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GEI may be shutdown soon - if price rise sticks

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GEI may be shutdown soon - if price rise sticks

Invision has greatly increased the monthly cost - without prior notice or my permission.

I can no longer afford to support this site at the new cost - and so may soon be shutting it down


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They increased the cost from US$45 to US$130, without my permission.

Google kicked me off Adsense years ago, so I have been subsidizing the site for a long time - and cannot justify $130 a month

I will try to save it somehow, but the site may disappear at any time.

But I think I will retain the domain names

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They forced me to upgrade at the end of last year - saying: "the old package is being terminated"

When I asked if the "new" but unenhanced package would cost more, they said it would not.

Then, suddenly & without warning in January, they started charging my credit card for $130, instead of the old $45, saying:

" We wanted to let you know that one or more of the purchases on your account are going to expire soon.
Since we have your card details on file, we will attempt to charge this card for these renewals."

— Invision Power Services "

(that sort of uni-lateral charging never happened before 2018. Never! You have seen the site go down!)

I have appealed to Master Charge, saying this charge is Not authorized by me, and I want it reversed for Jan. Feb. and March

So the credit card company may reverse it at any time, and the GEI website would likely go black, if Invision terminates it

If the site does go black, I would strongly recommend against ever doing business with such an unethical company, as Invision.

This is pure dirt-baggery, on the scale of Facebook or Twitter

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it's a cabal controlled company but that should not surprise u because they cabal consider the internet to be their property

it'd be a shame especially when we r coming up to the really exciting time in the history of this world

i have not been posting for a while but there's a lot of very, very positive developments behind the scenes in recent months.  You see this msg in http://www.alunajoy.com/2016-aug-11.html:

I rarely get future predictions. But on this day in September of 2016, I knew there was going to be a global upset in November 2017! The Star Elders said "It is going to upset the applecart". 

I know what that was.  If you read this article by Bradley Loves, you'd learn about how the cabal uses black magic to keep humanity under control: https://jhaines6.wordpress.com/2014/12/02/the-draggle-within-the-boggle-by-bradley-loves/

 He told me that EVERYTHING – AND I DO MEAN EVERYTHING ON EARTH – was set up using Ancient Occult Knowledge of sacred geometry and mathematics in order to “capture” and direct the FREQUENCY of the Planet. He said that “these people” were WACKO into OCCULT MAGIC!

... he showed me his Google Earth page littered with hundreds of dropped pins on every Monument, Military Base, and other locations, as well — with lines of distance, and angles of degrees, written in, making a crazy spiderweb pattern on the globe that appeared on his computer screen.

He said, “these guys are wacko into Magic! There isn’t a Base, a Metropolitan area, a monument, or a church, that isn’t an exact number of distance in miles, or special degree of angle from the next important thing. The whole planet is set up like some wacked out Satanic chess board.” He added. “It’s all magic!”-

Near the end of November 2017, the lynch pin of the black magic system was taken out.  Call it keystone if you prefer Q's terminology.  When you pull out the keystone, the arch will collapse.

Certain major centres of darkness fell in December, a very well known person conceded in January and a very famous family turned earlier this month.  I can't name names publicly

The whole thing's coming down.  Such a shame yr website is going poof just as the floodgates have been opened



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IF (I cannot negotiate a return to the OLD price, and it gets shutdown),

then I will try to link the domain names - to new forums.

Make a note:




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IP has pointed me to an old email - and here is how I responded

I just read this now.
And I have three comments:
+ What evidence do you have of MORE Users online?  (Are they search bots?)
All evidence I have is of FALLING activity on the website
(as I write this, there are 8 users online)
+ What right do YOU have to unilaterally TRIPLE the price?
I don't recall ever agreeing to give you such a right
+ For the first time, in 2018 Invision started Debitiing my credit card, rather than letting the site go down, and requiring me to approve the Monthly debit.  Why the change?
Combining this new debit method, with triple cost, leaves me with a very bad feeling.
An strong apology (and a refund!) is needed, imho
Michael Hampton
On Wednesday, 13 December 2017, 23:20:41 GMT+8, Invision Power Services <support@invisionpower.com> wrote:
Invision Power Services
Hi DrBubbFromGEI,

Your IPS Community in the Cloud, greenenergyinvestors.com, has had 139 online users in the past 48 hours, exceeding the 65 user limit of your plan.

We calculate online user counts on a 48 hour rolling average. You can view your online user usage statistics for the last seven days by going in the client area.

To ensure your community is still available, your community has been automatically upgraded to the Advanced 200 plan which is $130.00 per month. Your renewal date has not changed and you will not be charged the new package price until your normal renewal date on 19 January. You can visit our web site to see all the details on this new plan.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you and here's hoping your community continues to grow!


I am still very angry about this - and that is why I am making this public.

When I get a proper apology, I may move this thread to a private area - as a reminder for me to BE CAREFUL

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139 users my arse. They including guests in that?

