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Keshe's Technology, QEG : vs Reality, & genuine breakthroughs

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Bit of a silly update here, but goes to the general trustworthyness of Keshe. In his latest post Keshe takes credit for Sterling Allen's arrest.


Slight problem, it's a complete fabrication:




The arrest was not an FBI thing, it was a local investigation. And his arrest was not the result of any tips or anything by Keshe. The arrest happened because Allen posted multiple videos online where he admitted to being attracted to and abusing children.

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"In his latest post Keshe takes credit for Sterling Allen's arrest."


It reminds me of the fake Ambassador, who took credit for newsflow that had nothing to do with him.


BTW, GMOP seems to have died.

Does anyone have news on that scam?

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Putting nails in the Coffin of another scam - Nice work (Jeffrey) Doziac !


"Wasting money on a machine that does not work is not Helping Humanity"


Response to James Robitaille's video


Published on Mar 20, 2016


I believe they have wasted way more than $1 million of people's money on this useless device.

Not to mention all the TIME that was wasted.

It is good to finally see an end to it - so I hope people take note of your video.

With videos like yours, anytime Jamie or Hopegirl raise their heads backing another scam, there will be evidence of the QEG scam


Many people gave these people benefit of the doubt in the beginning - but they never lived up to their promises.

Even on GEI, we had an active thread about it, and I started out with a completely open mind - and QEG failed again and again,

while silly promises, and meaningless milestones ("we have resonance!" "we have reached over-unity"!) were flagged:


QEG: Working Free Energy device? / NOTES from Skype-chat (20,880 views)


=== ===

(Here's another debunking video):

Free Energy Machine ? Scam ? from Witts.ws - QEG ? Scam ? inspired mode

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The first question I would ask is if they are powering their own home on the device they are pitching. If they are not, then it is just entertainment and/or fraud. I have yet to meet anyone powering their home on any such device except for a YT video in which a guy installed all kinds of off grid tech, but it cost many $$ and is not feasible for folks who are not millionaires.


If it costs hundreds of thousands of $$ to install the tech is it worth it to not have a power bill every month? Exactly. That's why the guy had lots of grants and/or local donations.

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Interesting claims from Keshe - the most advanced aircraft and ships can be neutralised for less than $10


Dr B - Would be good to get feedback from Dr RAM on this technology


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And Hopegirl's comments on "good people"


There are lots of great projects out there that are looking for funding. Unfortunately, this has also created a breeding ground for a psychological operation that preys on vulnerable people. I am referring to the phenomenon of “Free Money Cults”.

Free Money Cults can be defined as groups of people who believe in large amounts of funding that will be released to the public as a result of a sequence of events in the future. This belief can vary in its details from group to group. To the best of my knowledge these groups started to kick into high gear around the 2012 “end of the world” hype.

I got loosely involved in some of these groups in the last couple of years. By this, I mean I was aware of them, followed and reported on some of the latest news coming from them, and invested a small amount of my time and energy into developing relationships with some of the people involved. I kept my involvement somewhat limited though as I was always quite busy with my own projects.

However, I think I was a rare exception. Most of the people that I knew were heavily involved in these groups. I know people who invested their whole life’s savings into Iraqi dinar. I also know people who sat on conference calls for hours almost every day of the week, discussing the latest status. A tremendous amount of free labor has gone into the development of these groups and their social communications. Volunteers have built websites around them, made hundreds of videos and piles of special documentation to support the belief behind the magical day when the funds are released.

Here is a list of some of the groups: Dinarians, OPPT, The Global Collateral Accounts, St Germaine's Trust, Dragon Family Money, Swissindo... While I used to be involved in following some of these groups, I have since disassociated myself for a variety of different reasons...

> Hopegirl : http://www.hopegirlblog.com/free-money-cults/


NO HOLDING BACK with Hope Girl & Mel Ve | episode 2 | 2 May 2016


(starting from 1:30 Hours):

MelV : the problem is getting good people

Hope : We see people get dazed and confused, and then spin out... we keep losing good people because they are running after a Free Money scheme. We think this is by design, it is a psychological operation. I need people to pick up the end of the couch... but I've had so many people drop out because they are waiting for funds to arrive... I want to see one project financed. I want to see just one financed by these Free Money schemes... There are other ways to make a living.


Just when you start to thing she could be coming to her senses, she supports another scam -

In this case it is her own scam, the QEG Free Energy device


NO HOLDING BACK with Hope Girl & Mel Ve | episode 3 | 16 May 2016


How much more time and energy is going to be wasted on this QEG scam?


Someone should kidnap Hopegirl, and strap her in her chair, and force her to listen to her own words about Free Money scams, while pictures of the QEG are shown in front of her. If she was held there until she lost 15-20 pounds, it might do her a world of good.


Hope, let me ask you this:

Are you willing to go to jail for QEG?

(that's the question she suggests in video #2 be asked to people who back scams)


Look people, there is no reason to waste time, energy and money on any of these scams.

At the end of episode #2, Mel V tries to justify her involvement with Swissindo:


"We had reservations from the beginning, but we thought if there was any chance at all, even 1-in-100,

that it might work out, then it was worth the risk."


Grow up, you scamming tools !

That is no excuse. Did you come clean, and tell people when you go involved that you thought Swissindo

was a 1-in-100 longshoot? how did to treat those who warned people on your website? You banned them!

Do your homework, like we do here, before you start dragging people into a scam.

Deep and everlasting shame on you both !!!

... For promoting the QEG scam now, have your learned nothing at all from Swissindo and the other scams??

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A new low by Keshe. He's charging people 10,000 euro to apply to go to space:



" 10,000 euro to apply to go to space"


to APPLY - so, it won't mean anything.


Years ago, Pan Am used to take reservations for a flight to the Moon.

But it was a pure PR exercise, they did not take money, since they had no ability to deliver the flight.

Same with Keshe, who has not proven ability to deliver either.


This looks like a pure fund-raising scam

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