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Ambassador, GMOP and Dragon family Fall short of Realistic Expectations

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The Amba, TVOP and RDF Fall short ... of Realistic Expectations


This was a good post by Friar N, and I think may people have lost patience and confidence in the Ambassador's message...

and are seeking something better... or at least more transparency from the Ambassador and the Red Dragon Family.


Greater transparency with genuine questions taken seriously would make a good start, if they want to regain some credibility.




Herein I will collect some posts and other info to expose or reveal more about the TVOP effort, which has still not demonstrated its own bonafides,

and is looking more and more like a wax banana




THE AMBA FALLS SHORT - of realistic expectations


I have been thinking about making a post like this for some time, but after the following post from Rev R., I think NOW is the time for a strong post in response:

"Friar Newborg Who cares that you have run out of patience. What are the consequences of that?

You turn hostile and get removed from the comment area? Patience is a virtue and one cannot tug on the grass to make it grow. It is the people who will be funded to build a better world that are our concern. You are a spectator, not a participant. Watch with respect or take a hike."
- I think that now is the Time for me to be more clear about my expectations. And a response like that from RR, needs some clarity in return.

I want to share my expectations of what the Amba could be saying, if indeed he was whom he claims to be. (If RR deletes this post, it will still be available on the Acore thread of GEI, where we are seeing more and more people posting every week.)

I think we have an excellent example of how a member of a powerful Illuminati family can behave, if his real intent is to tell the Truth. and help humanity. The person I have in mind is Simon Parkes, a local UK politician who has been very outspoken on ET related issues. Following is an excellent and revealing interview he did in recent days:

15-06-07 Simon Parkes - Answers Questions

What you will find from Mr Parkes is that he is willing to answer difficult questions. And when he cannot give an answer, which is rare, he will say clearly: I cannot answer that. He does not make long incoherent rants, and offer promises that he cannot keep, nor does he back up his story with false evidence. He is now starting his own online community called Connecting Consciousness, and I think people may find that they will get more useful information and truth from it, than they are getting from TVOP over the last several weeks. I have come to the conclusion that TVOP is either not what it says it is, it it requires the patience of a saint - and I do not have that. In either case, it seems to be doing a poor job of listening to its audience. (go ahead and delete me, RR - there are already more hits on GEI and Acore, than TVOP is getting on its recent media efforts.)

If the Ambassador is the genuine article, then he can learn something from how Simon Parkes politely and articulately deals with genuine questions. We need more guys who are genuinely helping humanity, and fewer who are just posturing at helping. If the Amba want to hang on to the intelligent and aware people that are still listening to him, it would be a great time to UP-his-game, before such people depart TVOP for more robust humanitarian efforts.


duck2-300x297.jpg : Think: "TVOP - It's a DUCK !" (see post #16)


LINK to here : http://tinyurl.com/TVOP-Duck

New Playlist : Ambassador to RDF, will Hard Questions ever be answered?

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Janus, who has posted on Ron Van Dyke's and Modwiz's channel, has promised some revelations.

Is this guy a genuine Truth seeker? Or does he have another agenda?


His first step has been to start a new channel, Pay It Forward Foundation Global

... and reveal something of himself, and he promises a "next video" about his own family and the Bilderbergs.

June 10, 2015



Published on 10 Jun 2015

Family history of Jack King Horton.

> more: http://forum.pifpifpif.com/t60098120/who-is-topshelf/?w_r=1434071508


Hmm. Well, there is a definite resemblance



(Link to portrait of Jack Horton): http://hdl.huntington.org/cdm/ref/collection/p16003coll2/id/5559


Obituaries Jack K. Horton; Former Head of Edison

Jack K. Horton, former chairman and chief executive officer of Southern California Edison Co. who championed nuclear power throughout his long career with utility companies, has died at the age of 83.

Horton died June 3 in Los Angeles of congestive heart failure, five days after the death of his wife of 62 years, Betty, officials of what is now Edison International announced this week.

A dedicated leader in the business and education communities, Horton was also a trustee of Stanford University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in 1936, a trustee of USC and a member of the president's board of Pepperdine University.

The Nebraska-born Horton capped his career with 21 years at Edison. He joined the company as president in 1959, added the title chief executive officer in 1965 and was elected chairman of the board in 1968, serving until his retirement in 1980. A company award that is given to employees who risk their lives to perform heroic deeds is named in Horton's honor.


> http://articles.latimes.com/2000/jun/14/local/me-40828

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It seems that Janus / PIF has has some connection with Dave Schmidt's Sedona Connection.


> SC podcast, June 10th: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-sedona-connection/2015/06/11/discussig-the-truth-of-rvgcr

(hmm. This seems to be the wrong week's podcast - A guy called Mark from Virginia called at maybe 1:30+. But not the same Mark.)


Since Dave Schmidt's Notes are also talking about Jack King Horton:



/ Is the real name of Janus: Mark Meersman? What's his connection to DS? /


(the following comment was posted by Dave Schmidt):


Many of you have asked who is Mark Meersman, what is his background and why is he leading this process in the RV/GCR?

Mark will be on the program tonight, explaining his background, his family history and why he is involved in this process.

He will also give further clarification to the forms required for the dong private exchange and will take questions from callers.

But, here's a little preview. Mark was very close to his grandfather and sees this as the fulfillment of his grandfather's dream.

Who was Mark's grandfather?

Jack King Horton was one of the most successful and powerful businessmen in America in the late 20th Century. He was the Chairman and CEO of Edison Electric, the largest utility company in the world. He sat on the boards of many large oil companies, large banks, as well as Stanford University.

Mr. Horton was within the elite, and associated with those we now call the Cabal. He would tell stories to Mark of his trips to the Bohemian Grove, and of attending meetings of today's equivilent of the Davos Conference, a gathering of the most powerful and wealthy individuals in the world.

