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WHO is "The Ambassador" from the Dragon Family?

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( posted the follow under RVD's Latest Video):


Hi Ron, it sounds like you are now on top of you situation, and will soon fix it.
I am wondering if you will be offering any comments on TVOP, and how it is developing. I have found that some of my own comments there are being deleted. And so I have just posted an assessment on the Acore forum. If people are interested, ask me for the link


> LINK: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=19942


Quick summary: If the TVOP has something good under consideration, or evidence of their seriousness, they should SHOW it !


I wonder how many are now feeling like this?:



Show me the PROJECTS ! rant : Post#12

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New Chat with the Ambassador


He expresses some anger at those who have tried to guess his identity, denies that he ever had a Swedish wife (with the last name of Lindstrom), and promises some positive changes this week



Is he really surprised that people are trying to guess his identity?

He has put himself forward as someone who has special knowledge and connections with a powerful family.

It is completely natural for people to want to know who he is - of course they will research via the internet.


(This comment at 9 minutes sounds very revealing):
"Of course they (the cabal) are using the Lightworker community because they know the lightworker community is very gullible.. You can tell them any sort of retarded thing, and they will believe it."

- The Ambasssador

Hmm. Has he just revealed why he chose to work through RVD and Dave Schmidt... and now Radagast, who popped up and was so willing to accept his message uncritically.

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RVD has just put out a video saying that the Amba suffered a mild heart attack

on a rocky long international flight. I believe he is in the hospital.

And I will him a speedy recovery

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RVD has just put out a video saying that the Amba suffered a mild heart attack

on a rocky long international flight. I believe he is in the hospital.

And I will him a speedy recovery


+100 Tx for letting us know.


My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family while you are recovering. Blessings and hugs!

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It is possible that THIS is the news that DS and the Amba have been hinting at:

There was a story in Pravda that China will disclose that they are now holding 30,000 metric tons of Gold

- That's almost 20%! of the "official" World's Gold reserves. That would be a big shock to the markets,

and might seriously undermine the US Dollar.

Rob Kirby-Extreme Reduction in Standard of Living Guaranteed




(This is a response to yesterday's video from Dave Schmidt):


China Report with The Ambassador

Published on 19 May 2015

5-20-15 report and update from China with The Ambassador


(comments from the Modwiz125 channel):

George L:
1 /
Is ALL QUIET on the Eastern Front? I seem to recall May 17th being mentioned as an important date.
2 /
There's been another quirky video from Dave and the Ambassador. Incidentally, I recently heard something that may potentially undermine the credibility of the Ambassador and also Dave Schmidt. But I am sworn to secrecy on this... So I cannot tell you what it is. But if you are a careful and thorough researcher, you may find it yourself. (I wonder how many hours of research will be touched off by Dave Schmidt's revelations... and mine? Haha. This was just a joke. I have no such info. But the latest DS video has more secrets that it cannot share.)

Guido F:
Haha. I know you are kidding. But I am frustrated by this non-info also.

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Another "squishy" video from the ex-politician lacking any real detail



"they are handing out trillions, but I am not at liberty to say more"


Give us names, dates, and detail... or something closer to that,

or we will think your are just another politician ( ie a "lying scum")


I am getting really fed up with this with this lack of specifics

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That's because DS and Mr A are not being honest. I know first hand and know who all is involved and let's say I know the real name of Mr A

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Maybe you can share some of your information here


Various people have tried to get more transparency from the Ambassador, and

the usual result is it gets them banned from youtube channel.

But that will not happen here, on GEI - we are about Seeking the Truth, not protecting elites

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I have been following this story since last summer when Dave started to change his message about the RV from any day now to it won't happen like you expect, to his latest show in which he says it could be 2 months or two years. Dave likes to think of himself as a reporter of the truth, I consider him a storyteller. Sure, he thinks his sources, and in particular the Ambassador are giving it to him straight up, but he has some biases that allow things to go on without question that keep this story going on and on and on. I find it amusing that he used to pronounce the Dragon name with the emphasis on the first syllable, as in Drag - on.


