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ACORE Thread: Learning DISCERNMENT (2016 thread)

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DISCERNING misinfo from RVD, DS, & GMOP, and moving forward

... Creating a better and Truer World




A post that I read this morning and responded to, has encouraged me to start a new thread and close the old one.


I want to encourage people who have discovered Acore thru: Ron Van Dyke, Dave Schmidt, and The Ambassador,

to be a part of a larger discerning process - looking at other half-baked ideas on the web, and discerning them too.


QUOTING the last post there:


"... I am seriously at ends with all this, I dealt with my dad being naive to certain things or plain stubborn bUT RVD takes the prize...."

- Adam Toxic


I suppose that is a legitimate one line summary of how many of us feel about Ron's case.


After saying that, what more is there to say?

I recall one of the posters on Ron's channel saying (I paraphrase):

"Ron DOES have a purpose here, and that is: To be a negative example that people can learn from."


His case teaches the importance of Discernment !

If people visiting here agree with this, I invite them to visit some of the other Acore threads, and contribute.

Of particular interest may be :


DISCERNMENT 2.0 : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20553


As I have added to the Logo, I think that 2016 will be the year of Learning and Enhancing our discernment.


If we are to have a better world, we not only need to awaken from the sleep that the mainstream media puts us in,

we need to be able to discern truth. We are being bombarded with misinformation and half-truths, not only from

the mainstream, but also on Alternative media. I reckon that at least half of RVD's ideas are partly or fully wrong.

The same goes for Dave Schmidt, and the merry band of hucksters surrounding the Ambassador.


I think Acore and GEI can be a place where people examine non-conventional ideas, and separate wheat from schaaf.


When Ron was promoting OPPT, I looked into it, and saw it was a scam. I nearly ran away from RVD and OPPT.

But I asked myself (my higher self?) some deep questions, and the answer that came back was that I had a platform (GEI),

and a role to play in seeking and finding truth. I also heard an interview with Zen Gardner, who talked about Wisdom teachings.

This gave me the idea of starting Acore, and so i did.


Thanks to all who have visited here, read the threads, and contributed here. I invite you to be part of a bigger purpose.



Link to here: http://tinyurl.com/rvd-truth / and : http://tinyurl.com/Discerning1

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BEYOND RVD and his pals, some areas where Discernment is called for are:


+ Flat Earth theory

This is clear nonsense, and it has been debunked on a GEI thread: http://tinyurl.com/FET-killed


+ Hollywood

I will probably start a thread about debunking Hollywood on Acore.

> Link coming :

But I may first make some posts about it on this thread.


WHAT ELSE has become popular on youtube, or the internet, and needs knocking on the head?


We've already seen off: The Republic, OPPT, Swissindo, and The Red Dragon Family Ambassador.


Ron has been a useful bellwether to show what needs debunking, but he's now facing his own self-created crisis.

And since he is tackling it so un-intelligently, he shall probably be wrapped up with it for a while.

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BEYOND RVD and his pals...

We've already seen off: The Republic, OPPT, Swissindo, and The Red Dragon Family Ambassador.


Yet, but the old disinfo artists are still active, and need watching....


Jan. 13th, Dr. Lessin, live for Q&A on the radio program : 1,748 views


> Radio Program : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-sedona-connection/2016/01/14/dr-sasha-lessin-and-his-wife-janet-are-my-guests-on-the-radio-program-this-week


Dave Schmidt is still at his old tricks:

He says has "important info" about the dinar and the fx reset, but you can only get it at paid-for his seminar.


But now he has a new trick: dr sacha lessin.

Dave has worked out that his lack of success with funding and the ambassador, meant that people were switching off to his message,

so he has connected with lessin to freshen it up, and maybe rob potter too.


I do not think that lessin is an advance-funding scammer in the way that the fake ambassador was, but lessin's research into the annunaki does not make dave's fantastic ideas concerning the red dragon family anymore real, whatever dave may say

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Yeah, and the ambassador has not yet crawled into his cave with the phony dragons either


GoldFish Report No. 45 The Ambassador's New Year Message and Global Financial Update


Many question asked (by Louisa) with no solid answers.

How much longer will this charade go on?


Does Louisa really think the clown-ambassador really has any inside information?

