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Wallbridge (WM.t) and its Fenelon Mine

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Wallbridge hit 35 cents, & now has retraced 2 of the 3 gaps Up

WM.t ... 10d : Last: 22 cents, on Friday with 4.03Million shares


The Gap Down, on very high volume was 25>23 cents



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WM.t ... 10d : Last: 27.5 cents, on Monday with 10.1 Million shares





RE: Sprott picks up MORE shares !

From this mornings release.. The shares were purchased at $0.165 per share for total consideration of $3,967,077.68.

Lonmin ends Canada prospects as it cleans house before Sibanye takeover

By selling its 6.8% stake in Wallbridge, Lonmin is ensuring a stronger balance sheet and a tidier company for the new owners

Re: Private placement ...

That must have been the private agreement. So they have sold their stake in Wallbridge but it needs clarifying about the JV's. Thats 22 properties https://www.lonmin.com/our-business/exploration/international

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#AWbvgsRxpBhpSakF.99

Gap to fill??

Want to get some in the .25 area....

Bulk sample..

"The bulk sample is expected to produce 19,000 to 26,000 ounces of gold... The expected cash flow upon completion of this bulk sample... is expected to be sufficient to cover the budgeted working capital requirements."
So.. did they really need Sprott's $4 million? Was it more about his connections?

RE:Its The Real Thing

Holdrrrr wrote:
WONDER1STOCK wrote: Looked at the  results today and its the real thing. Got in at .275 will try get more in am. Looks to me this will hit .60 and onward shortly. Please do your own DD.
How soon before you think we see news or a jump? I dont know much about this one, just picked up a few hundred bucks worth today. Ty
Should be news on 1st batch of ore processed any day now and 31 assays are on the way. New 10,000 meter program underway.. 

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#9JMwMEIAbG2QpDJ7.99
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Stockhouse Comment

"High quality deposits will be taken out"

Here's the motive for Sprott's WM buy imo.  Youtube link:


With regards to which types of gold companies Rule finds attractive, he added, “Producing mines will get taken out, but the producing companies are often followed by 50 or 60 analysts, which means that the competition is higher and the premiums are smaller … [So] the ones that really interest me are the ones where we can get 10-fold returns, like [in the case of copper] Reservoir Minerals, or Mariana Resources.”  [and WM one would assume]

Rule concluded that in general, “Any top quality deposit, irrespective of commodity, will be a prime takeover candidate in the next 5 years … Even greatly out of favor commodities like uranium.”

Sprott sees WM as a likely takeover target.  So what we need to do is determine the price at which this will occur.  I see that price as well over $500 million based on comparisons to other mid-tier producers.

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#lRGjjcRkurt0wVp3.99
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Keeping it "REAL"

Comment from the Stockhouse Bullboard

RE:Today's news

Thanks andrew once again for keeping it real. I keep noticing more and more newbies showing up on these boards spewing wild valuations. 50 cents, 80 cents, over a buck soon. Yeah right. Reminder lesson from a long time Wally holder, straight from Wally website :

SHARE STRUCTURE as at September 28, 2018
Issued & Outstanding 367.2M
Omnibus Share Based Compensation Plan and Stock Options 16.5M
Warrants 65.6 M
Fully Diluted 449.3M
Share Price September 28, 2018 $0.22

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#x8m2eooOFWzbBzfz.99
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The correction in WM may be ending

WM.t ... update : Last: 0.235 + 0.005



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Finally, some decent moves up in Gold shares yesterday

GCM was up 8%

WM.t ... update :


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Wallbridge drills 10.1 m of 11.22 g/t Au at Fenelon

Wallbridge Mining Co. Ltd. has provided continued positive results from its underground as well as surface drill programs and has provided an update on the continuing development as part of the 35,000-tonne bulk sample and underground exploration program at its 100-per-cent-owned Fenelon gold property.


