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Keshe's Technology, QEG : vs Reality, & genuine breakthroughs

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Keshe's "Free Energy" Technology : How real is it?


My initial reaction: It is NOT real (but I would be happy to be proven wrong.)


RVD made a video about it - Remember, Ron promoting something is a good indication that it is NOT real

(he goes for things that are big vision/no evidence - things with evidence seem to bore him)




(as posted on RVD's channel):


Unfortunately, Reality is the great LIMITER here.
As much as Keshe or his followers may WANT the device to be real, wishful thinking will not make it so. What's that old saying?: "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride?" If wishing was sufficient, we all would have had Free Energy long ago. Here are two problems that I have with Keshe: 1/ He hasn't released "the maths" - ie the solid theoretical background behind his supposed breakthrough; 2/ He doesn't display and behave like someone who has a working device --- Let me show you how a real inventor operates. Here's a real invention, being shown by its inventor: (see link below) - Chet Baigh is so proud of his invention. And he has show in detail how it works, and displayed it working under a variety of circumstances. Does anyone have to ask if it is real?
Keshe has been making promises for years, and shown nothing. Just do a google search for "The facts about - Energetic Forum"
My comment now shows, explaining why I do not think this is real. Ron has become addicted to Hopium in all aspects of his life. And he is unapologetic about it. Fortunately, when his life was threatened, his family got him to a real doctor, and THAT saved his life. He seems to have learned the wrong lesson from that episode. And I am sad about that


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In several videos he explicitly states that he will not produce a demo and will instead depend on others to replicate his machine.


Some of his supporters cite the Rome video as an example of a working demo but you can see that unit worked off mains electricity.


It's a very confusing scam because eventually people are going to realize the boxes don't work. But it does seem to be very lucrative for him as evidenced by all the equipment and cameras he's been able to purchase.


It will be interesting to see if Italian authorities intervene with the scam at some point, or he runs off with the money to a country without extradition treaties or if he simply blames the failure of the machines on the purchasers.


Can you not smell the B.S.?


Asking other people to make the machine, somehow reminds me of the guy (the fake RDF "Ambassador")

who talks about handing out money to help humanity, and then collects fees from people to get access to his funding

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Thanks for letting me know what he said about not making a demo. Very odd indeed. This explains why I felt I'd lost track since I kept looking for a prototype.


What I meant by boxes were cardboard boxes, which he was passing around to the audience in the Sept-Oct technology unveiling video. Imagine, unveiling of technology and all you get to see are sealed cardboard boxes, lol.


When you mention boxes I assume you are referring to techonology boxes of some kind. I haven't seen those. I once checked products he sells. He had a PEMF pad for pain and a laser pen for pain. Not very innovative! Then I lost track. Thanks for explaining.

- Ashllyne


The lack of transparency on this is huge problem for me


Look at the guy, Chet Baigh, who reinvented the bicycle wheel


The ShockWheel invention by Chet Baigh


He is proud of his invention, demonstrates clearly THAT it works, and HOW it works.


Keshe comes out with an unwatchable 3 hour video, that people talk about, but do not watch.


If it is real then someone needs to produce a nice clear 5-10 minute summary - Baigh's video is xx minutes


I refuse to take this seriously until someone does that.

RVD is clearly not interested in anything involving evidence - he prefers impossible dreams.

(And frankly, I am bored with him now.)

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From the comments on this video:


Mr. Keshe and the foundation said the release date of the blue prints and instructions on how to build a unit was to be monday the 26th of october. Monday comes and instead of releasing the blueprints he give another rambling incoherent explanation of the said technology. No offense Mr. Keshe but your presentation and teaching skills are lacking incredibly. Instead of releasing the said blue print... Mr. Keshe changes his story and says he must teach us about the technology. However, I'm not seeing a clear or concise explanation of the technology. In earlier presentations Mr. Keshe made claims of how simple this technology is to produce. He has also made claims that they have a working model? On top of that the units that were given to the diplomats for representative ALL broke due to a spark?




It sounds like another pipe dream to me, but I would sure like to be proven wrong. I have heard so many free energy claims, but the only practical solutions I have found cost quite a few dollars to get set up. So far, nothing that looks promising enough to disconnect from the grid for good. Yes, free energy would cause economic chaos, there must be a way to ease into it, so that people have a chance to transition to a new way of doing things. Youtube is full of fantasy., when I see devices on eBay or Amazon then I will believe it.

