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On 5/9/2017 at 11:02 PM, nayroc said:

Kroma has 23 units ( maximum ) per floor :-)

DENSITY MATTERS (Elevators too) in crowded Makati

True. The lower density means less potential problems with elevators at Kroma.

Also, to compare: The Rise is substantially less dense than Air Residences.

Bldg. -- : Total / Floors : Units : Elevators: Units/E.
Kroma : # 821 / (52) 37: # 23*: / 05 --- = 4.60 units
Rise --- : 2,822 / (63) 59: # 55*: / 18 --- = 3.06 units
Air ----- : 3,234 / (59) 51: # 75*: / 12 --- = 6.25 units
*(not same on all floors)
> Elevator Factors: http://www.astarlifts.com/en/blog-lifts/lifts-lifts/what-determines-the-number-of-elevators-you-need-a-building

I have seen people queuing up at a CityLand building at busy times waiting a long time for elevators. This rarely happens next door at an Avida Building, which has less density.

The ironically thing is that people may move to a Cityland or SMDC building in Makati so they can get to work on time, and get more sleep in the morning, but then they lose 15-20 minutes (or longer!) waiting for elevators.

THE POINT to keep in mind when choosing a place is...

You need to look at more than advertising, amenities, and possible views when choosing a place to live.

(Here's an Excerpt from an SSC posting):

"BTW is there an architect or an engineer here who would have an idea on what is the most efficient ratio of the number of elevator to the number of units and floors?

75 units per floor pero 12 elevators naman. Then i realized this is a 59 storey building.

Sa The Rise naman yata, 55 units per floor pero 18 ang elevators nila. Almost same number of floors. Elevator traffic is one of the first things that prospective tenants consider...."

> SSC: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1456032&page=20

> More on Kroma, Rise, Air, Citygate: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21029

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A good First Buy for Foreign Buyers? (such as from HK, SG, TW, JP)

> New "marketplace" thread for Buyers & Sellers at The Rise: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21503

On 5/15/2017 at 2:31 PM, DrBubb said:

P 4-4.5 Million Price Window a "sweet spot?" : Broker seeking transactions

I am in Hong Kong as I write this, and I had a meeting today with a broker friend who is visiting from PH. We also met with a couple here who have bought some properties in Makati. After the couple left, we had a chance to discuss the type of business the broker was looking to develop; and what in particular might suit new buyers (from HK and China) who may be purchasing their first property in the Philippines. We agreed to call a particular price-oriented marketing strategy the "P4 to 4.5 Million Window strategy" since that is the price level which may suit both buyers and sellers in the Makati area, but at The Rise and Air Residences in particular.


P 4-4.5 million /6.30 = HKD 635,000 - 714,000, about $2,200 - $2,500 per sf

Here's an example, using The Rise; where for 1BR flats are about 27 sqm meters:
+ There are Buyers "stacked up" at various price levels below P 4 million (/27 = k148k psm), and
+ There are Sellers "stacked up" above, seeking P 4.5 million (/27 = P167k psm) or more

+ Buyers and Selllers willing to entertain transactions at price levels between P 4-4.5 Million, have a very decent chance of getting a transactions done. Outside that range will be more challenging (in the secondary market.). Having said that, I have been told that new property transactions at the Rise are getting done at P 5.0 million (/27 = P 185k psm) and up through the developer, Shang Properties. But those higher-priced transactions may include some financing by Shang. And some buyers prefer to deal directly with the developer, because they will have a chance to visit the showroom. and consult with the developer's agents, who may be able to answer a large range of questions. For some buyers, this direct contact, may justify a higher price. But not all buyers will feel that way.


The Rise is an attractive project, in a good location. I reckon it will be a popular place to rent and to own. The excellent amenities (designed by a top hotel operator) are a major attraction. Buyers in Hong Kong will be familiar with the parent company, Kuok Group from Singapore, which has several top-grade hotels around Asia. All potential buyers should be familiar with Shangrila Hotels.

I suggested to my agent friend that he/she keep a record of Buyers and Seller near that price level, and let me know if there are parties willing to transaction inside the Targeted price range.

