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"I H*** Ron Club": Inconvenient Truths for Ron Van Dyke

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The "I-H***-Ron" club, speaks inconvenient Truths


The Strange (& Strained) relationship Between Acore and RVD

arose when he accused Acore of harboring people who Hate him...

But he HATES US for telling the Truths that he does not allow on his channel



( Originally: the "I Hate Ron Club" thread )


Ron seems to think that such a club exists, but it did not until now.

So to make him happy, I have decided to start a new thread

dedicated to the banned former friends of Ron Van Dyke, the very

people who HE seems to love to hate.




People banned on his channel are welcome to join*


Humor, or intelligent comments are required here.

But it is not necessary to Hate Ron.


In fact, we probably all love they guy in some way, but wish that he would wake up


LINK : http://tinyurl.com/IHateRon


=== ===

*How to join (it is free), go to post #2 here: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19143

(You need to know that secret phrase is: Admiral B*rd - replace the " * " : with a " y "


SEE POST #24 Below!

"ALL was revealed on the RVD thread, and Ron's attitude and standing are very clear..."

It will give you links to the whole story of Ron's "stolen" house - and you can discover who the real thief was

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PROMOTIONS - that Ron has done for the Club


The latest one was right at the end of today's video



The other thing that Ron does, apart from mentioning the club, generally about once-per-week or more,

is that he bans more people, which simply grows the number of potential members.


People (who were banned), should know this: WE CARE

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I claim Founder Member status,

and will offer to head-up the Hong Kong chapter - I am sure we will have many joyful events.

Maybe a field trip to visit the Ambassador and the Red Dragon.


(I posted this under one of the posts under Ron's video for today):


Can you pass a message to Ron:

Please tell him that "I do not have 100's of sign-ins, just a small handful. Those who have been banned from here and feel silenced - must count in the dozens, and it seems like voting your Videos thumbs-down is the only way they have left to communicate with you. They want to help you see reality more clearly, not harm you."

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Hello Readers and Posters:


If you want Founder Member status,

you have to Join by posting on this thread before the end of June.


Remember, to post here, it is not necessary to Hate Ron.

In fact, it is better if you do not.

But it is necessary to make him laugh, to make us laugh, or to make either of us think,

and realise some deeper truth, triggered by his videos, or posts under his Videos.






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Maybe Ron's next long trip should be to NZ (the "forgotten" part of Oz?):


May 29, Ron Van Dyke Arrested with assistance of 8 cop cars!

Published on May 30, 2012

"He called for back-up and 8 other police cars arrived"

(probably after RVD "lost it", and scared the officer)


Ron loves telling his VICTIM stories

But herein he tells us that he is always "upfront and honest."

If only! Those of us who know him better know that RVD is a mote self-deluded sometimes

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This explanation FITS here also


The Friar's Dislikes, the real story

A comment under: 5-29-16 – ONCE AGAIN, IT'S BOTH/AND, NOT EITHER/OR

TheManWithNoName - 4 hours ago
Ron, look how many dislikes you have now. I think you would have less dislikes if you would unblock the people you have blocked so that they could express their opinions. It's okay to block trolls and people who attack you personally, but what about the people who disagree with some views? There won't be any healthy conversations in that case.

RVD is blaming me for the growing number of Dislikes on his channel, while he goes on banning more and more people there. So here's the reality:

Ron said:
paradoxman3163 hours ago
Half or more than half of the dislikes are Friar Newborgs many aliases. Frankly, I'm not into arguing with people.

This is a Lie, which I spotted, so I took the Dislike ticker from 22 to 23, and then to prove something for this post, I signed on as Too Frank to take the Dislike number from 23 to 24.

I took the Dislikes from 23 to 24 - I am NOT responsible for the large number of dislikes under this video

I hope that shows that there are many others who are not thrilled with his videos. Just visit acore to see the growing number of independent people posting there.

I do have some other names I occasionally use, and could take the Dislike count higher, but why should I bother? I do not have dozens of Avatars I use as Ron has claimed.

Maybe people who have not yet been banned who dislike RVD's videos should tell him why, and explain that I, Friar Newborg, have nothing to do with their posts, and whether they vote that they dislike or not



If I was keen to run the Dislikes higher, would I have waiting for the 23rd and 24th Dislike to post as Friar Newborg, and Too Frank?

