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Lies of the "Ambassador" & his Global Mission of No Research

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Proof that the Dragon Family "Ambassador" has lied




(The fake "Ambassador to the Red Dragon family" has proven himself to be a Liar by using contradictory statements,

almost exactly one year apart):


... and his GMOP enterprise behaves as if it has a Global Mission of No Research




The Ambassador has now proven himself to be a liar. And the evidence could not be be more clear!

The way I do that is by showing you two statements he has made that are it total contradiction to each other:


On 10-18-2014, in an interview with Ron, the fake "ambassador" said that the Dragon family had taken control of the Federal Reserve:

"Published on Oct 17, 2014

This is one we've been waiting for! Yes, the Ambassador confirms that the Family is now the lawful owner of the Federal Reserve that has waged war on humanity for over 100 years."

On 10-09-2015 in the GFR#22, the Ambassador said that his enterprise was having problems moving money thru the Swift system:

First FIU file posted, under the video:

"The Ambassador quote:- We are moving funds back and forward ,back and forward for the projects and then being blocked all the time by Swifts.What exactly does that mean?????"

Rada confirmed this with his statement:

"We are blocked because of the paradigm shifting efforts we are engaged in."

I think people should now ask the GMOP panel: Which is true? Do you own the Fed?

Or: Are you having problems moving money through banks?


They cannot both be true, can they? In fact, they are both lies!!



> LINK to here: http://tinyurl.com/GMOPlies - and : http://tinyurl.com/GMONR

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Those who want to put an end to this scam, might consider asking GMOP this Question:


Please tell us which of these statements are True:

#1:10-17-2014: "the Family is now the lawful owner of the Federal Reserve", or

#2: 10-09-2015: "We are moving funds back and forward ,back and forward for the projects and then being blocked all the time by Swifts"

Or explain how such contradictory statements can both be true.



> You can SEND this Question to the Global Mission of Peace:


Or by email:

E-mail: gmopmedia@gmail.com


Let's KEEP ASKING until we get a clear answer

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Unanswered Questions:



For those new here - below are the Friar's QUESTIONS that Ashlynne referred to:


Top FIVE "hard questions" for the Ambassador


1. What actual hard evidence, if any, can you give us to show that you or the Red Dragon family have access to "real wealth"?

(ie. US$10 Million or more: If your family has billions, then surely you can show us evidence involving <1% of the wealth your "family" group claims.)


2. Where did this Dragon Family wealth come from?

(My own research suggests that some Chinese families made big money from the opium trade. Certainly Skull and Bones, of Yale is connected in with the opium trade. What portion of the DF's wealth came from the Opium trade? If small, what were the top 2-3 actual drivers of family wealth creation.)


3. If the DF (and you personally) are wealthy, why do you need to ask for fees from those who are seeking funding?

(You talk about the need for "skin in the game." Well, there are worthy projects, already up and running, and showing :skin" through their successful operations, which would be great pioneer recipients of your funds. Backing them, would show your "skin", while also advancing worthy projects, helping the world. I have mentioned two such projects in previous communications. If the funding effort was genuine, it should have been "all over" such projects. But TVOP has shown no interest in demonstrating its own funding capability, expecting people to just take in on faith. You have asked for "skin", but given none. This looks very unfair, even dishonest.)


4. What about promises made and not kept, how can this be justified?

(Two examples of your group's bad faith: Ron Van Dyke was promised reimbursement of his expenses over one year ago. Still not paid. People attended Dave Schmidt's seminars and were promised that they would be at the front of the queue in funding, Instead of getting money or even the access they were promised, instead they were asked for more money. TVOP has lost face, what can you do now to show your promises have value?)


5. Why has the Ambassador not shown his audience more respect?

(I have always found it extremely odd, that the Ambassador never talks in a respectful way to the people who listen to him. Many have done their research, and seen the dangers and holes in the existing power structure. They want real change, and they want more solid information about how the power structure really works. But he does not address these obvious concerns. Instead, he talks about people who are still asleep, and he rails against "goldfish", whatever they may be. After listening to some hours of his repetitive rants, I am convinced that he does not respect his audience. He treats them, like they are dupes - and this is the biggest reason that I have turned against his message. The Ambassador has used truly laughable "evidence" to back his claims. Running chicken cloud formations, Recycled logos. doctored UN documents, and third-hand predictions of Jubilee years, are not going going to convince anyone.