If you join the site (here's how - see post #3), and send me a PM, I will put you in touch with the Agent.
Alternatively, if you want your interest more widely seen, I am happy to allow people post here some details of transactions they want to do, with a special preference here for the P 4 - 4.5 million transaction window.
This is especially true for transaction interest at The Rise, and neighboring buildings in the Citygate area.

- Dr Bubb

Where is CG ?



> see also Citygate area thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=21029

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POSITIVE ECONOMIC News - all seems rosy (for now)

+ Dept. Of Finance (DOF) hopeful on new Credit upgrade for PH

The Duterte Administration's TRAIN Tax reforms may permit a credit rating upgrade
Moody's has noted that the measures are positive, since they "will address the government's weak revenue generation"

+ The World Bank maintains PH GDP Growth forecasts for three years - PH faster than China

Just under 7% in 2017-19; Pegged at 6.9 percent for 2017, and 6.8 percent for 2018 - significantly above the long-term average of 4.3%, sai the WB report.

+ PH Stock index closed above 8,000-mark for the first time this year.

Closed at 8,001.38 up 93.72, or 1.19% higher, with robust trading volume of 1.09 billion shares. The Property sub-index was up 0.92 percent to 3,740.42

+ SM Prime is first PH listed firm to reach P 1-trillion Market Cap

SM Prime's finance chief, John Ong, added the success of hitting this valuation mark was due the integration, of all of its business units within SMPH, "increasing efficiencies in operation" and higher group revenues. Overall operating income increased in 2016 by 14 percent to P 9.6 billion from P 8.4 billion... "due to rental revenues from mall expansions in the least two years as well as higher real estate sales"

ph:SMPH / SM Prime ... all-data : 5-yrs : Last P 34.60 -- P/E Ratio: 40.25 / Yield: 0.76%


+ Good news on Rents! - at least at some locations with cheaper rents on the walkable fringe of Makati's CBD

As I have reported on the RENT thread, in post#29:
Despite the big increase in Supply happening this year in Makati - Colliers projects a 16% vacancy rate by year end -
One leasing manager reports zero vacancies on his 70-or-so units at Trevi, and Avida's Leasing Manager at Avida San Lorenzo has reported less than 4% vacancies on the 260 units her company manages

> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20162&page=2

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PH Peso is weak - Why?

Phil. Peso ... usPHP ... All Data : 2-years : 6-mos : 10-days / DXY : CNY vsPHP : MYRvsPHP : updated to 10/20/17: USD= P51.50


An article in Today's Philippines Star (pg B5) gives some good reasons

Peso Weakness - Good or Bad? - by Wilson Sy

He gives Six reasons why the PHP is weakening against an already-weak USD

+ Current account deficit, Weaker trade gap, slower than expected growth in OFW remittances,
+ War in Marawi, charts - the break of PHP 50 barrier, Narrowing yield differential, as US rates rise

Looking closer at the numbers, he observes:

+ Oil prices have stopped falling, and oil imports have a big impact of PH's trade balance
+ Auto purchases were front-ende to beat an excise price increase, and capital goods imports rose
+ Some investors shifted out of PH fixed income holdings

Peso weakness has a positive side:

+ Higher spending power for OFW's, and more competitive BPOs
+ Exports boosted, along with local manufacturing (enjoy pricing advantage relative imports)
+ Agriculture and tourism boosted; more jobs, and advantages for PH countryside

PSE-Index. / PH:PSEI ... All-data : 5-yr : 2-yr : 6-mo // All-Data-vs-PSE : Last: 10/20/17: 8,420.95: arrow_dn_sm.gif -66.42


Philippines Stock Exch. / PH:PSE ... All-data : 5-yr : 2-yr : 6-mo :


*(in edit: 7/21/17):

PSE to raise more equity - & merge with PDS Group, a fixed income trading platform

The weak peso has not hurt stocks - the index has remained stable.

In other countries, such as Japan, the weak yen helped their stock index

Since economic growth is the long term goal, short term weakness in the PHP may not be a bad thing, so long as Du30's policies are helping the country's long term growth, They should do so.

