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ACQUA & other Property Marketing "Masterpieces"

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ACQUA & other Property Marketing "Masterpieces"

Some property advertisements are so far over the top, they threaten to go into orbit

This one is fun, but truly OTT

ACQUA Private Residences AVP of Century Properties

Uploaded on Feb 24, 2011

http://facebook.com/spacelandrealty - AVP with Piolo Pascual.....of ACQUA Private Residences...located across Rockwell via a new bridge right at the boundary on Mandaluyong-Makati. A masterplanned development of Century Properties as the country's first residential eden.

The open bit of prose on water is so flowery, it is almost poetry.

The reading by an English "voice of authority" is intended to make it seem epic, like "a residential eden". In reality, the three-waterfall fountain next to a river that still needs to be cleaned up. is a nice gimmick. But it will be expensive to keep it running, so will they bother? How many hours per week?

Actually, it does look like a nice property by CPG, and I will plan to visit it sometime.

Its success may rest on how easy the access is to Rockwell Center, which is right across the Pasig River

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There is a "rush sale" going on for one of these Acqua CPG units by Rob Luat.


For Sale:

1) Acqua Private Residences: Mandaluyong / 2 Bedroom / Unfurnished / Brand New / Php 5.8M only (Below Market Price)



And this former Megaworld agent apparently also sold the 1Br Greenbelt hamilton unit

which you can still see on his website dreamcityhp.com -- below the market price --

because it is no longer available on his recent facebook page update.

For Sale 2 Bedroom at Acqua Private Residences Mandaluyong

- 2 Bedroom
- 44 SQM
- Unfurnished
- Php 5.8M

He also has a Salcedo Square (40sqm) unit for sale which declined in value

in about 2 weeks from 6.9M to 6.7M. That is still PHP167.500 per sq meter, however.

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Php 5.8mn / 44 sqm = P 132k psm

That may be a decent profit for the seller, who may have paid something below P100k psm.

But it is also a hefty discount to Rockwell prices which are now pushing (or above) P200k psm.


On my next trip, I want to walk from Rockwell to Acqua, to see how manageable that walk is


Acqua is on the Left bank of the Pasig River, just across the bridge from Rockwell

(note: Circuit is out of the photo to the lower left.

I have walked from Circuit to Rockwell and it took about 30 minutes.)


View inside a flat at Acqua Residences


View from the window of the same flat - that's Century City at the middle of the photo



The Riverside location may some day be considered a real asset, as it gets cleaned up, and more used

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ACQUA : from the almost-Sublime ... to the Ridiculous

(original 2011 video was sublime marketing - the latest video story may be ridiculous)

ACQUA Private Residences AVP of Century Properties


Three yuppies, One day at Acqua Private Residences - "Cringe-worthy?"

As Franco moves in next door, will he finally fall for Pam? Will Pam finally tell Franco how she really feels about him? Who is Enzo and why is he always late? Three yuppies. One day. One amazing condo at the heart of the city.

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