Probably the most significant bias is his unwavering faith in the prosperity story, that funds will be released to break the chains of financial slavery that humanity is currently being held in. He believes that the DF are angels incarnate (stated on his radio show in October 2013) and that the funds they are holding are part of or connected to the St. Germain Trust which is supposedly funds held to aid humanity, set up by a Master (one who has mastered life in this realm).


Maybe this fund exists, maybe it doesn't, but what we can see is the following:

  • Despite having one of the largest audiences, Dave couldn't attract sponsors, and thus could not pay the bills at Radio Star Worldwide and so went back to BlogTalkRadio
  • Dave's partner, Charla, is also having trouble paying her bills at Radio Star
  • The Ambassador, despite being connected to 95% of the world's wealth, hasn't helped either Dave or Charla pay the radio bills, and both of their shows are acting as platforms for the DF to reach the grassroots
  • There is only direct evidence of money flowing one way: from the people to the Ambassador, charging them $100 to pitch their projects. They say the fees went to charities, but which ones? Can it be verified? It may be great to have a business plan but with no funds, it is just a future reality on paper
  • Dave and/or the Ambassador say that funds have been flowing from the DF to fund larger projects for some time now, but gave no details or any way to verify such
  • There is lots of talk of unlimited funds flowing to people to launch projects, but so far no evidence of such funds other than showing Charla some statements
  • The Ambassador supposedly has more funds than some countries, yet since the idea of funding projects was first proposed last summer, it has taken almost a year to create an administration and still nothing has really happened, other than the TVOP website went up and people have pitched their ideas and submitted business plans. With that much money at the ready, this is all that has happened???

Some other observations:

  • Dave uses cloak and dagger to keep up the interest level in the radio show. I admit it can be effective, it can also be tiring. Dave says there are people out there who don't like what he is saying/doing. Maybe so, but are these same people also going after The United Way, UNICEF, and the Red Cross? Organizations who have stated they exist to help humanity and will direct all funds to this purpose? Who is Dave really theatening, that he must not disclose the location of his hotel in China, his intineray, etc? Intrigue for the sake of drama, or real safety concerns? Why was the Ambassador poisoned on the eve of the RV if the Cabal holds more Dinar than anyone else?
  • Dave uses an exclusivity angle to promote his workshops. Go to the workshop and you will jump the queue and have your project considered. Go to the workshop and possibly have your currency exchanged before others. Go to the workshop and find out what is really going on, because the Ambassador can say things live that he won't say on the internet. What is being held back and why? Until when?
  • The Ambassador tells people at Dave's workshops that they will all be millionaires. Really? When? Dave mentioned at one point a private Dinar exchange might occur, which would give people up to a millon dollars in exchange for their Dinar. What would the DF do with the Dinar? It sounds more like a giveaway than an exchange to me. At the same time, Dave says the DF won't give out money like candy.
  • Dave keeps saying the Cabal has to be neutered. He also says that they have the most Dinar. Even if the BRICS banking system is up and running and out of reach of the Cabal, how can the RV ever happen when it will direct to the Cabal more funds thany anyone else on the planet? Why would the DF fund an RV if the Cabal holds a large share of Dinar?
  • Creating the BRICS system and a new banking system may solve a lot of problems, but it won't solve the problems that greed and immorality creates. This requires people to change. Many of the systems we have in place right now would work just fine if people acted morally. This is something money just can't address. People have to
  • The Ambassador has said that the truth would be told and a massive re-education process would take place. OK, when? It wouldn't take much to start a new YT channel or podcast with a weekly program to begin this education process. In this regard Mark Passio has done more than most with his work at http://www.whatonearthishappening.com
  • What happened to the Jubilee and debt relief? It hasn't been mentioned now for several months
  • Dave says that Zap, who also believes in the prosperity story and is supposedly in contact with the DF, is not in contact with the same arm of the DF Dave is. If Zap is Jerzy Babkowski, they also have quite a story going on over at http://www.landachinaglobal.com They talk of redeeming historical bonds, some of which are worth billions/trillions of dollars. The same drag - on, i.e. delays are happening there as with the Dinar story.
  • Why is the Ambassador going through RVD, then Dave - channels with an incredibly small audience. If the DF were ready to help humanity in a major way, couldn't they just buy their own broadcasting corporation and get to it? Or, they could simply support the Gates Foundation, get Oprah on board as well as the Thrive movement, John Robbins, Deepak Chopra, the Zeitgeist folks, etc. There are lots of people who want to help change the world. That would give them instant exposure and a worldwide audience. If they wanted to keep quiet about themselves, they could simple support that which furthers humanity without talking to Dave or RVD.