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COMING SUPPLY - Will Push up Vacancies... reducing Rents in some areas

Colliers - at Q2-2017: "worst" effected by NEW SUPPLY = Manila Bay, & BGC

Area----- : End 2016 : Cal'17 : + Pct : Cal'18 : Cal'19 : Cal'20 : '18-20 : +Pct / End2020
BGC / Fort : 24,200 : 4,100 : +16.9% / 8,200 : 3,000 : 0,000 : 11,200 : +46.3% / 39,500 +63.2%
Makati CBD : 22,000 : 3,500 : +15.9% / 1,800 : 0,500 : 0,300 : 02,600 : +11.8% / 28,100 +27.7%
Ortigas------ : 16,200 : 1,400 : +08.6% / 0,700 : 0,500 : 0,600 : 01,800 : +11.1% / 19,400 +19.8%
Manila Bay : 08,800 : 5,500 : +62.5% / 8,500 : 2,600 : 2,100 : 13,200 : +150.% / 27,500 +213.%
OtherAreas :
------> Total : 91.100: 16.1 K : +17.7%/ 21.3 K : 8,100 : 3,100 : 32.5 K : +35.7% / 139.7 K +53.3%

> http://www.colliers.com/-/media/files/marketing%20reports/2q2017_colliers_quarterly_residential.pdf

Fortunately for BGC & Manila Bay landlords, the number of offices in those areas are rising fast too


Manila Bay developments are on landfill


Manila Bay > BGC in just 35 minutes?

How?? It can take 1 to 1.5 hours from Makati > BGC during rush hour

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BMI sees property market growing 9.8% into 2026

The Philippine property market is forecast to grow at an annual average of 9.8 percent by 2026, among the fastest in Southeast Asia... thanks to strong market fundamentals, and a persistent housing shortage

+ Robust growth supported by private and public investment in real estate, commercial & industrial developments

+ The government intends to construct affordable housing to bridge a 5.7 million unit backlog

+ 30,000 residential housing permits were issues in Q2, a 24% increase over the prior year

+ Metro Manila/ National Capital Region, is expected to show stronger growth, at 10.3% pa, over 2018 to 2026

+ Growth may be tempered somewhat by an expected 50 basis points rise in rates by the end of 2018

+ For Office / non-residential, BMI expects 8.4 percent average growth for the same period

+ Manila's office vacancy rate of 2.4 percent is the lowest among major cities in Asia;

Colliers expects office demand to grow by 8 percent over the next year


(Summarizes article in today's Manila Times, pg. C2)

Experience has taught me that we sometimes need to take such optimistic forecasts with some caution, but there is no doubt that the Demographics in the PH, are supportive of strong growth over the next decade.

10% pa would be one of the strongest growth rates in the world, nearly matching PH's unparallelled demographics

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VIDEO BLASTS from the Past

Historical Videos on Alveo Projects in the Makati Area

A 2010 Drive down Ayala Avenue - the drive stops near Jaka Tower

[HD] Makati Street Scenes (1) - Ayala Avenue

Year : Month :#views: Project------------- : Title--------------

2008 : Jan---- : 01,033 : Columns Ayala----- :

2008 : July---- : 01,490 : Senta Legazpi----- :

2009 : May--- : 00,900 : Columns Legaspi-- :

2012 : Feb--- : 01,166 : Kroma Tower------ :

2013 : July--- : 03,957 : Lerato Towers------ :

2013 : July--- : 02,436 : Lerato Towers------ : The Lerato Launch AVP by Alveo | Philippine Real Estate

2013 : Oct---- : 00,927 : Kroma Tower------ :

2015 : Jun --- : 01,242 : Kroma, 1 BR ------ :

2016 : Mar--- : 00,983 : Park Triangle Tower:

2016 : Aug--- : 00,881 : Gentry Residences :


I am surprise to see how Low the number of views are for these videos




ROOFTOPS of Makati - Josh Shaw ( May 2016 ) : 14,038 views ... above-wo-labels


On the Walkway to Greenbelt (Dec.2016) : 4,111 views

Greenbelt - Ayala Center & Legaspi Village, Makati City (Philippines)

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PROPERTY DEVELOPERS with a Chinatown-Manila connection: ("the oldest Chinatown in S.E. Asia")

POPI / Prime Orion Phil. Inc ... All : 5-yr: 2-yr: 12-mo: 10-d : 3/24/16: P1.98 / 12/4/17: P2.05 + 3.53%