Mark's family still has many of these associations, and has strong contacts among the wealthy and the elite.

So, Mr. Horton was associated with the Cabal. However, Mark also said that he was a "white hat" within the "black hat" circles. He had a quiet quest and dream to see the Cabal broken up, their power destroyed and their influence stopped. He chose to work from within, and Mark would hear those stories.

Obviously, Mr. Horton was not able to fulfill his dream, but he hoped his influence would pass on as his legacy.

Mark's involvement in this RV/GCR process is not for himself, but to do his part in helping fulfill his grandfather's dream. There are many good "white hats" in many government agencies who also want to see this completed. They are working directly with Mark, myself and this team to bring this RV/GCR to a fruition.


> http://archive.constantcontact.com/fs180/1115317900155/archive/1117621069177.html



// IS Meersman now attacking DS because they had a falling out last year //


Schmidt is pushing away from Mark Meersman

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Schmidt's Limited Hang-out*?


It seems that Janus / PIF has recently gone on a podcast by Dave Schmidt for the Sedona Connection.


> SC podcast, June 10th: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/the-sedona-connection/2015/06/11/discussig-the-truth-of-rvgcr


DS seems to be attacking others on their descriptions of the "coming RV"...

His own understanding of the issues (of currency revaluation) is also flawed.

By pointing out the obvious flaws in the stories of others, he thinks he makes his own explanations more plausible.


I suggest you tred carefully, and examine the logical flaws in DS's own thinking on the Dinar.


Schmidt seems to think that some generous party (the RDF?) will use "private exchanges" as a way to do charity.

(He seems to think that favored insiders on a "private list" will get a chance to exchange their Dinars at a better rate.)

This seems very clumsy and inefficient to me...

It might be a way to pay bribes, but it is hardly a decent way to do charity.

In short, DS is promoting slimy insider dealing


=== ===

*A "limited hang out" is when someone tells some truth, to gain credibility, and protect a lie


// Meantime, I did some checking on DS's connection with Meersman, and found this post that goes back One Year //


[4:32:00 PM] Chris (shift shaper):

Posted by Zane Andres on May 28, 2014 at 4:37pm

Stay away from Dave Schmidt and PIF (Mark Meersman) and their Australian buddy Lee.

They are all scammers and are only looking for ways to make money off of you by believing they can cash you in. There is a reason SPGuru, now PIF, real name Mark Meersman, has been kicked out of most boards. They had people in Vegas, Texas, Reno, and Salt Lake City (OZ as he calls it) held up in hotel rooms for months at a time with the promise that they had this special US treasury interface team and would be one of the only people that could cash you in. Why did they use the Australian named Lee? Because he is not subject to US Law and can not be held accountable for acting like he is connected with the UST.........

Dave Schmidt has pumped these guys on his calls and guess what his reason is??? Seminar ticket sales, web site advertising, and donations for all the volunteers that are helping with all the "Processing".......
It is all one big scam. People are now starting to leave the hotels realizing they have been lied to for the past 3 months. They promise the only hold up is the US treasury note which is a complete lie. They have this special connection with the UST??? Ha. If you have Dinar or Dong with these people DEMAND it back right away if you ever have hopes of seeing it again...


> more: http://nesaranews.blogspot.hk/2014/05/dinar-intel.html


I have to wonder if we are going to get any Truth from Janus / PIF / Meersman?

Maybe he just has a new scheme of his own that he wants to launch


JUST TODAY - we had this post, which confirms Meersmans' entwined history with DS:



Ok so I finally heard at 11:50 pm 6/11 from Dave, Here is his exact words to me "Let it go Mark, just move on, I have no need to have anymore conversations with you. Let it go or myself and others will be filing complaints with the Utah Securities Commission and exposing your criminal record and your past involvement with the Interface Team. The choice is yours

Blessings Dave Well first off Dave so he admits after telling you many he has no contact with me which now is a lie by him. Second exposing my criminal record with the SEC which I was transparent it was a administrative fine because a partner misused money and they came after me to collect it. See I know they have no jurisdiction over someone not Licensed and this transaction was covered under my other licensed with homes and loans. When the developer went Bankrupt the little bank put pressure on an agency to come after me. I provided no defense and await for my civil day in court....


> on Modwiz June 7th Video

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I really do not think this is an appropriate way to be speaking to people who Ask Questions and Seek the Truth:


My tolerance for all of the no-nothing nonsense wears thin as well. Would be a shame to close down the comment section because it has come to resemble an alley where bums come to take a crap because they can. Spoils it for all the nice people. Guess that is workable for people who have nothing to show for themselves besides criticism of the efforts of others. I apologize now to the ones who appreciated this channel and could say so if the comment area closes down. Knowing what is happening and being a part of it, reading the imaginations of the ignorant few gets tedious and providing them a place to fling their poo is not logical for me.
What did the "bums" do?
They asked questions while pointing out the lack of progress


(at the same time as I was posting that, I got a private message saying):

"from Rada to George Lincoln (so you can appreciate how much of an a------- Rada is): I guess Rada and the Amba are the ones who have a right to make videos telling people off as the Amba usually does! These people are lunatic. Please ignore them as they are unable to look at themselves in the mirror or have a conversation with differing views!"


My response was:

I saw that too, and noted it on the thread.

It is... well, obnoxious.


I think I need to suggest people detach from this beast, and maybe give some time to Simon Parkes,

or other more gentle, and more genuine humanitarian efforts

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It is good to have a thread to focus on the issue of TVOP's failing credibility, and more positive alternatives to TVOP


That comment to George Lincoln was pretty revealing - and sums of the attitude that TVOP has towards its audience.

Rather than seeing them as Truth-seekers allied in the same effort, they seem them as passive and dumb sheep to be shorn of money !


