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TVOP Projects: Questions, Comments, Examples

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TVOP Projects: Questions, Comments, Examples


This thread originates with a discussion on RVD's channel



AC George:

I agree that there is not much "concrete" evidence, and that personal contact, emotional inflection and context of expression combined with speculation is what Ron, Rad, and anyone who does not personally know the Ambassador has to assess the situation. I talked with him personally, was shown some pictures and given some explanations. Anything can be fabricated, and acting talent abounds. I still like to think I have some level of discernment in telling if someone is a con man or not though. In this case, I don't see the flattery that most con men express liberally when trying to sway an audience. Mostly a lot of caution and frustration when that caution inhibits communication.

I also was told in no uncertain terms that anything that can be done has to be done so as to not incur the wrath of the "cabal" in any open manner. In other words it seems to me there is a status quo that doesn't allow for much boat rocking, and that the Ambas hands are tied more than he would like to admit.

If that is the case, and we don't just want to deny that there is even an inkling of opportunity here, I think we need to work from both ends here. So yes, effort needs to be made to prove authenticity regarding Amba, DF etc. What would that entail, if we take into account that there are limits to the level of public disclosure those parties are comfortable with?

And yes, we need a much clearer description of how the project pipeline is to be managed to benefit both ends. Having seminars to teach people procedures that mainly seem to cover the asses of benefactors and demanding pay for them does not seem like a gesture that encourages cooperation in my opinion. Disclosure and training regarding proprietary procedures should be pro bono on the one hand, and include room for negotiation on the other.

In other words, "we the people" are lacking in the confidence and knowledge to cover our own asses. I don't see a problem with loans if contingencies to balance out risk and benefit are adopted that are acceptable to both parties. But the people are at a disadvantage, in terms of knowledge, confidence and experience in such things. The DF may believe they are going out of their way here, but from the view of the audience here, they are being quite stingy in their willingness to help. But if they must be cautious then let them do so without sacrificing the necessary lines of communication to establish working relationships with those whose creativity is left floundering for lack of resources to apply it.

I don't see why we have to stay polarized like this. I see this as an opportunity for negotiation from which we can learn much, and also teach much to those who may think they don't own anyone anything. Before running to realize specific projects, lets move to organize and structure how best to go about this from both ends. Let's not stick to the assumption that it has to be one sided. There may always be risks. But lets negotiate to minimize them and if we cannot beyond a certain point, let's balance them out between the parties involved. Else what are we going to do but always wait for the "perfect benefactor"? Isn't that the same as waiting for a savior?



Friar N:

Interesting comment, as usual, Aristo.
As someone with a background in finance and auditing, my habit is: if I have a question, I ask. And if the answer isn't clear, I ask again. People usually don't get upset, because I keep a positive attitude, and my questions are relevant, penetrating, and revealing. If someone says: No, I cannot tell you that, the refusal to answer can be revealing as the facts.


The sort of questions I would ask would be:

How much of the DF wealth is tied up in Trust funds? (I think the percentage would be very high.)

Who manages it? What sort of detail do you get? Do you know where the funds are invested? Can you get direct access to some or all of the funds? I think you get the idea. BTW, the questions I would ask now are different than 2-3 months ago, because I have learned more from my own inquiries. But if even SOME of these questions were answered, I think we would be getting closer to understanding DF wealth, and why it has been so hard for the Amba to make a bigger difference.

I still think the key to moving this into productive fruition, is for people to understand how project pipeline of requests will be handled. I submitted two examples of businesses that I think are worthy of support: Strong Towns and CVN. But in their present form, they cannot easily repay a loan, so their request would have to be structured in such a way that the Loan could be repaid. I have some ideas about how to do that. And it would be interesting to develop ideas around one or both of these concrete businesses. This would be purely as an example, since I have no connection with either one.

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CONTINUES ... more chat on TVOP Projects ... under RVD's 3-15-15: Drama, Intrigues...



Key Maker

+A.C. George AC George.. I like when you post here.. and al-tho this post was not directed at me.. I am going to chime in.. as make a key point.. (that is my style)

from your reply above "I also was told in no uncertain terms that anything that can be done has to be done so as to not incur the wrath of the "cabal" in any open manner. In other words it seems to me there is a status quo that doesn't allow for much boat rocking, and that the Ambas hands are tied more than he would like to admit." - Aristo

perhaps.. it would have been... of a higher purpose... to lead with the notion that anything that is going to challenge the current status quo will not be tolerated (or funded) by these people ? OK so that is the first time in all the time here that I feel Ron has let me down by not sharing the whole truth as his knows it.. so that sux.

I will state my point as a question.... Aristo.. :

lets say there are 1000 projects that get funded.. and 10 of them actually have the potential to change the status quo and bring about a vastly more equitable playing field.. (for every person).. ok ok ok my question to you.. what do you think is going to happen to the people and the effort (often backed by an entire life time of preparation) of those 10 golden projects.. the 10 that are the real projects that the people of this forum are concerned with.. REAL change..

do you think the RDF is then going to protect these projects and the lives of the people there in.... ? (so around about now.. we are talking about the very real possibility of some of the best minds in the business going missing and Ron having some part in that... sorry to be dramatic etc.. but this is real stuff some people)

i.e. ok.. so IMO any one that might actually have something that can do what we want .. which is to change the status quo... will be disappeared... and their project will then belong to who?

the polarization we see here is feed from an impure approach.. its not feed by people trying to polarize.. i.e. not everyone is being treated fairly .. this is not a demonstration of equity, so yeah.. it is by it nature going to be nothing but polarized somehow at the top.. as by definition its not uniting .. .. i.e. if the context is polarized to start with.,.. then we better be bringing something that can address that or it will prevail... (we did not bring anything to address the existing polarization.. bad plan of attack)

There are many way's of taking a bit of $$ and generating unity with it... but the top down approach that is taken here.. is not going to get there... no matter how much we want it to... its not inclusive of all.. ergo.. some are going to be left out.. and inclusive action is required.. just like Ron says..

