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WHO is "The Ambassador" from the Dragon Family?

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WHO is "The Ambassador" from the Dragon Family?


Ron Van Dyke has had over 20 interviews with him, and for the latest one:

His Greek friend "Aristo" (who has posted here on GEI), has joined in to summarize comments and

to add his own new perspective.


Amba2_zpsw2cz7q6a.jpg: "The Amba"?: Video Playlist: "The Wisdom of the Ambassador"

= Ambassador of the Dragon Family ? =

(Image from The Interview, post#20 : Martin H? )


I am still trying to understand WHO the Ambassador is, and WHAT he might tell us about the power structure on Earth.


Here's the new Video :


Published on Nov 7, 2014

Ron has been doing weekly videos with Aristo since May 2013. For those who have listened to these, you know that Aristo is a very wise man with a background in both science (physicist) and mysticism. Of course the Ambassador represents the Chinese Dragon Family / Council of Elders. He and Ron have become quite good friends since April 2014. It has been suggested that the two of them have a conversation in which they can share their viewpoints about what is happening on this planet with those who choose to listen. This is that opportunity.


(Some comments that I have posted on YouTube):


Great to hear all three together ! My initial reaction is:
+ This was a good start, in moving the conversation to a new level

+ Nothing I heard helps to convince me that The Ambassador really represents an all-powerful Dragon family- Do they really exist? Talk about family crest, etc is not convincing to me. Where's the evidence? Until I see more, he's just a story teller
+ The talk about circles with: Masters, Middlemen, and The People (slaves?) is disturbing. It may have sounded worse than it was meant to. And I was partly reassured by the Amba saying he was not seeking a public role. The way I see the world is like this: I am not a slave, and I am free and willing to die for my freedom under certain circumstances. ("Live Free, or Die!" : many other Americans and people all around the world feel the same, and are now waking up, and aiming to regain control over their lives.) So ultimately, if leaders want legitimacy, they need the "mandate from heaven" - ie the support of the vast majority of people

+ The Amba is right to throw some responsibility back to us all. We will only make our slavery worse, if we simply rely on others to free us. My hope is that the people will gain confidence and learn to work together to overcome the present corruption of "the middlemen". What I would like to learn from the Amba is more about how he sees the world really working, so then maybe we can figure out how to cooperate together: We-the-people (we have numbers), working together with They-the-wealthy (They have more money.)
With effective cooperation, it should not be hard to transform the middlemen, and change the way Life is on our planet.
(see some responses and other comments, below in post #xxx )
Link to this thread : http://tinyurl.com/TheAmba
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What else do we know? ... or have been Told?


THIS is from GLP / The Ambassador (Red Dragon Family) has a vision :


What is a Dragon Family?
+ Royal families, and old bloodlines
+ Goes back to biblical times
+ Different colors: White, Black, Red, Green, Golden
+ Relates to certain authorities
+ Red Dragons in China, and Europe
+ "We are representing Red Dragons in Asia"

The Dragon family vision
+ They need to stop aggressing, and stop being parasites on the planet
+ "We need to stop the Dark side, 666, Corporates"
+ Religions: created by humans, used to control people
+ We have been enslaved by mindset of "we and them"
+ We are One humanity; we need to clean up the planet, & our mindsets
+ We must act in positive way, in harmony with beliefs, while respecting others
+ As bystranders complaining, whining, aggressing... we cannot be free
+ Wars (arise from misinformation); must be stopped
+ We do not need to submit to... evil entities

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THE AMBASSADOR & ARISTO - Summary of comments on Youtube:


T. 111 :
"... Mr Ambassador, Aristo, you are talking to 'mericans here...rebellious ignorant hypocritical pains-in-the-ass

....that will give you the shirt off our back ....because it is the right thing to do..."

"... some of the brightest people and those most concerned about our future are here on Youtube. Choosing sides?

No... we are here all on the side, just different thoughts, beliefs and concepts. We are not stupid, ignorant or responsible

for the Cabal and those funding them..."
many questions remain unanswered like:
+ How can the Dragons help We-the-people ? (if at all)
+ How do We-the-people get organized ?
Ideas please !!
(2): "...we need a -place to discuss what ideas and resources we all have, and HOW TO NETWORK and cooperate together

to create something better.

(A few words under a Youtube video alone will not achieve much. Maybe something like OPPT's I-UV.com Forum....)"
Ash- :
" I heard the Amba say we all must take responsibility. I agree! It would be great if the Amba at some point can address the question as to how we will be supported by the Dragon Family in doing just this...."
(2): "I do appreciate the effort of clarifying/translating what the Amba meant but was left wondering if the Amba really meant it or whether it was Aristo's interpretation on the fly. However, I recognize this was a first try so this was good. "
"I wish there was no such thing as money, money is why we have all these problems, I wish we could be a much higher source of our being,..."
D.F.5 :
"... The Ambassador is able to speak for himself, I find it offensive that Mr. Aristo wants to come in and interpret what The Ambassdor gives as his message. My opinion, the message is being diluted by bringing in others..."
"Excellent idea to have the three of you together. I think Aristo did a good job clarifying the Ambassadors views,... dragon family history, I'm sure there are listeners that would appreciate if you could tell (more)... I have asked many of the Chinese people I know and none knew anything about the Dragon family.