To the Ambassador: Why do you think your audience is so easily duped? Why do you treat them like Goldfish? ...as if you are feeding your listeners: information that seems like little scraps of junk food - that they could get from many sources on the web.)


There you go. My questions are now "on the table" for all to see.

Isn't it time to answer some real and intelligent questions?

== unquote ==


Are any of the Q's inappropriate?

Ask yourself why does TVOP not want to answer these ???


The Ambassador's Q&A ought to be a perfect place to get these Questions answered.

Let's see if it happens

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Meantime, Reverend Radagast, is trying to silence those asking questions and raising issues under GFR#22:


This will all end in tears from our experience it always does.Those subscribing to this are heading to the Boulevard of broken dreams.In this arena its almost certain.Our twenty year experience of groups of this nature is they take fees offer the earth,produce nothing and end up with many disgruntled and upset followers.Then those masked and hidden will dissapear and reinvent elsewhere.


+FIU FILE : If people read the Acore thread, they can read the questions that are being asked, and left unanswered. Don't we who have been following this enterprise deserve some answers? And especially those among us who have paid some money
+Friar Newborg Thsoe who have paid SOME money? You have one person who paid for a business class and received it. Transaction satisfied. Bought a copy of said plan and received it. Proper transaction satisfied. I have provided answers personally to that person. Person was not satisfied but no transaction was made. Service was provided free. You are a muckraker and bottom feeder currently. We do invite you to change your ways and be a force for good in the world. Otherwise, you will wallow with other unhappy people who contribute nothing to a dialogue but the dissatisfaction in their lives that is then expressed in their public communications.
+Modwiz125 : "you have one person"?? I do not "have" anyone. People who post on Acore are not compelled to do so. They are free, without any authoritarian pressure upon them. By comparison, GMOP and its Code of Conduct silence people with fear of retribution - they are not free to speak. (Have you modeled this organization on Scientology?) Of course, people will look for a place where they can have free speech. And Insiders are now coming forward through Acore, I am sure there will be more.
"A force for good" in my book is someone who pushes for the Truth behind lies, exercises discernment, and treats those who also aim for the Truth with respect. I have asked some profound questions about GMOP, the RDF, and the "Ambassador" some months ago. When can I expect some answers, please? Instead, you and your people just label me a "troll". I am sure that thinking and intelligent people, who are not mind-controlled, can see through the GMOP spin to the truth,
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Is it safe to MEET HIM?

...after he has read some of the comments I have posted here and elsewhere


Is there ANY POINT in chatting with the "Ambassador" ?




I amended my post #457,

...because after the Original posting - I got some fresh emails from Ron.

So I decided to soften my original post.

Following are the subsequent emails:


#9: RVD to Friar:

I unblocked you and have not deleted any of your comments. I really do not know what the problem is in that regard. I did check; and you are listed as a subscriber.
I hear what you are saying about the Ambassador. As I've said before, he proved his concern for me when I was in the hospital and has been a friend, despite not coming through with his promise of $.I truly hope you are saying about him is NOT correct. I will certainly talk to him about it though.


I just finished a dialog with the Ambassador. Are you willing to talk with him personally?

He's willing to meet and talk with you. Please advise.


#10 : Friar to RVD:

It is very strange that my comments do not show up on the channel, after I have been unbanned. Am I being hoodwinked? I will give you the benefit of the doubt for a while longer. (Maybe you want to un-ban me, but clicked the wrong link, or something.) Let's see what happens with my next few posts.
. . .
It is good of you to pass on the Ambassador's suggestion to have a talk. There was a time I would have jumped at that chance. But now I am more wary. I feel like a conversation would not be productive unless we can clear the air first. Or at least set some parameters. I would like to ask 2 or 3 questions by email first, to get a sense for how sincere the chat might be. Here they are (stated as politely as I can)

1. Is he willing to share some solid evidence about his bonfides?

(ie evidence that he is who he says he is, and that the RDF is truly wealthy. If not, why not?)

2. Why has he put out misleading "evidence" in the past?

(He gave obviously fake world bank documents, and told the story that the Dragon family took control of the Fed in mid October 2014.)

3. He says he wants to provide money to support humanitarian projects, but is unwilling to provide details on how his funding will work, or how much money has been provided, and he is out asking more people to pay fees an apply. This makes no sense. Why doesn't he sort the bugs out, provide some funds, and talk about what he has actually done BEFORE asking for more applications?

