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Hey I'm new

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Hi all.

New too. Only new to investing so might not have a lot to bring to the table but will do my best. Currently have some PM's and been trying to learn to trade the stock market but have a frozen trigger finger.


Anyway just thought i'd say hi.


Welcome Hal


Although the Hal name sounds vaguely like a bot from Space 3000 <_< I am guessing from the reference to PM's and frozen trigger finger that you are a real person with real concerns.


On that basis I hope you find GEI useful. Dont be afraid to ask questions. Dont worry about asking why you should buy gold at this high level - depending on the forum the answer might vary somewhat.


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I think Priopaytrearo may well be a bot, maybe a type of sleeper bot. If not, he/she now has a chance to engage in conversation.




I am totally agree with you I read the above mentioned article about Sleeper Cell Bots its really helpful. Truly i don't know about Sleeper Cell Bots before reading your post. Thanks for sharing.

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