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ACORE Thread: Learning DISCERNMENT (2016 thread)

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I suggest you do some more research into Wilbur Ross.


He's a patriotic American who wants to save American jobs and American businesses (like Trump).

Not all businesses are run well, and he has made some money turning around bad ones, rather than by sending jobs abroad


Your repeated SUPERFICIALITY is becoming very annoying. (You are beginning to remind me of RVD, a king of superficiality.)

I am sure you can do better

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Donald Trump has no interest in Americans, unless they are his billionaire buddies. Trump has a decades long, very public record of exactly who he is.


My primary problem with Trump is not his politics, though. I'm neither Democrat or Republican. My problem with him is personal. He is ethically and morally unmoored. That's the line in the sand for me. As an atheist, I find it incredibly amusing that millions of Christians, for whom Trump's words and actions over the years are anathema to what they profess as their core beliefs, elected him as president. It's an astonishing revelation into the ethical bankruptcy of modern "christianity."

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None of what you say is True.

There is a load of information that falsifies every bit of what you say

Why do you bother? And where do you get these ideas?


Let me tell you now, if I don't like your answers I will ban you for at least 1-2 months, since it is evident you are trolling the site,

and have not intention to engage in an actual discussion here.


Trump has already saved the country (and the World) from a pathway that was leading to WW3,

and also the grip of a Satanic power elite. That favor to the world is plenty of reason to give Trump time to put his chosen management

in place, and see how he begins to tackle the challenges the country faces

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Ross is 78 years old, still quite alert and with the mess our country is in, the best man to help turn it around....he's taken companies that failed and if he thought they could do a turn around and bring in money, he bought them and turned them around. WHERE do you get your information Thunter?? Never mind, I should know better than to ask...from main stream media. At least open the link above the video of Ron Paul and LQQK at the fake news so you'll stop repeating what you've been spoon fed. Trump is inheriting a financial collapse of our system...I want the best too. I hope we can take a long advantage of Ross because we're in a BIG mess.

Those billionaire so called "buddies" made their fortunes because they're smart. If they can put tens of thousands of people back to work, why do you care how rich they are? SERIOUSLY what do you care? Why do you care? Anyone has the opportunity to make it big in this world and plenty of "billionaires" have pledged to give back to America. They have more than enough money to pass it around with no strings attached. If any of them can put many people back to work and with a decent pay check what does it matter how rich they are?

Unmoored, is that your way of repeating what the msm spews, but instead of saying loose cannon you call him unmoored? I'm appalled at the people who have said such horrible things about him and haven't given him a chance first. I tried with all I had to steer people away from Obama in 08 but when he won I gave him a chance. I waited to see what he was going to do. Just as I suspected from the beginning, he was a puppet to his masters.

If you haven't figured out by now that Trump accepted this mission because of great insiders; our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandfathers who were sick of the route America was taking then I don't know what to tell you. What ever his sins; I can think of many people worse...in fact every president since Reagan. He was prophesied to win...not because he was called....because he was "chosen" ...Christians have this beautiful ability to know that anyone can change and the fact that they will have their voice back would be the BIGGEST reason for them to vote for Trump

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Looks like we posted at the same time....lol

I liked what you said too....look at what he's accomplished already while we've got Obama sitting on his hands and allowing people to get hurt at the Dakota pipeline....in fact his words were

We’re monitoring this closely, and you know I think that as a general rule my view is that there is a way for us to accommodate sacred lands of Native Americans. Were going to let it play out for several more weeks and then determine whether or not this can be resolved in a way that I think is properly attentive to traditions of the first Americans" [unquote]

That was 11/02/2016 and in that time hundreds of people have been pepper sprayed, shot with rubber bullets, water cannons sprayed on them in below zero degree weather, concussion grenades and gas bombs. One girl will go through several surgeries because her arm was almost blown off and a 13 y/o girl was shot in the face and one of the tribal elders is in critical condition.