(This is how a professional organization would operate. Why does he think people who want money will accept a lower level of professionalism from GMOP?)

From his answers, even if brief, I will be able to determine if there is any point in having a chat. If there are preliminary questions he would like to ask of me, could he please let me know what they are before hand. I do not want to be attacked, nor do i want to waste my time, to listen to a snowjob.


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Is it safe to MEET HIM?

...after he has read some of the comments I have posted here and elsewhere


I think an email exchange is preferable, at least initially as there is direct documentation. If that goes well, then a recorded interview with all gathered questions.


I have a question to add to your list: Many people think the Dinar RV is a fairytale. Dave Schmidt says the Dragon Family were prepared to fund an RV two years ago, but when the Ambassador was poisoned, they called it off. Why would they go ahead at that time when the cabal was still very much in control? How were they planning to screen the recipients to avoid handing out money to criminals? Dave has recently reported that an RV won't happen until the Yuan is a reserve currency. Why this condition now and not before? What would the Dragon Family do with all the collected Dinar? The whole Dragon Family / RV story sounds dubious to me. If the Ambassador personally has the wealth of a small country, and the family has wealth valued at 80 zeros for a start, why would he be personally holding Dinar?

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Alithea Speaks - and OWNS the Ambassador !




Alithea Kella Yesterday 20:16 under RVD's video, 10-16-2015

+ Based on the evidence of both his OWN words, and the resultant findings of due diligence multiple parties, it's safe to conclude the story that is The Ambassador reads like something from a _Penny Dreadful:_

1. His own view of the alternative community expressed thus, _"you can tell them any retarded thing and they will believe it"_

2. Persistent demonising and name calling, describing listeners as _"ignorant, goldfish"_ and constantly directs us to "look in the mirror"

3. Making aggressive threats against those who question the validity of, or speak out on "The Family" , stating they can be _"disappeared"._

4. He engaged his mouth before his brain when subjecting listeners to a misogynistic rant. Several former female TVOP/GMOP associates have "run". Crystal G has never been heard of again.

5. A former customer has issued a public statement expressing fears for her safety following a direct attack by Bo Mikael Lindstrom

6. He announced a return to humanity it's rightful wealth held in trust by the "Family" then switched this to humanitarian business 0% interest loans with 51% business ownership in their favour.

7. He's produced fake documents to fool audience as to his legitimacy.

8. In last vid with Ron, he's now claimed Ambassadorship to China (not just to the "Family") - no records exist. The real former Ambassador is over 70 years old.

9. No hard evidence has been produced that the Family exists, funds are real or projects have been funded

10. Ludicrous claims made that BML has divine status eg Ascended Master - lol..!!!

The above represents a snapshot. The story of Bo Mikael Lindstrom continues to be written and re-written in real time,.


(Later, Alithea posted this also on Ron's channel):


Hey, when puzzled, just PHONE A FRIEND, right ?

(and a "friend" in this case is someone who doesn't keep his promises!)


Alithea Kella

+merlinhadninelives Yes, isn't it strange how Ron kept quiet the fact he'd blocked Ashllyne?
This is not the action of an innocent man. She put out a statement expressing how she'd been made to feel threatened by BML's behaviour and rants. Ron didn't attempt to communicate with Ash, a long time subscriber of his, to soothe or offer reassurances. By his own admission, his first action was to telephone his "friend", the result of which was to ban/block an innocent woman who had a less than positive experience with the organisation his friend had co-founded.

BML also claimed to "know" me. He gave the impression as if he has had direct dealings with me either in person, by email, or by phone. None of which is true. He "knows" of me because my comments and posts cut to his very core and reveal truths he'd rather others not know. Yet people do know and, crucially, they agree.

I suspect one reason he wants direct contact with Friar is so that when he demonises him, he'll do so claiming to have had direct contact and experience of him. Their lies know no bounds.
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(Assuming they DO exist, as a wealth & powerful tribe...):

2. Where did this Dragon Family wealth come from?

(My own research suggests that some Chinese families made big money from the opium trade. Certainly Skull and Bones, of Yale is connected in with the opium trade. What portion of the DF's wealth came from the Opium trade? If small, what were the top 2-3 actual drivers of family wealth creation.)



Is "the Dragon Family" the same people as Preston James describes here as the "Opium Cartel" ?


