-washington-dc/?


Another example: from Project Veritas:

Part I: Undercover investigation exposes groups plotting criminal activity at Trump inauguration


Maybe they should be told there is a real risk of job loss if it gets violent.

Frankly, the schools are already in the grip of the Leftist cabal.

They need to be transformed towards a more neutral mode of thinking, away from more govt, more taxes, more war is good

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TRUMP Supporters are getting beat up, but some Universities are creating "safe spaces" for those

who supported Hillary and simply do not want to accept that Trump is President.


Isn't the usual narrative absurdly upside-down?


/ 1 /

TRUMP SUPPORTERS BEATEN-BLOODIED Outside #DeploraBall – Pummeled With Eggs, Batteries! (VIDEO)

Ryan Saavedra Jan 19th, 2017 257 Comments


Hat Tip Jack Posobiec

Trump Supporter Dave Allsup got hit in the head with a flag pole—

The woman got hit in the head!


> http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/01/multiple-videos-violence-erupts-deplorable-peaceful-protesters/


/ 2 /


Ohio State University will offer a “safe space” for students today as the nation inaugurates Republican Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.

“The purpose of this event is to foster a safe space for the Ohio State campus community to connect with one another, support aspirations, and empower growth and change,” organizers state.

The “I, too, am America” event is set for 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will include three concurrent offerings from noon to 3 p.m.: a screening of the inauguration festivities in one room; another room set aside to “pause, reflect and share”; and a third swath of rooms for teach-ins by grad students, faculty and staff.

The event was reportedly inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem “I, Too,” and will also include poetry reading workshops and a community mural art project.

The Ohio State University’s media department and the Student Life Multicultural Center did not respond to several requests from The College Fix seeking comment.

According to organizers, attending the program will teach students how to “define social justice and identify at least two social justice issues,” as well as “identify at least one lesson, idea, tool, or strategy to apply to their academic and personal experiences.”

Ohio State is not the only campus offering such a venue. The University of Connecticut will host “The People’s Inauguration,” slated to be held at the same time as the swearing in ceremony, oath of office and inaugural address.

Like at Ohio State, the goal of the UConn event is to promote social justice and solidarity as Trump takes office, event organizers said.

Other students plan to express themselves in a more aggressive manner. A student socialist group has organized a nationwide walkout on Friday to protest the presidential inauguration, claiming Trump is planning to “unleash a storm of attacks” on various segments of the American population. Students at dozens of colleges are expected to participate.


> http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/30828/


/ 3 /

How about a room where students who supported Trump can destroy Hillary Clinton pinyatas,

and toss darts at images of Barbara Streisand, Meryl Streep, Rosie ODonnnel, Rachel Maddow, and Wolf Blitzer etc.

That might be more useful for the people who have had to endure genuine stress from their peers



Thread on Critical Reflections: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21257

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Some fighting talk from Trump reiterating much of what he's already said


Found the King Solomon prayer a bit spooky - king Solomon was a Dark Magician and is related to the British Royals ???


Then we had mention of Babylon and Zion

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VICTORY - and maybe we the people are "Free at Last"




Free from What? From This:



Crowd Boos, Chants 'Lock Her Up!'

=== ===


"I will be the People's President":

Trump pledges to put America first in brutally uncompromising first speech as POTUS 45

in full frontal assault on elites at home and with a warning for nation's rivals abroad

+ President-elect Donald Trump has taken the oath of office to become the 45th President of the United States
+ In his inaugural address, Mr Trump delivered an elegy to Americans who felt neglected by their government
'I will fight for you with every breath in my body,' he pledged. 'And I will never, ever, let you down'
+ Trump promised 'America first' would become the central organizing principle of his new government
+ Among those in the stands for the ceremony was Hillary Clinton - Trump's rival in the election

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Some fighting talk from Trump reiterating much of what he's already said


Found the King Solomon prayer a bit spooky - king Solomon was a Dark Magician and is related to the British Royals ???


Then we had mention of Babylon and Zion


To me, these points show that he may be aware of what he is walking into


I do not think the presence of the Clintons at the inauguration will protect them.

I think the "Full Investigation" may start soon, and it should not me made to look like revenge.

Indeed, there needs to be a fair trial


"Since this country is a corporation, indeed it should have a CEO to run it. (My personal thoughts today)" - A.


Well, the US is MORE than a corporation.

To succeed and have its greatness restored, there needs to be a spiritual core that has been missing for a long time


Is Donald Trump truly "divinely placed", as Rense and Weidner say here? Time will tell

Jeff Rense & Jay Weidner - Trump...Numerology & Divine Inspiration?


Mike Rivero's take : "He just wants to get the job done"

at the beginning of this podcast


MP3 : http://media.blubrry.com/rbn/p/content.blubrry.com/rbn/stream_2017-01-19_150004.mp3


"I am enthusiastic about a new President for the first time in decades"

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Ron Van Dyke (RVD) seems to be warming to Trump... after refusing to vote for him


1-22-17 - Divine Protection for Donald Trump

Published on Jan 21, 2017

Make no mistake about it: we live in a time of exposure and transformation. Those behind the evil deeds, especially the rampant pedophilia in high places, are scared shitless. Yes, I do think many of them are crapping their pants, figuratively, if not literally. The truth about their grotesque evil has finally reached public awareness. We're not talking about human rights, women's rights, gay rights or religious freedoms. We're talking about blatant crimes against the most innocent in the human family – children! Trump, despite his backing by religious-zealot conservatives, has made it clear what he stands for, most of all, for truth and justice for ALL. What he is going to do will only affect those who are, in fact, guilty of major crimes, which, as things unfold, will become increasingly evident. He will rip the covers off those who perpetuate and hide such behavior, including the complicit main-stream media. And that is only the beginning. His presidency may be the Trumpet we have long awaited; and people of good will, therefore, will be able to rise up, free at last, free at last.


"Free at Last"?

Where have we heard that? Look at post #21, just above this one. That was posted maybe 10-12 hours before RVD's videos,

and seems to be evidence that Ron does look at the postings here.

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"The Crime is so bad. Wake Up! ... Smash the Fed."


Some powerful reversals here:


Jeff Rense & David Oates - Stunning Speech Reversals


I have no idea whether there is anything to these reversals - but some of these are pretty amazing.


Trump's speeches have long been very congruennt, with back to front delivering similar messages to his forward talk.

This is highly unusual for politicians. And it was noted by Rense early in the campaign


Oates says that Australians have had a change of heart, and are starting to like Trump

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It's a War!

(with the forces of darkness : Soros and Hillary-supporters)

"Assaulted with paint bombs and bricks"

"We have arguments, or we have bricks... There is no third way"

What Pisses Me Off About The Anti-Trump Riots

"they had to remove their Trump hats, and scurry out under police support"

"I don't think they are 'going high' anymore."

"They say they want DIVERSITY, but anyone who disagrees with them is Hitler"

"They are using youth... indoctrinated children" (to advance their agenda)

"WHO on the Left is being asked to disavow" (this engineered violence) ?

POISON (and violence) is not an argument !

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