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Should we OpposeThe PTB, or just "Send them our Love" ?

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Should we Distract The PTB, or just "send them our Love" ?


lightworkers4_zpsd0621b1f.jpg : sending Love

Link here: http://tinyurl.com/Acore-Love


Lightworkers (whom I sometimes call "Love Bunnies") can be highly irritating at times.

And there has been a conversation on Youtube that really brought out this reaction from me.


Here's where it led... I will fill in the Gaps later



Whatever you want to believe is what you subject yourself to. VOTING IS A JOKE, PERIOD. Just because you don't believe that something is true, doesn't make it so. WAKE UP BROTHER, eh, I mean 'Friar.'



You are the one who needs to wake up! "Sending Love" to bad guys is such an absurd waste of time, I want to break out laughing.

Let's instead orchestrate a "Good Guy counter-attack", against the Zios.

If nothing else, it will distract the bad guys from their war-making efforts. We have seen Eric Cantor, the most powerful Zionist republic lose his powerful position, because people voted against him. This has made other politicians less likely to support Israel, and that may have saved some lives in Gaza. Thank God for that! Saying Voting doesn't work is so wrong and demotivating, when it clearly has worked, makes me wonder if you are acting in concert with those who want to distract us from things that can make a difference. This Friar prays that you will come to your senses, and release yourself from cabal mind control. My main energy will go to practical efforts.



The secret elite run all political agendas. We have been voting for the lesser evil and forgetting IT'S STILL EVIL



So you are going to DO NOTHING, and let this opportunity slip away!? If so, you are unwittingly acting as a tool for the cabal. Voting against the Dual citizen / Zionist candidate is a genuine practical effort that will frighten many politicians, and make them less supportive of Zionist war efforts. Instead of this practical effort - which HAS worked - you want to hope that some mythical Dragon family is going to save you, or some Prosperity people are going to put Fiat currency in your bank account?? I really do not get your attitude at all. Are you some sort of agent, sent here to demotivate people from genuine efforts?


> source-RVD-14Sep14

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MORE... the comments continued...


Z.S. :

EVIL is an illusion/ it isn't part of 'Nature' but it IS a manufactured concept, based on the wickedness that all human beings are capable of doing. It is what they want you to believe in - in-congruent concepts, CORPORATE FICTIONS, and that they have 'power' over you, because they are 'evil.' No, they are as Divine as you and/or I (because, and science of the 3D kind has proven this, 'we are One - great big collective Mind). They have to perpetuate what has been perpetrated upon them. I'll go one further... it's just as delusional to believe in good and evil and that some good guy in the sky, or his 'evil' nemesis actually exist and are eternally fighting over our Souls. They HAVE TO control humanity because they live in FEAR - I AM & FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. If I lived in an illusion, I'd say, violence will cure violence. But I am not - I am stating emphatically that THE ONLY WAY to overcome this illusion where the few get to rule over the many, is because People erroneously believe that force is power. I don't BELIEVE in illusions, therefore I won't BE or LIVE in anything other than reality. LEGALESE is just one of their control games involving words - religion and politics are the other main ones. It's ALL Divide and Conquer methodologies.


That's Great, Zareth. If you are unwilling to take action to save yourself, then why should anyone else bother to save you? My opinion is that Evil exists, and it must be actively opposed, or they/it will get the upper hand, as it has now.


If I take ACTION, the recipe is as follows - THEY have a RE-ACTION. So, I just don't participate and refuse to CO-OPERATE in my own slavery to a system that only benefits a relative few inbred, mentally-defective, fearful psychopaths. What if Life is just a 'test' huh? I'd fail if I followed in their footsteps wouldn't I?

Therein lies the problem.


a part of the Solution, Zareth


The illusion IS that we are not really this temporary body ! And all our concepts of free will is preordained .I don't expect anything to be solved, but the process of trying to solve them is healthy to be a part of ! About politics, you should investigate Who and How anyone gets in the big game . Rule # 1 You must have no care for the lower classes or useless eaters. That's you and me! No matter what party you vote for, their Economic, Warfare and international Policy is Always the Same....Hope you Realize Peace


GS, Wow. I wonder if you are reading my comments closely?