If you want to bitch and complain about something Hunter, why not do it on something that matters and where people will hear you?
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My evaluation of Trump's ethics and morals are not derived from the media, but from his own words and actions. Trump has been VERY visible for decades. Now, you can ignore his own words, and try to argue that he really didn't mean anything he said or did...but, where does that leave you? Or us?

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My evaluation of Trump's ethics and morals are not derived from the media, but from his own words and actions. Trump has been VERY visible for decades. Now, you can ignore his own words, and try to argue that he really didn't mean anything he said or did...but, where does that leave you? Or us?


Make your case with specific points.

Everything I have seen from you so far has been highly superficial, and easy to refute.

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Ron has a Big Beef with God


(and there's going to be Hell to pay)



"Satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded ... minds." [2 Corinthians 4:4] Indeed, and the Creator has allowed it, thereby approving of literal ages of deception and cruelty. Sorry, but I don't buy the idea that there is any good purpose in such a set up. Like many of us, I too was blinded by promises I thought came from God. I was wrong. Our history is actually his story, the fallen angel who was a liar from the beginning [John 8:44]. No punishment for eating some forbidden fruit could ever justify the penalty supposedly imposed on humanity. That realization makes me question every so-called truth I believed throughout my life. We didn't fall, God did. We have merely been the scapegoats...


My goodness!

This is the one of the most epic job of projections I have ever heard!

Ron projects his mistakes, misunderstandings and failures onto God.

I have not heard since Epic projection since speeches by Hillary Clinton.


Here's a thread about Hillary's place in History Books

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WOW, oxymoron, he (RVD) speaks about being fooled...

it's still somehow God's fault he was fooled because his teachings (that he just said fooled him) programmed him that promises came from God and now God failed
Talk about cognitive dissonance....I can't even force myself to turn that video on LOL

- Softlywinged



That's our Ron. He is ready to blame everyone but himself.

Whatever "teachings" he has embraced over the years, they do not encourage (healthy?) self-reflection.

We should have know this was coming, when we saw him banning anyone and everyone who questioned the ideas in his videos.


Susan Joy Worker hangs in there, posting:

"I don't like seeing you suffer, Ron. I do wish you get through this period soon. But I do not think you should be blaming God. I see the work of Man in our present ills, and also the work of those who explain God and explain the world to us. Does someone, or some group want to bring us to the edge of despair? It seems so."


While others, like Rickyt11 are with Ron in wanting to "punish" God for letting us down. Imagine!

"Well Ronnie, If you go before I do, Do not go into the light. I am told that it will bring you right back to this planet. And if I go before you, I will slap the creator for you. You are in my prayers. Namaste."

(Maybe he is joking.)

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Now - RVD says Man is to Blame... Not all men, but some of them...


Those who deceive us (like the Rothschild bankers "who finance wars") ...

And maybe those who allow themselves to be deceived, or God for letting them try

("Why was nothing done?" wonders Ron.)




Baruch Spinoza was a philosopher who lived in the 17th century. He said, “Peace is not the absence of war, it is a virtue, a state of mind, a disposition of benevolence, confidence, justice.” He tried to replace the Bible with a scientifically-based ethical system. As I look at the world, I see what developed after his so-called "enlightened" proclamations. Other Talmudic/Khazarian Jews followed him, including the infamous Rothschilds who financed both sides in wars for their personal profits and ultimate control of governments. Politicians were purposely entrapped, then blackmailed to keep them in line with a diabolical agenda. In our day and age, these charlatans live by the lie and profit from the strife they purposely cause. Where is the real God in all of this; and why has virtually nothing been done to stop it?


Once again, his daily commentary is loaded with irony.

Ron wonders why nothing was done, yet when he was asked to Vote for Trump, to stop the satanic Hillary,

he refused to do it. He said his vote didn't matter, and that all was a scam.

The man claims, but when asked to act, when there is an obvious difference, he refuses to act.