The lessons that must be learnt are spiritual ones.. (that can take a life time) and they are not lessons that people take by choice (often).. if choice is a factor then the lesson will often be avoided.. one way or another... if there was spiritual wisdom amongst these people (of note that is).. this would not be happening now.. it flat out would not be happening.. in my humble opinion !

I will agree with you in regard to the thinking of .. perhaps there is an opportunity here.. again.. that all falls on a set of assumptions.. as those assumption will need to be cleared up.. and that is not going to happen..(proof of identity) in other words.. this does not represent a true line of communication from the dragon families down to us.. it does not.. so again.. the energy is impure and the result will go around and around in circles. .. .. so for them.. that is fine.. mission accomplished.. and for us.. nada change.

So in terms of an Ambassidor.. its a one-way type of communication.. from them to us.. .. .. . .Ambassador then?.. how? how is the communication that you suggest going to take place.. how are we going to build an understanding when it is them telling us this and that.. it is them that choce the projects that get funded..



+Key Maker : You say: "So in terms of an Ambassidor.. its a one-way type of communication.. from them to us.. .. .. . .Ambassador then?.. how? how is the communication that you suggest going to take place..."
I fear the communications may work this way: INSTRUCTIONS of how to behave going down (to us), but no genuine information that would increase transparency and knowledge of the DF realm. And Business ideas, plans and projections - all manner of useful commercial stuff, flowing up to people who hide in shadows, in return for... some small interest savings.
Is this a fair deal? Maybe it can be turned into one, but at the moment I would say: So far, It does not appear to be fair. My suggestion: Let's get some more transparency out of the DF, before telling them much about our business ideas.
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George L:


1. The Signal-to-Noise ratio on these podcasts is low. Busy people, wanting to do productive things may not want to listen. (I am writing this comment to illustrate how useful info can be conveyed more quickly. My bulletpoints may sound harsh. That's not the intent, I just want to make this something that can be absorbed quickly.)

2. Way too much time is spent undoing Expectations that people got because previous info was not conveyed carefully. Ideas need to be thought through first, and refined, before they are presented. That makes for better communications that are clear.

3. The audience that comes here may not be the audience that TVOP wants. If nearly everyone who reads this is looking for charity, and TVOP is not ready to support charities with grants, then there is a basic mismatch. Be honest about it, and seek to build the audience you actually want to address. Tell the others to be patient, and/or come back in 6 to 12 months (or whatever) when you may be ready to address grants for charities.

4. Tell the folks posting negative comments here, what your aims are, and that TVOP is not ready to fix the world (yet?) and it simply wants to offer some help to some self-sustaining, revenue generating enterprises that can get started on the funds provided by friends and family, plus some 0%-Loans.

5. Explain clearly that the 0%-Loan model is intended not to gain control of small businesses, but rather to force those enterprizes into think about how they will generate future revenues. They need to be at least at good at generating those future revenues, as they are at asking for the 0%-Loans. Maybe you can suggest that other people can invest alongside TVOP in these loans. When they start contemplating that, they will realize how generous the 0%-Loans are. Many of these businesses will fail to repay, and as that happens the Size of the Pool of capital circulating in these loans will shrink. Venture Capital co's lose money on many of their investments, and make up the losses on a few big winners. Here there will be no big winners.

(I have more to say, but will stop with #5. People can let me know if they want more bulletpoints.)



+George Lincoln Thank you, George. We were not prepared for the extent of confusion and aggression from the "awake and aware" crowd.

Live and learn. We are learning.



George Lincoln

Yeah. I think everyone projected their fantasies of how the Funding should work onto TVOP. So DS was talking about some bizarro funding model involving Dinar RV's. And Ron was imagining that there would be grants for everyone, like the crazy free money that the OPPT had once promised to people, but could not deliver (of course). "Just download these documents written in legal gibberish, and take them to your bank, and demand 'Your' Value." haha. The Amba had something more practical in mind, as we see now.



+Modwiz125 I have seen no confusion nor aggression. You are deceptively painting a false picture here just like you've done by claiming Ron "left."
+Modwiz125 This is precisely what 'set off' a lot people to begin with. Please stop.
===== Sidebar : Other interesting websites =====
Richard Drackman
There are over 100,000 community projects online - my favorite ones are the purely "Open Source" projects that serve the Highest Good of all. Many simply lack funding, a good place to start IMO http://www.onecommunityglobal.org/for-the-highest-good-of-all/ #WeAreThePeople
- and -
Johnny LeRose (about New Earth Nation)
+Roger Stancill There are tons of incredible interviews w/ Sacha Stone, too. Also, they (NEN) are connecting w/ Thrive Movement, & so many others. I'm still open to them, & others, & hope that TVOP can build momentum, too. There's also The Hunger Project!!! & Soka Gakkai International, & SGI USA, for peace, culture & education. The SGI is a Nichiren Buddhist organization, but very inclusive.
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Aristo On Transparency, Communication etc




A.C. George / Yesterday 7:50 AM
+Friar Newborg
They are valid questions you pose.

They are questions about the alleged funds themselves and how they will flow, and not about the inner workings of the source that would cause retaliation from this alleged cabal if disclosed as far as I understand. If we could just work with these questions and not keep flying off the handle about things, we can explore as best we can and then make more informed decisions. And I do believe it is time for the Amba to get beyond his cliche "we are all idiots" routine. That doesn't help. If we are ignorant, we need to be informed, and not with general Alex Jones type information that most already know. And if is not viable through the public domain something else is needed, and we can figure that out.