Voting against Zionist dual citizens will have the following positive effects:

1/ It may get them out of office, reducing the power of TPTB, who are largely Zionists, \

2/ It sends a message to politicians that VOTERS WANT America First, rather than Israel First,

3/ It may distract the Zios from their war-making efforts - as the rejection of Eric Cantor has already helped to do.

All of these are worthwhile, don't you agree? 


Have you forgotten how the man in office was suppose to be the Change? Well it never happened. You should know, the USA is a corporation. Just like the one I'm in Canada. Our system is different but just as corrupt . I can not permit my conscience to support any of these well dressed criminals !


The so-called 'man in office' is a CEO and he works for the shareholders. The Chief Executive Officer of the foreign-owned CORPORATION (US, INC) is selected by the 13 shareholders and NOT 'elected by we, the People


Yes selected not elected !

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+++ CONTINUES ....

"... selected not elected !"

Fr.N :

I am political savvy enough to not worry about those sorts of distractions.

The point is to deliver a clear message that We-the-People can see past the puppets and their noise, and address the real problem: There's been a silent coup d'etat in America, where Globalist bankers associated with the formation of Israel have grabbed power in the US. They have used AIPAC and political donations to do that: John Mearsheimer & Stephen Walt - The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy - and discussion of this reality is taboo in the MSM. We can actually fight it by showing that we "get it", and are unwilling to support the Zionist candidates. Have you see a list of Dual citizens in Congress and the Senate? Let's reduce the votes they get, and either give them a scare, or throw them out.


If we can scare the old politicians enough, and show our own power this year, then that will improve the chances of a Third Party candidate in 2016. Does anyone here really want to see a choice between just Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush in 2016? Showing the Two parties and other voters that a growing number of Americans are fed up with the Zionist control structure, is a big and important step towards real change.


Friar, I applaud your passion and your intentions. But what tells you that your vote will even be tallied? To me it's all a game, a big charade to let people think they have something to say. All it does is provide the Cabal the opportunity to pass blame on the "voters", i. e. "the majority voted for party X, so don't complain about its policies." It wouldn't surprise me one bit, if someday the truth would come out that our elections were all elaborate scams. Opinion polls that are all part of the propaganda with the task to shape public opinion instead of reflecting it. Heated public debates between candidates who in reality belong to the same camp and so on. My guess is that the November results are already in, no matter what you or anyone else are voting for...


What do we have to lose? I have heard that they can rig the vote by a few percent, but if the voters are overwhelming on one side, they cannot rig it.

Have you looked into the defeat of Eric Cantor? (LINK below) - it was a real wake-up call to the cabal that they cannot take voters for granted. And we can deliver the same message right across the country. We should be getting the word out on this strategy, and making lists of Dual citizen candidates, and also paying attention to whom AIPAC is supporting. The election is 7 weeks away, so there's still time to pull this effort together.


CHOICE?' To quote George Carlin, "Choice? You don't have choices. You have owners!" If you believe that THIS crew in DC can do anything other than what they're doing right now - which is NOTHING - then you're focused on the drama of R or D (or a '3rd' party) and the divide and conquer, and not 'seeing the bigger' picture - they only have 'elections' to see how many still believe in their bullshit. Statistical research, that's all - demographics.

You want to 'send a message?'


That says... I'm one less part of the problem and one more integral element in the solution.

The distinctions that either 'party' is anything more than one big 'party' at our expense, is delusional. Left-wing, right-wing? That's like saying that Hitler was 'different' than Stalin, because he was into concentration camps, centralized government, with him only seated upon the throne as a murderous tyrant. Because we all know that Stalin was into something altogether different, right? THEY ARE ALL PUPPETS, and we the People don't hold their (ample) purse strings. The 'shareholders do.