ALI / Ayalaland ... All : 5-yr: 2-yr: 12-mo: 10-d : 3/24/16: P35.85 : 12/4/17: P41.75 +16.5% / ALIvsPOPI : All : >'07


MEG / Megaworld ... All : 5-yr: 2-yr : 12-mo : 10-d : 3/29/16: P4.15 / 12/4/17: P5.15 +24.1% / AGI : All


FLI / Filinvest Land ... All : 5-yr: 2-yr: 12-mo: 10-d : 3/29/16: P1.78 : 12/4/17: P1.80 +1.12% / FDC : All


ALHI / Anchor Land ... All-Data : 5-yr: 2-yr: 12-mo: 10-d : 3/29/16: P7.77 : 12/4/17: P10.98 + 41.3%


Chinatown / Divisoria is a part of the thread too:


That is Noble Place in the background, a building by Megaworld which completes in March 2017

> MORE on Chinatown/Binondo thread: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20725

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Filling gaps...  "the missing teeth"

Is this how to do it?


I may start a BUILD thread here, to look at images, and ponder some Build/Construction related concepts here

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High floor 1BR units available at The Rise.

Direct from the Seller

1) High floor (50's) East Wing 28.01 sq mtrs. 1 bedroom. Marina Bay View.

2) High Floor (50's) East Wing . 27.17 sq mtrs 1 bedroom. Manila Bay View. Price 4.5m negotiable

3) High floor (50's) East wing 28.01 sq mtrs 1 bedroom. Manila Bay View. Price is 4.5M
Prices contemplate a quick sale, if not, the seller may need to add on (higher) transfer cost.

(Also have a High Floor West Wing unit Seller, at a higher price)

If you are interested. please end me a Personal Message, and I will give you the contact info for the seller. Direct Buyers only.
TO JOIN This website, it is free

- but you may need to know the phrase "Admiral Byrd" (not actually an animal)
==> REGISTER : HERE, see Post#2 (it is Free)

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Summary of Colliers Outlook - Predictions for 2018

KEY SENTENCE: " over the near to medium term, land values are being unlocked by an aggressive expansion of road networks"

1. Infrastructure-led GDP to buoy property
Moving forward, much of the country's growth will hinge on ramped-up infrastructure spending, which should support the Duterte administration's commitment to build crucial projects throughout the country. The ushering in
of the "golden age of infrastructure."

2. Metro Manila condominium leasing to remain challenging
We see vacancy rising to about 14% to 16% over the next 12 months given the more than 21,000 additional units projected to be completed...
The improvement of road networks and expansion of airports should further unlock land values in these areas (ie outside Metro Manila), making them more feasible for residential projects. The demand for residential units in these locations will continuously grow as we believe that a significant part of the remittances sent in by OFWs annually will continuously be set aside for Filipinos’ housing requirements.

3. Diversified office tenancy mix to be led by non-BPOs
Offshore gambling has filled the void left by the BPO sector. With the Philippine Amusement and GamingvCorporation (PAGCOR) issuing 51 Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) licences thus far, requirements from POGOs have sprung across the Metro since late last year. A total of 153,000 sq m (1.6 million sq ft) of newly leased space has been  recorded from this sector for the first three quarters of the year.

4. Flexible workspace to accelerate
There are over 200,000 sq m (2.15 million sq ft) occupied by flexible office space operators in Metro Manila alone, with many still looking to expand in 2018, as international operators enter the market

5. Growing popularity of e-commerce to drive warehousing & logistics demand
Only 1% of the country’s population uses online retail platforms. This presents a massive opportunity... warehousing and logistics market in Metro Manila is very  tight, operating at an average of 98% occupancy for the various warehousing districts.

6. Industrial park developers to head north of Luzon
Major developers are heading north of Manila. Recently, DoubleDragon acquired a 6.2-hectare lot in Luisita Industrial Park in Tarlac which is about 120 kilometers north of Manila. The site will offer about 32,000 sq m (344,000 sq ft) of industrial space. The project will be completed by 2020.