I like many of the posts of FUI File. He is usually On-the-Mark, and he certainly is here:


+Friar Newborg If the Ambassador is frightened to show his face but happy to take cash for project pitches draw your own conclusions.
We are sure this is an upfront fee scam.We think the Ambassador will disappear soon and rebirth as something else.Time for Dave Schmidt and Rad to come clean on who the Ambassador is and what proof of actual funds do they have for him to take project pitch fees and for DS to take fees for workshops based on this rhetoric. If it is real they will come clean if they do not you have your answer.Another charade to add to the list.
=== ===
If FIU are correct, it sounds like DS, RR, and Crystal maybe will be left holding the bag for the TVOP scam, if that is what it proves to be.
(Ron and Gwen by now may be happy that they are no longer part of TVOP.)
Does FUI's comment mean there will be fines, or prison time for those who have remained part of TVOP's leadership?
I do not expect it, but I am not sure what laws apply to fraud, where money is extracted. But there may be some possibility of that.
Maybe RR's hostile attitude towards my question(s) is an attempt by him to confuse people. But I do not think his responses are serving him at all, nor do they help TVOP if it is genuine. A nice open post about what info he has seen, and what info he would still like from the Amba and the RDF would have been better. He may be digging himself into a hole, by being a fawning syvophant to the Amba. That fool, RHM "bike king" is no better. He is a classic "useful idiot" who can be easily used by those with malevolent intent.
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Let's see how RR responds to my post:


Over at the Gates Foundation http://www.gatesfoundation.org/How-We-Work there is no mention of upfront fees to apply for a grant. There is also no mention of the cabal interfering with their work. There is also a list of funded projects, and the amounts awarded. We know Bill Gates has the money to fund projects, we don't know if the Ambassador does. All it takes is for TVoP to be as transparent and all this nonsense will go away. Simple.

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If not, then those who are paying money for courses are being scammed,

and TVOP is a fraud.



The Reverand says he will respond...:
Modwiz125 / 12:01 AM
I am happy to reply to a thoughtful question. I will comment only on the funds, a bit. Stealth is out friend if we are sincere about achieving an overhaul and rebuilding the world. The only ones who need proof are those who decided to get involved. We are in constant communication and networks of excited, not hopeful are forming. This is about the grass roots coming into their power to empower others with the outreach of their projects. There will be no shortage of 'resources'.... (he continues, writing words of little meaning)


Pay It Forward Foundation Global / 12:14 AM
No the funds are not here yet. Good intentions but not yet and that call would allow it to be explained.

George Lincoln / 1:38 AM
There seems to be only one question that matters now: What solid evidence do you have that the Ambassador has the Funds he claims to have. What other question could be more meaningful and sensible that this one?

From under Modwiz's June 7th Video

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TWO GREAT TEACHERS -- for the Post_Disclosure world


We need new teachers, for our changing world



Here's Simon Parkes, answering a variety of questions from people at a packed theatre in California


(He does this, because he does not like to fly)


Simon Parkes - Live at the Triad Theater Trailer


... the other one is David Wilcock ...


Here's DW interviewed by Jimmy Church of Fade to Black (Ep. 259)

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So lets go over a few things today I had a two plus hour call with Mr A and Modwiz. Quite to my liking it was very transparent and will continue more this up coming week. Due to that fact I do take responsibility for all my comments and when this does further its self along I will disclose my vision of Peace which is what I believe they are after too. We will see the out come of details and I am a patient person so please lets take a step back and allow the time of better understanding. Thanks PIF


Friar N:

+Pay It Forward Foundation Global . Thanks.

Is there anything you can share with us that might increase our confidence that this story is real, and that they actually have the Funds they claim to have?
TRANSPARENCY is my major concern. Right now the US congress is negotiating TPPA agreements IN SECRET, the cabal is supposed involved in surrender negotiations IN SECRET, ... and the Amba and TVOP claim be sharing their bonafides with certain people IN SECRET. Frankly, my own willingness to just casually accept all this secrecy is at an end. I will; continue asking Hard Questions, and discussing honestly, what I have learned where actual transparent discussions are allowed.
I will no longer give my vote, my money, my support, or my attention to those who want to take it for granted while keeping key facts SECRET from me and others. Why should I? Why should any of us accept that?
===== ====
(on his own channel, Modwiz responde this way to my comment that I had Lost Patience with the lack of Solid evidence):
+Friar Newborg Who cares that you have run out of patience. What are the consequences of that?
You turn hostile and get removed from the comment area? Patience is a virtue and one cannot tug on the grass to make it grow. It is the people who will be funded to build a better world that are our concern. You are a spectator, not a participant. Watch with respect or take a hike.
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If people like Simon Parkes can talk about his own Illuminati family connections.

And Jay Parker can talk about his "multi-generational Satanic family", then why can the Ambassador not be more transparent if he really is who he says he is. - Here's Jay Parker:


Jeff Rense & Jay Parker - Evil Rules The World


"over 10% of our population in the US are in dark satanic families"

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Real Consumer Complaints against DS and TVOP have started - Is the Amba truly "family" ?


Ashllyne: commented on a video on YouTube.

Shared publicly - Yesterday 7:10 AM


FIU FILE - What is the process to file a consumer complaint against True Vision of Peace and Dave Schmidt? I believe many of us have been patient in asking questions and waiting for answers that are not given. Radagast assumes many of us are spectators and not participants, however, many of us provided money for Compulsory Business Workshops (at the beginning with DS) and afterwards with TVOP. We are now being asked to pay further for how to pitch $50 workshop and then the $100 pitch itself before we are considered to be on the inside and given information. We have no right to ask questions and assumptions about our intentions are demonized and consumers are labeled trolls. I know the process involves writing to the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, etc...Where exactly do I get the information on how this process works so I can prepare a filing? The way TVOP treats customers is deplorable. I know you can help but I also know we consumers need to do our part. That is the information I am seeking today.