  • On target to achieve bulk sample production guidance of 35,000 tonnes grading 18 to 25 grams per tonne of gold for production of 19,000 to 26,000 ounces of gold;
  • Mill recoveries have reached forecast levels;
  • 13,500 tonnes of ore processed at the Camflo mill in September and November mill runs;
  • 10,000 metres drilled underground in 2018, with visible gold observed in over 50 per cent of drill holes and approximately 5,000 metres of surface drilling;
  • Underground and surface drilling to date has been successful at extending known gold zones and discovering new parallel zones;
  • Encouraged by exploration results and currently evaluating a substantial exploration program for 2019.

"We are very encouraged by the results from the Fenelon bulk sample to date and confidently maintain our ...

. . . Currently, underground drilling is targeting the main high-grade shoots down plunge to 200 m depth. Since the last press release (see Wallbridge press release dated Nov. 20, 2018), highlights of received assay results are as follows:

  • 18-1000-007: 11.22 g/t gold over 10.10 metres, including 42.91 g/t gold over 2.35 metres in the Habanero zone;
  • 18-1110-004: 13.62 g/t gold over 4.27 metres in the Naga Viper zone;
  • 18-1130-004: 6.23 g/t gold over 4.88 metres, including 39.35 g/t gold over 0.60 metre in the Naga Viper zone.

"In addition to confirming our geological model and delineating the bulk sample stopes, the underground drill program has been very successful in discovering additional ounces proximal to the mine workings that we will be able to put into production with very minimal additional development," stated Attila Pentek, vice-president, exploration, of Wallbridge.

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Bottoming out at last... maybe

WM ... update


It needs some Buying volume to move it higher

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Wallbridge completes drill program at Beschefer

2018-12-17 08:28 ET - News Release

Mr. Attila Pentek reports


Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. has completed a successful initial drill program designed to test the continuity of two high-grade shoots within the B-14 shear zone at its recently optioned Beschefer property.


  • Five drill holes totalling approximately 1,600 metres were completed in less than three weeks.
  • All five drill holes intersected the mineralized B-14 shear zone where expected, proving excellent geological continuity of this gold-bearing structure.
  • The mineralized intersection in the deepest drill hole of the program, BE18-052, represents a 40-metre down-plunge stepout from the previous highlight intersection of 55.63 grams per tonne gold over 5.57 metres in BE13-038.
  • A more substantial exploration program and delivery of a maiden resource estimate are planned for 2019.


Mineralization typical of gold-bearing portions of the shear zone was intersected in all five holes at the expected depths demonstrating the continuity of the mineralized system within the two high-grade shoots. Previous wide-spaced drilling (75 to 100 m) was filled in by four holes (BE18-048 to -051) resulting in 25 to 45 m spacing. The mineralized shear zone interval intersected in BE18-052, approximately 40 metres down plunge from the last historic high-grade intersection in this eastern shoot, indicates that gold mineralization remains open down plunge. Assay results are pending and will be released when available.

"Our initial drill program at Beschefer has successfully achieved all of its objectives and has proven the exceptional potential of this project. The first four drill holes demonstrated the remarkable continuity and predictability of the gold-bearing B-14 structure, whereas our last hole of the program provided a further 40-metre down-plunge stepout indicating the potential to expand the high-grade gold mineralization," stated Attila Pentek, vice-president, exploration, of Wallbridge. "We are very keen to accelerate resource drilling and exploration on this project with an aim to publish a maiden resource estimate in 2019."

About the Beschefer project

The Beschefer project covers 647 hectares and is located in the Northern Abitibi greenstone belt, 14 kilometres east of the past-producing polymetallic Selbaie mine, 45 km northeast of the Casa Berardi mine and 28 km from Wallbridge's Fenelon gold property. Historically, the area has mainly been explored for volcanogenic massive sulphide deposits similar to the Matagami camp and the Selbaie mine.