It was embarrassing


Have they ditched Rev Radagast? At this point, he adds very little

(in edit, he joined the show later)

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Hey cool, at least i inspired someone today lol thanks! Anyway, I been following the Flat Earth stuff very closely. Yes it's complete madness! my good friend who used to be my cohost went from being normal to becoming a flat earth believer in less than a month and there was never a clear cut reason why. then not too soon after, he began getting hostile with me simply because I wouldn't just buy into it. it became really bad for awhile. Anyway, the whole movement is imploding in on itself little by little. The people who have been following some of these YT weirdos like Mark Sargent,Jeranism, Eric Dubay, are starting to figure out that they bring zero to the table. It's fascinating to see how these movement took hold so quick. But why?

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RVD is now simply begging for money openly.


If he's planning on wasting $3,000 on filing an appeal, then anyone donating will be wasting their money. But I suspect the money is not really for an appeal but he's going to use it to rent somewhere else to live.


In either case, if he's asking for donations, he can't keep lying about his case.

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On Flat Earth foolishness:


" It's fascinating to see how these movement took hold so quick. But why? "


Yeah, I think it was pushed by the elites, who wanted to see how quickly they could get an idea out - and how many would fall for it,

They may have also wanted to to see who debunked it, and how.

Perhaps they want to know who their opponents are in the forth-coming Discernment Wars (I just coined this phrase.)


There is an interesting by-product. It may be making Truth-seekers stronger, and more willing to work with each other in disposing of bad ideas like FET


" The people who have been following some of these YT weirdos like Mark Sargent,Jeranism, Eric Dubay, are starting to figure out that they bring zero to the table "


I might be interesting to interview Eric Dubay, to find out if he is stupid (and being a useful idiot in promoting this) or bought

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How to deal with those who spread misinformation


"woman on the BFC who claims to have spent several hours every day for 9 months or so researching the FET..."


Wonderful. If you are in touch with her, can you ask her to explain time zones.

Ideally, if she can draw a picture that aids her explanation, that would be great. You can tell her, that there is an entire website (GEI), where no one will look at the theory until someone can explain how time zones work in FET.

Also, tell her that if she is going to come back with the sun-is-a-spotlight explanation, she is wasting her time, and that has already been debunked at :

I would love to see her explanation; if she has nothing, then you can ignore her, she is blowing smoke
Of course, FET is complete horsefeathers - but people have to fight back at these misinformation artists by asking some appropriate hard questions.
We are in practice, for when we will challenge the fountains-of-misinformation in our governments.
We-the-people have to take the B.S. down, misinfo artist-by-misinfo artist, if necessary

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Oh Dear!

Now RVD is taking money off poor gullible women with no jobs, and no income




this is not good.

Ron has squeezed so much off the bank, and off the state, and now he is preying on those who can really not afford it


Shame on you, Ron!

You need to wake up, and get your act together --- and Stop Begging


It is sad that people's good intentions are keeping his Hopium alive - he needs to face reality

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RVD: I stole this house fair and square


Ron Van Dyke still says it is HIS house, as he fails to tell people that the money to buy it came from a loan,

which his was able to obtain by LYING on the Mortgage document.

The loan was secured by a mortgage on another property that he claimed he own, and had good title on it.

This proved to be false. Ron goes on telling half truths, and his remaining listeners cannot see through the Bullstorm.


In RVD's bizarre universe, that makes the house his, free and clear

And the bank which is seeking loan repayment is the thief




Published on Jan 23, 2016

As mentioned yesterday, I have had a number of friends suggest I let them take the house. It’s just a house, they say; and you can find another home. No! That is not true. This home is paid for – no mortgage and no rent. I get less than $1,000 per month. Rent would take most of that, leaving me to live like a pauper. I am a King’s kid, a child of one I have called God since I learned to talk. As I’ve said before, my home, until my daughter and her husband moved in with three children, was also a church, with weekly meetings. My ministry expanded when I began making daily videos in January 2011 – in my home. This is much more than simply a house to me. Why is that so hard for some people to understand? They will have to kill me to get me out of here. Yes, I’m that committed to truth and to honest principles. No compromise!


Why do so few call him out on this bizarre and crazy way he explains things?