(of course, not all who benefit from the wealth generated and stolen are directly involved)


The RKM Opium Cartel was then able to use these underworld crime networks to distribute their newly developed illegal narcotics trade to more and more of the public and increase revenue and power substantially. The RKM soon realized that it could quite quickly use the opium trade for clandestine purposes to debase societies and easily access their resources. If this was insufficient to get complete control over a nation well then they would use false-flag terror to start wars and conflict whenever necessary to gain cheap access to the natural resources of these nations and further their own agenda of world domination.



The vehicle they chose was Turkish opium which one of their members had discovered. Smoking it had the ability to stop time, take away anxiety and severe physical pain, while producing euphoria and a complete “care not” attitude. But the best part was that it could quickly become addicting in many users, necessitating regular use. Opium trafficking thus could generate huge profits but could also serve as an extremely effective weapons of subversion, debasement of a nation, actually it could be used as a major covert weapon of war.



One of the battles of the first Opium Wars between England and China

Opium was first tested as a weapon of subversion, profit-making and a covert weapon of war against China. The Chinese government quickly caught on to this and went to war twice to stop this which is now known as the Opium Wars. China lost due to a powerful British Naval Task force but a sort of checkmate was reached where Chinese Opium sales were limited.

England has been spending massive amounts of their gold and Silver in China importing large amounts of silk, and and wanted to get as much of it back as possible. This was one of their main motivations for trafficking opium to China.

Through this experience trafficking Opium in China much was learned and it was found that the best way to maximize such trafficking to nations unlike China which had governments which could be more easily corrupted.


And it was decided that in order to maximize profits government officials would have to be bribed to make Opiates illegal, while paying off the government agency heads and key police to look the other way...



> http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/10/17/the-pentagons-biggest-dirty-secret/

And, Dragon Family wealth: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19624&page=4

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(Assuming they DO exist, as a wealth & powerful tribe...):

2. Where did this Dragon Family wealth come from?

What portion of the DF's wealth came from the Opium trade? If small, what were the top 2-3 actual drivers of family wealth creation.)



It was the Annunaki mining gold with human slave labour!

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"Annunaki mining gold with human slave labour!"




+ if they had humans mine it, then they must have had a use for it,

Would they leave it sitting around on Planet Earth? Some maybe, but not the crazy amounts claimed


+ We have far, far more people on the planet today - more than 7 Billion - and, officially there are about 5-6 billion ounces

of gold on the planet. If you go back to prehistoric times, when there were a few million on the planet do you think

those people were capable of mining gold at the present rate, even the present rate per miner?


+ There are records on Gold mined year-by-year over the last 200 years - and that is were the official estimates

of 175,000 mt come from. People who think there are 10X that amount on planet, really need to offer some evidence

for their wild claims.

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+ There are records on Gold mined year-by-year over the last 200 years - and that is were the official estimates

of 175,000 mt come from. People who think there are 10X that amount on planet, really need to offer some evidence

for their wild claims.


At Dave Schimdt's workshops, pictures are show of the warehouses of off market gold. According to Dave, the Ambassador and the family are custodians of this gold the Annunaki left behind. Why did they leave it behind? He doesn't say. Perhaps attendees of the workshop can say. Pictures are weak evidence, but that is all we have to go on. Oh, yeah, and the word of the Ambassador :unsure:

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I think those picture were taken from various old online sources - of inside Bank of England vaults


So maybe nothing new

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When an "Answer" is not an answer ... but still reveals plenty


A case study in the extreme gullibility of wannabe RDF followers,

who may ask questions, but do not think critically about the answers they get.


A Must-listen, to hear how the "ambassador" responds to the Swissindo scam


GoldFish Report No. 27 The Ambassador Addresses The Swiss Indo Character

Incredibly, BML still claims the document from the United Nations / Committee of 300 is genuine !!!


Q&A: from the second half of GFR#27

+ What is the 555? : A code. Something from scriptures (spiritual mentality), an antidote to the 666 anti-Christ.
+ Why does Amba use it? : It is my mission: war on financial tyranny, and on ignorance
: The Amba says people understand 80% about how the system works. (What! Tell us the rest then please.)
: "The ones who resonate with what I am doing. I welcome them to join me."
+ What is the evidence for the RDF? : Louisa says that the Committee of 300 document is the evidence (!!!)
+ Where did the Dragons make their money? : (the Amba give a rambling answer talking about China. What ???)
: This money is only kept by us. It is not our money.
+ Will the Red Dragon join the GF Report? : He has no interest in being a public figure.