To here: http://tinyurl.com/TheAmba

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The Ambassador has revealed some aspects of his own background previously


VIDEO : Ron Talks with Ambassador about Hong Kong



: about 35 minutes in :


He has said he is "of European descent", and is now of the Islamic faith, rather than Christian.

Some thought his accent sounds as if he is from Pakistan. He has said he is not, but has a "special connection"

with the country, having spent 3 months there. "I am probably more white... than people who accuse me of not

being so." I have a North European descent. "My father's mother was a Jehova's witness.... I was raised in a

family with Jewish / Christian values. Religion was a big part of my life, as well as martial arts."


"My family was forced to become Christian about 100 years ago."


At some past moment in his life, he may have suffered incarceration, even some torture.


The Red Dragon, with whom he has a close relationship is a staunch Christian, and has experienced

a conversation after having been close to death (and seen a vision of Christ).

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REACTIONS from RVD, The Paradoxman316


THE AMBASSADOR & ARISTO - Summary of comments on Youtube:





"For the ruling families to say that they are not responsible any more and blame the so called middlemen sounds to me like a sell out. They see the writing on the wall and are in fear for the retaliation..."

Somehow, we, or someone, have to stop the people who are enforcing the will of these sociopaths that want to rule the world.

I'd like to see the Family take on the payroll of all the police and military worldwide, giving them a huge raise with stipulations that the rights of the people must come before all other considerations, and that they must arrest the judges, politicians, bankers, CEOs and any other man or woman who make up the Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Committee of 300 and other groups that have plotted for years to enslave humanity. Also, all corporate charters worldwide must be immediately suspended unless the limited liability and non accountability clauses in the contracts of their owners and controllers are abolished forever. No one, not even God, should be able to escape full accountability for all actions against the people and failures to act on behalf of the people.

(Here's and extra part, as posted on Facebook...)
These are the middlemen that we must employ for good; and this can only occur with funding as described. Is this viable? After all, these men and women need to be re-purposed first, since they are the ones actually terrorizing the world because they have been poorly trained and given improper orders. It is obvious to me that the one who pays the salary is the one who sets the policy.



"We the people are to accept this and somehow blame ourselves for it?"

Yeah, there is still a lot I don't get either. I still look for something strong enough to stop the insanity. I still look for God to actually fulfill the greatest promise of all: I will write my laws in their hearts and they will not need to go around spreading religion because they will all know TRUTH from the least to the greatest. That's the New Covenant, and it has not been fulfilled yet. Come on, pour out your Wholly Spirit on ALL flesh. We are calling on YOU to show us great and mighty things that we have yet to experience.

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REACTIONS from Aristo / A.C. George


I need to make something clear. I'm not a journalist. Neither is Ron. So I did not agree to do this video to grill anyone. I also did not agree to do it to be a spokesperson and "translator" for the Ambassador. To a certain extent I conveyed what I understood through my filters because I felt he was being very misunderstood...
I also did not make this video to take requests. It was him and myself in an introductory dialog. For me the point was getting a more personal contact to evaluate. We talked for three extra hours besides the video...
If there are those who want to ask the "hard questions" and try to put the guy on the spot, feel free to set up your own interview...
Everyone makes promises among the internet "good news" teams. This guy doesn't. His message is that we have to do what it takes to be responsible...


Friar Newborg, I understand your sentiment. So let me make one thing clear: all evidence given and that could really every be given short of being taken places and shown things personally is circumstantial, and not conclusive. I did not take it as attempted proof either. More like: this is what I'm about, these are my friends and colleagues, this is my environment etc.

If you are going to be stuck on absolute proof then I can only recommend looking elsewhere. However, if what I was shown was contrived, someone went to some lengths for what amounts to an average of a thousand viewers who don't have much clout in the world. In addition the degree of on-the-ground political knowledge, and not pie in the sky talk of gods and ET's, is well beyond what I've heard elsewhere on the alternative media. This includes, financial knowledge and particulars regarding behind the scenes stuff, although still not specific enough to include names and addresses and such.

So in my opinion, proof or no proof there is something to this. It may indeed be some elaborate hoax, but if someone is THAT creative, well it draw my interest because I am drawn to the message rather than who or what is behind it.


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THE AMBASSADOR: Red Dragon Bloodline Family Vs The ILLUMINATI CABAL!


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GGu2JmEnK0c =


Some Notes


"I used to work for the M1..."

"I work for the Family... and I belong by bloodline to the Family."

"The family of Elders has not disappeared, they are in the background."

"I represent the Red Dragon part of the family, which is part of the Alpha and Omega."

"It is complicated, but it was created like that."

Are the Dragons the same as the Illuminati?

"No, the Illuminati is lower. They are servants (middlemen?)... They have created damage."

FUNDS: "Funds are being released all the time."


Working Groups: The Amba proposes that people create small working groups.

He sees people all the time making claims, but just want to help themselves.

Gideon Group: Is under the Red Dragon - involves pastors, priests, ordinary people


Cabal: Leaders are psychopaths, without the same empathy ("it's all hate")

ETs : Are back on the planet, are real (he has met some.) Their intent is not so clear.

He met a higher up entity, a Nordic (looks like human, but taller) in the security service.

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... and there's THIS from a Google search:


HUMANITY. Meet the Ambassador as he answers questions from Ron, ...