George Carlin is wrong!. If people behaved like him, Eric Cantor would be set to remain in office. The real point is to VOTE AGAINST the Zionist Dual citizens, and the Two Party system. Then you are working against the system that Carlin, Jesse Ventura, and many other true patriots have complained about,


Eric Cantor LOST !: Eric Cantor Loses - Should The Corrupt Be Scared? - he lost by 12 points.

With that margin, they could not rig it. This important story, was not given the emphasis that it deserved in the MSM.

( It may continue below )

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Hi FriarN
Interesting conversation. Should we do nothing and not vote or do something and vote. The answer is not straightforward, but we all agree we are fighting gross injustices in our world and elsewhere!

In the UK we basically have two main parties but whoever gets into power has to bow to the illuminati/ cabal since they appear to control all key areas of government.

Recently UKIP (UK Independence Party) has gained popularity because the leader, Nigel Farage is an intelligent and charismatic speaker. He comes across as wanting to upset the norm and kick out the old establishment. The parties main policy is to get the UK out of the European Union which has hit a cord with the public because the other two main parties have promised a vote in the past but have always found an excuse for not to ask the public because they fear a result they do not want.

The two main parties and MSM are scared stiff and have tried every trick in the book to discredit UKIP but they just get more popular which is a good thing.

Whilst I have joined the party and made a small donation do I think that In the very unlikely event they get into power it will make a difference, will anything really change. Unfortunately I don't think it will or can because each political party choses their own leader, so we effectively vote for the party and it's policies and not the leader making it easy for the cabal to control the choices.

Also we have permanent Government civil servants who remain in office regardless of leadership, sometimes for 20 years or more who advice the leader and his Ministers of what they can and cannot do. I would say the grip the cabal has on the our Government is pretty much absolute. The USA is different in that the whole administration changes.

If I do vote it will be a protest vote to the system because it won't make a difference, in my opinion the cabal are extremely sharpe operators and will cover every scenario since they will not allow a non controlled person into power.

Regardless of whether I vote or not I cannot idly sit by and do nothing about the crimes against humanity that are taking place in front of our eyes, I'd be betraying myself, family and children.

What's the point of being an awakened hypocrite.

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Thanks for that reaction, Yelik.


Here's what I see happening: A one-two punch.


First one: A "Yes" Vote in Scotland, which will be a big shock to The PTB.

The fact that a majority of those who go to the Polls have the will to leave the UK will resound through the UK, Europe, and the World. Imagine: The Queen will lose her influence north of the English border. Her image will come off the Coins and Bills. The guys in Whitehalll will no longer be able to dictate to the Scots what to do. This will bring some chaos, sure. UK-Rumpsters will negotiate hard to hold onto a share of North Seas Oil revenues, and load up Scotland with as much debt as possible. Scotland can keep its NHS system, and continue to give a free college education to those who qualify. But there will be some problems generating sufficient revenues to pay for it, and the Scots may find they need to find a way to start new business. They may look to Ireland for how to do that. If Scotland rediscovers its inventive and entrepreneurial roots, then the split will be a healthy one. If not, they will sputter along... maybe for years.


The second shock will be the US elections, where a record number of incumbents in Congress will lose their seats.

It will be like a Tidal wave, sweeping in those newcomers who want genuine change in Washington politics. Big new themes will be: Ending war, getting US troops out of foreign countries. Falling support for Israel, will be evidence because bombing of Gaza, and killing of innocent citizens, will have had a real impact on voters. Immigration, and border crossing by illegals will be another big issue, especially in those states close to Mexico. There will be talk of new "isolationism" in the US. But the real issue will be that government is no longer serving the people. It has been captured by corporate interests, and by those who want it to serve Israel. Americans, through their votes, will be saying: "I want my country back!"


This is the most optimistic prediction. It may not happen. The two main parties, and the BBC may succeed in frightening some voters into the "No" camp. But even if they do, a close vote will keep devolution on the agenda. And in the US, a non-tidal wave at the polls, might push angry citizens into more activist actions in other areas. The World is waking up. Whether the planet is shaken this year, or later, it is not going back to sleep.

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DREAMS, set free... and of being set free...