Think about it. Ron is lying again!


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Preparing to Leave, & asking for grace (that he doesn't offer to others)


The "last video" in Australia

"No way in hell am I going to unblock people", he says


5-30-16 – TRIAL OF MY FAITH / as he battles an imaginary enemy, the IHR Club


At 5:00 minutes he makes the bizarre claim that HALF of the Dislikes are from Friar Newborg (!!)

(this is just not true - see post above)


"I don't mean harm," Says Ron, as he (unfairly?) attacks Friar Newborg

for videos he claims to have not seen


He asks "for grace", and gets plenty here on Acore, despite the continual attacks he makes on us


Here's some Amazing Grace for the drummer, Tom Van Dyke, and a drummer's song:



Let's also offer some prayers for Tom, the drummer son, since Ron Forgot to do that

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The Grace seems to be only on our side as this "loyal" supporter of Ron indicates:



Ron, so nice to hear you're on your way home ;) ! Concerning your fan club, if there was a way I could legally create damage against them I would. I've seen the verbal abuse they send you. Hurt people hurt people, but enough is enough. We're all abusers, losers, and users in anyone moment. But at some point don't you say to yourself, "this isn't cool anymore..?". I enjoy your videos because your real. Most people including myself don't have the courage to share being human. It's humbling. Namaste


Sue someone for humor, and sending him suggestions / Walking in the Light / and grace?

What a mixed up notion that is !

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HOW TO STAY YOUNG: don't drive; walk and DANCE


KPCS: Dick Van Dyke #181


Published on Aug 27, 2013

Veteran actor and Television icon, Dick Van Dyke, (The Dick Van Dyke Show, Mary Poppins) sits down with Kevin to discuss his vast career as one of the most beloved performers of all time. Van Dyke chats about how dancing keeps him young at heart, his time spent with Walt in Disneyland park, and wishing he was Ray Bolger back in the 30s.

(or Fred Astair)


Ron thinks he is old.

Dick Van Dyke was about 90 when THIS was recorded

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Is there a separate thread for the Dunford / Keenan thing? I'm still trying to make sense of it, based on the research here the earliest source of the Rumor was beforeitsnews which was then repeated by Winston Shrout then repeated by Keenan and then it spread online. But why did BIN start the rumor in the first place?

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Is there a separate thread for the Dunford / Keenan thing? I'm still trying to make sense of it, based on the research here the earliest source of the Rumor was beforeitsnews which was then repeated by Winston Shrout then repeated by Keenan and then it spread online. But why did BIN start the rumor in the first place?


I have repurposed the following thread, and we can discuss it there:


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"Actually, he remains a good communicator, with a strong voice (better than mine)

I wish he had something more useful to say !

I think my content is loads more truthful and on-target. But he communicates better through the Youtube medium." - DrBubb


I wonder if we might try to get the best of Both Worlds


I will make an offer to Ron - I will do an interview with Ron,

wherein we can ask each other 5 questions - to be agreed ahead of time.

(I will promise not to beat up on Ron, but rather to try to resolve our differences


We can both record it, so there will be little chance for selective editing.


Would people find that interesting?/




Would people like to know what my questions are ???

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"There are 100 -200 people I blocked ... probably most of them are Friar"


BULLSHIT, Ron!! You are really full of it. I have used a handful of names for various reasons -

But not the 10+ or dozens that you seem to think


And the "woman you blocked" was cheated by the Ambassador and her team, they lied about access to funding, and took her money.

Then, they called her names in one of their podcasts. I have thicker skin than she has, so I have continued to post, while she became shy under the persistent attacks.


The fact is, there are well over a dozen people posting on this thread - and many of them have been blocked from your channel.


As usual, your delusions have gotten the better of you!

People are losing or have lost any confidence in your credibility


You should read the I-Hate-Ron-Club thread - it is more about seeking the truth with a bit of humor, rather than stirring hatred towards Ron.


"the source (of this thread) is a cabal-influenced thing" - that's NONSENSE too!


And there is documentary proof that you defaulted on a mortgage loan from the bank :


Ronald T Van Dyke - Busted!


