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Range Metals / Oil And Gas

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My first post here ...


Range Oil - http://oilgas.rangemetals.com/

Range Metals - http://rangemetals.com/


Range Oil and Gas Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Range Metal Inc. (RMIC). The company intends to utilize the expertise and industry contacts of its' (SIC) talented board of directors and partners to advance exploration, production and partnership opportunities for oil and gas around the world. The company is currently developing opportunities in the Kurdistan Region of the Middle East, and West Africa.


A lot of promises about oil deals in Northern Iraq (Kurdistan), but no formal PSA or similar yet.


Fatir Sadiqi has been raising money for this.


Google search on him reveals:




Norman Davidson Kelly, BA, LLB, is the Chief Executive Officer.


Google search:




Listed on CNQ - http://www.cnq.ca/Page.asp?PageID=2013&AA_RecordID=158


The IR is being handled by Nick Fuller of Fuller IR. They also do IR for -


to be coninued

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Range Metals Inc.


Over the past ten years the directors of the Range Group of Companies have been involved in operational, management and director roles with resource-focused venture and development companies. Range leads or joint ventures in projects involving the exploration and development of oil and gas fields, and the discovery of profitable diamond, zinc, uranium and gold properties. Projects led by Range’s international group of directors have raised over $50 million in the capital markets of Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, Canada and London, UK. Range is currently involved in gold and uranium projects in Ontario, Canada, and oil & gas projects in the Middle East.


Range Metals Inc. (RMIC) - Active

Industry: Metals and Minerals

RSP Eligible: no

Market Maker: Canaccord

PI Financial


- - -


It is interesting to see Canaccord involved

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December 14, 2007 CNQ: RMIC

Range to Raise $50 Million for Northern Iraq Drilling Venture


Vancouver, BC – Range Metals Inc. (CNQ:RMIC) (“Range”) is pleased to announce

that it has entered into a letter agreement with Research Capital Corporation (“Research”)

whereby Research will act as sole agent, on a best-efforts basis, to raise capital for Range,

or a subsidiary of Range, for the purpose of financing Range’s portion of a joint venture

that Range is seeking to establish to provide oil and gas drilling services principally in the

Republic of Iraq. It is anticipated that the offering will be for up to $50 million in

subscription receipts at a price and on terms to be determined prior to closing of the

offering, the subscription receipts being convertible into an equal number of Range

common shares, or similar securities (or common shares or similar securities in a

subsidiary of Range) on the closing of the proposed joint venture. The completion of

proposed financing is subject to, among other factors, Range (or a subsidiary of Range)

establishing a joint venture and market conditions.

Pursuant to the terms of the aforementioned letter agreement, Range will pay to Research

a cash commission of 5.5% of the gross proceeds arising from the offering and will grant

to Research compensation options to purchase 5.5% of that number of common shares

issued upon the conversion of the subscription receipts.


/see: http://www.cnq.ca/Storage/1128/100522_RMIN1214.pdf

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Yeah, I saw that news.


It's not so easy to raise $50 million and it doesn't say exactly how they are going to do to where the money is going to come from. I hope they do raise that money, but I kind of dismissed it under the 'I'll believe it when it happens' category.


We're all taken for a ride once in a while :(


Fatir, Don, Norman; quite a crowd!


You could always report Fatir for "Investor Relations" activities while suspended, if it would make you feel any better, won't change your position though and I think you can be assured of the fact that the three of them would find it rather hard to come to London to raise further cash for RMIC or any of it's affiliates.




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Vancouver, BC, Canada - Range Metals Inc. (CNQ:RMIC) (FWB:YGK) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Ala Nuseibeh to the Board of Directors of its wholly owned subsidiary Range Oil and Gas Inc.


Mr. Nuseibeh is Chief Executive Officer of KAN International Petroleum Services, a regional oil and gas company based in Amman, Jordan. Mr. Nuseibeh specializes in identifying upstream and downstream oil and gas opportunities, arranging strategic partnerships and facilitating project financing. He has served on several boards of listed companies and currently advises local and multinational companies on upcoming opportunities and strategies covering North, Central and Eastern Africa, Middle East and the Caspian Region.


He has interests in oil and gas exploration, drilling and oil services companies and has assisted several blue chip companies in successfully securing business relationships in the Middle East, including concession acquisitions, drilling and service contracts.


Then next day:


Range Metals Inc. Announces Granting of Stock Options


Vancouver, BC, Canada – Garth Edgar, Chief Financial Officer of Range Metals Inc., has been

granted incentive stock options entitling him to purchase 500,000 common shares of Range

Metals at a per share exercise price of $0.20 for a term of five years (subject to earlier termination

in accordance with the terms of the Corporate Management Agreement and Range Metals’ 2005

Stock Option Incentive Plan - Amended), vesting in stages over the term. Norman Davidson

Kelly, Director and Chief Executive Officer of wholly-owned Range Oil & Gas Inc., has also

been granted additional incentive stock options entitling him to purchase 300,000 shares of Range

Metals at a per share exercise price of $0.20 under similar terms.


For further information on Range Metals Inc. (CNQ:RMIC), please visit the Company’s web site

at www.rangemetals.com.


On Behalf of the Board of Directors:


(signed) “Donald R. Sheldon”


Donald R. Sheldon





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