Scotland: Vote Yes “Anyway”

It Was Never Much of a Marriage


A YES vote, will inspire Dreams of Independence everywhere.
Like this one from the comments under Gordon Duff's article on VT:


So Far From Heaven: Old Jules
If Scotland votes to end allegiance to Britain it hammers the final nail in the coffin of the great empires of the past few centuries. British, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portugal, Russian, even Italian splintered to fractions of their ambitions of a century ago. Maybe it actually is a signal of a changing paradigm. When the USSR fragmented it seemed possible a time would come when the State of Alaska might one day be a part of the logical nation made up of Western Canada, Washington, Oregon and the Aleutians. If the Scots split off I'd allow myself to believe again of the possibility sometime sooner than anyone might think.

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Yes, breakaway and be successful, breakaway from the corrupt UK Government and Royals who have sold their souls too satan. Make sure you do not allow psychopaths into any position of power. Control all your own natural resources and keep the corrupt bankers and energy firms under a very tight leash. Think about disclosure and re-educating society with the true history and science of our world.


I did read somewhere that emails were leaking out of downing street and the police were called in. Apparently they were exposing government interference in the vote.

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Downing Street "interference in the vote"


This is what the world has come to.


These big globalist agglomerations seem to be associated with a heavily corrupted Elite.

We saw it in Ancient Roma, and we have increasingly seen it in our modern, and post-modern world


I am coming to the conclusion that effective and uncorrupted leadership is most likely at a local level,

where you know your neighbors, and their background (and/or the family background), and can look

then in the eye, and know if they are lying or telling the Truth.


Henry Kissinger's wondrous New World Order is led by people who know how to gather power (into central group,

heavily corrupted), while lying cheerfully about its purpose and motivations. It is designed and built

for talented psychopaths.


De-Volution of Scotland IMHO will increase the potential for effective localized political bodies,

so long as Scotland remains unseduced by the EU.

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(I found this comment from one of the Skype rooms to be rather funny, and also relevant here):


"Been getting increasingly pissed off recently with "spiritual" people saying that everyone and everything is one and then literally a few minutes later blathering on about how there are bad aliens and we should not ever trust our government or the vatican, or whatever other authority structure they appear to think they have nothing to do with and had no part in creating, despite being always at one with everything.."


(A.B. from a Q-- room, 5:38:38 AM, xx )

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Awakened Hypocrites (AH) - They know something is wrong yet do nothing!


I believe that when people are overwhelmed by fear or uncertainty our defence mechanism kicks in. We are taught that God / Jesus is pure love so some people turn to that because they believe it is right and it will give them strength and protect them from evil.


Unless AH have their wealth or person threatened then It is difficult and time consuming to change these people en-mass. They are likely to be crowd followers rather than leaders, expecting otherwise is futile.


It is one thing having an opinion it is another to become more proactive, it takes more effort, time and commitment, but, people are lazy and lack the time and motivation.


We are all subjected to a mind control, from conditioned parents, education, MSM, TV, games, Internet, mobile devices, wifi routers, phone masts, satellites. More worrying is the concoction of materials in chemtrails. From nano metallic particulates, fibres and engineered biological substances ( hybrid blood cells)


WTF - if the analysis and science is correct the NWO has been ingested since 1999 and we didn't see it coming. We are becoming synthetic bioengineered species/ AI with self replicating artificial blood cells controlled by EM pulses.


You mentioned do we directly take on the TPTB? Technically the answer is no because taking on a force that owns the casino and can see your cards is unwise. However discovering and exposing the truth (as best we can) in a wise and intelligent manner is a sensible approach in my opinion.


As we know many people are doing this across the internet but it's very fragmented, no one has really brought the known information together to form a unified explanation we can all understand. This is no easy task because we've been hit with a plethora of half truths and misinformation which is only going to get worse.


I think one of the important tasks is to try and understand what drives the elites, how do they think and why, understand thine 'enemy'. Although we ourselves are sometimes our own worst enemy !