I am a skeptic as well, and will not rely solely on my intuition where structured economics is concerned. Like I said, this DF wants representatives to speak to us, from us. But we need representatives from us to speak to them, and convey and discuss what may not be viable through the surveillance dominated public domain. But as you say, we need to identify and promote specifics that are absolutely necessary, and having to do with the process of economic assistance. I thought this seminar was supposed to do that, but I think that is too one sided, and should not be something people have to pay to get.


A.C. George

+Friar Newborg I do not think we are ready for earth shaking projects either. That is where many seem to be impatient. We need to do some beta testing on this process, and perhaps look for projects that may be subtle and that can slip through the cracks of the cabal system while still making a difference or paving the way for larger projects. I don't have suggestions in particular, but I think if more focus on what can be done as well as what should be done, we can hone in on things more
A.C. George
I trust Ron's version of the story, although sometimes there are misunderstandings and miscommunications. Rhada is a bit of a zealot and seems to want to make a good impression. Ron is simply living his integrity, even if he might make mistakes along the way. You can see by the result of the message you left who is open to communicate and who is not. I think Rhada wants to marginalize Ron, and what he says is his opinion. But you can take it as truth of sorts if you nit pick and say Ron questioned the DF too much, and that was insulting to them and a sign of lack of loyalty and hence turning away.



A.C. George
+Key Maker
"[W]hat do you think is going to happen to the people and the effort (often backed by an entire life time of preparation) of those 10 golden projects.. the 10 that are the real projects that the people of this forum are concerned with.. REAL change.. do you think the RDF is then going to protect these projects and the lives of the people there in.... ? (so around about now.. we are talking about the very real possibility of some of the best minds in the business going missing and Ron having some part in that... sorry to be dramatic etc.. but this is real stuff some people)"

This was precisely my point to another individual who kept shouting that it's all quite simple. These are things we need to know. We need to negotiate instead of either bitching or blindly following. We need to learn specifics as FN says, but also specifics regarding OUR security and not just the RDF's.

From the little I know, it seems there are factions that are more idealistic (call them pragmatic or ethical) that are not the majority of the RDF. They are tolerated and may be so as experiments of sorts by the more tyrant factions to see how the people can be swayed. For as you say the bottom line is really spiritual or esoteric, as it were. If people are not swayed, the control cannot stick. But that is a premise we can take to our advantage if we think it through. Of course, if we cannot be swayed who knows what will happen? But I don't think the threats can be carried through because everyone loses and the real loonies do not seem to be the majority even of the tyrannical factions.

I see the RDF and even Russian autocrats as "old school" totalitarians. They are not transhumanist pro-mutant lunatics. They don't really care about people, and they probably see humanity in terms of statistical mass rather than individual souls. But they probably don't actually hate life itself or natural life as the radical psycho malignant diabolical ones do. The old adage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" may hold here for them. But they do need to decide if the people are truly their enemy or the cabal ones are. I don't think the RDF are all on the same page in that respect.

I think the point of a top down approach is for the top to choose tools they can use and discard the rest. They call it "meritocracy" where the "worthy" succeed. But worthy to whom? In my opinion we need to examine this concept of meritocracy and temper it with a compassion that these top-down promoters claim they have, but do not seem to show much outside of their own fantasies of benevolence.

Yes, we must clear our assumptions. We must strive creatively and pragmatically to clear them as best we can before anything can be done. And we must stand up to work with what we have after assumptions are clear rather than despairing or complaining without anything to propose or demanding here and now immediate changes that are not going to happen without blood spilled. As I said, we need to learn the ropes so we can make our voices heard in a way that makes a difference to ears otherwise programmed in a very different way than the common folk zombies.

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Key Maker's Reactions to Aristo, etc.



thanks for your input here.. its appreciated.. I have to admit that am fairly upset at what has all come out in the last week.. for various reasons too...so for me now my opinions have been solidified.. and not in a good light.. (I have learnt a hell-of-allot in this time tho)

you say - "We need to negotiate instead of either bitching or blindly following" .. agreed.. and the environment where that it all happen's.. is YT.. which we all know is a bitch fest most of the time.. i.e. its not like they had no idea what would be the result.. that is them telling us tothink that again.. na these people are not that slow IMO (they know what they are doing)... so I am thinking this is by design.. not by mistake.. this is the learning I have been going through lately.. this whole RDF, Ron, D Schmidt, Radagast.. just smells like a classic framing of the situation.. i.e. a good setup job.. well thought out etc.. some people in on it.. some not. We have no environment up to the task of sorting this mess out.. YT can't do the job IMO.. to many view to condense into a solid useable format.. very tricky (still excellent learning here regarding how things can be pulled of corse via unchecked emotional attachments)

It's not about making money.. . and its not about changing the world.. it is not about the ambassador to ALL the wealth on the planet setting up some separate humanitarian projects with a bunch of largely inexperienced fresh people.. using not even 1% of 1% of 1% of the wealth that the Ambassador is apparently representing.. .. .. no I think something else is going on over and above what we have been GIVEN to believe.. that much is quite clear.. and yeah I think your thinking on this could be right.. it could be more like they are using this entire project as a guage as to how we will react to this sort of approach.. if so.. unfortunately.. it may have worked.. most people just focused on the cash.. and forgot about any bigger change for us all that might result or might be happening.. which is dis-appointing for me to witness.. it has been.. so the division of people has been made now it seems.

i.e. now there exists two camps where there was only one before.. now there are those that believe in the RDF and the story that goes along with all that.. and now these people will NOT accept any form of RDF bashing or questioning.. (actually they will likely now defend the RDF) and then there is the other camp that is all like WTF just happened ?