Immediately after listening, I posted this under the video (it will probably be deleted):


That's it ?! That's what you have offered up as answers to 2 of my 5 questions?? Really?
Louisa, is there nothing that you and the panel will not eat?
= unquote =
Actually, I was stunned to hear what I heard in this report. They did actually ASK two of my Five Key questions.
But the answers were total non-answers, and far poorer than even I expected they might be.
At the university (the real university I attended, one of the finest on the planet), we had a saying:
"There is some sh/t that I will not eat."
What was revealed here isn't even breakfast cereal, or junk-food type nonsense, it is far worse!
To me, it was indigestible garbage, fraud and lies. Let me explain:
In today's podcast, it was revealed that the EVIDENCE THAT THE AMBASSADOR HAS SHARED with the whole panel,
was in fact the same as he made public back at the end of 2014 : Namely, the so-called....
UN / Committee of 300 Document.
This document is a very obvious fraud - it cannot be real for several reasons that we discussed shortly after it was released.
Is the panel really not clever enough to see that?
Or maybe they are too lazy to have done the research to find those prior comments?
I am truly stunned, that they could put this silly marked up document forward as evidence!
If this is the only due diligence they have done: Asking for evidence and getting a silly document and ACCEPTING IT !
- then this shows how truly un-serious (or unintelligent the panel is!) They deserve the name of Goldfish, feeding off toxic crumbs.
Let's look at an excerpt from the comments that were recorded on Acore / GEI at the time...
===== =====
THE NUMBERS are WAY TOO LARGE / video 12/24/2014 / - and
No legal document would ever specify payments to an entity identified as "the Red Dragon Family":
+ "The Dragon Family (DF) gets 10% of the Interest"

(And China itself gets another 10-20%)


+ "... Near the bottom segment noted of agreements of payments of the next 20 years for January 4, 2009 - through January 4, 2029... It still has relevance to show the main factor that the Chinese Red Dragon Family payment as a separate entity to that of the (PRC)...
+ "...The paymaster is through HSBC Group - payments are in US Dollars...and deducted for bank charges and other services of -$2,934,000,000,000 USD for the remaining balance account worth of $31,065,000,000,000 USD
+ "... used a fake World Bank document that says fantastical sums of money are going to the Red Dragon Family (~14 minutes into the above linked video). It is the sort of document you could make in Word, using a version of the real World Bank's logo by searching for it on Google Images pasting it into the header of a word document. This document has been going around for years..."
+ "... Why didn’t the Ambassador show us Page 106 on video, where the document has the signature of the Queen and World Bank Group? Note the line above the signatures: “Sealed and Prepared by the Right Wing Parties of the Committee of 300 on this 4th day of February 2010 at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C.”
+ "... the term "The Dragon Family" is a third party and can not represent anything of legal representation when it is signed by a 3rd party.. this makes the document a clear fraud"
> there's a whole thread here on the fake evidence: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19772
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"No legal document would ever specify payments to an entity identified as "the Red Dragon Family":


LOOK: This is where DISCERNMENT Comes in - you have to apply some basic intelligence to this "evidence";




HOW does anyone pay money to an entity called "the Red Dragon Family" ??????????????????

Avoiding indistinct labels like that is why corporate names and individual names are used in legal documents,

and not vague labels like "the Red Dragon Family"

( When you think this through, it will be obvious the document was faked !.)


Suppose this were real, and I turned up and said: "I am a member of the Red Dragon family, and I want my share".

How would they refuse me? On what basis?

Or if they really want to pay, and you have 5 different groups, and the Amba's branch might be one of them, each saying

THEY are the legitimate branch, and the others are not : Who do they pay then?

No bank of institution would ever sign such a strange document.


To PREVENT this type of dispute, over this too-huge sum of money (another obvious sign of fakery), a genuine legal

document would always specify a specific person or corporation, and give a specific address.





Are you really too thick to see that this so-called "UN" document is just a clumsily-marked-up fraud ??


No one should bother listening, or taking seriously people thick enough to believe this so-called "evidence" is real.


As for the other question:

+ Where did the Dragons make their money? : (the Amba give a rambling answer talking about China. What ???)