At the end of the day, what has the Ambassador/Dragon Family really done to improve life in the here and now?

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Very good, Red Panda.


This seems to me to be an accurate assessment of the Ambassador's message.


Meantime, we are hearing the Amba abuse people for being naive.

...As he again fails to reveal any clear and transparent info about himself and the reality of our planet:


Ambassador Calls Out the Goldfish: Poster Boys/Girls for the Cabal and Asks Them to Wake Up


I find it odd that he calls people naive, and then expects them to swallow his message uncritically,

and without solid evidence


(Modwiz seems to be willing to permit posting that are a bit more questioning now):


Thank you. Empowerment is the only solution. Dis-empowerment has been the norm, all, by design, for thousands of years...with a few exceptions. Lead to lead.


+Johnny LeRose Johnny I think I have been booted off this channel and I have not in posted in months.. I just writing to you to see if you can see my posts.. (and who can't etc) You strike me a a real person and a real account.. I want to get to the bottom of this RDF situation as it is in the way IMO.. is this something you can relate to?
(maybe with more questions, we will eventually get some answers)

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Another update from the Ambassador full of vague statements.


I agree that people must shift from a state of being needy to one of self sufficiency. The welfare state has grown too large. The whole concept of government must change - just like JFK said, instead of asking what the country can do for you, what can you do for the country. That was over 40 years ago, and the welfare state is now so big it is bringing the economy down.


People are needy because the money system is corrupt. In many families both parents are working and still find it difficult to pay the bills. If the DF has taken over the Fed, what changes have they made to help correct monetary policy?


When will the education process the Ambassador spoke of begin? We need proper education, and we need coaches/inspirational teachers. The Ambassador's attitude is not one I find either encouraging or uplifting. I find Radagast (modwiz) more well spoken and trustworthly than the Ambassador at this point.

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Ron Van Dyke is missing ... and his Facebook page is "compromised"


That's the conclusion I came to have viewing his most recent Video:

05-15-15 - RON'S DILEMMA


You can get to a new thread talking about the Missing RVD, using the following quick link:


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Another update from the Ambassador full of vague statements.


I agree that people must shift from a state of being needy to one of self sufficiency. The welfare state has grown too large. The whole concept of government must change - just like JFK said, instead of asking what the country can do for you, what can you do for the country. That was over 40 years ago, and the welfare state is now so big it is bringing the economy down.


Ron Paul is talking about the Risk of a serious currency collapse:


12-Term Congressman Ron Paul's Warning to Americans about the Coming Currency Crisis


"The government may impose a wealth tax, and confiscate money in your IRA, and your bank account"

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The number of skeptics grows, as the delays continue - from Modwiz' channel:


"we are not worthy of being provided the courtesy of proof of funds before parting with our 100USD" - FIU File


+Modwiz125 : I would like to know what you think are the main things that "these wonderful people" have achieved? (this is a genuine question.)
From where I sit, I see delays, and promises not yet being fulfilled. If the RDF controls the Fed, what has changed. If they are getting 10% of trillions in income paid through the World Bank, where are they spending it? (Again, these are genuine questions, legitimate questions too.)
+George Lincoln Agree they will not answer those difficult logical questions.Reason why????
+Modwiz125 It is indeed fantastic if people are being given an 'opportunity' to be great in ways that could not be realized on their own. If people have not shown up on the workshops it does not mean they have not heard nor any the less 'great'. Helping rebuild the world is vital and equally important, understanding others who question and not profile them as less and not more than those already committed to workshops and pitches....

