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Hi folks, I'm going to put this project on the back burner now. I've been busy working on an exciting new project day trading indices during the day and forex using spreadbets based on breakouts that I have already been using. An evolution if you like.


There's one thing with day trading with a spread bet platform you must remember, that I have figured out. The charts are delayed by 15 minutes! So it is impossible to trade real time using them!


I have developed a simple method/system just by reading the tape real time [just like Jessie Livermoore!], and trading sucessfully with it. You can therefore trade without charts, and indicators. I can't believe its taken me this time to make this discovery. I suppose if you stare at charts and numbers long enough you'll get that eureaka moment. I can't reveal the precise details as it will be a profitable way to leverage my money, but except to use a Risk/Reward ratio of 2, and positon sizing of no more than 2.5% of the pot.

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Good to hear you have found a working system notanewmember. I have been looking at the forex lately too and opened a demo account at tradefair. The charts seemed to be pretty useless so I have been using http://forex.tradingcharts.com instead. These seem to be realtime charts, juding by the timestamps and the prices quoted.


The reading the tape method sounds interesting.

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As my time is more limited these days, I don't post as much these days - (not just trying out shorter trading timescale ideas, my partner is long term sick. and I have also taken up fishing on the weekends), I have created a very similar portfolio very recently on http://www.halifaxfantasytrader.co.uk/fantasytrader/ using the same trading system on which does all the leg work me. :) It even accounts for commissions. No more faffing around on excel!


I am not short the market now, xuks has been stopped out (a new 4weekly low made). Never trust ANY commentator. They're all just guessing. What happened to the cardinal climax, the hindenberg omen, solar flares. It's all b*ll***s. Stick to your own indicators.


How the market is the ultimate master!


OK I'll try to update this on a weekly basis:




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Sobs. My HBOS fantasy trader appears to be corrupt, and I lost the account (did someone hack into it?). I'll have to start again on monday from £10,000. :(


No not taking any profits until there is a new 4-weekly low. A good trend before a heavy correction i've noticed may rise 5x. Maybe we'll see $125/oz silver in 2011.


AGQ, PHAG, Long ETF FTSEx2, OMI, NTVA have been fantastic. All hail Ben Bernanke. "Everybody Ought to be Rich".

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I just noticed that some of the stocks were valued "0" in the last update. E.g. Severn Trent.


Today in the UK, it is a bank holiday Monday, and the markets are closed.


A re-check of the portfolio, and the bug has disappeared. The portfolio is up 11.11% in 8 weeks.




A quick comment; the FTSE is in a uptrend, making a new breakout two weeks ago; so staying long.


Pretty happy at the progress made, and still have 40% in cash.


All portfolio snapshots are kept here http://www.illuminatedcapital.blogspot.com/

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A few observations.


1. Goldseek radio (GSR) have introduced a new x-list Exploder stock list, which comprises of mostly penny stocks to which Chris Waltzek admitted. This very similar to what picks I have (UK picks http://illuminatedcapital.blogspot.com/ ). I have no subscription to the x-list Exploder list ; http://radio.goldseek.com/


It has been so successful in the last 6 months "no back testing is needed", it seems next weeks GSR podcast "may be the last". After "letters" and call ins - 21st Jan 2011


2. Small caps are in a new bull trend - how long this will last I do not know.


AIM All share small cap index (UK) http://bigcharts.marketwatch.com/charts/bi...&mocktick=1


3. Why is gold correcting in the first quarter, a time when gold should be strong? Don't know. It is possible, there's profit taking and puting funds into gold stocks which have been largely lagging.



4. Why are small caps in general going up? GSR states IT, Biotech, mining are going up. Perhaps as people move away or been hit hard by capital investments in real estate, and small investment in smallcaps are much more an affordable option.


Originally posted here: http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=9343

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