BML did not come within a million miles of answering it - he delivered a total snowstorm

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Re this and the above links:-

This is the document that Louisa at GMOP proves the funds for humanitarian projects by the RDF.

FIU FILE is now investigating these documents with banking Intel, UK INTEL.

They are also verifying the Queen's signature as real, the document is not complete.

So a copy is being obtained of the entire file to see if the entries are genuine released World Bank documents and pages 18 + 19 of it are as released on the internet.

If not????????


It is easy to cut and paste a signature* - so I pay not attention to that. (maybe I should pay more attention)*

It is the content of the documents which is so ridiculous that a child could see they cannot be genuine

- as I have explained herein


Would the Queen sign* a World Bank document? Why?

If the "Committee of 300" were signing such public documents, or producing them, there would be far more information

about the organization, proving they existed, and who the members are.



*I do think that forging the Queen's signature and presenting to be a part of a real document, is some sort of offense that could put someone in jail

"If it is a fake it will all come crashing around their ears."

It is certainly fake - the numbers are impossible, and the style of the document would never be approved by lawyers.

There must be something wrong in law to solicit business, to make loans and collect fees, and promote that business with fraudulent documents.

Maybe Interpol should also be looking into this?

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The problem with making up amounts - Someone might check!

And we did


Dr B also the document has another tell tell sign the language is over gobbley gook!!

Its elaborate wording style tells you it follows the wordings of elaborate scam documents, they have a well used style thats similar.It says everything but actually says nothing. The scammers think this makes it look authentic because it wraps itself in complicated wordings,that the gullible will be impressed by,but do not really understand it but are afraid of looking foolish if they ask.

It's a scammers dream.

The Queen is very well advised and legally would never sign anything in this manner.

Also she could not sign as British Royal Family it is very amateur!!

Anyway let's see what the security services come up with!!



It is a sort of lame-brained teenagers notion of how legal documents work.

In a fantasy world, swimming with impossibly large amounts.

Let me take just one example :6a00d8341c647c53ef0167603cf250970b-800wi


Notice: the amounts:

133. The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (London, UK, and Hong Kong, PROC):
(a.) Account no. 876-3211-54AM-22 with an account name of White Spiritual Boy and with standing balance of US$71,000,000,000,000 with reconfirmed and reconsidered earnings audited by the Financial Institution of the Committee of 300 for the month of January to April, 2010 worth of $28,000,000,000,000 in the total of US$99,000,000,000,000 (US$ 9,000,000,000,000 had deducted automatically for bank charges and services for the first quarter of the audit maturity) in the net balances of $90,000,000,000.

= unquote =

To focus on the detail, that is:

+ $71 Trillion in the WSB deposit account at HSBC, and

+ $9 Trillion "deducted automatically for bank charges" in Q1-2010. What a profitable year 2010 must have been for HSBC, if true !


Now, go to Yahoo Finance, and see the size of HSBC's
... Total Liabilities: GBP2.370 trillion (this would include all the money they have on Deposit)
... Total Cash: GBP873.9 billion (this should be a min. of 10% of deposits)
... and Total Revenues: GBP59.49 billion
> https://uk.finance.yahoo.com/q/ks?s=HSBA.L

/ Note: GBP 2.37 trillion x $1.54 = US$ 3.65 trillion representing ALL the Liabilities of HSBC


That amount in the document is way too large- maybe 1,000x too large to be real !!!, and it takes only a few seconds to check it


Meantime, the clown and /or his demented followers have the arrogance to post about someone who did research:

"No matter how many programs you watch you still don't seem to get it. You have NOT done your research. We are not here to do your research for you. If you did , you would not be asking these questions. I encourage you to put some real effort into your research..."

(this comment oozes with slime!)


You cannot make this stuff up - this cartoon way of presenting non-facts, and then saying they are making a

WAR ON IGNORANCE is full of delicious irony. Instead, they are assuming ignorance, and reinforcing it !

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  • 3 weeks later...

GMOP strikes again - presenting another personality that they have NOT RESEARCHED

- and for which they allow no genuine discussion




GoldFish Report No 34, The Ambassador Welcomes Rev. Kevin Annett from ITCCS


Published on Nov 6, 2015

On GoldFish Report No. 34, The Ambassador welcomes Rev. Kevin Annett to discuss the mass genocide of indigenous children at residential schools in Canada, and his 20+ years of tirelessly trying to expose these atrocities and hold those responsible accountable through Common Law Grand Juries. To learn more about Reverend Annett's work and to support his work, please visit www.itccs.org, www.kevinannett.com and to view the documentary "Unrepentant" visit www.hiddennolonger.com. To learn more about the Ambassador's mission visit www.globalmissionofpeace.com.