7. More townships outside Metro Manila
Colliers expects developers to continue pursuing satellite communities in and outside of Metro Manila. Townships offer a better value proposition
(live-work-play-shop/ lifestyle) than standalone projects since they offer mixed-use developments. We see developers pursuing more township projects in areas outside of Metro Manila such as Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Pampanga, Cebu, and Davao over the near to medium term as land values are being unlocked by an aggressive expansion of road networks.

8. More resort-oriented hotels across the country
We believe that the development of 3-and 4-star hotels in resort destinations will be more visible over the next two to three years.

9. Continued growth of e-commerce and experiential retail
Unlike the United States in particular where brick-and-mortar retail malls have closed shops due to the fierce competition brought about by online retail businesses, malls remain an important part of the Filipino lifestyle

10. Leisure and Industrial sectors to drive expansion of Cebu property
The completion of the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) expansion project should further boost Cebu’s attractiveness as a tourist destination
> Dec.2017: http://www.colliers.com/-/media/files/marketing reports/top_10_predictions_for_2018_final.pdf?la=en-GB

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It is TIME - to make the Bear Call!
The Bear Case looks compelling now... Very!
Five Big Bear factors
1. Mind the Gap! Prices have shot up ahead of lower Rents
2. Aggressive Buying driven by foreigners, largely mainland Chinese

3. PH Governments interest rates are shooting up - 10 yr Zeros hit 6%
4. PH banks are becoming increasingly restrictive; balloons may not get financed
5. Future Supply is heavy, especially in Manila Bay, and BGC
Already, the stocks action in two key property stocks, ALI & MEG is looking negative
> (see more charts):


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Stocks prices may be warning of a possible Top - watch support levels

PSEi ... update


PSEi drops to (near) 8,000 on rate hike worries

- MT/ Business Times
Investors 'playing safe' ahead of Fed, Monetary Board meetings
+ Fell as low as 8,015.49 in the afternoon
+ Ended the day down 175.94 points or 2.14 percent at 8,059.62
+ Just shy of a 1,000 point decline since Jan.29, 2018's peak of 9,058.62
The Fed is expected to announce its first rate hike of the year on Wednesday

PH:AC / Ayala Corp ... 5-years

In addition to the rate-related concerns, analysts also pointed to a 7.23 % drop for Ayala Corp (P:AC). Mitsubishi Corp was reported to have sold 6.2 million shares at a discount (only something over 1 million volume was shown on the exchange for the day). Ayala ended the day down P73 (7.23%) at P937 each.  Ayalaland (ALI) was down just 0.50 / -1.20% on the day.

SM Prime Holdings (SMPH) was down 2.03%, and Megaworld (MEG) fell 2.28%.

Stock : 03/19 : 03/20 : %-Chg. : Wed-intraday:
PSEi-- : 8,236 : 8,060 : -2.14% : 7,963 : -1.20%
AC--- : 1,010 : 937 P : -7.23% : 937 P : -UNCH
ALI---- : 41.50 : 41.00 : -1.20% : 40.20 : -1.95%
SMPH: 34.50 : 33.80 : -2.03% : 33.40 : -1.18%
MEG- : P4.83 : P4.72 : -2.28% : P4.65 : -1.48%

ALI & other developers on one chart ... to 9/30/18


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Philippines Property Developer stocks are Falling... Why?

Partly, because the market is anticipating the higher CONDO SUPPLY & more housing that is pouring out in greater Manila over the next 1-3 years.

But more than that, is the Big Picture, global interest rates are rising.  We can see this in the following charts:

DLBR : Short LIBOR ETN - falls when USD Libor (st rates) are rising

TMF  : 20+ Year US Treasury Bull 3X Shares  - falls when 20+yr US Treasury Bond rates are rising

SMPH, ALI, & MEG vs. Rates / SM, Ayalaland & Megaworld vs. Rate etfs: Inverse Libor (DLBR) & 2x Bear on Bond rates (TMF)

Longer term, since... 10/07/2015 : SMPH : ALI : MEG : dmc : cpg / DLBR : TMF


Shorter term, since... 09/04/2016 : SMPH : ALI : MEG / DLBR : TMF : MEG-vsDLBR : TMF-vsDLBR : PSEI-etc :



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Driving pressure on PH developer stocks - Local interest rates !  (= behind that: inflation & dollar rates)

Some Investors decide "Buy on Bad News" (25bp rise by BSP) - But for how long?