Dragon Family | Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Oct 17, 2014 - Posts about Dragon Family written by Light Worker 29501 and ...

Yes, the Ambassador confirms that the Family is now the lawful owner of the ...

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People are asking...


And it would not take long for the Ambassador to respond, and clear up any confusion...


Open Letter To The Ambassador of The Red Dragon Family -

Bentley Castle

Published on Jan 2, 2015

Open Letter To The Ambassador of The Red Dragon Family


+ Why is Dave Schmidt "at the front of the queue?

"There is a fraud in our midst who many of us have placed, albeit naively, a good deal of trust in, and his name is Dave Schmidt. He has injected himself into the Dragon Family as smoothly as his emergence in the RV/GCR debate and discussions. In fact, it's no accident that Mr. Schmidt transitioned from long-time politician in Washington State to activist and Wuu Wuu extraordinaire in, of all places, Sedona, Arizona, the New Age capital of the United States, where people are willing to sell or mortgage anything to attend the latest craze or philosophy. Enter the Dave Schmidt huckster workshops.


Mr. Schmidt's entire shell game places one person at the head of the line, and it's more than obvious who that is. you guessed it; the first guy with his tray at the buffet.......Dave Schmidt."


+ Why are people who attend his workshops, going to have their projects looked at first?

"My associate sent an email off to Mr. Schmidt in response to his admission that “he was probably going to start with the people that attended his workshops first” and that “he didn't know any other way to do it”. My friend wrote and suggested to Mr. Schmidt that there is a much more efficient and cost effective process and equitable method of distribution than just starting with those who have attended Dave's workshops."


Not my questions - but they are worth asking.

Will we get an answer to these questions? I wonder ?

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Kev Baker and crew are still asking question about the Jan.5th interview they did with the Ambassador


Red Dragons Interview Analysis, What Lies Ahead & Secret Space

Published on 6 Jan 2015

Tonight Nanogirl, Kev & Marty will be sharing some of her thoughts on The Ambassadors interview from last night. This interview has social media buzzing and there is a lot of people unsure of the veracity of the info and the hosts here will give their thoughts. Then they will discuss 2015 and what to expect

Then its into the world of space, tech & woo for what will be another hour of info from your favourite woo crew


Nanogirl : "I just don''t think I see that (the A's ideas) are how I think things will change."

"I've heard that wishful thinking for a long time. I have not seen it working out.... I think the corporations run things."


Marty: "There are lots of comments and questions on Forums... But I cannot say for sure, he is who he says he is."


Kev B.: "I read the Fulford stuff back in the day... I can see many holes in it now."

"I get the feeling there IS something to it... I am happy to give him an hour of time on the show."

"If someone can come up with proof he is not... I will give them an hour too."

"...We'll try and get to the bottom of the issues.... Please give us a chance..."

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The Ambassador has just done his "Last" interview (for some time)




"We should not try to conquer people with armies; we should try to conquer their hearts and minds"


Ron asks a question about Ghost Cities in HK, and says: "they are built with private capital, not by the government... I understand that something like 80% has to go to humanitarian projects." To which, the Amba said: "that's right."

(I think it is possible that people have been left with some misunderstanding about what is driving the growth of these odd "ghost cities")



The DF plans to release certain technologies into new villages, so people can have a model for what they can do.

The plan is "to upgrade the whole world"


What can we do?

The Amba recommends: "peaceful resistance"... Doing things like living without banks, and "sending money, without

feeding the beast." People should be thinking: What can we do to dis-empower the Beast?

People who work inside the system need to do their jobs, and hold people accountable.

He recommends that newly rich Chinese people not fall into the same (materialistic) habits as everywhere else.

To the powerful: "We need to become servants of the people."

People really need: "Peace and quiet, and good health, and a good family structure."

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Modwiz125 looks back at the Ambassador's Inteviews


The Ambassador and Red Dragon Family: A Synopsis with Commentary




Published on Jan 23, 2015

I share my perspective on what the Ambassador has shared with us over the months and speak on my view of the Red Dragon Family and their history, as we know it, as well as possible Extraterrestrial disclosure resulting from the RDF revealing who they really are. As usual some esoterica enters the conversation.
Please excuse my using the wrong number in my math. It should be 2 million dollars instead of 20. Will learn to add sub titles soon.


A unique perspect, I offered some notes under the Video

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(Neil Keenan weighs in... with his different take):


Modern Day Pied Piper / Red Dragon Ambassador Exposed


There is one who calls himself the “Red Dragon Family” Ambassador. He does not give his name, nor does he even allow his image to appear in the videos. But he does make all kinds of promises for humanity (sounds like Swissindo), promises that only one near the top of the pyramid of Western Black Nobilities could conceivably make. But this is not possible, is it?




The Red Dragon Family is the machination of this Ambassador, but he is far from alone in leading a merry chase for those who would follow.

He stated that he is not Chinese, yet he claims to represent a Chinese family. He said he didn’t even know when the Chinese New Year was, a celebration of which many Eastern cultures are aware.


The Ambassador asserts many claims about himself and the Red Dragon Family. He has stated that he has previously worked for M1 (the alleged appointed controller and signatory for the Global Collateral Accounts) and that he presently sits in with M1 and also banks.