I mean.. there are all these peps now that are all excited (overly excited) about this opportunity and some peps here seem to be conceptualizing this offer as something that is going to change things for the entire world.. or perhaps lead to that happening one day.. well I have to admit I am not pleased with what I see happening here.. so I am not dis-appointed in the con-job that these people have pulled (that is no big surprise right).. but I am dis-appointed in the emotional-attachment that is being displayed here .. and the effect I see that having on people.. its a shocker!.. i.e. it is educational to me to see the rational mind just switched off so effectively! (the questions that should have been answered long ago.. are not even tabled yet, and getting buried deeper). I love Ron and he also has provided a mirror for me in this regard also (a good clear mirror too).. as in watching how much his desire for what these people are saying is the truth and seeing how that effect's his reasoning around the perception of that truth.. its all very educational for my self.

I admit this is in me too.. it is human.. but now.I am here as one of the people bleeting caution caution ! and I am the enemy of the emotional attachment)

When we want it like this.. our minds do what is needed to make it like this for us .. which is ok to some degree.. but the degree that I have witnessed on Radagast's website is shocking..its like WOW for me to see.. its a bit scary... rational thinking dis-appear.. poooof (and then the defending of a position that will not result in much change for all)

When I questioned Radagast I got stoned walled.. flat.. stoned walled.. and I admit.. old Rada does a v good job of stone walling.. . so then I see this same thing happening all over the place in TVoP.. its information goes up.. and then... and then... and then.. (nada info come down.. of relevance that is).. for many people this is normal and they just carry on anyway !? So I hear what you say about dialog and opportunity .. and... it takes two to tango..

I hear what your saying re the make-up of the cabal.. and yeah this play's into what I am saying.. which is there is NO RDF like we have been given to believe (given to think).. when I re-examine thos assumptions in the light of recent.. moves by Mr Ambass.. it makes much more sense that this is a setup.. entirely I mean.. as in a really serious con job done on the good hearted.. good willed.. but in-experienced truthers etc... still I know not why.. my guess is simply maintaining _control_of the situation..

your right.. we must clear our assumptions.. when I re-examined the assumptions that I have (had) it's all surprisingly weak in reality and fact's.. and surprisingly strong on faith and self confirming self supporting assumptions.. it has been 12 months and I just started believing that the RDF are who they say they are.. I just started to believe in the story line.. u know ? I wanted to believe.. I wanted to think that maybe there is some part of the cabal that wants to move onto something new.. now I don't, now I see this a clever mission to postpone or prevent any real self organized movement that may have occurred.. I really do not see real change happening as a result of an project in TVop.. in fact let's be real.. real change that Ron wants is NOT on the table here.. and it will actually be prevented here also.. and that is at issue.

Sure if we give it some time.. as in years.. something real may result.. and it might become a hub for freedom fighters.. but I doubt it... They have their audience that they wanted now.. but its not made up of the best of the truther's.. IMO... the best of us have remain un-fooled and wary.. (and now.. educated that little bit more as to modus operandi etc)

gees.. I have got to do some work.. nice chatting at ya




+Friar Newborg 
gee.. ok this is for your forum there Friar.. some food for though if you will... (I hope this helps.. its a bit out there.. oh well)

I have made my stance or position on RDF clear.. I do not know if these people are the mighty RDF.. nor if there exists such an entity... this I have in common with everyone here.. even those that have a strong faith that the RDF is the real deal and it's just a very complex world etc etc No proof has been provided and it likely will never be provided... so then w naturally have these position's that falls out of that..

So the logical positions taken regarding RDF can be roughly broken down into these lines of thinking.. here I have used 7 lines:

a1) RDF are the real deal and are (currently) here to help change the world with some restrictions
a2) RDF are the real deal and are here to help change the world with out restrictions - (so we can all cross this option off the list now, I think we have established this as overly hopeful lets say)
a3) RDF are the real deal and are not here to help - ? (an Oxy-moron)

b1) RDF are NOT the real deal and are here to help change the world with some restrictions
b2) RDF are NOT the real deal and are here to NOT help

c1) RDF are real but not as we know them. and we can know them currently somehow
c2) RDF are real but not as we know them. and we cannot know them currently, they will remain hidden.

so this is framed and it obviously it can only be a marginalization of reality.. but we each fit into one or more of these categories in our posts if only vaguely at the time etc...

ok ok ok sure.. what is really happening is some combination of the above and possibly something else or maybe just something else entirely.. and the possibility we will never know and that does not matter etc etc etc.. because good projects are happening etc etc

but assuming we are talking about a1 or b1.. an outside forum could be constructive to that cause if there was a descent informational requirement that was not being met.. (Friar n Co you guys have that blog forum.. yeah. that is great I will check it out more, when I make that time)

so it seem's there is a spread of peps thinking in these categories.. posting here.. we would expect many of the b2, c1, and c2 peps to not post so much anymore.. etc..

b2 option is a little bit of a worry.. which is admittedly is where I am mostly now-a-days (I swung from a2 !!).. and I am still holding room for a1 or b1 (i.e. I can still operate out of this premise).. and obviously there is little room for any evidence that would support a1 or b1 so we should each be holding room for this... infact IMO just being human means we can not avoid each holding some room for a1 or b1 (ever hopeful we are !)
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SUMMARY (until here):



Friar N: posted on RVD's channel

I do agree with Aristo's comments, and especially these two:

"it is time for the Amba to get beyond his cliche 'we are all idiots' routine"
and "we need to be informed (beyond) Alex Jones type information".


Providing some NEW info on how the world really works can help to lift TVOP and its mission to something really special, and it will attract many good new people to the TVOP website.