MEG - etc (SMPH, ALI, DLBR) ... update / note: DLBR of 18.3 = 3mos Libor of 4.34%


Bangko Sentral likely to continue tightening (at least one more) - Business Times, May 14, 2018

"Further policy tightening this year is expected from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) as risks to inflation remain to the upside."

"Analysts from (various banks) said that monetary officials will raise rates at least one more time in 2018"

"The 25-basis points adjustment (announced last Thursday by the BSP, the first rise in 3 years) took the BSP's overnight borrowing, lending and deposit rates to 3.25 percent, 3.75 percent, and 3 percent, respectively."

"The Monetary Board also raised inflation forecasts for 2018 and 2019 to 4.6 percent and 3.4 percent, respectively, from 3.9 percent and 3 percent."

"If world oil prices rise significantly above $80... could push up inflation pressure and force the BSP to hike policy rates more than currently expected..."

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Makati & 4 other Philippine cities among 10 safest in Southeast Asia | Philstar.com

Apr 8, 2018 - BAGUIO CITY, Philippines —

Five cities in the Philippines have been named among 10 safest in Southeast Asia.

A report released recently by collaborative online database Numbeo showed Valenzuela City, Davao, Makati, Baguio and Cebu among the top 10 safest cities in the region.

Singapore was named the safest city with 16.23 percent crime and 83.77 percent safety rates.

Valenzuela City is next with 25.21 percent and 74.79 percent crime and safety rates, respectively.

Ranked third is Chiang Mai in Thailand with 28.72 percent crime and 71.29 percent safety rates.

In fourth place is Davao with 28.79 percent and 71.21 percent crime and safety rates, respectively. Makati came in fifth with 39.56 and 60.44 percent.

The Philippines’ summer capital, Baguio City, was in sixth place with 40.57 and 59.43 percent, followed by Bali in Indonesia with 42.46 and 57.54 percent crime and safety rates, respectively.

Cebu ranked eighth with 44.28 and 55.72 percent; Penang in Malaysia landed in ninth place with 45 and 55 percent, followed by Bangkok in Thailand with 47.06 and 52.94 percent.

Numbeo said the data is based on a survey conducted on netizens who visited its website www.numbeo.com. It said that questions for these surveys are similar to those asked in several scientific and government surveys.

“Crime index is an estimation of the overall level of crime in a given city or country, while safety index is the opposite of crime index. If the city has a high safety index, it is considered very safe,” it said.

More at https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2018/04/08/1803871/5-philippine-cities-among-10-safest-southeast-asia#xbqaEzq7B109EWQU.99

(Where's Hong Kong?  Should be #1 or #2.)

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Nice Photo - showing...


Makati skyline from BGC

What a great thing having the green area (Makati Golf Club) in between two such famous CBD's

The tall tower on the right is Primea Discovery Tower

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Global HOUSING Valuations in Gold


Gold: US$>GBP etc.............. $1,335 = L-885 : @1.51 ::   $1,327 = L-948 : @1.40 ::

Category / Value -----------------  Dec'10 : In Oz : in GBs ::     Mar'18 : In Oz : in GBs  :: %change
UK House (H&N Index)... : L162,131 = 183.2 : 0.458 :: L219,748*= 231.8 : 0.580 :: + 26.6%
London - (Rightmove)..... : L408,248 = 461.2 : 1.153 :: L631,651  = 666.3 : 1.666 :: + 44.5%
US House (CSX20 x1,300) = 147.49 @ 09'10 x1,300 :: = 210.48 @ 03'18  x1,300 ::
US House Price -------------- : $191,737 = 143.6 : 0.359 :: $273,624 = 206.2 : 0.515 :: + 43.5%
HongKong (MMI x 10,000):     88.29 @10'10 :@ 7.78 ::   177.61 @ 03'18 :@ 7.85 ::
HongKong Luxury Flat.. : HK$8.83M = 850.0 : 2.125 :: HK$17.8M = 1705 : 4.262 : +100.6%
Makati-- (MakPr x 100m) :   102.29 @12'10  @ 43.8 ::   180.40 @ 03'18  @ 52.1 ::
Makati Property in USD  :   $ 233.5K = 174.9 : 0.437 ::  $ 346.3k = 260.9 : 0.652 :: + 49.2%
* > 227,871-Halifax, 211,625-Nationwide

The 100%+ jump in HK property values (measured in Gold) was remarkable!