Wait a minute — there are no elected M1′s but only appointed ones in the West. How can this be if he represents the East? It must be remembered even Marcos was appointed but never elected. He was never a real M1 but a nominee for the Dragon Family itself. Many are nominees for the Family, including the Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela (was), Queen Beatrice and so many more.


According to the Ambassador, in this video at the 4:00 mark, there are many families, and at the top is M1. But above M1 is a council and an entity referred to as the “Supreme Intelligences or Emperor” to which he claims bloodline lineage.

He describes himself as the “alpha to the omega part of the family.” When referring to others who are looking to grab money and power, he asserts that he doesn’t need to grab because “I can take what I want.” Certainly this reflects a level of arrogance commonly found in “high places” and it’s precisely what the elitists have been doing for centuries – taking what they want.

. . .

He claims that the time has come to end 666 (the mark of the devil) and refers to 555 as being some kind of emancipation for the world. However, some numerologists maintain that 555 represents the bringing of “death and destruction, the rising of the anti-Christ” (“All cabal know this.”).

The Ambassador claims in his videos that the Red Dragon Family has met with the White Dragon Family (Society) numerous times, yet he says that he has never met Ben Fulford. However, Ben Fulford is the spokesperson for the White Dragon Society and begs to differ, stating to Neil that he has never met or spoken to the Red Dragon Family or the Ambassador, nor have the two sides ever met.


> more: http://neilkeenan.com/neil-keenan-update-modern-day-pied-piper-red-dragon-ambassador-exposed/

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MORE - from Keenan... about those WB Documents


The Red Dragon/Committee of 300 Documents

The Ambassador declares that he wants to dismantle the cabal beast but it’s becoming evident that he himself is very much a part of the European cabal beast.


Perhaps the most damning evidence of fraud by the Ambassador is found in the “World Bank” document that he displayed in a recent video, at the 14:00 mark. Referring to the document dated February, 2010, this Page 19 document (Reference no: ASBLP – 00001 – 2010) was displayed.


The Ambassador showed you page 19 but why didn’t he show you Page 18, where it clearly shows an account for the ‘Chinese Red Dragon Family’, under the name of ‘White Spiritual Boy’? The reason the Ambassador didn’t show page 18, is that it would show what is written on the side of document, TVM, TVM-LSM666 aka Tiburcio Villamor Marcos.


For those who are not familiar with the The Committee of 300 they are a group allegedly founded by the British aristocracy in 1727 and by many accounts, consists of an international council that organizes and controls world politics, commerce, banking, media, and the military for centralized global efforts.

Why didn’t the Ambassador show us Page 106 on video, where the document has the signature of the Queen and World Bank Group? Note the line above the signatures: “Sealed and Prepared by the Right Wing Parties of the Committee of 300 on this 4th day of February 2010 at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C.”


> http://neilkeenan.com/neil-keenan-update-modern-day-pied-piper-red-dragon-ambassador-exposed/

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Keenan also has a "different" take on the relationship between RVD and Dave Schmidt:


Here's Neil Keenan's guess as to the Amba's real background


"My guess is that the Ambassador is Swissindo."

How did we come to this conclusion? Swissindo offered the same things to every nation on the face of the earth. The White Spiritual Boy (Anthony Santiago Martin – ASM) does the same. They are definitely tied into the Ambassador, and seeing they are one, look at Swissindo’s ties with OPPT (whoever is left of this group are still promoting this “movement”), and understand they brought in their favorite spokesperson Ron Van Dyke to rope everyone back in once again.

Ron seemed uneasy mentioning Schmidts name during the last video, so one can only wonder what happened in Hong Kong seeing Ron was not included. Ron says the Red Dragon Family brought him in because he is honest, however, Neil says they brought him in because he goes along with the plans as always, and they are all entwined in the same matters.


Did Ron knowingly participate in all this? No, but he did start to once he learned the game (after Schmidt’s exposure). This is their problem, not ours, but desperate people do desperate things.


> http://neilkeenan.com/neil-keenan-update-modern-day-pied-piper-red-dragon-ambassador-exposed/


I don't know who is right about their claims.

But I do think we need to be careful in whom, if anyone, we choose to believe

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A 2-Hour COMPILATION of prior interviews with the Ambassador:



I did believe the Interview was done by Martin Hardy, of KBS (The Kev Baker Show), it includes excerpts from some prior interviews were done with the Amba by : Kev Baker, John Sinclair, Martin Hardy and Gwen Caldwell. (see explanations on the next page) - But I have been told by someone who should know, that the interview was done by a different Martin.


Who is the Ambassador?

The thing that comes across most strongly is: The Ambassador is a man of Compassion


"I have been working in security in the background financial system... under the M1 and The Emperor... And my lineage belongs to the head family in that structure...

The color we go under when we go out to the public is the Red Dragon family."

"We aim to re-purpose this planet, and bring it back to what it was meant to be."

"Illuminati families are not bloodline families... they are from the lower ranges of the family... and have created most of the damage on the planet."



"A lot of of people have the idea there are going to be mass arrests... We need to change everything... and do what is right for the people."

"Since the call to 'Surrender and Remit' things are going back... The best thing is if people re-purpose themselves."

Q: How will people be removed?

"We are going to make sure that health care and education are made right... and people can spend more time with their families... Money will come back to the people, because people will generate money themselves. Our countries are now corporations... People do not realize they are slaves."