Many have, but he has banned them all !


Ron says: "... Rent would take most of that, leaving me to live like a pauper ..."

Sorry, Ron, I have news for you, YOU ARE A PAUPER. You are NOT a KING, though you live like a kingly freeloader


== here's how Ron reacts to a useful suggestion ==


did you know you can get free and next to free houses in michigan? i came here about 4 months ago I have 5 properties already. 1 apt complex, 1 office, and 3 houses. i spent $1300 to get all 5 of them
+Jason Phillips - I have no desire to live where it's cold. For me when it gets below 70 I feel cold. Imagine when it gets below freezing.


+paradoxman316 : he's poor, and wont admit it. Good on you from taking initiate. RVD is too lazy to do that/ He's been living like a king on the bank's money
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Ron goes on piling Lies on Lies, while his audience shrinks




Published on Jan 24, 2016

God’s Creation is Reality! People and all other creatures made by God are Real! God’s enemy, Lucifer, or whatever you wish to call the demonic leader, is fiction. It’s an illusion. Why God would allow it is beyond me, although I have tried to make sense of it along with many others through the ages. Nevertheless, that illusion has played a huge role in the experience of Life on Planet Earth. Those who have chosen to align with that evil have, over the millennia, and more especially in recent centuries, created legal fictions called corporations to deceive and rob humanity of our birthright. If you’ll notice, even the word corporation comes from corpse. It’s dead. It does not exist in higher reality. BTW, fiat currency or corporate money is at the root of most of the problem. You could also call it fake money. When enough of us grasp the bigger picture and choose to claim our birthright, the world we live upon will necessarily change. Personally, I live for that awakening. I choose to stand under reality, not fiction. What’s your choice?


your all farked up... is why your views have went to 20 instead of in the hundreds.



Hello Ron. I think there are two possible remedies you have to resolve the issue. These should be bullet proof and work, not merely possible. 1. The private prosecution process with all the evidence of the case, especially the fact that they lied, broke the contract/agreement with you when you said the other property could be sold. They breached the contract. If they use force with bailiffs, it goes more criminal ( I know its already criminal what they have done ). But the other 2. Is combining this with the legal name fraud. Are you aware of this newly or recently discovered fraud ?
+Colin Widger : RON breeched the contract before the bank!
When he borrowed $256k to buy the house he lives in now, he took the loan secured on another house - a house he said he owned free and clear, and he did not. He's been lying the whole time. That's why he lost friends and viewers. Truth tellers were banned from his channel, and fewer people believe his lies. RVD may soon get what he deserves, a serious wakeup call. Ron cannot go on getting everything for free. He thinks he deserves a free house, and free food. WHY??
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Shit storm on the comments of the last video 'BANK CANNOT PROVE A LOAN WAS EVER MADE '


RVD's video - the truth is ignored by some (justaman), yet again


lara grace

Yesterday 12:23 PM+

+justaman6972 Here's Ron's signed mortgage from 2005:



+lara grace irrelevant, the trust predates this mortgage and if the trust was incorrectly administered, as I believe it was, the the property in question has encumbrance thereupon, which until settled places the banks claim on hold. I do not have the totality of the circumstances so it is not prudent to comment until this is met. Placing his documents here does what? How are you benefitting self or him by so doing?


Too Frank

+lara grace : Ron keeps lying, and cannot face the truth.

So it will jump up, and bite him in the arse. He lied on the Mortgage, which is in the public record. He cannot prove the rinky-dink illogical agreement he claims. The conman is going down !



+justaman6972 the issues concerning encumbrances were resolved and the bank won the case.


lara grace

+justaman6972 Ron received a $255,000 mortgage which he did not pay back. Ron wet ink signed the mortgage. These are the facts.



to Too Frank, since your comments do not show on the channel. I ask you why do you care how I spend my time, and with whom I wish to spend it?


Too Frank

+justaman6972 : just warning you. (or maybe I need to warn others about you?) Here is the pattern: if you sincerely want to help RVD, and you tell the truth, at some point, he will ban you. If you are a liar with a half-baked scheme to promote, he may embrace you, and help you promote foolishness to others. This is who he is, and how he works. He seeks out impossible dreams, and freeloading ideas, and runs from honesty, because it threatens him.