We also need some real-life examples of the sorts of projects they will support, and how exactly they will support them. If it is too early to provide examples, then at least tell us how many projects they plan to back this year, and how much in total funds they plan to hand out. Unless we have this info, how can we know how seriously to take the effort?

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Here's my [A C George] reply to the last long post by keymaker on that same youtube thread:

+Key Maker
One thing that I wondered about is that it seems a cashless society is being pushed, and that factions in my opinion are either vying for control of this outcome or this game of good cabal vs. bad cabal is being played so the good cabal can win and we can bow to the outcome. If, for example, people resist the cashless thing if it is pushed through terror and fabricated crisis, then maybe a more subtle transition with a background of constant threats that never seem to fully materialize may be more successful. Apparently they tell us we have no power, but they still seem to want more than just a majority to willingly comply with whatever "new deal" is promoted.

Either way, whatever this funding project may be, an experiment, the beginning of something important, or a pet project of some minor faction, we still can benefit by learning via our very cautious engagement. I was just wondering what happens with these project if the world suddenly goes cashless? I mean, "cashless" is actually just more convenient than a standard whose value is controlled by some central command. The bottom line is still centralized value control.

Perhaps these projects can be a step in trying out decentralized value control, by establishing "markets" within the existing centralized system that might just give the people experience to take it to a more collective level. After all, if a few can organize here, the process can spread. So long as some creative goods and services dynamic can slip through the cracks it is still precedence that might end up spreading more than any Christian cult in the old Roman Empire. And just as the establishment takes the best ideas and twists them into curses for us, perhaps even if this is a plot of sorts, we might be able to turn it around by transforming the pretense into a reality.



Thinking a little more on this and looking at some online comments, I too see a polarization between believers and nay-sayers, with maybe a group that is still trying to make sense of things. Personally, I would like to see more people in the third group. Not so much because I think a few funded projects are going the change the world per se, but because our main problem in my view is that we have a hard time structuring confusing information (and you can't really blame people for that). Part of the problem is that we are conditioned that way, and most of this so called information age is all about destabilization of perception. Part of this problem, however, is our habit of falling into set and simplified responses. We can't do squat unless we can think straight no matter what is thrown at us, that much at least is obvious to me.

We can learn to think straight by engaging in examples of applying our thinking, far more than turning arguments round and round. In other words we need something to help us organize our minds, so we can learn to organize our actions. Engaging in a proposal such as this, even if to go through the motions of clarifying everything can be very educational in that regard. Right now it's confusing, but if a few people "get it", even if projects specifically funded don't get off the ground, then others can get the basics. If projects do get off the ground, then we may push the envelope further and see if two or more different projects can interact and even complement each other. All of this would of course be pointless in a centralized authoritarian society, since the toil would benefit not the toilers, but their controllers.

The point to which I am striving is rather different: I am intrigued by any opportunity for people to learn to organize and set into motion "projects", and for coordinating a multiplicity of such projects in a synergistic fashion. I realize it is a far cry to compare being funded by a centralized benefactor to sustaining a self regulating project, let alone a synthesis of many such operations, but that is how a viable economy is established isn't it? In a way, it is how revolutions happen, and might just happen under the proverbial radar during this phase when tyranny is tight but not quite absolute.


Just a few thoughts.

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No Full Disclosure - We are operating in the Dark




Thanks, AC.
Yep. I think we need more people "trying to make sense of things", as you say. The info we have now is confusing, because there is not Full Disclosure. Too many important facts remain hidden. To me, people seem to absorb themselves in distractions. But maybe I am distracted from the most important issues too, because I simply lack sufficient knowledge. It is possible.

"We need something to help us organize our minds" - Right! That's always been my intent, by posting here - on Acore.


A Worthwhile Baby Step

To summarize and distill the Key Issues, and try to get to the essential facts - the essential issues. Experimenting with a new (and more generous?) way of Funding good projects is very worthwhile. And as you say, we can learn from it. I think it is a worthwhile Baby Step, despite the "tempest in the teacup" that the plan has inspired.

(The following is a duplicate post - copying something I posted under RVD's video from yesterday - xx):
I do agree with Aristo's comments, and especially these two:
"it is time for the Amba to get beyond his cliche 'we are all idiots' routine"
and "we need to be informed (beyond) Alex Jones type information".

Providing some NEW info on how the world really works can help to lift TVOP and its mission to something really special, and it will attract many good new people to the TVOP website.
We also need some real-life examples of the sorts of projects they will support. If it is too early to provide examples, then at least tell us how many projects they plan to back this year, and how much in total funds they plan to hand out. Unless we have this info, how can we know how seriously to take the effort?

Key Maker's LONG follow-up comment was summarized as follows:
"Real change that Ron wants is NOT on the table here... it will actually be prevented here ... They have their audience that they wanted now.. but its not made up of the best of the truther's.. IMO... the best of us have remain un-fooled and wary..."


Do not under-estimate everyone, Key. There are a handful here who have remained consistent from day one. I say: "It's a good story. But with no proof, it remains just a story." And now: TVOP is a useful baby step in the right direction, but with No Actual Projects shown, and none (yet) financed, it is nothing but a plan for a baby step. We need many actual steps in the right direction to make any progress.


Aristo speaks of the Cashless society. Those are some interesting comments. But I think of Taxes and Wealth-drains. When incomes drop and taxes rise, as we have seen. Then wealth is drained from the middle classes, even as the top 1% grab a bigger share of the pie, and those with wealth in Trust funds pay no taxes, and gain as stock prices rise. This dynamic is rarely discussed. But it is exactly what we should be discussing. A few small 0%-Loans are not going to bring wealth back into balance. Something much bigger - many more steps - are required.