Gold mineralization was discovered in the B-14 zone in 1995 by Billiton Canada Inc. and the property has seen very limited exploration before the involvement by Excellon in 2011, which completed approximately 17,000 metres of drilling up to 2013. Excellon's programs produced very positive results, extending the B-14 mineralization down to almost 600 metres vertical depth, discovering the upper shear zone and intersecting the highest-grade intersections on the property, including 55.63 grams per tonne Au over 5.57 metres and 13.07 g/t gold over 8.75 metres. Excellon's primary focus is on production and exploration at its Platosa mine and Miguel Auza property in Mexico. There has been no exploration at Beschefer since 2013.

Wallbridge entered into an option agreement to acquire 100 per cent of Beschefer as part of its strategy of building a gold production pipeline in the emerging Sunday Lake-Selbaie belt (see Wallbridge press release dated Oct. 17, 2018).

> https://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item.aspx?bid=Z-C%3aWM-2698194&symbol=WM&region=C

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Is the WM correction ending with 2018?

WM.t / Wallbridge Mining ... update : Last: $0.155 vs. High of Year: x

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Is the WM correction ending with 2018?

WM.t / Wallbridge Mining ... update :



GOOD News/ Bad News

As for me I don't like to pay any more than I have to so this would't be a good deal for me. The good news is it appears the bulk sample is going to be decent but looks like it may be in middle of January. Why its taken so long to process those samples are a mystery. GLTA and To All Season Greetings........................
/ 2 /
They did say that they extended a drift tunnel so they could get the angle to drill deeper down, might be that but at least it’s coming in.

/ 3 /
It may be economical to smelter the very high grade ore in a microwave smelter, the remains could then just be sent to the mill normally. It could be tested by simply putting a sample of visible high grade ore in a microwave oven and seeing the results.

/ 4/ Block at .16

Just lookng at level 2, well over 570,000 at .16 ask  9 people selling. Was hoping some of the selling would be exhausted by now so less hope for a lttle good news, GLTA

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#bt9vSe4sbTmxLfJQ.99
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Why Wallbridge Mining? Two words: incredible grades.

Copied from. Article excerpt

Wallbridge Mining Co Limited (TSX: WM, OTCQB: WLBMF, Forum)
Why Wallbridge Mining? Two words: incredible grades.
260.4 g/t Au over 7.02 meters 311.1 g/t Au over 3.06 meters 141.2 g/t Au over 7.06 meters 144.96 g/t Au over 1.77 meters (incl. 262.18 g/t Au over 0.97 meters)* 137.63 g/t Au over 4.10 meters* 122.35 g/t Au over 2.20 meters* ( * Indicates true widths)
As the Company moves its flagship Fenelon Mine Project methodically and cost-effectively toward production, the bulk sample that WM is currently extracting is expected to yield between 19,000 and 26,000 ounces of gold and generate in excess of CAD$30 million because of the exceptional grades. Additional upside potential through the recent acquisition of the nearby Beschefer Project + the Companys portfolio of Sudbury nickel assets. Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/news/newswire/2019/01/04/sector-spotlight-gold#yKuoXZDDBZjOwcjh.99

Read more at http://www.stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#RfvrYuQGIxbce2sZ.99
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$0.195 +0.035, Percent Change: +21.88%
Open: 0.165 / High: 0.195 / Low: 0.165 / Volume: 2,207,806

WM / Wallbridge ... 10d : 6mo :


: 6mo :




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New Presentation . Heads up !

posted January 15, 2019 03:16 pm  by  flashcash
New presentation, read all about it ! 
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A Bullish Update - with more news coming !

WM.t / Wallbridge Mining ... update / Last: $0.205



WM presentation VRIC

This is a good listen for over the weekend if you have some time. Expect this stock to keep moving up. This is no brainer! I think it's been mentioned before but I would expect some sharp rises when that time does come - can't keep the lid on this one forever. February should be a turning point for shareholders. The story needs to be told a bit better in my opinion, facts will eventually do all the talking.

