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Getting to Know You : Non-human Races, and Voices from the Cosmos

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Getting to Know You : Non-human Races
This book/interview is a good starting point
Angela T Smith and Rev. C B Scott Jones
Have written a book: Voices from the Cosmos
Ms. Smith started a project decades ago, "interviewing" ET Races,
using Remote Viewing, on behalf of a client* who has now passed.
The first half of an interview by Mel Fabregas, of Veritas
Veritas Radio - Angela T. Smith, Ph.D. | Interviews with Members of 18 Extraterrestrial Races
Short Greys : Cannot respond individual, only as a group
They abduct humans to make hybrids - used as Ambassadors
Tall Greys : More independent
Nordics / Whites : Do not abduct humans - Angela "felt an affinity with them"
Reptilians : Pilot the craft, not easy to talk to.
Many more things came out in the Q&A:
+ The greys say that abductions are positive, because it gets hybrids ("the New") out in the universe, "as Ambassadors"
+ They respect some things about humans: humor, independence, creativity
+ They see us as "limited", not using our full potential
+ They were very open to her RV approach, and willing to answer questions,
but are rarely approached in this way
+ The human races waxes and wanes - is not in danger of extinction
+ Humans have more "Right-brained" thinking, while most grey-ET's are factual, practical, and very involved "in the moment" - but they did not understand what "Zen" was, they just see that is Life as it is (for them)
+ Nordics, also call themselves "the Whites", as in Charles Hall's descriptions



*He was a wealthy Wall Street financier

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All 8 (!) Customer Reviews were 5-Stars


Here's are three examples:

Format: Kindle Edition
I am not well-read in this field, but scientists all agree that there are hundreds of millions of possible planets where life may have arisen or may still. If you are interested in the field, it seems to me this would be a must-read. I have never read a book where direct contact is recorded. The investigator here "channeled" contact with them. I have never done that, but I have many friends and family who do paranormal investigation, and the design and conduct of the experiments here seem like a good (not excellent) attempt at a scientific method of investigation, which the field of psychic research needs. The typos in the first section are hard to get through, but after that with the direct interviews, I found it very engaging to read what non-humans had to say about their attitudes and life. It made me see that while life may exist elsewhere, the emotional and hormonal makeup of humanity may be somewhat unique and a reason to work harder on peace, sustainability, and justice issues, in order to preserve our unique place in the universe.
If you have been hearing for years about the Grays, Nordics, Angels, Orbs, etc., and want to know more about them, this is a great read. I think for investigation beyond our energy level (into the afterlife if you will) another book from the '30s, "The Unobstructed Universe" is fabulous, and for investigation beyond our human existence, this book "Voices from the Cosmos" is probably groundbreaking. Put them together and you get an astoundingly complete understanding of the universe as it can be known, by us humans anyway. I look forward to more explorations from the authors of "Voices from the Cosmos"
As a long time Ufology researcher I can say this is one of the best. I felt such hope in that this text offers a way of understanding the rationale behind Extraterrestrial visitation. I do believe the next quantum leap for humankind is to seek an elevation of consciousness to communicate with these many other species of the Cosmos...
This is by far one of the most interesting books I have ever read. Once you pick it up you are not able put it down! You will find details and histories of different alien races such as Grays, Nordics, Annunaki, Siriens etc. There are as many races as stars in the sky. You will be surprised that many of them are already living on earth and even before us! The authors conducts interviews with them through minds and I believe we will have more people able to communicate telepathically in the future...
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UFO, Charles Hall & The Tall Whites FULL INTERVIEW





Published on Nov 16, 2013

Charles Hall, a man who actually lived on the S4, Area 51-3 installation talks openly about an alien base that lives and works on Area 53.
Download my free app to find like minds and activities, friends around the globe. Thanks again to everyone for your support!



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Mantis Beings, Reptilians, Other Races, and "renaissance technologies"


Linda Moulton Howe's Big Picture


Linda Moulton Howe's Revealing "Big Picture" view - October 2013
Also check out : Guido Fox's Comments on Mantids, etc.
This One Hour Video is a fascinating Excerpt from a 3-Hour interview that LMH did with Art Bell in October 2013 for his Dark Matter radio show. She reveals more here (about the "Big Picture" of humanity's relationship with ET's and ED's) than I have ever heard her discuss previously in any single interview.
Some Random Notes:
genetic manipulations - to produce containers.
other realities, high strangeness: resurrection technologies
linda porter 1993: between teenage years and her 20's.
the praying mantis: sadness, and as old as our solar system
preying mantis can calm humans - walked her into a room with a grey.
prime intelligence grey: removes a heart from a human with no blood.
Non-humans have power over life and death, to advance their genetic studies.
What is allowable to be done with Life?
16mins: The animus goes in and out of different containers
AB: at 33mins: "Good God, Linda, you are talking about an invasion!"
If we become a container for a soul other than our own...
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Thanks for this thread, looks interesting


Not read the book or watched the vids yet but I get the impression a more positive impression is being painted of ET in general. I suppose ET may well have both good and bad elements within their race, but the misinformation is designed to keep as at bay or guessing

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Some think that: The Bad ET's are now being "dealt with" by off-worlders, who want a more positive vibe on Earth.