I get disgusted when I hear this from him, and I think: Ron's a hypocrite, and it is passive idiots like him that leave evil in power.

Thank God, we are not all like that, and now there is hope for real change.

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REAL WEB HEROES are out there, fighting the Good fight !


Let's take a break from the passive-aggressive and rather pity-full Paradoxman


... and look at some Videos by a guy who attacks the root of Evil, when and where he finds it.

David Seaman is a passionate young journalist and Truth-teller with a fat-growing following (92,000+ subscribers).

Here he takes on one of the big controversies of the day:

Pizzagate, the child abuse scandal associated with Team Hillary and other Washington elites


/ 1 /

PizzaGate Just Got Even WEIRDER.

: 52,124 views - 10% likes


He talks about the Jack Posobiec interview with Infowars- a guy who went to the pizza shop and did a livestream podcast!


"It's so obvious that the MSM is trying to cover this up... 99% who do the research come to the conclusion

that there IS something going on here."


DS has headed over to Gab, where he is building a following WITHOUT CENSORSHIP


/ 2 /

PizzaGate Smoking Gun IDENTIFIED

: 16,798 views, 24% Likes - after just 5 hours


Published on Nov 27, 2016

Here it is, the PizzaGate smoking gun that some doubters have been waiting for, understandably. This will change the national, and perhaps international, political landscape. Many thanks to the ghost of Andrew Breitbart - a five year old tweet changes everything. Breitbart died in March 2012 from "a heart attack".


FIVE YEARS AGO, Andrew Breitbart tweeted ...



How prog-guru John Podesta isn't household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.


> source: https://twitter.com/AndrewBreitbart/status/33636278100561920

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Is the NWO the British Empire rebranded?


Will Trump Stop The 100 Years Of War?

Published on Nov 30, 2016

Roger Stone talks with son of legendary filmmaker Olliver Stone and filmmaker in his own right Sean Stone about his latest documentary and what he thinks Trump will do as President of the United States.


The mention of Kissinger by Sean Stone - helped to remind me that he is covering some of the same territory as Daniel Sheehan


Masters of Wealth thead:



Sean Stone also talks about the need to rebuild America's infrastructure

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I think we're all to blame and no one is to blame...if we read the Bible, without bringing in the Annunaki or ET's or prophecy or anything else, if we just read the Bible it states that Satan is the god of this world. It states that the 'fallen' mated with human women and had children. Now this is just my thinking but if the fallen ( and I won't even go into speculation of 'who' the fallen is, just that they are mentioned in the Bible) mated and their off spring mated and the blood line was kept pure down through time, their DNA has the DNA of the fallen. If you follow that trail of DNA they've been in places of power since the written word, and research has proven that they're all related to each other. Watching the pattern....they feed off our fear, pain, sorrow, destruction and death.


And they're quite wily, those tricksters because we can't see what they're up to and instead point fingers at each other, political parties and political leaders. Now reading and getting this info from the few short verses in the Bible ( although the Book of Enoch describes it all quite well and there wouldn't even be a bible if not for Enoch ) we read that this world that Satan is god over has no power unless we give that power up, because it also states that we are living on a free will planet.


So deep I could go into this subject, bringing in the Sumerian Tablets and Enoch, etc., and the original humans before the 'fallen' but this is not the place.

I have suffered greatly looking into Pizzagate...not because I didn't know, but because it's been explained in great detail. It's heart break over load, it's trauma over load, it's shock over load, it's how can anyone on this planet be so cruel and heartless over load.

Never before in the history of the written word has anything been exposed that's as vile and evil or as monstrous as what's happening right now and getting people to even look at it to help stop it is going to be the hardest thing humanity has ever had to do. I'm having nightmares over it. I have to have some type of distraction of YouTube on auto play or some inane show on the telly so I don't think about it just to go to sleep. Pizzagate will prove to be the epitome of the meaning "cognitive dissonance" because they can't look at it, refuse to look at it because they don't believe it or because it's also in their DNA. Plain and Simple.