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Here's a 5-minute presentation you may want to look at


Tom Darden 1 from speaks in Italy about Cold Fusion

Published on Apr 13, 2015

Tom Darden, the owner of Industrial Heat, speaks about his companies investments in green energy, and more specifically cold fusion / lenr.

Tom informs that he has invested in not only one cold fusion company.


Program Detail : http://www.iccf19.com/program_detail.html


Darden's Cherokee Investment Fund has invested millions in this technology


Forget the silly dreams of wishing-on-a-star Hopium addicts...

Follow the serious money! It gets things done.


Pt2 : Pt3 : Pt4 :


Interesting that RVD and his followers pay NO Attention to this guy who is putting serious money behind

serious projects, and instead they prefer frauds and fantasies: failing technology, and non-existent funds.

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What REAL looks and sounds like. He says:


"We don’t know for sure yet whether it will be commercially feasible. We’ve invested more than $10 million so far in Rossi’s and other LENAR technology and we’ll spend substantially more than that before we know for certain..."


Realism. Real money, transparently invested. Caution, No false claims.


This investor is chasing a new kind of fusion

September 27, 2015,


A prominent North Carolina investor is backing a new kind of fusion that operates at much lower temperatures than thought possible, which would make it easier to commercialize. So far the early results show promise.

Tom Darden, the founder and CEO of the $2.2 billion private equity fund Cherokee Investment Partners, made his mark by acquiring and cleaning up hundreds of environmentally contaminated sites. Today he is also an early stage investor in clean technology, having put his own money into dozens of companies in areas ranging from smart grid to renewable energy, and prefab green buildings. More recently he’s backed a new approach to fusion, a potentially abundant and carbon-free form of energy that would operate at a much lower temperatures than big government projects around the world, which require temperatures of 100 million degrees centigrade and more.

This new technology, called Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (LENR) is related but very different from the cold fusion technology that in 1989 researchers Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann claimed to have licked when they revealed to the world a simple tabletop machine designed to achieve a fusion reaction at room temperature. Their experiment was eventually debunked and since then the term cold fusion has become almost synonymous with scientific chicanery.

What does Darden, a no-nonsense, investor with a sharp eye on the bottom line and a successful track record, see in this new, risky technology? Fortune’s Brian Dumaine spoke to him to find out.\


Q: How did you get involved with low-temperature fusion?

A: Well, I thought the issue was moot after scientists failed to replicate the Fleischman and Pons initial cold fusion experiments. I was literally unaware that people were working on this in labs. I’ve made about 35 clean technology investments, and I thought that if someone’s doing this I should have heard about it. Then three years ago I started to hear about progress being made in the field and I said, “Damn, you have to be kidding, it doesn’t make sense.”

As it turns out, many of those early efforts to replicate cold fusion did not correctly load the test reactors or attempt to properly measure heat. The scientists trying to replicate the work of Fleischman and Pons were mainly looking for nuclear signals, like radiation, which generally are not present. They missed that heat was the main by-product. In addition, I learned that there have been nearly 50 reported positive test results, including experiments at Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, EPRI, and SRI.

Q: The conventional wisdom is that LENR violates the laws of physics.

A: That’s right. To create fusion energy you have to break the bonds in atoms and that takes a tremendous amount of force. That’s why the big government fusion projects have to use massive lasers or extreme heat—millions degrees centigrade—to break the bonds. Breaking those bonds at much lower temperatures is inconsistent with the laws of physics, as they’re now known.

Q: What changed your mind?

A: Scientists get locked into paradigms until the paradigm shifts. Then everyone happily shifts to the new truth and no one apologizes for being so stupid before. Low temperature fusion could be consistent with existing theories, we just don’t know how. It’s like when physicists say that according to the laws of aerodynamics bumblebees can’t fly but they do.


> MORE: http://fortune.com/2015/09/27/ceo-cherokee-investment-partners-low-energy-nuclear-reaction/

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MIT is looking seriously at cold fusion


MIT Cold Fusion IAP 2014 Monday January 27, 2014 (Full Lecture) HD


Published on Feb 6, 2014

Excess power production in the Fleischmann-Pons experiment; lack of confirmation in early negative experiments; theoretical problems and Huizenga's three miracles; physical chemistry of PdD; electrochemistry of PdD; loading requirements on excess power production; the nuclear ash problem and He-4 observations; approaches to theory; screening in PdD; PdD as an energetic particle detector; constraints on the alpha energy from experiment; overview of theoretical approaches; coherent energy exchange between mismatched quantum systems; coherent x-rays in the Karabut experiment and interpretation; excess power in the NiH system; Piantelli experiment; prospects for a new small scale clean nuclear energy technology.