+merlinhadninelives Its egocentric,exclusive, self important nonesense. The Ambassador is the leader of a cabal replacing a cabal. He lectures, abuses his opposition as they threaten his ego lunacy and is in effect a dictator. He speaks like the sound of God and his followers bow to his every word. He gives us the opportunity to pay 100 USD to him to hear our pitch and deem whether it is worthy of his fantasy bank.Why does this God of Gods need a 100USD he has trillions from the world bank!!!U0001f600U0001f600U0001f600 However we are not worthy of being provided the courtesy of proof of funds before parting with our 100USD.The Ambassador is courting fringe media and preying on the naive like Schmidt,Charla ...

who are praying to the great God and dare not question his wise words while he rakes in 600 USD per hour for 6 ten minute pitches under the title TVOP. Which no doubt are deposited into a Cabal bank!!U0001f600 He has now even got Schmidt via You Tube and Radio to promote his 100 USD and Schmidt urges people to apply and pay the 100USD but cannot verify the RDF funds exist. Upfront fee scams litter this arena we investigate them everyday and this scenario ticks all the boxes.We await with baited breath for the Ambassador,Schmidt et al to prove,adhere to a promise, a timeline anything to show their words are real.Draw your own conclusions!!


+FIU FILE Well, you have certainly covered every single cobble-stone upon the pathway to the golden hallways of the TVop.... My comment is in the spirit of how we treat one another upon this planet and your comment covers a broad spectrum of very serious thought: The Cabal replacing itself in a newly packaged format... Thank you for the input...



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MY ADVICE to TVOP and the Amba would be:

Give us all a break - Stop focusing on the negative.

Please give is "proof of funds", as FIU file has suggested. And an example of a good project that your are funding or will soon fund.

And I would like to see enough detail so that we can see why you are prepared to fund it.


(this was posted on Modwiz channel after the other posts, above)


If the Amba wants further elaboration of this advice, I will be happy to speak to him personally

for just $100 every 15 minutes (haha)

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Dave Schmidt has released a new, long-form Q&A with The Ambassador

Q&A with The Ambassador of The Dragon Family


Interesting comments concerning the (gold) bonds, and "remit and surrender".
The Amba says that only the original holders of the bonds can cash them, and the others may must "remit and surrender".
And that means (to him) that the bonds must be returned to the original holders. The keepers, who held them, will get something for keeping them safe, "but nothing like some of the amounts that have been (mentioned) ou there." Others will get nothing.
(Hmm. I thought the bonds are supposed to be bearer bonds. If so, this sounds like a message designed to allow some privileged folk, who claim to be original holders, to buy them back at a huge discount.)
The Amba goes on to say that the bonds will be cancelled (after being cashed?), and funds handed out for humanitarian projects.
. . .

They also talk about Jade Helm (after 40 minutes) and he says:

"Make then understand that they are there to protect you, not to agress on you..."

I believe we will see tribulations in the US between now and September... Floods and Typhoons..."


Q: What about a financial collapse?

A: I think at the same time, you will see some things shifting and changing... They will come at the same time.

I want people to be prepared...


Hmm, Well this is EXTREMELY unclear.

If we do not know what the coming event is, how do we prepare?

I have heard far better explanations of what may be coming elsewhere.

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A good summary of a part of the Q&A under the video from...