Annett's claims have been debunked by Alfred Weber and others who know him well

- from under the video:


I'm done, Kevin Annett, the army of one...you people don't do your homework first...as you tell all of us to do...pity....4 hours ago you posted a hoax that's been going around the internet for quite some time about a 1500 year old bible on your fb wall and that's after posting beforeitsnews links....really?.....if you have no discernment how can you expect others to? I'll copy/paste this comment as I'm sure this will be deleted shortly. God bless you and may He take us all where we need to go....I won't be visiting here anymore.
+Softlywinged Good bye. Don't let the door hit you on the way out! We post information to think about......to .think about the possibilities that what you have been taught and told to you your whole life might just be false. It is up to the reader to decide for his/herself if this resonates with your view of reality. We are NOT main stream media. We are not here to tell you what to think or believe but to present information to expand your mind. Closed minded people are welcome to leave. If you don't understand why we post these stories then you don't belong here in the first place. It requires a mind to contemplate....like being in an art museum........you need to think about what this might mean to you and your view of reality, if it is real and if it is not. People are not used to 'thinking' .........capice?
+Global Mission of Peace That's kinda messed up to say.. Don't let the door hit you on the way out? really? I know the Ambassador knows Alfred Weber, he needs to ask Alfred about Mr K. Annette. On another note, are you guys saying it's OK to put out info that has been proven to be false? I mean, as a group trying to take the lead or show leadership, shouldn't there be validation of info? Or like the person said, how can anyone be taken seriously? Since I have an open mind, I guess I can go back to believing Neil Keenan? I don't mean any disrespect with what I say here.
thinking? And you think what this man has to say is truth? You don't know the first thing about investigating....why not do some of that first before you judge someone who has told YOU to look in the mirror? If not for this man, many would have been saved and instead he made a mockery of their cases because they believed in him....he's just another part of the cabal to make people think "someone" is doing something...like most of humanity does....put it in someone else's hands. Alfred exposed him for what he is....you interviewed him first, are you now saying Alfred was unable to reason? Expand ones mind??? No, you're here to sway and deter one from thinking period.....And may He take you where you need to go now
+Softlywinged : GMOP is not interested in real debate or discussion. Only in preaching to us, and lying about the background of their "fearless" leader. Just look at the pure arrogance and obnoxious way that statement is put: "Good bye. Don't let the door hit you on the way out! ... your whole life might just be false" - These can only be the words of Reverend Rada Williams, who knows so much from his studies of massage and music.
/ 2 /
I can see GMOP's comments now, and I see this: " We post information to think about.." Well, maybe to think about - but not to talk about, or defend from legitimate questions. It is a one-way process, with the dark Reverend Williams, with deep knowledge of massage, lecturing us about ideas that he has not researched and does not understand.
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The following Post from FRIAR NEWBORG and SANDIE27, just might be a Good Final Summary


... of the whole Drama involving Ron Van Dyke and the Ambassador.


Ron was Used, it seems - and this also explains why Ron was chosen to "BREAK" the Ambassador's story


Friar Newborg wrote :
Ron, Do please wake up ! As we have been trying to tell you, the fake Ambassador used you.
His plan from the beginning was to steal an audience of people who have high hopes, but are easily deceived
. Why else would he choose Ron Van Dyke as the person through which to "break" his story? He knew from Ron's past track record that he would not question him too deeply; and that Ron would be oh-so-ready to believe his odd claims and help get the hopeful message out, about funding humanitarian projects. However, once the Ambassador had created his GMOP panel of volunteers - including the Reverend Radagast, who even looks a bit like Ron - he could ditch Ron and still hold onto his audience of Goldfish. This may sound harsh, but isn't this exactly what happened? The only praying I will do is that, if he is really running a scam (which seems very likely), I do pray that the authorities will catch up to him quickly, and remove his schemes as a threat to innocent and good-hearted people. There have been many red and yellow flags raised since this drama started. but sometimes when the Hopium flows, people will find a way to ignore them.

Friar great minds and all that.