PIF/Janus was supposed to assist people and has also gone silent. This is not the way to build a better world. If people want and need information I say give them the information they are seeking, instead of mistreating them. These videos from the Amba spewing hatred to people need to stop, please.

My patience has run out and TVOP aggression and rudeness has gone too far. If they are selling services they need to be responsible and accountable and that involves communication with their customers. Thus far, I have spent $415 (not including $50 how to pitch and $100 pitch). Dave Schmidt expects me to continue traveling to his workshops for further updates and TVOP expects me to pay another $150 to get the "real" information. I believe I've had it. Thank you for your help FIU FILE and I wait for your input.

(is the Ambassador really "family" with the Dragons? Perhaps not):
Billie Girl / Yesterday 10:07 AM
+Ashllyne I don't have any faith Fiu File can come up with the goods. Of course, I'll be glad to be proven wrong. I can't help with the losses you incurred but there is another guy called Zap who is doing projects and he's getting people signed up for nothing.




(even RHM was surprised by A's post, above):
rhmbicyclersvideos / Yesterday 10:17 AM
+Ashllyne Thank you for coming forward and disclosing this information. I recall we were told that it would only cost $100.00 for the complete package including legal fees. This does not make sense? Are part of your costs travel expenses or all fees paid to TVoP or Dave Schmidt?
(A. gives much detail - Wow! A. estimates more than $5,000 a month being drained by TVOP - still with NO SOLID EVIDENCE!)
Ashllyne / Yesterday 11:29 AM

Right at the beginning the compulsory gate was Dave Schmidt who charged $99 for his workshop. I paid $99 workshop, $100 gaz, $20 lunch at the workshop (a $17 sandwich), $20 workshop parking, $10 tolls, $81 meals two days driving return trip = $330 to attend DS worskhop, plus 4 days invested to travel and get there. Luckily I stayed with friends so I saved a bundle in hotel costs but I still spent $330 plus 4 days travel just to qualify to get through the required gate that they had at that point.

Soon after that, the Amba switched and was no longer working with DS so the above effort was a write off for me. DS made no effort to acknowledge that. People were upset because it looked like a bait n' switch. Dave Schmidt said we the consumers were government trolls and did not acknowledge that we had paid to get through a gate that was now being switched to TVOP. DS said we still got important information. The reality was that people traveled because it was a compulsory gate for funding. Believe me, I wasn't going to travel for 4 days to listen how your thoughts create your reality but DS did not listen to us and what had been promised to attendees.

Then I registered with Gwen for the "compulsory" business workshop for $85. Needing to pay to do a pitch did not exist at that point but was instituted shortly thereafter. I was upset when I heard about needing to pay an additional "compulsory" $100 just to do the pitch. Shortly after they also instituted a "recommended" $50 on how to pitch workshop so this became an additional $150. No accountability for what they had said they were going to charge that they were now changing for more fees. In the middle of this Gwen left.

If you read through the TVOP website you will see there is the need to register for a "compulsory" business plan workshop of $100 in order to qualify at all. You then need to purchase a "compulsory" $100 to do the pitch. There is also a "recommended" $50 workshop to learn how to successfully do a pitch. Total comes to $250, not $100. In the meanwhile, I paid $85 for the business plan workshop ($85 is what Gwen charged) and stopped when I realized I had to pay another $150. In my case it was looking like a money drain if you add the DS required $330 expense for a total of $415.

Regardless, the issue I have is that even though I've spent this amount of money TVOP does not provide credible updates unless you commit the other $150. Am in limbo. Six or seven months have gone by and they do not communicate with people other than those who have spent the $150 for the pitch. The Business Plan Workshop I attended was packed with 80 attendees and there have been many more business plan workshops so I know there are many in my boat because apparently only 100 have come forward to do the pitch. See the difference and how it adds up for TVOP?

Requests for Rada to update us are viewed as an aggression but we have spent real money here. Rada has said it will continue to be opaque and am frankly tired of the treatment. The Amba videos are vague and do not inform me whether this is for real. Purchasing the pitch for an additional $150 is viewed as a privilege by TVOP and only then will they speak to me. DS provides no real updates in his videos. He expects people to continue to travel to see him because he can provide "real" updates there. How sustainable is it that I need to pay additional money just to get updates? I'd have to pay $150 more to TVOP and travel to Dave's workshops where he can talk at $130 ticket.

Also, TVOP has recently instituted monthly subscriptions of $50 to those who have pitched so they can be updated/network, etc...Multiply 100 people for $50 monthly updates, TVOP gets $5000 per month to do updates after people pitch. This revenue for updates will increase as the number of people who pitch increases. How much money does TVOP need to be satisfied? This does not take into account revenues generated at $250 per person for Business Plan and Pitch so revenues can be substantial if they do their advertisement right. Multiply $250 for 200 people and you get $50,000 for workshops, add $10,000 for monthly updates for 200 people = $60,000 to process 200 people only. They can do 200 people in workshops in one month with updates the next month. They can even do double that in one month. They only need 200 people in Business Planning and 200 doing the Pitch in one month.

This is why I need to file a consumer complaint because it has gone too far for too long. I sincerely do not see their eagerness to really tell us, their customers, anything of value unless we continue to pay. I spent $415. I cannot continue to listen to empty, angry videos that tell me nothing and the rude YT remarks. This is my time am wasting. My money they've already taken.