=== ===


Ron really doesn't get it.

He keeps claiming he is right, when the basic fact is:

He borrowed money using a false mortgage document (claiming he had free title on a house),

and did not repay the loan.

All else is distraction and half-truths.

Most conartists are good and persistent at justifying their cons. Ron is no different.

If you have been taken in by this guy, there is a lesson to learn

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When your audience is shrinking (because it is bored probably), then change the Format


/ Whatever they do, it is not answering honest questions in an honest way, /


GoldFish Report No. 47 The Ambassador Introduces New Update Format



How about an update, for all those people who paid money, and are waiting in the lengthy funding queue ?


The fake Amba made some crack about those who have "hate" pages, following his videos.

Consider this: You can turn those pages into fan pages, if you make your mission that of genuinely bringing the truth.

But you will need to address the legitimate questions that have been put forward about who and what you are,

not fluffy questions from fluffy people.

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Like TWO DRUNKS leaning on each other for support?


I get the sense that they are trying to "share" each other audiences before the people drift away when the realize there is less here than meets the ear


Dave Schmidt ~ 01-17-16 ~ Sacred Matrix ~ Red Dragon


DS starts off mentioning is passing the Red Dragons, but he never gives any detail.

Instead, he launches into a long and boring discussion about the federal reserve, and then gives an old half-baked explanation about why he thinks a Dinar reval may occur - it is totally unconvincing. Then he ran to the Red Dragon family, as a possible savior to save his crazy idea that there might be a Dinar RV : Only the RDF has enough money, he says. (WTF, should the Dragons save Dinar speculators? That's a question he never answers.)




"He says the Dragon family owns 95% of all the money in the world... We have these gold reserves, and he shows me pictures."
(Goodness me - he thinks this BS is evidence of something! What a Dumb Sh/t is Dave Schmidt)

At 44 minutes in, he talks about the council of elders - "they serve a term of 70 years"


But Sacha and Janet fail to ask ANY questions about the complete lack of evidence supporting their wealth claims

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Ron Van Dyke's promise is worth Nought


When he borrowed $256,000, he promised to repay it.

But he thinks he can use a dodge to avoid repayment




Herein Conartist and habitual liar Ronny Van Dyke makes clear his thinking

Can anyone of good character go on supporting this guy??


He says:

A copy of a signed loan agreement is of no more value than a copy of a $100 Bill.


Wrong, wrong, wrong !

A $100 Bill is made to circulate as currency. The note embodies the promise.

It is a promise, and if copied, then the promise to pay $100 would not be extended to person that holds

a xerox copy of a $100 Bill. There is only one original note - and that is the proof of promise..


A loan agreement is not the same.

There is one promise to one bank, and copying the note is not making multiple promises of RVD

to repay multiples of his $256k loan. He is still only responsible to repay one single loan.

But Ron thinks he can be released of is moral and legal responsibility too repay the loan if:

+ the original of the loan note, showing his wet signature, was lost, or if:

+ the loan has been resold to another financial institution


(Please note; if the loan is resold, Ron still only needs to make one set of loan payments to one bank, not to two banks,)


Ron's thinking is scumbag thinking, The thinking of a deadbeat and conartist

A retrobate, a liar, and a thief.



I was never more sure than after listening to this...

That Ron is not intelligent, and behaves like a deadbeat scum.

His promise, his integrity is worth NOTHING!

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This Van Dyke character is a true scumbag


Despite his pretty words and protests, he does not have the common decency to admit his debts, and repay them.


Guys like this make loans more expensive for everyone, since the bank has to recover its losses somehow.

He is a tax on the system, not a crusader

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Ron is very ignorant and totally unworldly he does not understand Bank securitization.The note can be sold on as many times as the banks wish.However the terms of the note remain unchanged on what the borrower repays and the bank receives.What the banks pay to each other when trading the loan note is irrelevant to Ron,he still owes the original amount and the interest theirin being charged.This process is standard and will mean he owes the money to the bank that holds the note.He signed and agreed the amount that we know and has defaulted on repayment,so they need to take back the asset to repay the loan.He is not honourable here just playing every game in the book to avoid the consequences of defaulting on his commitment. He is a conman and appears to be a fraudster as it appears the loan proceeds were originally obtained under false pretences and lies on his part.He is using deflection and spin. This is Ron's way and the reason why he is in the situation he is in now.He is blocking all truth and reality now as it does not support his agenda.Blaming the whole world for his stupidity is ridiculous, the only one to blame here is Ron himself. He lacks discernment and commonsense and honesty. If he is the face of the new world,then let's run a mile!!!