GIDEON Group & Funding Projects

The Red Dragon wants to develop an army of spiritual people... The majority are in South America and the US, and are pastors and priests... We (royal families) will work directly with the people. Not through (intermediaries)... There are too many pariahs in the system... Come back to us; come back to the Family... We are implementing: The War against Tyranny, and the War against Ignorance.


555 and Discernment

An old prophecy: will happen; "when the sea comes up... (etc)" We are living now in that time... We need to arm the people with discernment... and see through the deceptions... We are seeing people being killed in Gaza in a genocide... while others are being beheaded in a studio, and we are mean to go to War. Why?




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NOTES : from Part Two of the COMPILATION of Interviews (starts at 36 mins)




What can we do to protect ourselves. Gold can help. But where do we store the Gold? ... Stock markets can be turbulent... You can set up corporations, and use assets within the corporations. Maybe: Hide some money under the bed... Keep funds for security, in different parts of the world... Keep funds a bit more widely.



I spent a lot of hours speaking with people in the Ukraine... It is nothing more than the plundering that happened in the Balkins... and was happening in Greece... All the gold that was there was taken to the US... and then given to the family in China... One person is settling their debts with wealth taken from another... The cabal are destroying the economies of some (vulnerable) countries to weaken the stronger nations (like Germany, and the Scandinavian countries)


Breaking the Cabal's grip

We need working groups in each country... to create a New Silk Road (trading network)... In places like Hong Kong, there is no problem with free speech. But in the Ukraine, people are being programmed to want to be part of Europe... The US created the (trap) for itself... To get free, we need to pivot East, rather than pivot West... (People like the IMF's Christine Laguard, and Biden's son are behaving corruptly. The elites are using hatred of other groups to manipulate people.)



People are waking up everywhere, and protesting, but do we see that in our media? People prefer to live in a bubble, and take their news from the media... The media people are the ones who need to be arrested for "crimes against humanity", by supporting Terrorism and Fears... The media people need to develop a spine... and stop behaving like prostitutes... Our media has a PHD in deception... We can use the word 'psychopath' for them... they have problems in feeling emotions, and that's why they do not care about others.



We cannot sit and wait for a spaceship to rescue us... That's another thing we have been programmed with.


WHAT"s DIFFERENT about The Amba & the Red Dragon

The main different thing, we belong to a different branch than Fulford's White Dragons. Red Dragons represent the Chinese royal family... Fulford, I have seen for years. Sometimes he is very good. Sometimes he has not been accurate... I do not think he is purposely deceving... maybe he has been deceived. (We have never met.)



In the security services: was to research criminals... including criminal governments. I was never a professional politician, and never learned to lie... BF was correct that the cabal did not get their mandate renewed.



Those leaders who are getting people to commit suicide, should show they are sincere by committing suicide first... The Muslim religion and other religions do not condone suicide.



Republicans and Democrats are both run by the same people... They have a mission to destroy the USA.... People are being brainwashed to believe in these types of illusions.


SCREENS & Collateral accounts

Different groups are using screens to access money from collateral accounts... It is not only Gold and money which are on screens... I have sat with heads of banks who do not know what the screens are... It is only the really big banks, and senior people who can access these screens.... The money is there for the good of humanity.



You will soon be able to make transactions in any currency, and not always go through the Dollar. This has been planned for a long, long time.



We (the DF) do not have an Agenda... We want to bring people to a higher level of consciousness... We now do not even have the choice to eat healthily... To many people do not want to take responsibility.


MONEY & Credit

Q: If you have all this money, why can people not have it?

A: When I had lots of money, I did not think so much about how I spent it... Now I live more simply. .. I have seen how small sums can make a difference. Giving out money is not the solution. The current system is about creating debts... We need a new system, which settles debts (rather than creating them.) ... The current system relies too much on credit... keeps us in debt; keeps us enslaved.



I do not think we need for things to get worse before they get better... We are already in enough of a mess... Why do politicians create crimes and get away with it? That's the system they created. But we people have enough power to change things... Like Ceaucescu in Romania, who lost his power over the people, and wound up being arrested and convicted.... It does not require a big Crisis, just a shift... to making leaders accountable for their actions... We want people to be awake enough, to remove evil from themselves.



People do not understand the True message of their religions... How many people could explain the key message of their religions... If we have a True Awakening, we will have a better world.. How old was Mary, when she joined with Joseph? 12 years, and had Jesus as a child at 13 years. Yet they call Mohammed a pedophile... Traditions were different. People did not necessarily get married in love relationships... Some religions are pushing a Satanic agenda... What is happening in the world, is not as we believe it to be.



It was amassed through thousands of years... through shifts of gold. They have been mining gold... harvesting Gold... Moses took wealth from Egypt to Israel... Gifts of gold were given... Over the silk road, silk was exchanged through Gold... Later, they created a promissory Note, it was called paper money... was created by the family... The Vatican is just one arm of the family... The church has been the caretaker for secrets. In reality, they worked for the family for all these centuries... Wealth was put in Venice for safekeeping... This money was put there by the family... They waged wars; they had to borrow money to do that.... As Benjamin Fulford has said, we need to go through a process of truth and reconciliation... We need to aks the people for forgiveness... We would be hyprocritical to say we have never done anything wrong in our lives... The power is the knowledge we have, which we are beginning to share... We have been guarding wealth for the people... The middle men (you can call it the Vatican, you can call them Rothschilds, Bushes, Clintons) have fooled us.