Ron signed A Mortgage instrument, in July 2005 - checkout the link in the video!


Please stop lying about that !

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the friar in his hate ron group says he will close the ron hate group if you grant him an interview on your channel.


(I responded as follows):


Here is what I actually offered:



"Actually, he remains a good communicator, with a strong voice (better than mine)

I wish he had something more useful to say !

I think my content is loads more truthful and on-target. But he communicates better through the Youtube medium." - DrBubb


I wonder if we might try to get the best of Both Worlds


I will make an offer to Ron - I will do an interview with Ron,

wherein we can ask each other 5 questions - to be agreed ahead of time.

(I will promise not to beat up on Ron, but rather to try to resolve our differences


We can both record it, so there will be little chance for selective editing.


Would people find that interesting?/


I did not offer to close the thread, but I will ask Admin to change the name of the thread,

and I will change my attitude, if he changes his, and his way of obscuring the Truth


An exchange of 5 questions, may be a very healthy thing, don't you think?


If Ron spent so much time with the Amba, why did he never bother to ask him Tough Questions?

It was typical of Ron in living inside his Delusions.

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"I did not offer to close the thread, but I will ask Admin to change the name of the thread,"


Let's do it now - The "JOKE" of the I-Hate-Ron-Club has gotten a bit old by now

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Maybe we should remake this classic film scene:


In case anyone was wondering...




/ 2:

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From page 50 of the Discernment thread


"Actually, what you unearthed RVD should be happy he's not in prison!!!"




The I-remind-Ron-Club


Ah, but he thinks he is on a Prison Planet!

A guilty conscience perhaps?.

Ron's may be angry with himself and the world because he has been reduced to such trickery, waiting for years to see if his misdeeds would catch up with him. And then despite all the videos he made (one a day!) to cover his tracks, reality did catch up after 10 years! Imagine living that way, with the looming threat, for so long. No wonder he is bitter and twisted, and hyper-sensitive towards the truth.

We were pricking at his worst fear.


Too close to the bone? Then look at this (to lighten it up):


A different Ron, Dancing in the Light, could easily reach 90 years... and stay spry




"I don't really feel 90"



The Dick Van Dyke Show Revisited (Part 1)

Arlene and Dick Van Dyke Solo - at 3 minutes


Staying active. lively and spiritual - runs in the Van Dyke family


Among his high school classmates in Danville were Donald O'Connor and Bobby Short, both of whom would go on to successful careers as entertainers.[10] One of Van Dyke's closest friends was a cousin of Gene Hackman, the future Oscar-winning actor, who also lived in Danville in those years.[10]Van Dyke's mother's family was very religious, and for a brief period in his youth he considered a career in ministry, although a drama class in high school convinced him that his true calling was as a professional entertainer.[10] In his autobiography he wrote, "I suppose that I never completely gave up my childhood idea of being a minister. Only the medium and the message changed. I have still endeavored to touch people's souls, to raise their spirits and put smiles on their faces." [10] Even after the launch of his career as an entertainer, he taught Sunday school in the Presbyterian Church, where he was an elder, and he continued to read such theologians as Buber, Tillich, and Bonhoeffer, whom he has said helped explain in practical terms the relevance of religion in everyday life.


> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Van_Dyke

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Is there a separate thread for the Dunford / Keenan thing? I'm still trying to make sense of it, based on the research here the earliest source of the Rumor was beforeitsnews which was then repeated by Winston Shrout then repeated by Keenan and then it spread online. But why did BIN start the rumor in the first place?

A couple/3 years before Michael Rupert died (may he R.I.P) he was very angry with me for posting BIN on something he had posted...once he calmed down he told me to never believe anything Beforeitsnews puts out because it's all bogus...he then told me he had been maligned with untruths and he'll never forgive them.

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WHO are the Real haters of Ron?