“We are fighting the dark forces of evil, the psychopathic rulers of our world” They do not play by any rules

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“We are fighting the dark forces of evil, the psychopathic rulers of our world” They do not play by any rules

I get your point.

But I am not certain this is true.

A productive effort might be researching to Find the Rules that they actually do play by.

There must be some, since they are part of a group, and their are dynamics (rules) governing that group.

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“We are fighting the dark forces of evil, the psychopathic rulers of our world” They do not play by any rules

I get your point.
But I am not certain this is true.
A productive effort might be researching to Find the Rules that they actually do play by.
There must be some, since they are part of a group, and their are dynamics (rules) governing that group.


Probably used the wrong term, I meant they don't play by any fair or known rules, they are ruthless in otherwords. But yes, a number of good reseachers have suggested that if we can understand their rules / rituals we'll crack the secrets open

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Cracking the Rules and principles the Cabal (and ET's?) utilize,

seems to be a key thing we will need to know to survive, if they are our opposition.


Perhaps the "Rules that Psychopaths follow" might be a good place to start... to understand them.


And maybe also the Rules of behavior of Reptiles on Earth - again, it could be useful.

I wonder how much overlap there is?


I might open a different thread on that, since it is getting a bit Off Topic

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Is like being the step-sister of "Maintaining a positive Attitude" (no matter what)

and there was a POLL about Attitude vs Logic & Research from Project Avalon




View Poll Results: Is a Positive Attitude sufficient ? ====== Voters 27.
  • Stay positive. Stay happy... Stay within the heart area." :: ( 5): 18.52%


  • Those with good intentions must always be supported . :: ( 3): 11.11%


  • Listen with your heart - that's enough, the Heart knows. :: ( 5): 18.52% /sum: (13): 48.15%


  • Seek a balance of Heart and Head: research and logic are necessary too (15) : 55.56%


  • Realize that shams and scams are very often wrapped in good intentions... :: ( 3) : 11.11%


  • Ignore pure feelings, learn the tools of Logic and use them as your primary approach 0 0%


  • Be a whistleblower, defending the Truth against mere good intentions......... :: ( 2) : 7.41%


  • None of the above statements reflects my views (please post comments).... :: ( 6) : 22.22%

  • ==

  • > http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?72390-POLL-Stay-positive.-Stay-happy...-Stay-within-the-heart-area./page3

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I would go with the "none of the above" option.


Send our Love eh? Who among us has such a power of Love to "send" as can affect the empty soul-space of a diabolical psychopath? And who among us can even "send" Love as if it were an email, and to affect the global consciousness? And even if we could, how many are really "out there" who can muster and then expertly "send" such love? In my opinion, such notions are really lacking in understanding as per Love and understanding as per "sending". They seem to attract people like some college students I knew who thought they could get straight A's in literature class by just copying Cliff Notes. So, in my opinion, any arguments on the subject are not based on much of a foundation.

To put it another way: did Gandhi's level of "love" really do anything? Britain planned to let India pretend to have its freedom (while still pulling strings behind the scenes). In fact, when Gandhi really tried to go against the plan by attempting to reconcile Muslim and Hindu factions, they just "offed" him. How about the Love of the Cathars? Got them killed in really nasty ways. How about the Love of Jesus and the early Christians. They all became human sacrifices to eventually build a medieval religious tyranny. I am not saying Love is useless or that it cannot be a vibration that makes a difference. It's just that people seem to think Love is something apart from them that they can just throw somewhere like a hand-grenade and expect the "enemy" to fall to its magic. What I see is that "sending Love" is treated like casting stones to "loose women" we don't like, as they did in the days of Jesus. It seems more to make us look good rather than to make any real change.

In any practical problem, solutions come from examining our original premise in defining the problem, our resources and how or if they relate to the problem (or only appear to do so), and if we are limiting ourselves in our alleged motivations. Often it is our very reality frame that condemns the problem to be unsolvable. After all, some problems in physics just could not be solved until the whole classical paradigm once conisdered unalterable "Truth" was expanded into formerly untenable horizons.