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The negative comments seem to be proliferating ... thanks to TVOP's strange Mission Drift


Ron would you please explain what I just saw on TVOP.
Every Sunday there is to be a 'Meet the Ambassador and the TVOP 'team' open Q & A Forum which is online for two hours on Zoom. Email Ragagast. Price of admission: $100 per participant, Limited seats. Proceeds go to charity.
Wow, Ron, you could have really had a good monthly income if all your interviews with the Ambassador had been at $100 per participant. Did you know about this?
Oh Dear!
It looks like we may have been the victims of a "bait and switch" operation!
Ron or some close to the Ambassador, can you please explain ??
+merlinhadninelives Nothing more to say. I am not surprised. New people came onboard with different ideas and this project is going somewhere else. This is not the original vision from a year ago. We have had to listen to the Amba for a year repeat his message and invest our time. Now that he is ready to get beyond his people are ignorant routine he will charge $100 for 2 hours to be donated to charities but the name of the charities are not mentioned. This is to get feedback from we the people but they are charging $100 to we the people to gather our own feedback. In all my years of Marketing I hadn't run into this formula. Very interesting but not likely to succeed because it does not address the customer needs. Ha! Maybe this is a sort of come and pitch your project idea to us event! There is also a need for them to clarify who the customer is. They seemingly do not know who the customer is and WHY the customer is getting upset with them. They say they are getting trolls but in reality it is customers upset with them. Whether a customer pays or not it does not matter.A customer is who you serve and I see no recognition of that principle when they do not know how to process feedback. They do not know how to ask the questions that will reveal customer needs that are being unmet. I am thinking however this is bait and switch to an entirely different customer base and that would explain the discrepancies.
+Ashllyne Very odd. Rev. Radigast very curtly told me that they weren't interested in anyone's ideas, only business plans.. then changed the subject saying that 'Christians' are better off with the Gideonites, etc. Blow off. Now people can pay to give them their ideas... and they allow downloads of their TVOP 'Dragon' link which I note are featured on some followers twitter accounts... with headers saying "Get interest free loans'...etc. I am surprised Ron isn't addressing this.
True Vision of Peace. Oh, how those words are so magically woven together to create that warm fuzzy feeling; visions of doves flying across a clear blue sky and baby deer bounding through the meadows. Beautiful people from all across the world, joining hands in mutual respect and friendship. Yes, we all want the true vision of peace BUT - it'll cost ya. Ta dah !
+merlinhadninelives It's starting to look more and more like a scam, right? They'll advertise interest free loans and then ask people to give $100 and bring them through their funnel where people can pay for other things. At the end, I doubt there will be interest free loans. Only a few might perhaps qualify and they keep the proceeds. Otherwise, I do not understand what is going on.I paid $450 to attend one of DS workshops (with travel related expenses) to find there are more and more fees with TVOP. DS last night did not even address what happens to people that were attending his workshops because it was the gate to get in. Doesn't look good and with all this the Amba insists in remaining anonymous (raised eyebrows!).
+merlinhadninelives Giving to charities tends for the most part to be personal. The charity you might give money to might not be the charity I give money to. In this case, you pay $100 to a charity of THEIR choice, which they don't tell you about. It's in poor taste.
+Alithea Kella : TVOP, has become TVOPH : True Vision of People Harvesting.
No money for we the People. Just a hand sticking out, asking for donations and people's good ideas. I think people will not buy into such a flawed model. Maybe they can get it back on track, but I think they are fast creating Negative Good will.
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The Chinese Dragon should understand the Dynastic Cycle,

and spreading the wealth can be thought of as a strategy to maintain the "Mandate from Heaven"



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The Ambassador and Modwiz seem to have liked the first elevator pitches that they heard

TVoP Project Proposals Update: April 5, 2015


Apr 5, 2015

An update with the Ambassador after today's first Present Your Proposal, "Elevator Speech", to The Ambassador. Recording and forum were both recorded on April 5, 2015.


The first session of this kind: "It went better than expected"

"People were well-prepared... and answered questions well... concerning their projects"

"It's almost like: Funding is begging for good ideas"


Some actual recorded explanations would be great.

When might we hear those? - Friar Newborg's comment

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  • 1 month later...


Got something better? Then, Show us !


The TVOP Team does NOT seem to appreciate genuine suggestions


Here's Modwiz latest video:

Rev. Radagast's Business Plan Seminar on May 9, 2015



(My comment, as follows, seems to have been deleted from public view):


For a comparison perhaps, here's how they encourage Start-ups in Hong Kong:
Through the Eyes of Youth: Simon Squibb (Part 1)

Simon Squibb is the founder and CEO of NEST, the largest and only full-service startup incubator in Hong Kong. Student Matthew Cheung sat down with Simon and one of his young associates, Jessica, to talk about NEST and the prospects for Hong Kong's startup ecosystem and overall competitiveness.


So Why does this bother me?

I think that deleting this suggestion shows that TVOP is unwilling to emerge from a very amateur-like beginning.

I cannot yet regard this effort as anything serious or genuine, and so will probably give it less attention in the future.

(I recommend you do the same, unless/or until they show they have "upped their game".)


They claim to have money to offer - Prove it !

They pretend to be offer useful advice on pitches and business planning - I Don't see it!

To be brutally frank, none of the projects I have heard them discussing sound well-thought out,

seriously planned, and worthy of finance (as you would expect at a Hong Kong pitch event.)


If they have truly good projects under consideration, they WHY DON"T THEY SHOW ONE ?

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I want to capture some "constructive" remarks here before they get "disappeared".