Presentation : http://www.wallbridgemining.com/i/pdf/1_Wallbridge-January-2019-FINAL.pdf

Good Presentation @ VRIC

Really liked the presentation... especially @ 7:40.  15m x 30m x 10m slice of the habanero zone yields 35,000 Oz’s.   That’s literally 50-60 million bucks packed into a 25 m cube of rock.  Literally, a 24 hr crew can chew this up in 21 days.  Easy.  Do this again and again over a year and that’s over a billion in revenue.  That tiny 15m x 30m x 10m chunk of the property isn’t even the really good stuff.  
/ 2 /
Agreed, that is a great presentation!  Thanks for posting canusa.

Some great take-aways from the video include:
  • doing 75,000 meters of drilling just on Fenelon this year
  • having the drill results for the Beshefer property out at the end of the month ( i am guessing this Tuesday) and they will have their plan for what they want to do for conintued drilling
  • continued drilling updates throughout the year every 2 - 3 weeks
  •  looking at other acquistions to add to portfolio
  • we believe we are undervalued, and "there is a lot of news coming in 2019"

However my favorite parts were:
  • at 6:15 where they have upgraded the fenelon property from 300 ozs per verticle meter to 1000 ozs per verticle meter.   CHA CHING.
  • at 8:30 where he says within 3 years they plan to be a plus  60,000 oz per year producer, and within 5 years a plus 100,000 oz per year producer.
  • But perhaps my most favorite part was at 9:35 where he says how they have a history of monitizing their assessts by being able to spin out some of these  for shareholders, and that they will continue to do this.   He then states how they paid a whopping $1.00 dividend when they were still only a .20 per share company,  WOW!!!  He then states: "so we continue to do that as well."   I want to see that again!

GLTA - Jefe de Oro

/ 3 /

I know that CEO and Chief Geologist met with a number of analysts last week, favorably received, heightened interest, trying hard to get their first analysts to cover the company.  Sprott is an asset, his interest gets others looking under the hood.  Sure would be nice to get an outperform or buy rating in the next quarter or two.  Exciting year coming up.

Fort, keep throwing up the numbers, thanks!  This board badly needs someone to make thoughtful guessimates re resource size/grade, etc. given the available data.
Read more at https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#xayl3URbwZECv3jc.99
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FUN & GAMES in the Pre-Market yesterday

WM.t ... 10d : $0.225 +0.01 / WM insider buying has been strong recently


Premarket bid/ask is up 3 cents at .245

You called it Poet, the two bid orders totaling 477,000 shares at .245 cents was just pulled at 9:15 before market open.
.... seems like we got someone playing games out there..... 
Bid price back down to .22
I think they were hoping for a news release
It was too far from yesterdays close of  .215 with no bids in at .24, .235, .23
so I was doubtfull if it would hold and would suspect it to drift lower
 rate and reply
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WM / Wallbridge Mining ... since 3/2015 / Last: $0.225 +$0.01, vol. 1.54 M



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WM.t finished friday @ $0.245 +0.03, +13.95% , Volume: 2,191,145


pg.8: "So they are looking at 500 t/d so that’s around 60 000 oz/yr, not bad."
"I really like pg 17 very impressive. Lots of technical info great  presentation."


Extending the bulk sample is significant,we have almost completed the 35,000  tons to be completed at the end of february.   Taking the new bulk sample into a new zone. As a direct result,the decision to proceed into commercial production has been pushed back into 2020. 
The actual bulk sample is expected to be cash positive, taking in consideration the millions of dollars that has to be paid for loans. Any extention for bulk sample will be very positive in term of cash . That will allow more surface and underground drilling to expand fenelon mine in term of depth and long strike, and it will allow more exploration for beschefer as well.
it was a surprise they would and already have applied for an extension.  tap into the zones not sampled yet.   yes,the cash flow from bulk is  a welcome tool,its mining on a small scale,never a bad thing.   Obviously the sp rise friday and the near 2.2 million shares traded were a direct result of the new corp presentation,if it wasnt on the site friday during trading hours,obviously those close to the company knew it was coming.  leaky leaky....
Read more at https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#bst9eAilVerZ7U07.99

Interview with Eric Sprout - makes a few brief comments about WM.t.