Simonoves simon 9 hours ago
yes youre on the right track some haters of ron and the cabal would want you out of the way for pin-pointing where the mischief comes from ,,,the leaders of Freemasons claim the own the usa..the street maps of Washington and elsewhere are sort of designed resembling the masonic symbols and the 6 pointed star..they also claim..that jfk was shot because he was too much trouble for the masons and there agenda..all you have to do is read or look on yt about protocols of Zion and youll confirm..you are right and correct...here are links

beware of the people who have tried to modify it and change the original context
all the changes are in baby steps so you never see it coming in one lifetime.
keep on making videos ronny..to really stick it up them

Friar Newborg:
Haters of Ron? Are you talking about me and the Acore Forum? We are not haters.

We are old friends of Ron who got banned from his channel for posting Truthful things. Is that the act of a Hater? Or a true friend? Time has proven that we were right on almost everything. But RON HATES THE TRUTH, and those that tell it. We are the group Hated by Ron, not hating him.



Simonoves simon

i know nothing about the acore..i was NOT talking about you as in specific hater..only ron knows you..i was talking generally..ron knows the truth as in whats going on and explains it..i dont know your dealings with him or whats occurred in the past..obviously u2 dont get along...youd be better all around if you look at the big picture.as in whats going on in the USA .and not attack EACH OTHER personally..IT SERVES NO PURPOSE.,nor no interest to any viewer except what he says in his videos..

Friar Newborg
There is forum with maybe a dozen or so active members which talks about Ron's videos in an open and honest way. And no one gets banned there. We are all simply seeking the Truth. Several of us - but not all - have been banned by Ron. You can have a look for yourself, and see if you think we are on the right side, battling the cabal and misinformation. Link: http://www.greenener...c=20561&page=56

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"Even in a common law court you'd have lost your house" -m Jeffrey





Sad for Ron, but True

I think I recall him saying 2-3 days ago in frustration:

"A bank cannot switch a Mortgage to a second house... Even my banker said they could not do that."


Of course they can! When the Mortgage loan was taken with false covenants ("I hold a free and clear title" he represented),

and the proceeds of the Loan were used* to purchase the second house.


Ron thinks by not mentioned these essential details, he can fool people into giving him sympathy.


It is not commonly seen, since few people will try the illegal and immoral switch that Ron pulled on the bank.

=== ===


*A purchase money security interest (PMSI) is a security interest or claim on property that enables a lender who provides financing for the acquisition of goods or equipment to obtain priority ranking ahead of other secured creditors.


> http://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/purchase-money-security-interest-pmsi.asp

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7-21-16 – WORKING THROUGH THE CONFUSION - Does RVD really want to do that?

It seems not!

There's a feast of suggestions for Ron under yesterday's video - but Ron doesn't want to take them!

it seems like has been given a real chance to change. Will he take it??