I just think that if people understood 'who' they've empowered to rule over them and how far reaching across the globe these monsters are, and what feeds them, and the only way they can have power to do the evils they do, since this IS a free will planet, they'd learn quickly to say "no, you do not have my permission" rather than just chalk it up to political parties and their leaders.

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You are right, Softly.

This evil is truly Vile and disgusting, and hard-to-look at.

But if we are to rid our planet of these monsters, we must look at it, must understand it well enough to END it

here's more - the 2nd video is revealing


The Dark revelations just keep coming

The second Video here names some names


NWO = Cashless society and Pedophilia (among other things)



Published on Nov 30, 2016

The PIZZAGATE pedo ring just got darker and more evil than what Stanley Kubrick showed us in his film 'Eyes Wide Shut'. Thanks to Joe Biggs for helping get this information out.




The 'New World Order' IS PizzaGate -- Dave Kranzler

Published on Nov 30, 2016

Former CIA Director George Bush Sr spoke about the "New World Order" publicly more than 200 times while he was President of the United States. As a child I didn't know what the "New World Order' was. As an adult I now understand that Bush's dream of a New World Order will bring us endless abominations: Digital money which they control, pedophilia, beastiality - and ten other perversions that Satanists at the US Department of "justice" plan to make legal. What's becoming clear is this: PizzaGate IS The New World Order. A world in which "the "rule of law" applies only to the people, not the elite.
Dave Kranzler from InvestmentResearchDynamics.com joins me to discuss this & more.


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What does it mean to be Free?

To RVD, it seems to mean having a Free place to live - as Susan Joy Worker has uncovered

- under THIS video:



"God had a Plan... But then I lost my home" Ron, I'm sure you would agree the challenge we are facing is bigger than any one person's home. Chasing scams like Dinar-Revals has not helped anyone..."

. . .

"Ron can you tell us what you mean by "BEING FREE" ?"


Losing my home was the biggest challenge of my entire life. As I've said previously, It was given to me by my non-judgmental mom, Rev. Dr. Mary A. Horgan. I am no longer free to easily access belongings in storage; and many belongings were trashed by the bank. I am also not free to have my own place as I once was; and I held meetings there every week. I had a circle of friends and a real community. This support no longer exists; and when I try to hold meetings in other places, I am turned down because of 501-C3 garbage set up by the criminals who run the system.


Hmm. So FREE means having a Free place to live?
I thought "free" was free speech, the right to move and travel freely. The right to choose your own livelihood, and who you associate with. Do you really think that everyone should be given a place to live that they do not have to pay for? This seems impossible to me.
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I just went and looked at comments...some almost made me want to push PLAY until I got to Susan's. I tip my hat to her...I walked away from him because he refuses to see what he needs to see. I'm not saying I'm not suffering from my own cognitive dissonance in some area, I'm sure I do -but- he makes me angry, makes me want to say something until I realize I'm wasting my time and other times I just feel sorry for him. I'm having a hard enough time dealing with emotions from crazies with the election and now this global pedophilia that he doesn't deserve me spending time listening to an old fool LOL




Yes, saw these video's earlier today. I will stay the course DrBubb but waking humanity to this isn't going to be easy...if we and all other truth sayers can't look at it, imagine the mind over load this is going to do to those who only look at msm.


What the middle east does to young boys and the way they feel about children brought up in this video today is something that's been on my mind since the Wikileaks came out. What a sick world we live in, didn't all this crap start in the middle east?


Sitchen (I think) said we walked away from the Annunaki and went to different lands; and that would explain even if all of us have the DNA of the Annunaki, most of us didn't let it rule us and we bred that gene out.


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Sloppy RVD only sees what he wants to see, not what is Real




This was really disappointing. I really don't think Ron is paying attention AT ALL.

He seems to not know the names of ANY of Trump's picks for the cabinet, and has only picked up the

fact that one of them is Jewish. So what? Are all Jews evil in Ron's brain?