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The note isn't the issue any longer, though. Just another Ron red herring. Pnc Bank has owned the home outright since 2012. Pnc Bank is listed as the owner on the County Clerk's website since 2012.


The hard to understand aspect of this whole thing is that every time subsequently that Pnc has prevailed in court to evict Ron, he has filed more nonsense paperwork and prevented Pnc from evicting him.


Apparently, he has successfully done it again. He keeps insisting that the courts are on Pnc's side when, in fact, it seems to be that the court is the best friend Ron has had. He has lived in a house he


has not paid a penny for in 10 years.

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And more of Ron's delusional madness...from his Facebook page today:


Jayson Davids I am curious did you take out a loan? Bank and games aside if you borrow money from a person or entity do you think you should pay them back? Not directed towards the details of your case but in general.

Just asking because for this world to move ahead we need a basic foundation of morality and honesty. Looking ahead I would hope that if I lend someone money they have the integrity to pay me back and not refuse to pay me back if I don't have an original note in the future. Venya Sanchez Matthias Grobis
Like · Reply · 6 hrs
Ron Van Dyke In my entire life, I have never failed to pay back a loan. The mortgage in question is not a personal loan at all; it is corporate fraud. Banks don't lend money; they create it out of thin air. ... Oh, I forgot. When I moved to Utah, after the job failed, my car was repossessed. I told about this in one of my fairly recent videos.
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"Ron is very ignorant and totally unworldly he does not understand Bank securitization.The note can be sold on as many times as the banks wish.However the terms of the note remain unchanged on what the borrower repays and the bank receives..."



There is only one set of customer payments attached to a single promissory note, and this is what is getting sold.

When bank A sells to bank B, only bank B gets those payments.

Ron doesn't WANT to see this simple fact, because he does not want to repay the loan.

His selfish interest over-whelms his logic... and not for the first time.

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"In my entire life, I have never failed to pay back a loan. The mortgage in question is not a personal loan at all; it is corporate fraud.

Banks don't lend money; they create it out of thin air. ... Oh, I forgot. When I moved to Utah, after the job failed, my car was repossessed. I told about this in one of my fairly recent videos



Another godd@mned lie, from a godd@mned liar, if you ask me.


The record shows that RVD borrowed the money from the bank secured by a mortgage on the property at Merritt Island.

There's a link to the document.

Having a car repossessed means that he failed to repay the loan secured by the car. So he has a record of not paying debts.

I wonder if he reported this significant fact on his loan application to the bank? Perhaps not.


Is there any surprise that RVD lost his job? Would you want a liar and con artist working for your company?


He is poor, and he has covered it up by stealing money from the bank, and I start to wonder, how did he really get his hands on Dr Mary's estate?





Ron wants everyone to share this.

I will ! It puts his con artist attitude and twisted-thinking on full display



there are more worthy causes, and better people, more deserving that Ron Van Scumbag


"If I see God, I will punch him in the face" - RVD

I think God punched RVD in the face - Look at the size of his schnoze

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I don't see a happy ending to this drama


It's sad for Ron, but so many tried to tell him the Truth... and got banned.


Who is left posting there, are the complete sychophants - and they lack sense, logic, and intelligence.\

And are dumb enough to have contributed money to the old con... serving to keep him in his delusional bubble a little bit longer

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Yes, Jeffery, what Ron read clearly says that his appeal was denied. What I'm confused about is he also says that his retired lawyer friend called the court and they explained that it actually meant the Writ was denied, not his appeal. Perhaps the "retired lawyer" has a bit of dementia. Nothing is ever very clear with Ron.


I've followed his fiasco for several years, and usually what happens after a judgement goes against Ron is...nothing. He remains in the house, time passes, and Pnc is back in court seeking still another Writ. Will be interesting to see if anything different happens this time.

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