At 9 minutes, Dave Schmidt asks a key question: (I paraphrase a bit here):
Q: Many people wonder what assure they can have they they can have that they will get their projects funded, if they take the courses?
(since there have been so many disappointments, and have seen so little hard evidence.)
A: "Projects are being funded all the time through governments on a professional basis... If a project is good, they present themselves in a proper manner, and the project is worth funding, we will fund it... But it must do more than simply benefit the person who is requesting the funds. Many people have that... (Others need some work.) If they make it better, it they can come back later." A (later): "The main thing is that they come up with good deals... ah, good business proposals. Even a restaurant. It employs people, maybe 10 people, it is a humanitarian project, since it provides jobs." A (late): "The thing is... we are not creating more debt slaves."
But where is the EVIDENCE that "projects are being funded all the time"?
Previously, the Amba claimed that the family was behind Food Stamps.
At best, that was an unsubstantiated claim.
And at worst, a bald-faced lie.
I am tired, of all these statements pouring out, with NOTHING to back up the claims.
When will it stop... Or be proved?
Maybe Dave should use this as his new theme song:

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I am tired, of all these statements pouring out, with NOTHING to back up the claims.
When will it stop... Or be proved?


If project funding is for real, we should know fairly soon, unless they come up with some kind of non-disclosure policy. If they do, hold on to your wallets folks.


Otherwise, with 30 people for six hours @ $100 each, that is $500/hour and $3,000 for the session. Why would they stop this kind of gravy train? They could conceivably do it for several months while saying that projects are "in process" or "in review". That way they don't have to commit to much beyond this or provide proof.



From the TVoP website:


Experienced enterpreneurs with high standards professional plans written already are allowed to skip the compulsory Business Workshop but have to add the $50 to the 'Present My Project' registration cost. It is an absolute MUST that one who seeks funding through The Ambassador at least have the courtesy to do the 5min Elevator Pitch to him! Please respect that. So, as for those qualified professionals who skip the Business Plan workshop, their fee for the Elevator Pitch will be $150.


This means you can't just submit your business plan for your project for funding. You must send TVoP $150 and do an elevator pitch for them to consider your idea.



TVoP sets an example of a self-sustaining non-profit humanitarian initiative through its charity fund-raising event: 'Meet The Ambassador and the TVoP Team - An Open Q & A Forum followed by a Think Tank Session' online for 2 hours on Zoom at 2pm GMT every 2nd and 4th Sunday at $100.00 per participant (100% goes to charitable activities), starting from 29th March 2015.


How is TVoP self sustaining if they charge for this session and then give 100% of the funds away? Evidently I don't understand their definition of self-sustaining. I thought it meant not needing funds or resources from an outside source.

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"How is TVoP self sustaining if they charge for this session and then give 100% of the funds away?"


We have "listened" to TVOP's elevator pitch, and find it unconvincing.

Those of us who have real business experience should offer them a session to improve their pitch.

The entire TVOP can join the conversation / session for us to give them advice on improving it.

Each TVOP person can speak for up to 10 minutes, and we will only charge $149 per head.


That's a plan, eh?

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Well Dave is not being honest. He has never been. I am working on freely exposing them because there is as their words would say in their own word surrender and please tell the truth. Identity of Mr A is not a secret and he has no funds unless he gets a chance to exchange. He knows this and it is that same control they use by doing everything they say and do. I will bring you DS entire words and he flip and flops like a gold fish out of water. He makes up the stories about the bad guy. When I am ready I will have it ready in the mean time listen closely to the choices and notice never any fact backing it up. Now comes threats. Well I am not afraid as my ghost knows it's shadow. He uses fake pictures as his own setup by others and it is already been proven. Soon the video will be on you tube and expose it all. Sorry if you waste money on a plan but if no money now then you are mislead and really mislead in USA. If you email me send to mrarold@icloud.com

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"... I will bring you DS entire words and he flip and flops like a gold fish out of water. He makes up the stories about the bad guy..."

"... He uses fake pictures as his own setup by others and it is already been proven...."

- Janus


These tendencies have been noted here.


In fact, there isn't a single bit of "evidence" presented DS or the Ambassador that is the slightest bit convincing.


