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The "next Federal Land": Property 101 inc

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The "next Federal Land" could be: Property 101 inc





Hi All,


Based on the excellent reviews on SSC I am seriously considering a smaller investment in this relatively unknown property developer

called Property101inc, especially in their latest Mandaluyong project called sunshine 100 city plaza.


Because let's face it. The days that there was a serious profit potential in Federal Land are long - just?? - gone. Federal Land has increased

its prices for its preselling projects at such an "alarming" rate that anybody who buys are current levels is going to be "griled" --

or at least will face the risk of a serious price/valuation decline in the secondary market if the global economy "implodes".


In any case, my impression was that price/value wise Megaworld is cheaper than AyalaLand Premier, and Federal Land was cheaper than even Megaworld, but the cheapest developer has now suddenly become "the most expensive" developer so these is a need for a new Federal Land.


Admitted there are no balconies here, and no parking space i believe, -- and the brand is relatively unknown in China but more so in China --,

but design wise the units which they appear to deliver look "top notch", -- definitely on par with those of higher end projects.

So I have sensed an opportunity here. And the units facing the south have an unobstructed view of the Grand Hyatt Tower, which is MNLs status symbol. There are excellent review of this project on SSC.




In any case, should the economy head south, then your PHP95,000/sq meter will probably decline only 5 to 10pct while your 8 Park Avenue or any other 175K per square meter high end project -- and there are many like these these days like Fame Residences/S Residences -- will take a much bigger hit in your wallet.


I like this project far more than Twin Oaks place. The finishing looks better/price per square meter is probably also better. And there's even free furniture included.


And I like Mandaluyong because it is an indirect bet on BGC. Some bridges are going to get built to ease the traffic congestion into BGC I believe.


On a side note, I am checking the rental advertisements on PhilPropertyExpert for units in Mandaluyong and all these Mandaluong units appear to have been rented out already, so no vacancies. It is only a few units and it is encouraging.


That is all that I wanted to bring to all of your attention. I feel that I am getting a good deal. Best value for money in the entire metro manila region probably as of today.


It is a bit secluded from the noise of the EDSA. Kind of a "small island" in an island, as the video below mentions.


In any case the opportunities to invest in preselling projects is not as big as before and even DMCI raised its preselling price for its new project

PRISMA RESIDENCES (called Lumiere 2) to PHP80,000 per square meter from about PHP67,000 so the "bottom price" appears to be increasing.









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He gives the Mandalyulong property a 9 on Location?

Nothing in Mandalyulong is a "9" for me.

And this is One km away from EDSA?!


Sorry, he must have a very different rating system than I do.


I would give Twin Oaks a 7.5 on location - because there is a covered walkway to Shaw Blvd station.

But 1 km away might be a 5-6 for me

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