ALIEN Disclosure, will it happen?

What they are preparing us for, is something that we have known for thousands of years, that we are not alone... 555 will overcome 666. We need to be awakened to the Truth. Those beings have been created by the same created... When people come and claim to be our gods, some people will lose their faith... We should not lose our faith, when we see we have brothers in the universe.



Exists all over the planet... even in Bosnia. They serve to make a place more spiritual... and provide gateways to other places... I studied all the religious scriptures... How could an illiterate man writing the Koran know how an embryo looks? Is this divine knowledge... We are waking up to things our ancestors knew years ago.


EATING The Apple

When we eat the Apple, we start creating... and want to become gods too... But when we go against the Creator, we create chaos... God is not like a man or a woman, God is everywhere, in everything... I get my energy from him... We do not need to be the slave of the Creator, we can be his servant... We need to stop worshiping Creations and start worshiping the Creator.... We need to accept that we are a CREATION of God... WE need to be awakened to our own mischief... Don't envy those who have something nice, bless them... Do to others, as you want others to do to you.



Those who make it illegal to feed the homeless and the hungry should be arrested for crimes against humanity... Imprisoning an old man for feed the hungry... we should put those in the situation (ie to be poor and hungry) those who want to imprison those who feed the poor.

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THIS comes from comments under a Video by Modwiz125 : False Alarm or Practice Makes Perfect?


Softlywinged / 10:22 AM

This Martin person who used old comments from Mr. Ambassador and added questions to these old comments was brilliant....it almost sounded like a real, true interview between the two of them....only those who've been paying attention know this interview never took place between them ;)


Gabriel Szohner / 1:45 PM

+Softlywinged Wow ! you are sharp ! I could hear the tone of his voice change in peculiar places. But I think you're right the whole thing is spliced, at least people get to hear what he previously said again


Softlywinged / 2:03 PM

+rhmbicyclersvideos yes,I have listened to everything Mr. Ambassador has ever said...go backwards and see for yourself this is spliced and well done at that

Softlywinged / 2:15 PM

only new material is questions and that is brilliantly done...all Ambassadors words are spliced in


Softlywinged / 2:28 PM

It says under video:A compiled interview with the Red Dragon Family Ambassador, taken from two separate interviews..


Ashllyne / 7:58 PM

+Softlywinged Yikes! Thanks for mentioning that! I went and listened and this is all spliced. Why would he do that? And post under a non-descript name? Making it sound like a real, true interview between the two of them? Ugghh! Am all for creativity but I feel a heaviness in my heart...


Modwiz / 1258:09 PM


He was being creative, he is a drama student and had the full blessing of the Ambassador. It is not trying to deceive but, he might have made it clearer this was done as a "project" to add clarity, by questions with the data the Ambassador has given. I loved it as art and package of this particular information.


Ashllyne / 8:19 PM

I cannot say that I loved it when I find after the fact this is creativity. Otherwise we are fostering manipulation of information. Perhaps this can be a lesson learned for him to stand behind his artistic creations.

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In general your own gut feel and intuition are often quick and accurate in spotting deception.


The 10 Tell-Tale Signs of Deception


The Words Reveal





January/February 2012


JanFeb-number-10 Suspects and witnesses often reveal more than they intend through their choices of words. Here are ways to detect possible deception in written and oral statements.


The manager of a fast food restaurant calls the police late at night to report that an armed robber had entered the restaurant while the manager was alone in the office finishing some paperwork. The manager said the gunman had stolen the entire day's cash receipts — a little more than $4,000. The manager had reported a similar robbery at the restaurant about six months earlier. No other witnesses were present at either alleged robbery. The restaurant owner learns from police investigators that armed robbery is extremely unusual in the surrounding neighborhood. Also, the owner knows that the manager's wages have been garnished for the last year for nonpayment of child support. The owner hires you, a CFE, to investigate whether the manager is filing false police reports to cover his thefts. You begin your investigation by asking the manager to write a description of the evening's events.




Linguistic text analysis involves studying the language, grammar and syntax a subject uses to describe an event to detect any anomalies. Experienced investigators are accustomed to studying interview subjects' nonverbal behavior, such as eye contact and hand movement. Text analysis, on the other hand, considers only the subject's verbal behavior. Because text analysis evaluates only the subject's words, investigators can apply it to written as well as oral statements. In fact, many investigators prefer to analyze suspects' written statements for signs of deception before conducting face-to-face interviews.


Text analysis is based on research originating in the 1970s. Psychologists and linguists studied the language and word choices of subjects in controlled experiments and found predictable differences between truthful and deceptive statements. Susan Adams, an instructor who taught text analysis (which she called statement analysis) at the FBI Academy for many years, described it as a two-part process ("Statement Analysis: What Do Suspects' Words Really Reveal?" FBI Law Enforcement Journal, October 1996). First, investigators determine what is typical of a truthful statement. Secondly, they look for deviations from the norm.


The following section describes deviations that suggest a subject may be withholding, altering or fabricating information.