(RHM thinks that contacting DS or TVOP will fix the problem that A. had with TVOP...)
rhmbicyclersvideos / Yesterday 11:52 AM
+Ashllyne I am sure you have, but did you inform them and explain this to them like you did for me here? It would seem reasonable that you be sent through TVoP based on the original stated cost of $100.00 for the complete package. I am not sure about DS and his fees for his workshops. This may be why the Ambassador was told to distance himself from him somewhat in the beginning. Posting on the YT channel in the comments section is not advised I would suggest contacting the Ambassador or Radagast directly through through their E-mail...
When the switchover from DS to the Amba happened the situation was not addressed properly by either Dave or the Amba, neither in videos, radio show, or newsletter. Dave glossed over and said he had regardless shared good information and left it at that. When people started to complain DS promptly labeled them as trolls. Am not sure what you would like me to do?
Radagast is in an odd position. He is not suited for customer service or public relations. The art of inquiry does not inspire him and this is so necessary for customer relations. He makes assumptions, does not have patience, and is belligerent. You have seen the interactions. I would have been able to speak to Gwen but Gwen is gone. Why don't you go over and see what Rada has posted on the YT page today? Does this sound like someone who wants to do right by the customer? Who would you like me to speak to about this? All questions are taken by TVOP as aggression and this is backwards.
It is a fact that many people have taken the TVOP Business Workshops but haven't done the Pitch. I don't find the videos issued are descriptive or tell us where we are exactly or where we are going. Only the ones who have done the Pitch and who are paying $50 monthly qualify for special updates. This is why people have started asking questions. Doesn't this sound like the same conversation of a few months ago? How was it addressed then? Why would it be addressed differently now? If you have any solutions, please share :-).

(The $5,000 monthly would only be the monthly fees. There is other income from workshops and pitching sessions)

=== ===
Well, that's the REALITY Folks !!
It DS, TVOP, and the Ambassador were "for real" don't you think they would respond differently?
I do!
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Janus / PIF has his call... And he offers THIS brief summary in his new video:

Phone call with Mr Ambassador and Modwiz June 13 2015



My reaction (which might be deleted):


Okay - you had the call. Great. Can you tell us... What exactly did the Amba reveal that changed your thinking?

This video does NOTHING for Transparency. Important questions linger... unanswered

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Complaints are growing, yes !


Well, that's the REALITY Folks !!
It DS, TVOP, and the Ambassador were "for real" don't you think they would respond differently?
I do!


This complaint about DS's seminars dates back to Jan. 2015:


Open Letter To The Ambassador of The Red Dragon Family

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The latest interview :

Ambassador's Weekly Update June 14


My comment placed there (it was later deleted):


"Is there really a $50 a month cost, to maintain membership in TVOP? If that is not true. maybe you should dismiss this rumor.

I do not think it is fair to say that those who are asking questions are "confused."

If they were confused, would they formulate such clear questions?

I think they keep asking because their questions are not being fully answered.

Why not share that long discussion you had with Global PIF?

You said it made a critic become a partner - I am sure many would like to hear what info did that.


=== ===


NEW PLAYLIST (on YouTube):



Ambassador to RDF, will Hard Questions be answered?



I think we need more transparency on this subject of the Ambassador and the Red Dragon Family. I have waited a long time, and my patience is at an end. I don't like being called a Troll or "a goldfish" when I ask those questions. So I am now focusing in this new playlist on the Amba's interview, as well as efforts to get more transparency on TVOP funding, and the RDF. And from Dave Schmidt (DS) too. / There are examples of Illuminati people, like Simon Parkes, and dark satanic family members, like Jay Parker... who have been far more transparent than the Amba. Let's ask him to more towards more transparency, instead of same old, same old rants.


( BTW, when I told RR that I had run out of patience, his response was "so what!".

I think he may be one of many who have noticed a tone change in my postings and activities vis-a-vis TVOP.

Maybe this will help him to realize that he needs to handle customer/audience questions in a different way.)

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THE "DUCK" SOUP THICKENS - Modwiz125's response to Ashllyne's complaints



How about emailing me at radagast@truevisionofpeace.com and get the answers you need. TvoP and Dave Schmidt are friends. He is independent of us with an affiliation. Your costs would be 350.00 less if you subtract DS expenditures. Combining your outlay for DS with that of TVoP is not an honest way to present your case. You might also let people know 35.00 going to a private purchase you made from one of us... A purchase that was not necessary to make but, a choice you made. Making false statements through conflation of facts could be considered aggressive but, it might just be a misunderstanding. It is certainly misleading. How to pitch is an option only. Many have been happy for it as one. Still, this can all be left behind with understanding and dialogue. The real thing, not posting in a comment section. I gave you my email to contact me. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results.


+Modwiz125 I am presenting my case as it happened to me. I have no idea what you mean that by combining my outlay for DS with that of TVoP is not an honest way to present my case. When I paid and traveled TVoP did not exist and Dave Schmidt was in charge of project funding and it was compulsory to attend one of his workshops, followed at a later date by a Project Development Workshop where guidelines to submit a grant/project submission would be made. This was under DS right at the beginning of the process.
I purchased the $35 template from Gwen when she was a co-founder of TVoP and was the only person offering workshops at that moment, at least in public she was the only person. At that moment Gwen explained the switch had been made from Dave Schmidt to her and her workshop had been approved by the Red Dragon. Gwen recommended the business plan template for $35 as having the required format for submission. Am not sure as a participant how I would have known differently. I cannot be made responsible for the plans behind the scenes or what had not been disclosed publicly to me at that moment.
I am not making false statements. Certainly your veiled threat and your explanation above is not how things happened for me. Again, the pitch is optional but TVoP recommended for better results and expediency. I will email you but please keep in mind I do not lie. I am looking forward to meeting with you and being happily surprised with the results.
( My own reaction )
Hmm. Modlizard seem to like making threats against those who question his "little earner"

"Combining your outlay for DS with that of TVoP is not an honest way to present your case...."

I disagree. RR here is thinking like a con-man.

A. was seeking funds from a Single Source of Funding, the Amba's RDF.

It was not Ashllyne who switched the funding method. The Amba was actively promoting both of them.

His dishonesty is like a country that says its old currency no longer has value,

and then issues a new currency, and expects people to not complain about the confiscation.

When they run into future problems with TVOP, with they just fold it and set up a new vehicle?