This could be part of an ongoing process of Earth itself experiencing a rising vibration.

Those who believe this, call our present world: a 3-D, or "third density" existence, where we are now "stuck in a flow of time"




If Earth moves to a higher vibration, then most humans are thought to move with it, to a 4th-Density, or 5th-Density existence.

Some of the ET's, such as Reptilians are believed to have great difficulty in moving to those higher levels.

And so, the though goes, the "bad" ET's such as Draco Reptilians have been thought to be trying to prevent the shift in vibrations.

One technique for preventing the shift, was said to employ the Hadron collider, which failed when it was first turned on in Dec. 2012.




There may be nothing at all to this speculation - but perhaps there is something to it.


(I thought it might be useful for those who are new to the topic of off-world visitors to be aware of the Dimensional, or Density issues)

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this is a fascinating interview:


Ep.190 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Dr. Angela Thompson Smith, Remote Viewing LIVE on air

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Charles Hall - The Tall Whites - ET Experiences in the Nevada Desert


Published on Sep 28, 2012

Probably the most engaging account of ET - Human Interaction over a prolonged period of time.



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WHICH PLANET, and which star was that?


Extra-terrestrial origins of different races


These questions came up on a YT channel - with Simon Parkes' July 5th video


Admiral Sisko commented on a video on YouTube. / 3:04 AM

@Studio9jam, Can you ask Simon Parkes what human races are genetically connected to what E.T. races? Let me be more specific, who is the African's related to, who are the Mexican's related to, who are the Arab's related to, who are the Asians related to, who are the Polynesians related to, who are the Samoans related to, who are the Eastern Indians related to, who are the Native American Indians related to, who are the German's related to, who are the Irish related to, etc. Please break it down for him because he never answers this question ever.


Friar Newborg / 2:24 PM

+Admiral Sisko : Sirians, I thought, were linked to Blacks. Though maybe there is more than one Sirian group. What ET race is linked to 1 billion Chinese?


Admiral Sisko / 4:22 PM

+Friar Newborg I heard contactee Dr. Delbert Blair say that some of the Black race came from the Sirius star system and I also heard contactee Michel Desmarquet say that the Black race came from constellation Centaur. He also claims that the Chinese are the descendants of the Yellow Bakaratinian race from his book the Thiaoouba Prophecy. But I would love to hear Simon's take on this because he mentioned something in a different interview that Michel spoke about in his book and that was the only other time I heard of another contactee mentioning something like this.

Show less


Friar Newborg / 4:38 PM

There's an African tribe that traces its ancestry the Sirius, "the dog star"

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Some of this has been proven inaccurate (about an incoming body)

- but the overall message is positive


What Alex Collier is expecting for Disclosure, and the Future of humans and Planet Earth,

based on his contacts with "the Andromedans"


Alex Collier - The Greater Good



Published on 8 May 2015

Alex speaks on the Andromedans perspective of what we are + More.


Despite the bizarre topic, Collier has good and clear advice


He asks: "What would it look like for you to be mentored by an Extra-terrestrial Race?"


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Pre-Star Trek visions from an old Sci-Fi film


This Island Earth (1955) Full Sci-Fi Movie | Jeff Morrow Full Movie



Published on Jul 2, 2015

Aliens come to Earth seeking scientists to help them in their war.



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Living Life as an Abductee


Two who had abduction experience talk about how it has changed them...


OffPlanet Radio Podcast 06-14-15: Brief Encounters…Bizarre Events…Extreme Changes

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How to Talk to an Alien, interview with the book's author (a lawyer & Princeton grad)


Nancy du Tertre, Alien Communication LIVE on air - YouTube

Sep 17, 2015

Nancy du Tertre is our guest and we discuss her new book: How to talk to an Alien. We cover Alien text, language, methods and the message. Nancy also tells us how to communitcat back and what to say. We also talk about her radio show on CBS that aired for over four years.


... and in the first Hour of C2C:


Coast To Coast AM - December 20, 2015



First hour guest, Nancy du Tertre, a trained psychic detective and a remote viewer, talked about alien communications or exo-linguistics, and the kinds of languages visiting entities might use. Tertre, herself, has experienced a strange set of communications-- interruptions that would occur when she and her daughter were talking over the phone. A cold electronic voice, with distorted sound waves would drown out their conversation and occasionally mention the daughter's name. According to her research, there are apparently ET spacecraft outside our atmosphere devoted to translating Earth languages. Tertre believes there are many different spoken alien languages, and she's heard contactees speak some of them, including one that has a clicking, guttural sound.

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Eve Lorgen talks about Sexual contacts and relationships with ET's


(this is for those who are very open-minded, or think "anything is possible")


Bases 50 Part 22 Chris & Eve Lorgen



Published on Mar 16, 2016

The Bases Project partner rebroadcast of Christine Hart, with important related guests, in this show from Freedomslips.com "Revolution Radio" Studio A, guest is Eve Lorgen, a US therapist and insightful guest. Please support Freedomslips.com and the Revolution Radio team. Funded by listener support

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