Let's take logic: The premises of Logic, no matter how you argue it, are based on Assumptions that lead to conclusions along a straight line, the shortest distance between two points of reference. It usually works, or seems to do so, unless we consider that a reality frame might have a relativistic geometric space. It can rest on a larger or more encompassing reality frame that sports a very different geometric space, and one where there are no straight lines. In other words, logic alone is very specialized and thus limited. Our conclusions are also based on the level of knowledge regarding the given situation where logic is applied. In an age of disinformation, relentless and insidious conditioning (where you are only properly conditioned when you don't know or believe you are), as well as information overload and confusion, keeping the record straight to effectively apply logic is no small feat. This is true weither we have truckloads of love to support us or not, in my opinion.

Yeah, yeah, I know. "What's your solution smart guy?" My solution is to focus first on getting to a place where we can responsibly orient toward solutions rather than being mere rats in someone's think tank experiement of brainwashed Matrix zombies who think they're waking up. Yes, a bit harsh, but well meant nevertheless. Just consider history and that the tyrants are those who wrote it and studied all that we don't know about it as well as shelling out billions into studying us for a long long time. They may not have a clue about Love, but they are masters of chess-like strategy and tactic, as well as manipulative psycho-button pushing.

This is just a single post offering a bare bones view. But I would say that if we want to "oppose" we need to first define our arena of opposition. Should it even be in the public and surveilled domain? Or can we use that domain to our advantage, at least to a point in our deliberations? Can we use the means of tyrants to our advantage?

One more thing: there is mention of heart and mind, but what about body? What about instinct in terms of non-cognitive and trans-emotional faculties such as sensate (energy) awareness and body-level "gut feeling"? How about the body-mind/heart? That's not just technical nit-picking. After all the tyrants are going a long way to disrupt our hormones, electrolyte balance and immune systems. They seem to know that the way to mess with the mind and heart is not just directly, but through the body as well. So perhaps we need to be more focused on really really really getting our houses in order in more ways than one, and setting some firm foundations for exploring solutions that assure we are actually outside the box and not in a fancier and upgraded version of the old rat maze; one that may be designed to trap those who dare reach for hope.

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Hi, ACjinn. Welcome.

Thanks for the very thoughful post




I agree.

More that "his Love", Gandi gave us his inspirational example.

And there would have been No Change without the repeated acts of Civil Disobedience.


Would this work today in places like the US, where psychopaths now seem to be running the show?


Can this simple approach...




Overcome this... ?



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Hi ACJinn

Welcome, interesting name!


I agree with your comments. Yes, the word love has been used in so many different ways it's almost meaningless. I for one have purposely avoided using such words, there is no such thing as the perfect human.


Trying to fully understand ourselves and the big picture is forever changing and will take forever, however, If we take a little time to examine the world as it is we can see something is not right. We are kept in a constant state of war and fear of terrorism, the elites are getting richer and stronger and much of the world is in relative poverty by comparison. Money is still all powerful and it's difficult to live without it.


Even without the ET and technology agenda, which is destroying democracy and stripping the world it's wealth the average person is still capable of seeing something is wrong; but this is not enough to trigger an effective demand for change. Because of everyday distractions and 'conditioning' people believe how can one person make a difference or fight the establishment, why should they waste their time and life for nothing - 'conditioning complete'


The elites are masters at understanding human nature and in one sense I admire them, their control is cunning and like the tax system, they take enough but not so much to cause unrest. Their mission is however in-human and hence flawed.


Deciding on an effective response requires much thought and understanding, and attacking a powerful and all seeing force head on is unwise, although they wouldn't expect it, or would they, lol

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I probably should have introduced myself before just posting. AC represents my first two initials, and djinn is just a mythic being of "smoke and fire" according to Islam. It is a kind of link between Human and Angel (earth and clay for humans and light for angles). Djinn are also largely demonized in religious mythologies even though their characteristics, traits and motives are technically as varied as those of human personalities. So call it a name that encourages to not be swayed by demonization or ideological misrepresentation when we are called to forge bridges between what we are and our highest ideals.