From Modwiz/ Message from The East :


Watch this get deleted. Some are not trolls. Some speak the truth. This will not say anything negative but your name Mr So called Ambassador, finally you have made the comment your not with the family directly, to the Red Dragon Family directly. That's different and which you currently are not the one backing what Dave Scmidt has claimed that you are the one releasing the money. That is a fraud. Your seeing a chance based on some facts to time this and try to take credit for a global event. Well you we know your name starts with a "M" and your helper in Florida is MR A for a reason.
Dave Schmidt was called out last Wed 5/6/2015 Dave confirmed this guy (k)new the names and could tell was disturbed he knew, so many heard Mr A name on his call. Now you use words others are not being transparent, calling people re-tarted. That is so wrong, as many people are disabled and re-tarted, and for the same reasons you claim to want to fight for and help, I take personal as my own family has some that have been effected by people like you and the people you claim your not, people including my sister that have been effected by the so called Cabal. I am not one of the guys claiming to know who you are. I do know and your not completely transparent.
Some of us really do have the truth and all we ask is for you be honest. Which again by this message "you call people re-tar(d)ed." People be careful who you follow. He is in the system and anyone that knows who he is (real name) and I do and will only bring it forward- when needed if needed. Correct me if I am wrong. If you say I am wrong, then your complete file will go up on YouTube and then you will lose the chance to be transparent. It is not transparent once it is out. Don't make fun of people and put fear in the people in the west, as we also know your not afraid to hurt or use hurtful words like you just did. It is your choice, as my niece's name MayKale would say "What's the truth?" Play on words there. You know how to contact me and make things right. Your call.
If deleted I do have access to a lot more people in the hundreds of thousands. My blood lines are real and documented as well as battled tested. I will continue to watch to make sure the people are not hurt or taken advantage of. If you could speak to World leaders you would have been able to meet Dave Scmidt both times in China. I know you had issues with traveling. So delete this and it will hit more people in the 100's of thousands over night. Yes since you called out the others that are wrong who you are. I am not. Right now you can come clean as every tag word used in this little circle with be exposed as many don't even know the truth. The truth is transparent. So if you speak the truth you should not have an issue. Stop misleading or indirectly thru others.
TVoP will forever be connected to this and it is the truth. So if this is deleted look for the truth.
Oh and no not bs and not a troll or paid troll. The world knows me and my family for 15 generations. This truth has been on going and think about the cleaning and removal process. Let me put it this way I have enough to show the truth and it is not anything but the truth. This week is time for the truth in a fair and transparent way.

From Janus:

Have to assume all are involved with this since even Dave Schmidt admits to editing out the truth on http://www.blogtalkr...project-funding go to end. He edits out that correctly stated the name. So what are you hiding. The truth is know soon to know all of it. The call was re ordered so deny it all you want, it can be played. Just come tell the people. You ask for us to awaken yet you are doing the worse thing by example. Leading the sheep. They delete the names of the leaders because it was him admitting it was right and it would have gotten out. Which makes Dave And others apart of the cover up.

People need to wake up and remove their politicians? Yeah. If only. There's a guy called Robert David Steele who gives some good advice about how to do this. The first step is to change the campaign financing laws which all support the current system. They keep it intact
Reply · 1
+Guido Fox : Yes. Here's something I find a bit strange. The Ambassador wants we-the-people to remove politicians. Not him. At the same time, he says he has insider information about Something Big that is about to happen, but he won't share it with us. He expects us, the weak, disempowered, and uninformed to do what he is unwilling to do himself. Have I got that right?
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Interesting stuff DR B. As you know I switched off from the Ambassador thing on day one as it never seemed genuine to me. Anyone trying to deceive, manipulate and distract the masses this way must be exposed.

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http://www.truevisionofpeace.com wrote:


"Resignation of Gwen Caldwell: It is with regret that we announce the resignation of Gwen Caldwell, effective April 25, 2015, when she has ceased to represent the interest of TVoP. For the 2 months that she was with TVoP, she has been helpful in conducting the 1st TVoP business plan workshops although there has been incidental circumstances that would not allow her to continue in TVoP. It is with warmest regards that we wish Gwen success as she goes back to resume her responsibilities with her own initiative, Medicine Horse Village."


I wonder if ithe incidental circumstances included the lack of progress in terms of funding? Something the Ambassador said? The internal politics of TVOP? One would think the MHV (http://www.medicinehorsevillage.com/) would be one of the first in line to receive funding, yet there is no such announcement. Just another in a long line of questions that are currently unanswered.

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A smaller number than before are supporting the TVOP project.

In fact, one poster has suggested it be abandoned altogether:


Key Maker Shared publicly - Yesterday 6:02 PM

IMO the pitch process (to the RDF) should NO longer be support(ed) by our community here. . (what that actually means and looks like is another discussion)

This is just my opinion and I am putting it out there for open and honest (and adult) discussion. Please refer to the 'Grace' post above as the argument backing this proposal.

This is our community here... yes for sure it's Ron's channel NO DOUBT of that... however it is also our community.

To my mind our community is being taken advantage of.. and it is our community that can stop it.


If the RDF are who they say they are.. they will take it on board and adjust their strategy accordingly.. i.e. no probs.

IMO the RDF have had their grace period from us.. and we have nothing for that..


(more) / see: https://plus.google.com/u/1/109851142981079463606/posts


What do others think?

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I am not opposed to people paying for presentation skills or learning how to write a business plan, at least that is something of value they could use in their life.


I think the TVoP could salvage their reputation if they charge full price for their services (having attorneys review the business plans, etc.) and allowing these fees to be paid upon funding of the project. In other words, the fees to TVoP will be part of the project's start up budget. That would put the ball back in TVoP's court.


It would show they are interested in funding projects rather just collecting fees. They could cap the number of pitches and focus on a few selected projects and see them through to funding. If they want to keep the pitches going, then hire more staff so that they can handle the whole pipeline from writing a business plan to pitching, to start up to full operation.