1. Lack of self-reference

Truthful people make frequent use of the pronoun "I" to describe their actions: "I arrived home at 6:30. The phone was ringing as I unlocked the front door, so I walked straight to the kitchen to answer it. I talked to my mother for 10 minutes before noticing that my TV and computer were missing from the living room." This brief statement contains the pronoun "I" four times in three sentences.


Deceptive people often use language that minimizes references to themselves. One way to reduce self-references is to describe events in the passive voice.




"The safe was left unlocked" rather than "I left the safe unlocked."

"The shipment was authorized" rather than "I authorized the shipment."



Another way to reduce self-references is to substitute the pronoun "you" for "I."



Question: "Can you tell me about reconciling the bank statement?"


Answer: "You know, you try to identify all the outstanding checks and deposits in transit, but sometimes when you're really busy you just post the differences to the suspense account."


In oral statements and informal written statements, deceptive witnesses sometimes simply omit self-referencing pronouns. Consider this statement by a husband who claims his wife was killed accidently: "I picked up the gun to clean it. Moved it to the left hand to get the cleaning rod. Something bumped the trigger. The gun went off, hitting my wife." The husband acknowledges in the first sentence that he picked up the gun. But the second sentence is grammatically incomplete; "I" has been omitted from the beginning of the sentence. In the third sentence, "something" rather than "I" bumped the trigger. The statement also contains few personal possessive pronouns. The witness refers to "the" gun and "the" left hand where we might expect "my" to be used.


2. Verb tense.

Truthful people usually describe historical events in the past tense. Deceptive people sometimes refer to past events as if the events were occurring in the present. Describing past events using the present tense suggests that people are rehearsing the events in their mind. Investigators should pay particular attention to points in a narrative at which the speaker shifts to inappropriate present tense usage. Consider the following statement made by an employee claiming that a pouch containing $6,000 in cash was stolen before she could deposit it at the bank (I have emphasized certain words.):


"After closing the store, I put the cash pouch in my car and drove to the Olympia Bank building on Elm Street. It was raining hard so I had to drive slowly. I entered the parking lot and drove around back to the night depository slot. When I stopped the car and rolled down my window, a guy jumps out of the bushes and yells at me. I can see he has a gun. He grabs the cash pouch and runs away. The last I saw him he was headed south on Elm Street. After he was gone, I called the police on my cell phone and reported the theft."


The first three sentences describe the employee's drive to the bank in the past tense. But the next three sentences describe the alleged theft in the present tense. An alert investigator might suspect that the employee stole the day's cash receipts, then drove to the bank and called the police from the bank parking lot to report a phony theft. (See another example in "Antics with Semantics" at bottom.)


3. Answering questions with questions

Even liars prefer not to lie. Outright lies carry the risk of detection. Before answering a question with a lie, a deceptive person will usually try to avoid answering the question at all. One common method of dodging questions is to respond with a question of one's own. Investigators should be alert to responses such as:




"Why would I steal from my own brother?"

"Do I seem like the kind of person who would do something like that?"

"Don't you think somebody would have to be pretty stupid to remove cash from their own register drawer?"



4. Equivocation

The subject avoids an interviewer's questions by filling his or her statements with expressions of uncertainty, weak modifiers and vague expressions. Investigators should watch for words such as: think, guess, sort of, maybe, might, perhaps, approximately, about, could. Vague statements and expressions of uncertainty allow a deceptive person leeway to modify his or her assertions at a later date without directly contradicting the original statement.


Noncommittal verbs are: think, believe, guess, suppose, figure, assume. Equivocating adjectives and adverbs are: sort of, almost, mainly, perhaps, maybe, about. Vague qualifiers are: you might say, more or less.


5. Oaths

Although deceptive subjects attempt to give interviewers as little useful information as possible, they try very hard to convince interviewers that what they say is true. Deceptive subjects often use mild oaths to try to make their statements sound more convincing. Deceptive people are more likely than truthful people to sprinkle their statements with expressions such as: "I swear," "on my honor," "as God is my witness," "cross my heart." Truthful witnesses are more confident that the facts will prove the veracity of their statements and feel less need to back their statements with oaths.



6. Euphemisms

Many languages offer alternative terms for almost any action or situation. Statements made by guilty parties often include mild or vague words rather than their harsher, more explicit synonyms. Euphemisms portray the subject's behavior in a more favorable light and minimize any harm the subject's actions might have caused. Investigators should look for euphemistic terms such as: "missing" instead of "stolen," "borrowed" instead of "took," "bumped" instead of "hit," and "warned" instead of "threatened."


7. Alluding to actions

People sometimes allude to actions without saying they actually performed them. Consider the following statement from an employee who was questioned about the loss of some valuable data: "I try to back up my computer and put away my papers every night before going home. Last Tuesday, I decided to copy my files onto the network drive and started putting my papers in my desk drawer. I also needed to lock the customer list in the office safe." Did the employee back up her computer? Did she copy her files onto the network drive? Did she put her papers in the desk drawer? Did she lock the customer list in the office safe? The employee alluded to all these actions without saying definitively that she completed any of them. An attentive investigator should not assume that subjects perform every action they allude to.