Peter Hagelstein, Mitchell Swartz


"A very large body of experimental data"

"It's a small effect... 10-20% excess heat"

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As we head into the last third of the 1MW E-Cat plant test, it seems that the plant is still operating well. Andrea Rossi has mentioned lately that it has been purring and running in long periods of self-sustain mode. However, Rossi is still not ready to give up on his qualifications that the test results could be positive or negative.




There are three months and 27 days Ieft of testing this plant. We will see in early 2016 what they conclude. After nine months of operation, one would think a determination could be reached. This tells me the process is only barely understood at this point.

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I would suggest that readers skim through this lecture from Thursday.



This video definitely lays out the framework of the scam. Keshe is now stating that buyers of the unit will not see an immediate drop in their electricity bills, saying it will take several months for you to notice the drop. He also says the units will not work with resistive loads, which pretty much means no incandescent lightbulbs, no toasters or ovens, no hair dryers, etc.


Essentially what this lays out is Keshe is grooming the audience to believe that the units will not work upon delivery but will start working several months into the future, of course Keshe gets paid immediately when you order.

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As to Rossi, this is required reading:






Essentially Rossi faked his LENR results. This has been known since 2011. This in combination with Rossi's history of fraud, i.e. his waste to oil fiasco, should leave no doubt that the E-Cat is a scam designed to steal investors funds.


I would also suggest going back to some of the PES Wiki articles on Rossi. PES started as friendly towards Rossi until it became clear that he was not credible.

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No doubt Rossi has a checkered past.


Darden and his group spent two years (I think it was) investigating and testing the concepts before they invested.

They are serious people who have invested serious money.

Can they get it wrong? Sure. Any breakthrough technology may have problems associated.


But I think their chances of success are far higher than Keshe's at this point.


If someone with serious money investigated Keshe's technology, and then invested millions, i would then give Keshe a similar chance of success

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The "evidence that he faked his results" was there before the two years of due diligence,

and that may help to explain why they took so long.


Tom Darden Reveals why he Backed Rossi | LENR & Cold ...


Apr 29, 2015 - Cherokee Partners' CEO Tom Darden's funding of low energy nuclear reaction (LENR) research is more extensive than previously revealed.



Darden also revealed some of his thinking on LENR in the interview which is well worth reading. Some of the high lights include what convinced him to back Rossi:

“We’ve seen a number of tests and we’ve had a lot of people looking at tests,” Darden said. “Of course outsiders have looked at tests. I think particularly the transmutation data is very compelling. I felt very good about that, better than any outlet of test data I’d seen.”


Darden admitted that he is the primary funder of Industrial Heat. Yet he hinted that there are others funding the work.

“I think there probably are a lot of people out there like me,” Darden said. “Clearly there are.” He then made a cryptic reference to Bill Gates and insinuated that other wealthy investors and philanthropists are donating money to LENR.

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How LENR could Transform Civilization

Published May 14, 2015


If LENR lives up to some of the hype it could be just as transformative because it could give people access to vast amounts of incredibly cheap power that does not create pollution. It probably will not solve our problems but it will transform our lives and our entire civilization.


Some ways LENR could transform civilization would be to make many activities which are now cost prohibitive cheaper and available to all. For example the train, the steamship, the automobile and the airplane made travel for pleasure once something only the rich did accessible to the average person. The internet enables almost anybody to access a vast library of information, in many cases ordinary people today have access to more and better information about many subjects than the wealthy had a generation ago.


> More: http://coldfusion3.com/blog/how-lenr-could-transform-civilization


There are signs that additional "serious money" type investors are preparing to invest

Major British Investment Fund could Put Money into LENR


Sep 27, 2015 - Darden did not reveal the extent of Woodford's investment or say exactly ... Reaction (LENR) research including possibly Andrea Rossi's e-cat ...



"When asked why he invested in LENR, Darden noted that he is aware of nearly 50 reported positive cold fusion tests. He mentioned work at the US National Laboratories at Oak Ride and Los Alamos and SRI (possibly Michael McKubre’s work). He also mentioned work at the Electric Power Research Institute or EPRI. The EPRI is a think tank and research organization associated with the US electric power industry."

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I hate to pull this card but I kind of have to. From Darden's CV:



Darden earned a Masters in Regional Planning from the University of North Carolina, a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina, where he was a Morehead Scholar. His 1976 undergraduate thesis analyzed the environmental impact of third world development and his 1981 Yale thesis addressed interstate acid rain air pollution. He and his wife, Jody, have three grown children.


