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Acore: Discernment & Disclosure - version 2018

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Women & Children First?

Sara Carter shares her firsthand experience of caravan


"They pushed the Woman & Children to the front, putting them at risk"

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Pathological Alturism ?

Some Women in Sweden have lost their minds


The Green Party in Sweden has suggested confiscating the homes of citizens and giving them to migrants if the property is deemed to be too large or if the owner has more than one residence.

Blogger Katerina Janouch reveals how the party wanted to introduce a new law which would allow “Municipalities to seize housing to give them refugees.”

Under the proposal, authorities would be able to “evacuate people who have too large housing,” for example “couples where the children moved home or cohabited where the partner has a residence elsewhere.”

Under any such legislation, homeowners wouldn’t even be compensated, whereas before the government would have had to pay them at least 125% market value

Taking a page out of the South Africa's, and Zimbabwe's play-book, are you, Sweden?!?

Should this insane notion get passed, expect massive, public protests to occur with a strength and ferocity that will astonish the current government.

Oh, and it will also be the last time that any Swedish politicians who supported this, will be ever be elected... again.

You're welcome, Sweden!

The #1 Mission of Men is to protect their families & their country.
Part of their responsibility is "keeping in check" the emotional irresponsibility that many females are prone to.
If they fail to do that, their country will unravel
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The HONEST Apology that you will NEVER Hear!

The Democrats: Apology and Promise (v1.2)

They cannot and will not make these admissions

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"The Female Jordan Peterson" ?
THIS was a great speech, and really needed saying
The Diversity Delusion | Heather Mac Donald
To protestors:  "ARE YOU KIDDING ME? you are the most privileged group in history!"

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LEFTISM... is really about Virtue-signaling using other people's money


Like Margaret Thatcher said:

"The problem with Socialism is... Sooner or Later you run out of Other People's Money"

Classic examples are:

+ Students, who do not yet have income, or

+ Females or Minorities who took degrees in "grievance" fields, like Womans Studies, Black Studies, & Gender studies,

find that they cannot get a job paying a decent salary)

(the whiny b/tch, O-Castro, who 'accidentally' got elected to Congress is a perfect example of the later:

She virtue-signals on EVERYTHING without having a single clue about how the economy really works.)

These people then want to BOOST TAXES on those who are working hard in challenging jobs and are making a good income.

The money will then be used for government programs to "help" those who are unemployed. or on low incomes,

even if the reason that they are in such a state is because of flecklessness or poor choices.


Essentially, Leftists want to avoid responsibility & gain power through the State while enslaving hard-working

"Normies" who pay the taxes.  (check out the percentage of taxes paid by males.)

SEE > Leftism is a Religion:


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Dems cannot see their own shadow(s)... They blame all chaos on Trump

Zen master explains : VIDEO

Dems Accuse Trump Of "Plunging Country Into Chaos," End Of Shutdown "Hard To See"

... the Democrats just couldn't resist kicking sand in the President's face as the majority of Americans tune out for the holiday.

In a joint statement from Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic leaders chided Trump for "plunging the country into chaos" by obeying the whims of conservative talk radio hosts, repeatedly lashing out at the Federal Reserve and "firing" the Secretary of Defense.

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