But even then, whatever the outcome, i'd seriously consider shifting to


(their support and uptime is phenominal)

maybe even something like


easy to fish around, invision are taking the piss at triple digits per month thats worse than the amazon/google/microsoft cloud scams, i'm paying less than that for multiple dedicated servers that run the various tbm services.



for the forum (which is better than invision anyway)

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They seem to have agreed they are willing to go back to $45.

But I think I might opt for a cheaper plan - would serve them right for "trying it on"

The jump in visitors is very brief, and it happens when the search bots strike.

Paying for capacity to enable search bots is not my idea of good business - but IP sees it otherwise


(Current user count = 10 )

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(What do people think of THIS - latest installment):

Is this truly your idea of customer service - insulting the customer?:
accusing me of "immediately launching into a tirade and threatening us"
I am not threatening you - just informing you that I was overcharged, and as a retired person cannot afford to pay what seems to be a clear excessive charge.
Twas IP that tripled the price, and then debited my credit card - without permission. Not me.
So there was a very strong trigger for a strong reaction.
To then insult the customer - That's just not on.
And i have politely pointed out that you seem to have miscalculated traffic.  I still do not have a decent explanation of why IP suddenly decided I have a huge jump in users, when i never noticed this on my website.
I will stop typing now, and try to calm down - and maybe share these comments, yours and mine, with a few friends... before typing any more
(pause for a few hours... probably)
On Tuesday, 27 March 2018, 12:30:04 GMT+8, Management <support@invisionpower.com> wrote:
Invision Power Services

Hi DrBubbFromGEI,

(withheld) has replied to your support request.

Re: Re: Renew: Advanced 200 (greenenergyinvestors.com)


I apologize for your ill feelings, however, the ideal approach would be to simply contact us and seek assistance in alleviating confusion, not immediately launch into a tirade and threaten us. Perhaps that tactic is successful with other organizations, however, it is not so here and frankly, we are not interested in doing business with anyone that threatens to initiate a chargeback, which for service already consumed, essentially amounts to theft of service. 

I think an underlying issue here is you're not receiving our communications. We send notifications when you exceed your package limit (with a link to the graph) and we send notifications, every month, 7-10 days prior to payment being automatically deducted. It seems apparent you may not have received such notifications and based on the tone of the correspondence here, but it was nonetheless sent, which is why it's a bit insulting for you to accuse us of unethical business practices. 

To address the root of your concerns: your account was auto-upgraded in December because you exceeded your package limit. The alternative is to shut your site offline until the next billing period. We've never had a client request that, however. We do not maintain stats that far back, so I can't say where the traffic originated, but it coincided with your upgrade, so it was likely a combination of the Internet reindexing new URLs, updated content, etc. We discard 1/3 of search engine traffic, as a courtesy. The rest of the traffic is counted as we are billed by upstream providers per page view and whether it's a search engine or an individual, traffic is unfortunately traffic. If you had contacted us after being notified, I assure you we would have been happy to do an evaluation of your account and downgrade it after that billing cycle. 

In regards to automatic billing, you opted to save a credit card on file, which, as indicated on the add credit card screen, will place you on recurring payments. Again, you are notified 7-10 days prior to every charge. We do not just randomly charge credit cards - in fact, unless you specifically opt-in for recurring payments, we do not even have access to charge your card. I am sorry for any confusion on this, but do wish you'd have simply given the benefit of the doubt before assuming the worst. 

In terms of moving forward, you have been billed $130 for January, February and March. As a gesture of good will, I will retroactively downgrade your account for February and March, which will apply $85 each month, $170 total, to your account as a credit. If you would like to like to discontinue service, I will refund that back to your card. 

It's very regretful that an otherwise positive and seemingly successful business relationship has been soured over one exchange. Please let me know how you would like to proceed.


(name withheld by me, so far - dr B).

View Support Request

— Invision Power Services
Reference: [SR1003686.Kha] (do not remove this line when replying)


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" We discard 1/3 of search engine traffic, as a courtesy."

Are they joking ?

Search engines bring in like 100 bots - and they discard 1/3 ??


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Sorry to hear about this - sounds like they have lost touch with the idea that customers have issues with paying more for no good reason (sounds like a lot of political deadbeats).

If it will help, I can offer a small contribution to any increased costs (whether monthly or one off). I don't agree with everything posted here, but I do value a site where contrasting ideas can be freely exchanged without the discussion degenerating into name calling.


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I think they will agree to the original US$45 now.

They still havent explained that wild 130 User number which they claim to have seen.

Right now, the number of users is: 7 = me + 6 guests

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Glad you persevere Dr B.

Rarely post on any bulletin board these day, though I probably at least weekly view this section, occasionally selective threads in the General section. Just a case of life & family priorities, so I’m largely a lurker now but thought I’d say I still look in.

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Wow - 30 users viewing GEI - But are they Real ? Or Bots?

But I am the only member - and 80-90% of the others are not on specific pages

> Guest:  14 minutes ago  ·

and with same location

> Guest:    6 minutes ago  ·

instead of:

> Guest: Viewing Topic: Amazon's Bezos is not human... probably / Research here

19 minutes ago  ·

===== =

Location: Derby, United Kingdom - is a static assigned Cable/DSL IP address allocated to Experian Ok. Reputation. Robot.


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