Darden has zero scientific training or background. Rossi is a very good con-man, his demonstrations are designed to bamboozle the audience and have a lot of effort put into them.


Let's look at the 1MW demonstration from a few years ago for example.




Rossi is able to use the enthalpy of vaporation trick described in the link to fake 1MW output when he's actually producing a fraction of that, "under unity" if we want to use that terminology. Darden wouldn't know how to recognize that trick was going on.


It's been 4 years since I read Rossi's papers but there's other stuff Darden is not trained to look for. Isotope ratios for the newly transmuted metals should differ from that of normal metal, in Rossi's data they do not. The "transmutation" should result in radiation being emitted, no radiation has been measured, etc.


If I could talk to Darden, I would tell him if he wants to save a few million dollars plus the cost of the eventual fraud litigation against Rossi, write to your local University's physics department, ask some undergrad to write up a presentation or report explaining these issues to him at length.




"My business with Greece is none of your business," Rossi said. "If anybody wants to test my device, I want to be paid. If people want to test it, they can buy it for $15 million."


Everything about the E-Cat is consistent with it being a scam. Rossi has never provided results that show net energy output from the ECAT, he refuses to have it independently tested and is asking for enough money upfront for him to retire somewhere comfortable for the rest of his life while his investors get stuck with the bill.

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As I understand it. Darden has an obsession with more environmentally safe energy technology (and I think that's a good thing)


And he hired independent experts to assess Rossi's technology. He has claimed there are " nearly 50 reported positive cold fusion tests"

So he is not relying on some internal emotion resonance in deciding to invest in this technology.

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Rossi Seeks Money From Boston Investor

During Aug. 2-4, Rossi and his business associates met with investor John Preston of Quantum Energy Technologies in Boston, Mass.


A source who had direct contact with Preston told New Energy Times that Rossi had increased his asking price from $15 million to $150 million.


This is when free energy is not so free :unsure:


Rossi also spent time building a fan base through his blog. Most of these Energy Catalyzer fans are good people who simply want to see a better world, a world fueled by clean energy. Unfortunately, they invested tremendous hope in Rossi without first demanding credible scientific evidence.

Hmm, this sounds like someone we know.


Rossi and Preston developed an agreement and defined test parameters.


During the visit, Rossi was making demands for his first progress payment. The deal had been that, if Rossi could demonstrate a device producing energy with no input for two hours, Preston would pay Rossi $500,000. Preston gave him nothing.


There are quite a few indicators this guy is a hopium peddler, but if Darden has done his homework, then perhaps there is something there, but they sure are taking their time.


I was looking for a general summary of LENR and this seems to sum it up.




For 60 years, scientists have been attempting to harness controlled nuclear fusion on the Earth. Despite the expenditure of tens of billions of dollars and the dedication of massive international science and engineering efforts, no one has succeeded.


Among the dozens of experimental fusion reactors that have been built since the 1950s, not one has produced a single milliwatt of excess heat. Lockheed’s claims therefore, are surprising and call for careful analysis.


However, despite the public relations campaign, Lockheed Martin has no public data, no published paper and no prototype to share.


and also this: http://newenergytimes.com/v2/news/2011/37/3705report3.shtml#background

On rare occasions, some LENR researchers have seen their experiments go out of control: uncontrollable heating at extreme levels. There are only a handful of such reports, and they have never been repeatable on demand. Most participants in the field know of these very rare but credible instances, and they realize that their own experiments most of the time do not come near the levels of these rare events. Skeptics may choose to dismiss these rare events as evidence that the phenomena are not real, but many new as well as natural phenomena are not repeatable at will.


It would be great if the effect can be understood and controlled, but I don't see that anyone is close to marketing a device yet. I hope Darden has success. Perhaps he does have something, but there could be a strategy behind waiting to finish the trial. If they are planning to market a device they may want a head start, in which case they would not lay all their cards on the table until just the right moment.


Then there is the whole other question of what Big Oil will do to delay any kind of technology that will reduce demand for oil.

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Rossi also spent time building a fan base through his blog. Most of these Energy Catalyzer fans are good people who simply want to see a better world, a world fueled by clean energy. Unfortunately, they invested tremendous hope in Rossi without first demanding credible scientific evidence.

- "Hmm, this sounds like someone we know."


Haha. Yeah.

Maybe Darden will turn out to be simply a more sophisticated scammer than the fake "Ambassador".

But I doubt it.

We know WHO he is, and have info on his background, which shows some real successes.