I am thinking the time may be here to just close the door on this apparent scam.

We have given them loads of time to be transparent, and they have not delivered any solid evidence for their bizarre claims.

They continue to take money from people while delivering nothing.


Maybe NOW is the time we should now say:

"If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... It is a Duck!"

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The latest interview :

Ambassador's Weekly Update June 14


My comment placed there (it may be deleted):


Yes it must have been deleted, as I do not see it. I thought this latest video was rather condescending in nature. It felt like a rather long sales pitch to join with them which means send money to TVoP, as they are not interested in public discussion.


"Is there really a $50 a month cost, to maintain membership in TVOP? If that is not true. maybe you should dismiss this rumor.


There is a $50 monthly subscription for the TVoP Symposium.


( BTW, when I told RR that I had run out of patience, his response was "so what!".

I think he may be one of many who have noticed a tone change in my postings and activities vis-a-vis TVOP.

Maybe this will help him to realize that he needs to handle customer/audience questions in a different way.)


Evidently, they don't give a #^$# about what people think. You either join their symposium to find out what is really going on or they just ignore you. The Amba said near the middle of the video that the Family does not take donations. They are not soliciting. They have to put some boundaries in place so they are not overwhelmed with nonsense. I take this as his explanation of why they charge people to be a part of TVoP. While I have no problem with having a paid membership to a website, the lack of a public arm (at least one beyond their condescending comments towards outsiders who ask questions) is disappointing.



It was not Ashllyne who switched the funding method. The Amba was actively promoting both of them.

His dishonesty is like a country that says its old currency no longer has value,

and then issues a new currency, and expects people to not complain about the confiscation.


This is unfortunate, as for folks out there that just want their project funded, every time they turn around there is another fee to pay to take the next step. Curious that the money is still only flowing in one direction - from the people caught up in financial slavery to the one who says he wants to liberate those same people.


Maybe NOW is the time we should now say:

"If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck... It is a Duck!"

I am willing to give them more time. It doesn't cost me anything to wait. If they are for real, I will consider submitting a project, but only if the evidence is strong and clear that they are doing something other than charging people to look at their ideas and talk about them.

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"I am willing to give them more time. It doesn't cost me anything to wait. If they are for real, I will consider submitting a project, but only if the evidence is strong and clear that they are doing something other than charging people to look at their ideas and talk about them."

- RP


You have more patience that I do, Red Panda.

This has gone on for months and months. And I gave them plenty of time.

And the only evidence that the Amba ever provided for his claims was False evidence

(Photoshopped fake "World Bank" documents, claims that the RDF took over the Fed, silly promises of a debt jubilee,

photoshopped family logos, photos of a "running chicken" cloud formation. Have I missed anything?

I was patient for a long time, and kept asking for solid evidence and got nothing.

Isn't it time we all blew the whistle on this sloppy and silly scam???)


...RR will not silence the Truth - I am posting this in various places...:


The ModLizard of TVOP is now deleting all my posts on his channel.

I want to get the Truth out - so I am asking people to consider:

"If it quacks like a Duck", then what is TVOP?

Have a look at this: tinyurl (dot) Com/TVOP-Duck


(that link will lead them to this thread.)


For me, the recent obnoxious behavior of the Mod-Lizard was the last straw,

that pushed me over the line, to start posting more aggressive comments here.

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>(Photoshopped fake "World Bank" documents, claims that the RDF took over the Fed, silly promises of a debt jubilee,

>photoshopped family logos, photos of a "running chicken" cloud formation. Have I missed anything?

>I was patient for a long time, and kept asking for solid evidence and got nothing.


That's what is disappointing - they dont' seem to care about their image as seen from outsiders who have concerns.


>The ModLizard of TVOP is now deleting all my posts on his channel.


Are they being deleted, I was wondering if there is a way to prohibit selected persons from commenting.


Either way, not a good sign. I expect an organization with peace in their name to be more interested in being as helpful and polite towards non members as they could be. That includes having good answers to simple questions.


I would like to hear what Mark Meersman has to say. He said he had all kinds of evidence, and has now talked to the Amba, but 'wants to do more research'. He was ready to disclose on June 10, now he is still not ready. The Amba is either really persuasive, or something else is going on.

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FIU's warning repeated:



Yesterday 5:48 AM
Our investigations continue in this sector I repeat we have twenty years experience and have been directly responsible for the prevention,exposure, prosecution, convictions and punishment for those who have been involved in frauds relating to the conspiracy and fantasy funding rhetoric.Our messages,comments may not be what the blind faith want to hear. But the humanitarian project funding arena is rife with scams,wire, bank instrument and upfront fee fraud.If we had dollars for the times we have been laughed at opposed and abused ,blocked etc whilst trying to warn the buyers to beware we would be multimillionaires.The protagonists do not like the message of logic and warning as it kills the goose laying their golden egg when they know they are not telling the truth.We repeat Caveat Emptor.If you do not like our message so be it!! But we will not stop passing out what we know and trying to prevent scams in this type of arena.Its what we do.Best to you all!!

On by the way FIU stands for financial intelligence Unit.Look up Google and you will get an idea!!!
=== ===
(Meantime, the Amba's TVOP seems to sound like something Ben Fulford wrote about):
Benjamin Fulford: May 18th 2015: Khazarian mafia wants to donate funds to humanity in exchange


Is the Amba part of that program? Perhaps

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At last, Dave Schmidt and the Amba are working to put to rest an old scam

(But it is not their own false prosperity scheme that they are revealing as a scam):


The Ambassador Discusses Mr. Sino and His Claims of Being the M1 and the Global Debt Elimination



Their objections:

+ It could not work: the plan of handing out $1 million to everyone would just put up inflation

+ He (Mr Sino) may be a nice guy*, but he isn't M1, and not the chairman of the UN, as he claims to be


What they do not say is:

Sino and Swissindo have no money - No where near enough to do what they claim to want to do.