8. Lack of Detail

Truthful statements usually contain specific details, some of which may not even be relevant to the question asked. This happens because truthful subjects are retrieving events from long-term memory, and our memories store dozens of facts about each experience — the new shoes we were wearing, the song that was playing in the background, the woman at the next table who reminded us of our third-grade teacher, the conversation that was interrupted when the fire alarm rang. At least some of these details will show up in a truthful subject's statement.


Those who fabricate a story, however, tend to keep their statements simple and brief. Few liars have sufficient imagination to make up detailed descriptions of fictitious events. Plus, a deceptive person wants to minimize the risk that an investigator will discover evidence contradicting any aspect of his or her statement; the fewer facts that might be proved false, the better. Wendell Rudacille, the author of "Identifying Lies in Disguise" (Kendall/Hunt, 1994), refers to seemingly inconsequential details as "tangential verbal data" and considers their presence to be prime indicators that subjects are telling the truth.


9. Narrative balance

A narrative consists of three parts: prologue, critical event and aftermath. The prologue contains background information and describes events that took place before the critical event. The critical event is the most important occurrence in the narrative. The aftermath describes what happened after the critical event. In a complete and truthful narrative, the balance will be approximately 20 percent to 25 percent prologue, 40 percent to 60 percent critical event and 25 percent to 35 percent aftermath. If one part of the narrative is significantly shorter than expected, important information may have been omitted. If one part of the narrative is significantly longer than expected, it may be padded with false information. The following statement, filed with an insurance claim, is suspiciously out of balance:


"I was driving east on Elm Street at about 4:00 on Tuesday. I was on my way home from the A&P supermarket. The traffic light at the intersection of Elm and Patterson was red, so I came to a complete stop. After the light turned green, I moved slowly into the intersection. All of a sudden, a car ran into me. The other driver didn't stop, so I drove home and called my insurance agent."


The subject's statement contains four sentences of prologue, only one sentence describing the critical event, and only one sentence of aftermath. The prologue contains a credible amount of detail: the day and time of the accident, the driver's destination, and the location of the accident. But the description of the critical event (i.e., the alleged accident) is suspiciously brief. The claimant did not describe the other vehicle, which direction it came from, how fast it was going, whether the driver braked to try to avoid the accident or how the two vehicles made contact.


The aftermath is also shorter than one would expect from a complete and truthful account of a two-car accident. The claimant does not say which direction the other vehicle went after leaving the scene of the accident. He does not mention getting out of his vehicle to inspect the damage nor does he say whether he spoke to any people in the area who may have witnessed the accident. A claims adjuster receiving such a statement would be wise to investigate whether the policyholder concocted a phony hit-and-run story to collect for damages caused by the driver's negligence.


10. Mean Length of Utterance

The average number of words per sentence is called the "mean length of utterance" (MLU). The MLU equals the total number of words in a statement divided by the number of sentences:



Total number of words / Total number of sentences = MLU


Most people tend to speak in sentences of between 10 and 15 words (ACFE Self-Study CPE Course, "Analyzing Written Statements for Deception and Fraud," 2009). When people feel anxious about an issue, they tend to speak in sentences that are either significantly longer or significantly shorter than the norm. Investigators should pay particular attention to sentences whose length differs significantly from the subject's MLU.



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"Some Great News" coming... that's what the Amba has promised in this video




The main purpose, was to answer Neil Keenan charges.


The main thing he says is that NK does "not know the difference between a Keeper and an Elder"


And: "I am not running after the money", he has it already. He says he is here to serve humanity.

Keenan, he says, is creating an "evil spiral", that "will come back to himself".


"We do not even have the same DNA... people will be shocked to hear that."



Thanks for those tips, Yelik, on how to discern lies

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paradoxman316 / Published on Feb 17, 2015

Surprise! Once the entire team had finally joined the meeting last Thursday, two hours after we had begun, the Ambassador suggested that we record. In this video recorded on 12 February, each of us shares our own experience working on the team to that point. It's interesting to me, and something I'd like you to take note of: this team of eight is made up of four men and four women. Had the Ambassador not taken the reins of the meeting, I would've alternated between men and women; however, the Ambassador had a surprise in mind. All the men went first. He made the women wait till last; and at the very end, he sprang the surprise. If you don't watch and listen to the very end, you'll miss it.... Several issues came up during the website creation, causing delays in the release of this video.

(Here's the website as it is on 17 February: http://www.truevisionofpeace.com)


the amba
"Chinese friend"
"Russian guest" - from Ukraine
True Vision of Peace is working directly with individuals and organizations who passionately care about protecting all forms of life on our precious planet Earth. We are raising global awareness through vocational training, workshops, international gatherings, and the following objectives:

True Vision of Peace will campaign to influence decision-makers in governments, multinational corporations, and global financial institutions to heal and preserve the land, sea, and air;
True Vision of Peace will strengthen personal and collective transformation of society through education of spiritual truths to call for divine intervention;
True Vision of Peace will repurpose investors, corporate executives, elected officials, and stakeholders to serve humanity;
True Vision of Peace will utilize websites, publications, media coverage, and films to expose and to eliminate deception, therefore, transforming the way that we see and relate to the world;
True Vision of Peace will create awareness and will promote green culture to foster a social change within key institutions and local communities;
True Vision of Peace will establish new paradigms to awaken humanity to the "true" reality, empowering us to move forward, beyond ignorance.

> http://www.truevisionofpeace.com/our_work.html

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