He is investing Real money, including his own - and does not have stupid failures, like not keeping a promise

to pay a useful friend $5,000

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Darden seems like the scam-ee not the scammer.


I actually think the Lockheed project has some credibility because it's Lockheed and it's using hot fusion from what I've read.


There was also this press release on an unrelated Fusion development:



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Dr Richard Alan Miller, a physcist, has looked into Keshe's technology and written a report


He sent it by email, and I will take a look - the statement in the email says:


"Hi All,

Here is my update after I spend 3 weeks digging out information about Mr Keshe.
I am not saying he is a fraud but evidences are against him...."
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  • 2 weeks later...

I originally thought Keshe's scam wouldn't be successful but this video has changed my mind:




Roald Boom has been testing a Keshe unit and just posted results showing zero energy savings or energy production.


The comments are full of Keshe supporters making excuses which makes me think that they are not smart enough to realize their 800 euro machines don't work and won't ask for a refund.

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I found this comment very interesting:



+Chin Fu So you have payed 1087 Euros. Once you receive your device (this can take a long time, at the moment they are producing the devices in China in a small workshop by hand under extrmely primitive conditions. There are some 5 or 6 workers and the workshop is not even a prototyping plant. There is no end testing done. That means not two of the devices leaving the plant are equal.)
You need/should not believe me, but I know that the devices will not work as expected and are a fire hazard.
Ok, now let's assume you receive the device and test it ans see, that it does not reduce your electricity bill - what can you do? Send the device back and request your money back. But, and now comes the win/win situation for Keshe: You will get 499 Euros back, the rest is donation and shipment. Keshe has now 366 Euros donation and 110 shipment costs( real shipment of such a device by DHK or a similar company will not cost more that about ten to fifteen Euros.
Summary: You lose 588 Eurros and Keshe wins that money minus the real shipment costs, together significantly more than 500 Euros. Your only chance to get out with a black eye is to cancel the contract ,and demand all money back and threaten to sue Keshe if he refuses to do so


The Keshe website http://www.keshefoundation.org/webshop/products/product/view/7/147 has a mandatory donation when buying a unit ! I wonder if that is a legal trick so that when refunds are requested, he is not obligated to return the donation? If a donation is mandatory, is it really a donation? If it went to court and the buyer is asked, "Did you purchase a unit with the full understanding that the 300 EUR was a donation? When the buyer says, "yes", they are sunk.


About all they can do at that point is sue for the lack of performance of the unit. Due to the waiting time, and not increasing loads too quickly, the defense could posit that the buyer didn't follow the instructions precisely. The buyer would have to have detailed logs and/or video to show they did everything as instructed and the unit still failed to perform. Not many people will do this. It's great that people like Roald are testing and sharing their results.

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Latest video is definitely interesting. Keshe is trying to make excuses as to why the units people bought and paid for don't work. He refers to the people complaining as "monkeys" that "dont understand the plasma". Then there's some angry rant about how someone put his e-books on the internet for free and is angry that he's not getting the money from the e-book sales.


And that's just in the first 20 minutes.

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  • 2 months later...

Well, like many of you I was hoping that Keshe discovery was legit and would change the world. But after viewing these 2 videos, that appears to be genuine first-hand witnesses, sadly it appears to me that it is a scam.


Here's my brief summary : Sousan Alexander, an IT technical professional with many other degrees, is one of the five who build one of the plasma generator with Keshe published blueprint last fall. It didn’t work. She still believed in it, and had already enrolled to Keshe foundation as a student training program, and was already distributing Keshe’s healing pads on ebay. She went to Italy and all the evidences leads told her that it was a scam.


Part 1 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duLPevpy0VU

Sousan's background, how she heard about Keshe, her involvement in distributing the pads, building a device, and the process to get accepted to Keshe institute.


Part 2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7oJeNfUmS4

What happened once she arrived at Keshe institute in Italy to be trained for 3 months and what she found out.

I believe they(circle Healing Network) are currently working on producing a part 3 that ties in two other ladies and their first-hand experience and investigation of Keshe.

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My hopes have faded too.


But I do want to listen to this interview Mike Harris did with Keshe in the last few days before giving up

Short End Of The Stick with Mike Harris: MT Keshe is the guest


MP3 : http://media.blubrry.com/vtradio/p/content.blubrry.com/vtradio/The_Short_End_of_the_Stick-with_Mike_Harris-2016-02-18_guest_Keshe_half_hour_final_edit.mp3


(in edit):


More claims from Keshe.

No evidence was provided

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