How could Swissindo have so much money - Do some research !


DS and the Amba do not make this sensible objection (how could Swissindo have the money?!),

because it might show that the RDF's own claims are absurd


==== ====

*"I don't believe he is a bad guy" - says the Ambassador.

Let's me say this: he may seem like a nice guy (to some), but if he is scamming people,

he is a criminal and fraudster. In my book, that makes him a very bad guy indeed, whatever superficial charm he may have.

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Here's the Wild claim


60 News Flash : Dan Lutz: "I went to Laos to meet the M1"


Lutz claims that Mr Sino (who claims to be M1) will pay off all the world's debts by August.

But he provides ZERO Evidence that any of this is true.


This is already being called a scam by many people, such as this poster:


Tracy Davison, the person behind the 60 Second Millionaire scam, has recently posted a video interview with Dan Lutz. In this interview, Lutz lays out how a mysterious person named M1 will pay off the worlds debt on August 17th, 2015. Lutz spent two weeks in Laos and met four times with a person referred to as “M1″, who represents the top 128 world families. M1, according to Lutz, means “Monetary One” who represents all of the monetary wealth for those families and has control over all of their trust funds. Included in this wealth are undisclosed amounts of gold, silver, precious stones, and other “treasures” and was the foundation of the current financial system when it was originally set up.

> more: http://ethanvanderbuilt.com/2015/06/15/dan-lutz-swissindo-world-debt-payment-scam/


In the above link, he goes on to explain:


This is how the Swissindo world debt payment scam works:

  • They make incredible claims about paying off the debt of the world.
  • They make incredible claims about how much money you are going to receive.
  • They take money from you to gain access to your share of the wealth.
  • You don’t receive your wealth.

There's a second video, where they give more detail: / Published on Jun 12, 2015



In the latest update video for this scam, Lutz says every country is going to receive $138.99 trillion dollars as part of their payout. While every person on this planet will have access to $6 million dollars, no one will apparently have immediate access to it. Lutz stated, “There is a mechanism that will be in place to allow you to have access to up to $6 million and so that makes you a millionaire.”

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A Final Warning?



3:01 AM
Our warnings are genuine.If you pay fees do your homework check they are really able to do what they say.There are many egocentrics out there believing their own rhetoric and talking a good game.For example both the Amb and DS have already made statements so far out of reality to make us ask questions. What we are watching for here is a real development a timeline met a project going through.The upfront fee scenario is very clever as it claws you in on a low intial fee and then takes you down the road of more cash payments means you progress to project funding ie due diligence fees,business plan fees and lawyers fees Escrow fees. What happens in reality is thousands of dollars down the line there is no funding the offers of finance are fake and the bank wire confirmations never arrive.Then excuse after excuse why the funds are held up,usually blamed on regulation issues etc.

If you are seeking funding there are many institutions,transparent out there and business angels and yes the banks willing and able to fund the philanthropic sector.If the funds they claim they have are fantasy, then the projects will rot in the boulevard of broken dreams with the protagonists long gone and the investors out of pocket.

We repeat for the final time!!!

We are not accusing anyone!!! just advising anyone wanting to go down the route of the TVOP,Ambassador and Dave Schmidt should watch the facets and signs carefully.

Check every doc,every individual in what they say and ultimately call for proof of the ability to fund before wiring monies to these groups or individuals. What we find is the most efficient part of these transactions is the initial payment of the upfront fee to the protagonists in these groups.
> source: Ron's Dilemma
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(this has been passed on to me - to post here):


FIU FILE has just posted 4 pages of research on TVoP...



– June 2015

We have no connection whatsoever with Friar Newborg he is is just commenting on our comments.We have said all we need to say on this.If you cannot read between the lines on our warnings then so be it.You can take a horse to water!!We have accused no one but are advising of warning sign facets.We are also waiting to see if this programme materialises and what happens now will define it.At the moment it shows potential for an upfront fee scam.We have explained why within this thread!! Let's see who comes out correct.We are who we say we are and need say no more.We could and may in due course disclose actual names in this arena but at the moment it is not appropriate. Again we stand 100% behind all our threads. Caveat Emptor!!


FIU FILE June 22, 2015

We are currently investigating the TVOP set up utilising regulatory agencies in the UK and companies House data in both the UK ,Norway, China and USA .We are now undergoing a deep search on the characters involved with TVOP as some information is coming to light of a potential bait and switch history from certain principals of this group.We are being asked to publish what we know with names addresses, phone numbers,complainants and connected business history so that the principals of TVOP have a right to comment on the information disclosed.We will publish this info within the next seven days.In the meantime Caveat Emptor.


Billie Girl June 2015

+FIU FILE This will be interesting. Where will this information be published?



+Billie Girl The info will be published by a direct link to the agency info. Some complainants in the UK have come forward with a bait and switch history on some of those involved in TVOP it relates to the past history of these people We are also investigating the names and addresses of this group which we now have via UK Intel and will report fully when the project is completed and will identify by name and address all involved and their real identities and any history we have.In the meantime Caveat Emptor!·


FIU FILE June 22, 2015

Public record notification. The owner of The True vision of Peace is Crystal Geoffrey Keyte. Also involved with the Temple of Peace.net which has an ID registration in Oslo Norway.


Full details available via Who is domain check. Numbers and addresses and a named individual. Phone numbers are available and a home address for Crystal Geoffrey Keyte. Google his name and all is revealed. There are a few public records on him relating to a bait and switch history and a report on the rip off report under temple of Peace and Crystal Geoffrey Keyte.


The ID TVOP is registered to is an address in Isleworth in suburban South West London. Near to Heathrow Airport. The phone number is based in South Wales. He is involved in mystical remedies and has been in UK companies with other Chinese individuals and is known as a master in Crystal Reiki. Has a connection with the Atlantean movement. Mr Keyte clearly is in business with the man called the Ambassador!!!