I would also like to thank FriarN for inviting me here. He knows me mainly from the youtube videos where I am hosted as a guest of Ron Van Dyke once a week (as my own person and not as a mouthpiece of his own views).

Expressing opinion in such hot topics is always a challenge. It's hard not to generalize and sometimes we need to. It's also not always easy, in my opinion, to back up the emphasis that each case should be taken on its own merit when we also desire solutions that affect everyone and aren't restricted to special cases of conditions. Often it's not easy being objective without alienating one's self from the situation. So indeed, there is no such thing as the perfect human, although many of us do tend to aspire to ideals of our being and potentials that evolve us beyond our limitations.

On the other hand, I think and feel that trying to understand things deeply need not be a quest for a perfect state, but one of adequate degree so we don't make the mistakes of the past, especially now that we face an establishment with a bag of tricks the past probably did not have to face. As such I am more urging we take nothing for granted, especially our various assumptions; that we dare examine our givens and options to the point of "ad nauseum" while being observant and discerning enough to recognize if and when we chase our own tails or enter blind alleys. That may take hitting a wall and backtracking or ramming an obstacle until our heads crack and we wise up. But we also have intuition, a gut sense and a heart that can be a touchstone of truth for us.

Gandhi may have been sincere and his methods useful in a world of a certain level of corruption, and civil disobedience has its place...but it tends to fall flat when the "other side" actually wants to exterminate most humans and all who aspire to freedom. Yet I do believe in the power of love, the effectiveness of wisdom and the value of human creativity and courage. I would like those resourceful qualities to be focused on both understanding the depth of our predicament and toward solutions regarding it as a result of our understanding.

For example, I agree regarding the proposal of councils of wisdom (even though that's another thread), but not to just spit out procedures of direct strategic and tactical response to problems, but as think tanks to inspire growing numbers of people to cultivate discernment, to organize and face and overcome their mind control and inspire even more humans to do so. As yelik said, seeing something is wrong is not enough to trigger effective change. Spreading knowledge of the problem has been and is still necessary, but before we leap from knowing the problem to proposing solutions, cultivating and then spreading understanding is a bridge that may need a stronger commitment for now. Personally I feel it is something humanity needs sorely at this time.

The establishment is not afraid of knowledge. They can twist, conceal and confound the facts, but they can also use unadulterated facts to their advantage. They can also tag knowledge promoters for future reference without rushing to sanction them. Understanding is a different animal altogether. And much harder to pin down because it is fully dependant on the response of the one receiving it, whereas facts are simply facts, and if well presented will eventually sink in. They do not, however, necessarily lead to action. They may even lead to avoidance because fear is the only response some people know when faced with difficult truths. Understanding, however, allows for the digestion of facts into a useful dynamic that can lead to wisdom: the context of the pragmatic application of understanding. Understanding leads to a stance of empowerment, whereas wisdom inspires the actions one can effectively take from that stance.

Without the stance, however, any move can lead to a fall. And any fall can be very "bad press" for those who are scared out of their wits already.

Just some additional thoughts.

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Great to see you here, AC.

I am sure the Forum will benefit from your intelligence, and your philosophical insights.


For those who don't know AC ("Aristo") - here's a recent podcast:


19-09-2014: Fuck the NWO's. What we need is the NU-WIn: Natural Uncompromised Integrity.


(the sharp language is unusual for AC)


Bringing up Gandhi was inspired.

Maybe that is the way to bring out more Truth, through well considered acts of non-violent demonstration,

and some civil disobedience. It could work, and would be a great contrast to the dark and hard edges of

the militarized police.


As you say here/below - we need to think about how this can be done effectively, and safely:


"Gandhi may have been sincere and his methods useful in a world of a certain level of corruption, and civil disobedience has its place...but it tends to fall flat when the "other side" actually wants to exterminate most humans and all who aspire to freedom. Yet I do believe in the power of love, the effectiveness of wisdom and the value of human creativity and courage."