Since we are told funding is no obstacle for TVoP, this should be entirely within their reach and would give them credibility. To continue as they are makes them look rather dubious.

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"I think the TVoP could salvage their reputation if they charge full price for their services (having attorneys review the business plans, etc.) and allowing these fees to be paid upon funding of the project. In other words, the fees to TVoP will be part of the project's start up budget. That would put the ball back in TVoP's court.

It would show they are interested in funding projects rather just collecting fees..." - RP


(I posted this response on youtube):


Provided a high percentage of projects get funded. From what I have heard of the projects, only a minority look like they are actually capable of becoming self-sustaining. I would love to see an example of just one project where TVOP says: We will fund, or we have funded this... And I mean with the actual details of the project, so we can work out WHY it was worthy. Until I see that, I will remain highly skeptical

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Well now you have me here first hand and time if wanted the admin may reach out and I will show my true identity and why I know.


I saw this message for you on YouTube:


Key Maker: Suggested that RVD's community stop supporting TVOP until there is more transparency.


No. 2:

"This is our community. We are under attack. I believe we should invite Janus (who made an appearance at "Modwiz") to communicate with us directly. This entity appears to have much information we are denied... perhaps he/she can shed some light on what is going on which may reveal a direct correlation to the hacking of Ron's computer.


No. 3:

I00% agree... This might put an end to speculation and hacking ...


> more: https://plus.google.com/109851142981079463606/posts/6oZ34xAPGbM?pid=6156353979884099986&oid=109851142981079463606

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Poofness: A better approach, or a New Scam ?










> http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=19001

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How real is the RDF funding capacity?


(this was posted on the Modwiz channel):

+FIU FILE Yes that was the call!
Well, I knew I read somewhere that the red dragons might not have money. I've found the link and article from Ben Fulford.
Link at the end. Posted May 25th 2015. "At the same time, top secret meetings keep taking place to try to come to a long term solution to these and other festering problems. There were several such meetings last week. One was between representatives of the Red Dragon and the White Dragon societies. Another was between the WDS and a Rothschild family representative. The Red Dragon representative came with concrete proposals for three new types of energy technology. The details of this technology cannot be mentioned publicly at this time because of non-disclosure agreements. What we can say is that one was thermal, one was solar and one was nuclear. They all could be game changers IF REAL. Once again, no actual device was demonstrated and so, until Japanese manufacturers do their due diligence, we need to conclude that talk is cheap and seeing is believing. The Red Dragon folk also wanted funding and were told that funding would come when proof their technology worked was obtained by the technicians now working on the case." http://www.theeventchronicle.com/intel/benjamin-fulford-the-battle-for-the-planet-earth-continues-with-regime-changes-nuclear-threats-imminent-financial-collapse-etc/
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Poofness: A better approach, or a New Scam ?





> http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=19001


Zap and Poof are names that tend to appear together. My understanding is that Zap is Jerzy Babkowski, the Chairman of Landa China Global http://landachinaglobal.com and Humanus (humanus.ca). They believe that these historical bonds are worth billions and trillions of dollars (http://humanus.ca/landa-global-historic-bond-information.php) and the commissions they receive from assisting sellers to redeem these bonds will fund humanitarian projects. lThis is also a project on a larger scale to relieve humanity from debt based financing.


I like to keep an open mind, but I find it really hard to believe that the Royals and certain Chinese families are preparing to part with quadrillions of dollars to help humanity by funding projects via redeeming bonds. The bond holders are said to receive 20% and the projects 80%, and in cases of larger amounts (trillions) the bond holder will receive 1% and the projects 99%.


On the recent video from DS, the Amba says that it is illegal to redeem these bonds, one must remit. I don't know what he means by this, but LCG has said that these bonds were never meant to be in the public domain. They were leaked out by keepers/guardians that decided they would rather make some money rather than uphold their duty to safeguard these important assets. In this sense these bonds are stolen property. They were meant to be in the possession of sovereign nations as financial instruments to fund various activities a century ago.


The message from LCG is somewhat inconsistent as they say the RV/GCR is necessary to stabilize the world currencies before large amounts of funds will flow, and on the other they are saying the bond redemptions have started and money for projects will soon be available. Jerzy refers to the black hats and white hats who are currently in conflict and said conflict is the reason for all the delays.


They have stated that there are accounts at the ready to help humanity and the amount of funds is in the 30 zeros range. That would be over a nonillion dollars. That is one stage beyond octillion. I suppose it is hard to quantify the wealth on the planet, but is this even within the realms of possibility? Would our economy even function with numbers like that floating around?


At least the folks at Humanus do not charge for project submissions. They only charge for bond redemption services if the bonds are redeemed. They are not selling anything. So from that perspective they are not a scam, but the next question is, "is any of this real?" Are they living in a fantasy world? Most people would say yes, but in any case another story line to follow for those who have an interest in the subject of how humanity will deal with debt and release from financial slavery as the Amba has mentioned on multiple occasions.

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Red Panda,


You do realize these huge amounts (of trillions and quadrillions) are mere fantasies.


Do you know that the total amount of deposits held by JP Morgan Chase is something like one or two Trillion Dollars?

So where could many trillions or quadrillions be stored? Most banks are far smaller than JPM.


Even if it was real (how could it be?), where would the US get the money to pay those obligations?

They cannot, and so the collectability of such amounts is less that Greece, and near zero chance of holders getting anything.


You are aware that the bonds have certain flaws and spelling errors, and the debts were never authorized by Congress.


Even if gold was borrowed this way, and spent, it probably went to the Secret Space Program - what else could absorb such amounts,

without being noticed?:



Good luck to to the dragons on getting a court judgment and foreclosing on those assets.




What is a base on Mars or the Far side of the Moon going to be worth, and how will that judgment be enforced?

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