They have not delivered on anything, except amateurish courses, that they are charging for.


You say: "he has no funds unless he gets a chance to exchange."


That statement implies he is holding Gold Bonds or something. I have not yet seen any evidence for that. It is possible.

These bonds have flaws, and it should not be so hard to get hold of some, at a deep discount to their Notional value.

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(Key Maker posted this on Google):


Key Maker Shared publicly - Yesterday 10:03 AM
Who are these people using the mighty red dragon family logo on their/his google plus accounts.. WTF?
(details added):
Alexander Prado, Art dealer/Fund raiser/Philanthropy,
works at Alexander Prado (5 followers / 2,417 views)
Prior: One Art Foundation*, CBC Global Trust

Mikael Lindstrom (19,219 views)
Mikael Lindstrom (25 followers / 2,215 views)
Alexander Prado (82 followers | 91,652 views)
mikael lindstrom (11 followers|15,013 views)


=== ===

(interesting to learn that One Art accepted a grant):

One Art, Inc. : Organization Mission:
Founded in 1978, One Art, Inc. is a non- profit community-based arts organization. Established to provide arts and
education programs, One Art's primary goal is to serve as a stepping-stone for the future of our young people by
providing activities designed to keep kids off the streets and involved in productive cultural and educational
programming geared to challenge youth and help them to realize their present and future potential. As part of its
30-year tradition, One Art provides free after-school classes in the visual and performing arts, as well as offering
its participants opportunities to showcase the talents through performances and exhibitions year-round. One Art
also provides; literacy, social skills development, nutrition awareness, and early intervention drug prevention.

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More about the Ambassador's Logo - from Project Avalon:



The so-called emblem or logo of The Red Dragon Family

I did a little research on the origin of the emblem, which was presented by the Ambassador as the sign of the Red Dragon Family.

1. This logo has been in use at least since 2014-06 on the website of the CBC global trust before it was published later by the Ambassador.
The owner of that site is Alexander Prado, who also own sites of the (fake?) Alpha Omega Station Bank and www.voiceofthedragon.com , which presents audio of one interview with the ambassador. All of those websites are not fully working. They were all set up in 2014-06.

2. The mentioned high-resolution image file with the logo has a time stamp of 2014:01:25 and is marked as created with "Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.0 Windows".

That led me to the question: Is this Logo a complete photoshop creation?
To find an answer I isolated the black bird ("the phoenix") from that logo, because that is the element that distinguishes the logo from the other logo of the "Dragon Family" that Mr. Prado has used on the various Alpha Omega Station Bank websites.

With the isolated black bird I did a Google image search. Google found only one(!) reference. The same bird is used as a logo of a Hotel Schwarzer Adler (Black eagle) in Germany.

Ambassador logo, Alpha Omega Station Bank logo, Hotel Schwarzer Adler logo

Just compare both birds: they are identical (except the Dragon Family does not use the kitchen utilities that the Eagle is holding in his hands in some versions on the hotel website - I suppose they would prefer chopsticks instead).

Conclusion: The so called logo/emblem/sign of the Red Dragon Family is a photoshopped combination of the Alpha Omega Station logo, a Black Eagle Logo from a German Hotel + some minor alterations.

So the remaining question is: Where does the Alpha Omega Station Bank logo comes from?
Remember: The Ambassador told us, that it is the sign of the Dragon Family, and that even a crop circle has appeared with that logo, wich may tell us, that the Dragon Family will return.

Indeed there is a connection: The Alpha Omega Station Bank Logo is a recolored version of the reconstruction of a crop circle from www.cropcirclewisdom.com. Not vice versa. Just compare it. It also has the same optical resolution.

To compose the logo in photoshop it had to be upscaled. That is the reason why the red background logo is slightly blurred in the emblem on the CBC global trust website (just watch it in full resolution).