He seems to only be reading headlines on some half-arsed New Ager website.

No wonder Ron's audience is shrinking. He has become a laughing-stock for those who DO actual research.

Despite this, one of Ron's crowd thinks no one has a right to criticize him:


Message to Dr Bubb, Softly Winged etc. Please stop bad mouthing Ron.
This has gone on long enough. Have you nothing better to do with your time ?
You really are a self righteous lot., hiding behind your fake identities.
(hmm. fake identities? Who or what is an "Archie Robb", I wonder?)
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Paul Craig Roberts, who was in the Reagan administration, has some useful comments on picking cabinet members:


There are some good thoughts on the overall challenge, and this on his pick for Treasury Secretary:


"Does Trump’s choice of Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary mean that Goldman Sachs will again be in charge of US economic policy?

Possibly, but we do not know. We will have to wait and see. Mnuchin left Goldman Sachs 14 years ago. He has been making movies in Hollywood and started his own investment firm. Many people have worked for Goldman Sachs and the New York Banks who have become devastating critics of the banks. Read Nomi Prins’ books and visit Pam Martens website, Wall Street on Parade ( http://wallstreetonparade.com ). My sometimes coauthor Dave Kranzler is a former Wall Streeter.

Commentators are jumping to conclusions based on appointees past associations. Mnuchin was an early Trump supporter and chairman of Trump’s finance campaign. He has Wall Street and investment experience. He should be an easy confirmation. For a president-elect under attack this is important.

Will Mnuchin suppport Trump’s goal of bringing middle class jobs back to America? Is Trump himself sincere? We do not know.



> http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2016/12/02/trumps-appointments-paul-craig-roberts/

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Message to Dr Bubb, Softly Winged etc. Please stop bad mouthing Ron. This has gone on long enough. Have you nothing better to do with your time ?
You really are a self righteous lot., hiding behind your fake identities.
(hmm. fake identities? who or what is an "Archie Robb")

That's actually funny because I've stuck up for him in here [reference to his award a few pages back] along with calling him an old fool. LOL And Archie Robb, YOU have the right to criticize me...luckily we still have that right here in America ;) I don't come to this link to talk about RVD but if i read it and it's more silliness, I'm going to comment.


Lots of people are repeating the words they hear without investigating. Thus the perpetuation of nonsense. I admit that in the beginning, I had trepidation myself when he was one in the running -but- like Trump knows the inside moves of politicians and their manipulations, it stands to reason to appoint someone who knows the inside of banking and the inside of global elitist manipulations. It's obvious he didn't want to be a part of it because he walked away.

Trump knows too much for him not to know what's going down in America and what's happening around the world for him to be anything but sincere. His ego is big, he could have gone down in history known as a man who left a great empire and a successful family to follow in his footsteps and instead took a chance to go down in history as the man who saved America. I've said it before in here that he would not put his family in jeopardy if the cabal wasn't already neutered. In fact, it seems to me the only ammo they have left is the main stream media and Soros and his money and that old devil is filthy rich and will throw that money away to accomplish his own goal of destroying America before he leaves this planet because he can't take the $$ with him.
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"... the only ammo they have left is the main stream media and Soros and his money and that old devil is filthy rich

and will throw that money away to accomplish his own goal of destroying America before he leaves this planet

because he can't take the $$ with him..."


He remarried not long ago, so I wonder if the (younger) lady has other plans for that fortune,

And what plans she may come up with to keep the fortune intact, instead of wasting it on the machinations of an aging globalist

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Giving RVD a break, Styx offers some thoughts on Israel and Imperialism



Keith Ellison (First Muslim in Congress) Criticizes Israel, Gets Slammed by ADL


Howard-the-coward Dean is out.



I Oppose Israeli Imperialism, Not Israeli Nationalism


He has no problem with NATIONALISM by Israel (or other countries), but draws the line at Imperialism.