My other take on this is the Ambassador also used Dave Schmidt to further his following and Dave being the naive fool he is went along with it promoting the Ambassador on the Sedona Connection.Then the fool and the lovely Charla made a few trips at their own expense paid no doubt from the workshop seminar fees to Hong Kong and various places around China and then they followed the Ambassador to secret!!!!! locations in Europe all at their own expense.What is DS's reward for this loyalty he is dumped for not following the party line as Dave follows his own agenda now,never mentions the Ambassador etc.

So everyone are we seeing a pattern.

So Rad,Sherri,Steve,Sanjay and Louisa I would watch your steps very carefully with this oh so kind individual with only the good of humanity on his mind As long as its his way and no other way!!


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I think the Ambassador Haw Haw, is head of security for the drug cartels, who feed the arts and is worried that one honest but wayward lad will spill the beans on how they entrap people into enlightenment,enlightenment brings a certainty on how religions are just a tool for mass control, as are the arts.His anti western rhetoric has not been lost on me, how he can be involved in the Gideon China version and be Muslim himself is a bit of a paradox.His timing is impeccable with world events and is really a distraction whilst he drills down into the alt media market, whilst these are being targeted for a shutdown to further support the nwo movement.

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Posted under a YT video...


FriarFrank Newborg
IS THIS WHY... the Ambassador-actor pretends to do something for humanity?
Here's an interested comment from Alex Collier:
The benevolents know this
They know we've been played
This is not the 1st time something like this has happened, especially with this Orion consortium group of rogue regressives.
But this is where it ends
This is why the minions have been given a deal - you need to flip; you need to start doing something positive for humanity or you need to just buzz out of here
The rulership of this agenda - there is no such deal
They're going to have to deal with what they've done"

> from transcript http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=14657&page=8




So it seems that "helping humanity" consists of a half-hearted scammy offering of "loans"

to people who have positive ideas, but do not know how to write business plans


And this is meant to save the cabal from justice?

Methinks that the fake Ambassador might find himself back in prison, and his "bosses", if he has them,

may not walk scot-free

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(A New year, a new message? RP's contribution was excellent here)


More interesting than usual, thanks to Rob Potter's honesty


GoldFish Report No. 44 The Ambassador and Rob Potter Discuss Financial Restructuring




I think that Rob Potter said he thinks Dave Schmidt is spreading lies in such a round about way that I almost missed it.

That is, he may be spreading misinformation, while being sincere


You have to laugh when the Amba says something like this:
"I agree with our guest 150% that we need transparency."
(People who use numbers over 100% do not mean them - they are almost certainly spinning.)

Later: "Sometimes the bad guys are less bad than we are." (100% true, in his case.)


"Every single 70-years, a decision or a mandate for the new era is chosen"

"For the last two hundred years, it has been the same people in charge"

"This is the first time, we have actual family people involved in running (key) institutions.
We had the pyramid running things... but now the pyramid will be dissolved."
But the people in the pyramid do not want to let go."



To me, it seems that the pentagon is involved in causing wars.
DS met someone at a dinner who explained the pyramid
The pyramid and the freemasons were originally on the positive side
I am very doubtful that these people (in control) are benevolent
The whole world has been under domination and control
DS said: The all-seeing-eye is the cabal, and the DF are above that - they are our slaves

The cabal want to keep humanity enslaved for thousands of years... and then free them

We need a system that does not create strife and does not have classes

I dont see the wisdom of keeping these people in power
If the Red Dragons control things, they need to release it/ release us

They are NOT SPECIAL because of their bloodlines... we are all equal

The power of the Central banking system needs to be dismantled and exposed

You have not received money, and DS has not received money

I have received money. I have been on the payroll for many many years.
Some Keepers of bonds have turned to me for money. Even they have not been paid.
I believe the elders are saying that we have to change.

Others are extremely happy with the cabal

I want to see the criminals arrested.


RP : They will be!

Amba : I hope that will come fast. I hope the media will be taken down.
It is not media, it is propaganda.


RP: (later)

I think there will be arrests, and 20% of the dragons will be removed.

I don't think that the other 80% will be left in positions of power.

I believe there will be a series of M1's. It will be an open bank account.

... Food and water for all... Free healthcare for all...

People controlling money will be watched. Anyone who misuses money will be arrested.

The Dragons say they have changed. But we don't know who they are, or what they have done.
Why haven't they changed before? What values do they have where they kept people enslaved?

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