- I will think about this so more, and post some ideas... soon

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Can we protest as New Age post-2012 Gandhi-ites ?


It seems to me, that the real target of any demonstration is other people in the general public,

who may hear about the protest. To help them all Wake Up


Gandhi, The Movie. Trailer :


"100,000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 Million Indians,

if those Indians refuse to co-operate."

"Truth has always won" / "You must make the Injustice Visible"

"The function of Civil Disobedience is to provoke a response"


Suggestions / Action steps:


+ Read the book: Gandhi's Truth, by Eric H. Erikson

+ Watch again : Gandhi, the 1982 film, with Ben Kingsley, as Gandhi (see trailer, above)

( wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gandhi_(film) )

+ Discuss the lessons here, on Acore

+ Consider the image - I want a contrast with the black military units, so maybe:



( Image can be powerful. I imagine a white T-shirt. But the upright hand can be important too. )


+ Develop a strategy for the Types of events a group of "Gandhi-ites" might attend

+ What's the Key message to be delivered to the MSM, and via Social media??

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Yes, that's what "they" do.

But maybe others have some tricks-up-their-sleeves too.


There was an interesting post on VT:



VT, and especially Jim Fetzer seems to be working hard to short-circuit the Propaganda stage,

by exposing the method and the lies behind the False flags.

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I think it's important to consider a rather recent quote by Zbigniew Brzezinski: “Today, it is infinitely easier to to kill a million people than to control a million people.” I recommend looking up and pondering the quotes of this master strategist of psychopathic controllers. We shouldn't shy away from getting into the head of the tyrants, and ZB expresses many examples of their mindset.

In any case, I feel it is important to consider the impact of this quote when pondering the pros and cons of "civil disobedience". This 100,000 English cannot control the millions of Indians, but today the few who call the shots among those 100,000 are becoming much bolder in just wiping out the millions...and with "infinite ease". History actually tells us truth has not always won...unless we are speaking of a long term process that is still to reach its culmination. And the Injustice is already Visible, but spun to create fear rather than inspire action. Indeed the function of Civil Disobedience (CD) is to provoke a response. And the role of tyrants is to set an example so the response goes their way.

This is not to say that CD is useless. On the contrary. What I am suggesting is that to me it rather resembles a martial arts strike to specific pressure points. It needs to be well thought out, well executed and applied with precision at the right time and place so as to have the desired impact and not trigger disastrous consequences by an increasingly arrogant yet constantly calculating group of "thinking psychos".

Something like exposing the method and lies in False flags, however, is effective on a more subtle level. This is an example of promoting understanding as opposed to just regurgitating raw data. Knowing things are going to hell in a handbasket is hard to put into a viable context of response by most people who feel isolated from any sense of organized and effective solutions. But teaching them how to think around psychopathic conditioning is a different story. This can lead to cultivating confidence and to establish a mind space for people to take initiative in small things at first (like reinforcing and sharing the understanding as opposed to trying to convert people with raw data and "researched facts" of neutral understanding value at best). Eventually some will get more creative and share that. We are not chipped yet, meaning conditioning is reversible. And if that is true natural human ingenuity can be ignited. This includes the ingenuity to organize under the psychopathic surveillance radar.

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NON-Violence - is a basic principle of A-Core (and GEI too)


I cannot condone violent action !
In fact, the longer the Awakening Movement can avoid if the better,
and better still: if it can avoid it altogether!


There are a number of reasons for this principle:


+ It is dangerous for those to perform the violent behavior, and obviously may also harm the target


+ Can we really act as "judge and jury" for those we think might be "bad guys"? Do we truly know enough


+ Violent acts are very likely to turn the general public AGAINST the cause of those who commit violence


in fact, I do not want to encourage more discussion of Civil Disobedience, here in the public thread.

If you want to explore it more, perhaps by looking at History, and seeing what worked, there's another place for that.


(Link ): http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19467


There are many other matters than Civil Disobedience we can discuss here:


+ One question that has been puzzling me is how to assess what makes an effective Protest Video

+ xx

+ xx

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