Three problems:

+ Israel is expansionist

+ US should not be giving money to a country that has not sign the NNT, stopping spread of nukes

+ The Samson option means they might take down other countries, if threatened

The old problem. The aggressive Jewish mind often thinks: "What's mine is mine. What's your is negotiable"

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Dems are becoming a non-white party, as whites leave & retire


This guest on Tucker Carlson's show (Ms MacDonald) nails it at 19+ minutes


Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/02/16 - Tucker Carlson GRILLS New York Times Editor Over Donald Trump Bias



White men were the first to leave the Dems in droves, will white women now fool, after Hillary (their pied piper) lost?


Also, there are chats happening on Youtube, like this one: under

Keith Ellison (First Muslim in Congress) Criticizes Israel


Friar Newborg

Some think we are approaching the End of a period where whites will lead the Democratic party. In future, it may be almost entirely non-whites,
with a sprinkling of Jews (because of the money they can raise), and some heavily cucked whites.


Radu Slav

It;s too simplistic , I think it's more complicated than that.


Friar Newborg

Time will tell. With Elison, we are seeing a big shift towards non-whites. And the powerful white leaders in the party are getting very old. People like Pelosi and Sanders will not be involved in four years. The up and coming folk are nearly all non-white.


Radu Slav :

You're painting a very simplistic future. Whites will be republican and non whites will be democratic , all this while the elites are entirely white , jewish or not , their skin is white. And all this while the republicans are pro israel and the non whites are pro palestine. Something does not make sense.
Here is what will actually happen and why :
Non Hispanic whites are 62% but according to the US census 53% of hispanics are white , and according to the US census that makes America 72% white. Why are latinos suddenly becoming white ? Because the white elites need a white majority , otherwise their rule is called apartheid.


Friar Newborg

I am observing what is happening and consider why the present trend towards non-white leadership might continue. The thing is: Jews are 2.6% of US population, and they have a very different agenda than whites do. They were huge supporters of Hillary - over 90% of Jews are said to have voted for her, and she got big donations from Jewish donors. (Basically, they support the Satanic NWO agenda - I can give you more info about this.) They are usually globalists often oppose things that might help white American. They manipulate Blacks, and treat them like Useful idiots. So I see the dems continuing as a party of Blacks, Hispanics, and Jews, with Jews trying to continue to use the party to support their agenda. Whites will naturally gravitate towards the GOP, and the millennials wake up from their SJW dreams, fed by Jews. Go listen to Milo's speeches and you will find this is happening already


Radu Slav

This jewish conspiracy theory is destroying your life. Yes , it appears jews are far more influential in the US than their numbers would suggest , but virtually all of them are ashkenazi jews , they are white , they have more in common with white christians than they do with ethiopian jews. They did great so far , people consider them white , the society at large doesn't even give them a second thought. You think they want to destroy white america ? Then they will be rulers with white skin ruling over a majority of non white skinned people , why would they put themselves in a position of apartheid ? The scale of the consiracy you are promoting is of stupendous levels.


Friar Newborg

Don't be ridiculous. They NWO Agenda has been clear for years, and the Dems have been the main party advancing it. This video based on a 1968 Meeting explains it:



Under the Bushes, the GOP was also advancing the agenda. When Trump beat Jeb, he changed the direction of the GOP. The Zio-owned media supports the NWO Agenda, and that is why the media opposed Trump so fiercely. Fortunately, enough people are now awake now to beat the globalists.



> New thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21170

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PELOSI is on her last legs ... but the Dem's anti-white-male policies will continue


The Dems only real strategy has been to promote the Victim Card, and seek the votes of those who play it


1 /

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘White Males’ Comment Shows Democrats ‘Have Contempt For Middle Class

Published on Jul 28, 2016

Joining Hillary Clinton at the DNC, Nancy Pelosi told PBS something shocking about white men


2 /

Dems Admit Pelosi Has No Strategy or Plan

Published on Dec 2, 2016

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