Conclusion: Both logos cannot be emblems of a Dragon Familiy or Red Dragon Family. Such a families would have their own logos. They would not steal them from other websites or create them in 2014.

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I HAVE LOST PATIENCE with this....


(As posted a few minutes ago on Youtube):


To Janus : I have run out of patience. The best thing we might say about the Amba and TVOP, is that it is Flawed.


They have failed to deliver on anything, except collecting money from those seeking funds. Everything else has been delayed or been backed by false evidence. I have asked again and again for solid evidence of their claims, and about projects they are back, but received nothing. Time's up!. I no longer have the patience to follow this in an open-minded way. How long will others go on believing in this seeming "fantasy"?


(I am not the only one who feels this way. Here are some other posters):


We will wait and see. We believe that there are no funds,
...and we are also aware via our uk agency of an individual called Marc Alfonse Cifelli who claims to have met 01 and the elders of the family and claims to be the head of the Five Star Trust along with Marion Horn.He is involved with a Don Depriest ex American politician and others who appear to have a connection with the Knights Templar. They claim to be the guardians of the Colaterell Accounts and Marc Alfonse Cifelli claims to own billions in Historic bonds and at one time was promoting the GCR and RV and the IQD.Everything Mr Cifelli has promised along with his constant timelines have failed miserably he has never proved a thing he has said and is currently under investigation by the Uk security agencies for a 3.5Million USD fraud on two investors via a Hong Kong individual called Mr Bruce Ko who he claims is part of the Triads of China.We wonder if the Ambassador knows Mr Cifelli who clams to be the guardian of the collateral accounts and has travelled to Hong Kong and claims to have met the Grandfather and 01 and the Chinese elders.If he doesn't someone is lying big time!!
Our experience of this entire arena is lies,deceit,fraud and non performance. Hence our cynicism!! We wait to be proven wrong!!
+Janus Yes the Ambassador has said judge him by his actions. If The Ambassador got the paedophiles in governments and royalty arrested then I'd be impressed. A few corrupt FIFA members is not really cutting it.

Yes easy to say he is behind anything that is bad and arrest happening. Some of us know of bigger ones and I am sure he will claim them. See he has no money even if paper statement shows otherwise. To many people have access to the truth and he himself needs an Rv/Gcr but in the mean time how about he gets a full tank of gold fish. You can reach me at mrarold@icloud.com we can setup the details. I am even willing to share all details and facts that can verify. After all this for me is just life on this earth. I choose to wake up the people in a way they can find truth not to be told they or stupid or ignorant...


+Red Panda I know there are a lot of desperate situations. I remember listening to the radio show with Dave Schmidt and the Ambassador. A guy and his friend phoned in as he was homeless and wanted help but ended up losing his temper when the help was not forthcoming. These are all big words that the Ambassador is saying but it isn't helping the right individuals. Dave Schmidt says you have to have skin to be in the game. Uh huh. This is how they treat people, like it's a game. I see this as a business opportunity for a few individuals and all the others are just fair game. Why on earth would anyone give money to anyone they haven't met in real life or even seen? It's quite mind boggling, the scams just keep on coming.
... and more recently was THIS:
Wed June 10 2015 I go public I will have no problem getting call info out and explain and do Q and A. While this last on here spread word and I will use Ron and my own you tube tied to Janus to get you number and codes and I don't screen calls so even they can join and answer I can assure they down have the calm and truth to share.

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A MESSAGE for Radagast




(I just posted this question on the Modwiz125 channel - Let's see if it gets a response):


Rev. Radagst,

You have now been associated with this effort for many months, and must have some real insight into it.

We have seen TVOP shed Ron, and Gwen, while failing to deliver on promises. Can you share some of your insight please?


If you still believe fully, can you tell us why - ie something about the solid evidence you have seen supporting the reality behind TVOP?


I don't want to turn hostile, and especially before giving people a chance to speak. Some good-hearted people have been caught up with the Amba and TVOP, and I think they deserve some better and deeper explanations than have been given so far. If you please.

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