Ron, you seem to be struggling to find the Truth these days. Has it occurred to you that maybe some of your readers may have done research in detail on various things, and are willing to share it with you and others. I read a comment that made me think maybe you have been too quick to ban some who have truth to share. What do you think now about those you have banned who tried to warn you about... your past enthusiasms?
Great question. It would be good, and maybe a bit surprising, if RVD gives you an answer.
He seems to be very interested in protecting himself from certain truths, that may upset his worldview.
Sure, Friar, I understand that Ron may be protecting himself. But give him a chance. Recently he has been willing to re-examine his long-held beliefs, and he seems to be getting closer to letting go of his need to be the sole teacher to his friends here. Maybe we can all play some sort of role in finding the larger truth by working together, researching promising ideas.
I have no way of knowing who did what, especially since Friar Newberg had so many aliases, He's the ringleader of the anti-ron group. As for warning me, everyone is entitled to an opinion. I don't want my channel to be about arguing. I am still enthusiastic about living on a planet not ruled by criminals. I'm in favor of anyone who wants freedom for all honest people that do not violate the natural rights of others such as the cabal or whatever you wish to call the fraud. At this point, I don't believe anyone unless they can and do actually deliver on setting the people of this planet free.
Okay, Ron. Can you tell us how many ideas you are following now, and which ones you think might be most promising? One I heard about recently is an effort led my a famous lawyer, Daniel Sheehan, who wants to have a dialog with ET's and to begin to figure out what the future relationship might be between humans and ET's. This sounds pretty wild, but Sheehan is a serious guy, who defended Karen Silkwood and helped to get the Pentagon papers released. I heard about this by seeing some videos on the Friar's Acore website, and some people there seem to consider him to be serious and credible. Have you heard of this guy and his effort?
not till now. I know there are a lot of people trying hard to change things. Personally, I had to borrow money just to pay my exorbitant car insurance, putting me more in a bind financially. That's where the rubber hits the road, since I feel I have no choice but to find a way even if is against my will and best interest.
Paradoxman316: Hello Ron... must say something here. When you started blocking people, I told you the truth about who had been loyal to you yet they were blocked and when blocked went over to Friar to express themselves.... Many were utterly loyal to you prior to being blocked, but they were also honest and having their questions dissed by the GMOP... while you were in the hospital. Then when you got out, in no shape to face all of the above, recuperating, the accurate sequence of what happened in your absence became blurred. Many attempted to tell you that you'd blocked innocent people, but you did not listen... for whatever reasons. I think Friar did have several identities. However, one of your 'loyal followers who was an educated and fact finding individual' told me that the GMOP were making up fake YT ID's to drive a wedge even further between you and the loyal followers that the GMOP had deliberately blocked.. simply because they called out the GMOP asking questions that they would not answer while you were in the hospital. This was the cycle I noted as well. There is no way the Friar had 'so many' ID's. Also, some of the fake ID"s accused me of being a troll and one of the bad guys... in an attempt to discredit me on your channel.. This happened after I was blocked from GMOP commenting. I found that a bit coincidental....So, when you got out of the hospital, you had no idea what we'd experienced but one thing came out very clearly... all the Ambassador blocked were also blocked by you. Now isn't that a bit fishy?
Susan Joy Worker: I have responded to a comment of Ron's below. Yes, Ron did block some brilliant minds who were utterly devoted to his channel because 'enter the troll', the trouble-makers with fake accounts, playing one against the other and in the midst, the Ambassador went from bashing Ron and calling him a liar to becoming his friend again and in the midst, those loyal to Ron, whom he banned, went elsewhere to comment and the Friar had the lading pad for them when they arrived, blocked from Ron's channel. Something about this cycle is fishy.... for when I step back, it looks to me like Ron, with a huge following of people all concerned about the crooked system and those controlling earth, became the 'target' of those who wanted to discredit him and destroy his following. So, until Ron takes the time to go back and see those commenting on his channel regularly and where the blast of trolls came in, he won't be able to figure out who he wronged by unjustly banning them. And, yes, many of them gave Ron constructive criticism and others did massive amounts of research to help him in his time of health crisis....
Merlin, sounds like you are saying it was the Ambassador all along. I admit, he has greatly disappointed me; and I never liked some of his so-called friends. They did not seem like honest people, although I believed him because of his story and he did seem good to me until after my birthday last year. Then his true colors came out when I was in Oz and had Eilish pull the rug out from under me when I was on the other side of the world.
Susan. Merlin: Some great comments and ideas here today. Let us hope that Ron will embrace them. In case he deletes them instead, I have captured them on Acore - post #1263 : http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20561&page=64
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ALL was revealed on the DISCERNING thread, and Ron's attitude and standing are very clear



Ron finally commented on the mortgage he had signed:


Right at beginning of the Mortgage Note, that RVD signed, he makes this representation:
"BORROWER COVENANTS that Borrower is lawfully seised of the estate hereby conveyed and has the right to mortgage, grant, and convey the Property and the Property is unencumbered, except for encumbrances of record."