Makati Condo prices were up just under 50% over the same period, just slightly more than London & the US 20 City average

> more: "Gold Bars" (400 oz bars) can be used to Value Property, etc

If you think that the Global property boom (measured in Gold) is ending, then it might be a good time tom buy some precious metals




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PH Property Developers are behaving like....


Jabba-the-Hutt, merchant/gangster and Crime-lord

What a Wild Statement this is!

I Explain more, on these two new threads:

> New Efforts to Develop the Secondary Market

> The Dilemma of Preselling Buyers (who want to resell)


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( From the groundbreaking NEW THREAD on the Secondary Market ):

Selected Makati Properties - 2nd hand "ASKING Prices" (thnx to Dot Prop*)

 Please note: these are Asking Prices, for secondhand/ resale units.
You may expect initial Bids from Serious Buyers willing to pay cash, may be coming in at 10-20% less,
or even lower. Final sales prices will be determined by negotiations between Buyers and Sellers

Project ----- : Ave. Pr. (No) Type-Size  : PerSq./ v.Q1'18 : Rental: PerSqM (No) - Est.Y :
The Rise ----- : P4,977k (15) 1BR-28sm : 175.9k /  97.5 % : ??
Air-Resid.---- : P4,838k (45) 1BR-26sm : 186.1k / 103.2% : ??
One Central- : P9,660k (12) 1BR-54sm : 178.9k /  99.2 % : P45,760= P  847 (06) - 5.68%
GBHamilton : P8,000k (02) 1BR-41sm : 195.1k / 108.1% : P45.000= P1098 (07) - 6.75%
GrandMidori : P7,390k (19) 1BR-38sm : 194.5k / 107.8% : P40,000= P1053 (29) - 6.50%
Senta ---------- : 12,750k (05) 1BR-61sm : 209.0k / 115.9% : P66,500= P1090 (19) - 6.26%
Trevi, Laur.di: P3,320k (08) 1BR-23sm : 144.3k /  80.0 % : P25k* > = P1086 (01) - 9.00% : adj.R from P30k
CL.ExecTw3.: P3,400k (13) 1BR-34sm : 100.0k /  55.4 % :
 == 8 Props :  P6,145k (119) ave.-38sm  173.0k / 95.9 % vs. P180.4k (see chart, below)

 Note: for "Ave.Pr" or Average Price Per.Sq value, I have most often used the average for the entire Project
(ie not just the 1 BR units; the "No"/number listed above is the number of 1 BR units Offered for Sale. )

*At the moment, Dot Property seems to be one of the best websites in the PH to get an idea
of prices in the secondary market.  Above is a select

Above 8 Properties were compared with:


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METRO Manila Property prices

Price / Sqm:

AREA------- : Q1-2013 : Q1-2018 : Chg p.a.
BGC/theFort: 112.8 k : 171.6 k : + 9 %
Makati CBD: 123.0 k : 235.6 k : +14 %
Ortigas Ctr:      99.6 k : 128.4 k : + 5 %
Bay Area----- : 111.3 k : 162.3 k : + 8 %
Average---- : 113.1 k : 161.7 k : + 7 %

> GTCap Presentation for 1H-2018 :  https://www.gtcapital.com.ph/storage/uploads/quarterly-reports/1H 2018 GT Capital Investor Presentation v2 For Printing.pdf

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ENHANCING the Transport Infrastructure of Makati & BGC

According to a Megaworld email, here is what is planned


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Something to Think about?

8 years ago there was a big Rally in commodities like: Agricultural commodities, Silver and Uranium

Prices today are well below those levels - SEE : update :


Meantime, Average Makati Condo prices were near P100,000 per sqm meter in 2011


This week, a new project called The Estate was launched on Apartment Ridge.

It is called THE ESTATE.  And pre-sale prices are in the region of P 550,000 k per sqm


If you are an investor, where do you find the relative value these days:

Property, Food, Silver, or Uranium?

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