As Crystal G held out as a woman is shown on the website as co founder of TVOP with the Ambassador. The woman identified as Crystal may be a Chinese person named on an associated business record at UK companies House we are investigating. The above is a public heads up of who is behind TVOP and this is not the disclosure we will be providing in the next seven days. Just some pointers to allow you to do your own research. There are some phone numbers and addresses if you want to ask direct about project funding, and upfront fees direct to Mr Keyte.


The history we have gleamed from previous clients of Crystal Geoffrey Keyte is one of upfront fees, leading to bait and switch techniques and non performance going back over 10 years. He has opened various businesses then dissolved them with no financial records produced to the UK Companies House. Again it needs to looking at.


This the chance for Crystal Geoffrey Keyte to explain the processes of the TVOP. Caveat Emptor!! Domain Name: TRUEVISIONOFPEACE.COM Registry Domain ID: 1902611758_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.godaddy.com Registrar URL: http://www.godaddy.com Update Date: 2015-02-13T18:35:42Z Creation Date: 2015-02-13T18:35:42Z Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-02-13T18:35:42Z Registrar: GoDaddy.com, LLC Registrar IANA ID: 146 Registrar Abuse Contact Email: abuse@godaddy.com Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.4806242505 Domain Status:


Registrant Name: CG Keyte

Registrant Organization:

Registrant Street: Primrose Place

Registrant City: London

Registrant State/Province:

Registrant Postal Code: TW7 5BA

Registrant Country: United Kingdom

Registrant Phone: +44.01656840799

Registrant Phone Ext:

Registrant Fax:

Registrant Fax Ext:

Registrant Email: do_not_reply@mad-monkey.co.uk

Registry Admin ID:

Admin Name: CG Keyte

Admin Organization:

Admin Street: Primrose Place

Admin City: London

Admin State/Province:

Admin Postal Code: TW7 5BA

Admin Country: United Kingdom

Admin Phone: +44.01656840799

Admin Phone Ext: Admin Fax:

Admin Fax Ext:

Admin Email: do_not_reply@mad-monkey.co.uk

Registry Tech ID:

Tech Name: CG Keyte

Tech Organization: Tech Street: Primrose Place

Tech City: London

Tech State/Province:

Tech Postal Code: TW7 5BA

Tech Country: United Kingdom

Tech Phone: +44.01656840799 Tech Phone Ext:

Tech Fax:

Tech Fax Ext:

Tech Email: do_not_reply@mad-monkey.co.uk



DNSSEC: unsigned URL of the ICANN WHOIS Data Problem Reporting System: http://wdprs.internic.net/ >>> Last update of WHOIS database: 2015-06-21T08:00:00Z <<<



Billie Girl

+FIU FILE Interesting info. Can you post it on Modwiz' channel?



Chooi-Chin Goh Keyte is Crystal G and she is actually the domain registrant of TVOP and she was connected with Mr Geoffrey Keyte in business who has the complaints of Bait and switch.


They were both directors in a company now dissolved by the name of Crystal Nirvana Ltd in the UK. The business is registered at an address in Swansea South Wales UK. Investigations continue.


Chooi -Chin Goh Keyte is a hypnotist and is registered at the Isleworth UK address. She takes payments in the name of Mrs C G Keyte. To correct the above the registrant is Mrs CG Keyte not Geoffrey Keyte however the connection is clear!!


The history of the Keytes is very heavy fee based businesses, with Mr Keyte being accused of drawing people in to courses charging fees and then charging more for people to go to next stage and being hard to deal with.As we said these are public records so you can verify yourselves.











Our advice is make contact if you are able with Chooi-Chin Goh Keyte and Mr Geoffrey Keyte if you need answers on the structure and the funding of the TVOP as either they are both or one of them at least is controller of TVOP. Caveat Emptor!!



Billie Girl

+FIU FILE Thanks for the info! I guess Crystal does the mind control while the husband takes care of the dollars! Have you seen this that is doing the rounds? What do you think? It looks like Dave Schmidt's younger brother! This is tied in with SwissIndo. http://www.dailymoti...ison-6-19-15_tv




Final comment may be best to make contact on the phone number with Chooi-Chin Goh Keyte as shown on the ID registrant details a few threads above. Ask and find out the exact process of your upfront fees ie where have they gone? Ask them to identify where they are with your project funding and to provide proof something is happening and put you in direct contact with the underwriter who may be able to provide proof of progress and actual funds. Best of luck Caveat Emptor!!! Number appears to be +44.01656840799



Also search Yvongeoff Ltd a UK Company dissolved but previously ran by Geoffrey Keyte and Yuan Yuan Wang.




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From the TVoP website:


Crystal, a resource speaker (Mind-Mastery Coach for the CEOs) with Vistage.co.uk, (The World’s Largest CEO Membership Organization) is a dynamic motivational speaker! She has some of the highest speaking evaluation ratings in the CEO membership circuit through TEC Asia.


It is odd that she has some of the highest speaking evaluation ratings, yet she is not listed in the directory on this page http://www.vistagespeakerbureau.co.uk/our-speakers/


I looked for TEC Asia, but the closest matches are TEC Maylasia and TEC China. http://www.vistage.com/about/worldwide-offices-ceo-organization/


I then found she has a youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMOJHeHRcDl30sVS-HFX4pQ called TwinklingCrystal and confirms her name is Chooi-Chin Goh and shows her involvement in hypnosis.


More on her bio showing her last name at one time was Keyte: http://www.manatwork.biz/Desktop/Webpages/Hynotherapist.htm



A UNICEF consultant, she Is also writing and developing her own spiritual 6-star spa resort project, called the Aesculapian Sanctuary, a sustainable, free energy technology powered SQ centre.


This sounds interesting, I wonder if the Amba has funded this project? Free energy powered - where can I get this tech?

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