Deadbeat: A person unable to pay his debts, or is of low financial standing


I deleted a comment and blocked the new YT subscriber who sent a copy of "my mortgage". Yes, and it was for the Merritt Island property, not the home where I lived. As I've said repeatedly, I never had a mortgage on my home...NEVER. And I would have paid the other one had I been able to accept the offers of two buyers; but that could not be, through no fault of my own, since the lawsuit prevented the sale. Common sense, which is what common law is based on, simply voids the contract that was fraud in any case, as all "contracts" with commercial banks are. WE HAVE TO WAKE UP AND TAKE BACK THE WORLD FROM THESE CRIMINAL LIARS!
Anyone who supports Ron should read these words again, and ponder their meeting:
"Common sense, which is what common law is based on, simply voids the contract that was fraud in any case, as all "contracts" with commercial banks are"
No, Ron, common sense, and common law do not void the contract !
YOU TOOK MONEY from the bank, and bought a second house with their money -
And you took the money under false pretenses - you stated in the covenants that you owned the house free and clear, when you did not.
It is not the bank's fault that the price you achieve was below expectation - that's down to the market, and maybe the (clumsy?) way the house was sold. Had you really owned it free and clear - as you covenanted in the document - there should have been no special problems in selling it. But you lied to the bank, and the lied became evident when the other party/parties interfered with the sale.
Simple justice, and common sense, suggests the bank should be able to come after the house you bought with THEIR money, when you failed to repay the loan.
I see a liar, a thief, a deadbeat, and (seemingly) a common criminal in your statement and your actions. You may be able to live (uneasily) in your own delusions, but do not expect intelligent people who know the whole story to support you in those strange delusions
It is now plain for all to see now, who is the "Criminal Liar". Shame on you for calling "Liars" the honorable Truth-seekers on this website!



> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20561&page=75

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Ron seems to Trust in the myth of Trusts



DO YOU TRUST in those Trusts?

Ron does ! Or so he says : Here


Ron, what do you think of this comment?:
"I think we should all face the probability that a Magical RV is not coming.
Sure, there may be some shifts in currency values, like the drop in the Pound we saw after Brexit. But I do not think there is going to be a big currency change which will suddenly put money in everyone's pockets. Where would that money come from? If we shook down the Rothschild family and distributed their $1 trillion or whatever among the 7 billion on the planet - that's only $143 per person. It would take a long time to sell off their assets, and then distribute it. Is this amount spread over 5 years, that's $28.57 per year, going to solve your problems. I don't think so."



You have no idea how much wealth there is in various trusts, like the St. Germaine Trust for example. There is sufficient wealth to make everyone a millionaire, including the children. The earth is not over populated, it is simply poorly managed. If we were all empowered with true knowledge, everything could change quickly.



I do NOT agree with Ron's ideas about these Trusts, and so posted this:




Ron says, St Germaine, and other trusts have: "sufficient wealth to make everyone a millionaire". Really?

This is simply Im-f---ing- possible! $1mn x 7 billion people = $7 Quadrillion. Has Ron really THOUGHT about this amount?

It is impossible in two ways:

1/ the global economy generated about $76 Trillion in GDP revenues last year, and that is REVENUES, not wealth. Let's imagine the wealth that was retained from that income was 10%, that's $7.6 Trillion of wealth generated last year. Does Ron think some shadowy trust managed to save 921 years of the world's wealth generation? (and that is at the present high level of the economy. Ten years ago, the annual number would have been less than half that size.)
2/ The second problem with this crazy large figure is WHERE could you store the wealth?

Let's look at some figures from my Google search of today:
+ Total value of world stock markets : $70 Trillion
+ Total value of world real estate : $220 Trillion (including some double-counting with the stock markets?)
+ Total value of world bank deposits : ??? (still searching for a figure: $30 Trillion, maybe?)
+ Total value of world's gold : 7 billion oz.s x $1325 = $9.3 Trillion
+ My estimate of the Total wealth on planet Earth : < $400 Trillion
WHERE is it Ron? Where is that $7 Quadrillion of wealth? How is it stored, please!?

Do you think it is sitting on Mars, Jupiter or Saturn? If so, how do you suppose you will you get it back.
If you cannot find it, I think you need to start admitting it probably does not exist.

(I won't even go into the morality of grabbing this wealth from those who now hold it legally, and distributing it to those who did nothing to generate it.)
As usual, RVD does no research, and no serious thinking about the possibility of these amounts being real. Nor do the other bozos in his world who repeat these crazy figures without bothering to research them, nor do they even give them a little serious thought.

People of sound mind and good hearts need to start asking deeper questions, and get outside of their clouds of delusion, and thinking more clearly about how real are some of these ideas commonly passed around on the web.

We now have an election that really matters. We can support the evil status quo, or vote for real change. Let's shake these silly clowns a bit, and get them to stop spreading rumors of RV, and other such distractions. It is time for people of sound minds to unite in supporting a real change, and vote for a Presidential candidate who has already attacked the lies of the cabal, and could truly make a difference, if he is elected.

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