"Stock Market could be rolling over... Chinese gold buyers back, after CNY."
WM.t had: "One of the better News releases."

The Report in the bulk sample - showing the Average grade was 17g / ton.
The best mines in the world are around 17g."


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Heavy INSIDER BUYING preceded the last move up ... update

WM.t ... 10d chart / Last : 0.245 / H: $0.25
breaking out on Topside of "laser beam"?  If so, very bullish
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A "WALL of Resistance" near 25 cents

- Some think it will be broken next week...

Only going up from here, says Wonder1stock,

Yes there is a wall at .245, but I don't see this as any real issue.  I feel there is just some consolidation going on after a nice run up last week.  And this happened on no news.   

We have 3 sets of nice news coming shortly, some long drills on Fenelon, the 5 drills from Dec. on Beschefer, and of course, the final tally from the last 10,000 tones of the bulk sample.  By their own admission this last part of the sample is the highest grade of all of it, so the average of the sample surely will be higher than the 17 g/t they already have, which Eric Sprott pointed out matches the grade of the currently #2 producer in the world.

It ran up nicely an is holding on to those gains, again on no news.  So I believe that it is only going to go up from here, minus the usually breaks and profit taking stops along the way.  When the news starts to flow again soon,  there will be some nice moves up in my opinion.  

GLTA  -  Jefe de Oro
/ 2 /

Timing of News releases

News usually Tue or Wed . Not due news until couple of weeks but surprise good news is always welcome

Read more at https://stockhouse.com/companies/bullboard#F4llmXYbmHzmkDA4.99
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Wallbridge Mining talks Fenelon mill run results

2019-02-25 10:32 ET - News Release

Mr. Marz Kord reports


Wallbridge Mining Company Ltd. has continued positive results from ongoing development and production as part of the 35,000-tonne bulk sample at its 100-per-cent-owned Fenelon gold property.


  • To date approximately 25,000 tonnes of ore with a reconciled average grade of 18.19 g/t gold containing close to 14,700 ounces of gold has been processed at the Camflo Mill in four separate mill runs.
  • More than 14,000 ounces of gold have been recovered and sold
  • Stope grades are meeting expectations, ranging from 11 to 38 g/t gold (See Table 1).
  • The loan with Auramet has now been completely re-paid.

"The last press release of February 7, 2019 reported the estimated gold ounces for the 4th mill run. We are pleased to have received the final reconciliation of mill run #4 and as a result, approximately 700 more ounces than previously estimated were produced. We are currently working on the delivery of the last 10,000 tonnes to the mill for processing which should be completed in the first quarter of 2019,"

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Eric Sprott's at 25%, and talking about a bigger ore body at WM

(go to 12 minutes):

Bullboard Comments

Feb 21 NR and 200 meters of low grade

The reference is right in the Feb 21, 2019 NR, exactly what Eric told you all to read!
FA-18-051: 1.02 g/t gold over 24.59 metres, including 3.13 g/t gold over 4.78 metres which includes an interval containing visible gold that assayed 9.90 g/t gold over 0.54 metres, and
12.70 g/t gold over 2.71 metres included within a wider interval of 3.93 g/t gold over 9.96 metres 
both hosted within an approximately 200 m wide so far unknown package of favorable mafic-ultramafic host rocks with broad low-grade gold mineralization throughout.

/ 2 /

Sprott 25% - HOLY SH*T 200 Meters THICK!!!

Andrew, thanks for the heads up on this!!!  WOW! I am not surprised he is going for 25%, it is what I figured watching the action and insider filiings the last weeks! But he said they have...read more


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