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The Most important election in US History?

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Don has a 3% percent lead in Florida with 15% counted.

Don with a large lead in Virginia, Obama win in 2012.

South Carolina just declared for Don.




clinton news network wetting their pants with shillary leading in florida...............

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Styx says a lot of red Northern Florida counties still to declare and VA looking good.


I think it's on for Trump but either way the polls are looking like total bollocks. So far anyway.

VA surprising and goes to show there may be other paths open for the don.



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By my count, Don has 169.


He looks extremely likely to win:

Georgia 16

Florida 29

North Carolina 15

Utah 6

Alaska 3

Idaho 4


For a total of 242


He has a very good chance in:

Wisconsin 10


He has three point leads in

Arizona 11

Michigan 16


Which takes him into the White House.

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In some Youtube postings, I've been calling Michigan "the HERO STATE"


It is the one he was not supposed to win, that should put him over the time


(And it is my home state, and so there's some pride there.)

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he HONEST Apology that you will NEVER Hear!

The Democrats: Apology and Promise (v1.2)

They cannot and will not make these admissions

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