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The BP thread

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I know you like high risk plays Riggers - does BP tickle your fancy now ;) - or does it need to get even more dicy first :(


2 ultra dodgy countries involved, bit too high risk for me :lol:


Looks like a possible T.A traders dream from around here, but for me summertime curtails any attempt I might consider to trade the swings/sentiment.


Then again if it touches the 200's might be tempted :o

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Matt Simmons is saying BP is going Bankrupt.


Ever wonder who may have been buying up every share of BP stock earlier this week, especially when it plunged to 14 year lows on June 9 amid media frenzy based on a Fortune story in which Simmons & Co.'s CEO Matt Simmons was quoted as saying that BP "has about a month before they declare Chapter 11." Why, Simmons & Co. itself, of course. In a note released to clients on Friday, Simmons & Co, upgraded BP from Neutral to Overweight, in which Mr. Simmons amusingly notes, "the kitchen sink of headlines have been thrown at BP shares over the past 2 weeks, thereby partially desensitizing the shares to the news." With his dire warnings of an imminent bankruptcy just two days prior to the upgrade, Mr. Simmons surely did his fair share to contribute to kitchen sink.





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