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The Most important election in US History?

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The Most important election in US History?




(this is an email that is making the rounds)


Re: an article that I received by email:

Why Donald Trump won’t be elected president - from the Washington Post

> https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/why-donald-trump-wont-be-elected-president/2016/03/03/50dafd0e-e169-11e5-9c36-e1902f6b6571_story.html?wpisrc=nl_az_most


You need to "take from whence it comes" the arguments in that highly-biased article.


Zionist owned news media are now in league with the Donor class that is financing the War candidates, like Hillary, Rubio, and Cruz.


They are scared shitless that Trump might win, and put an end to the Wars-for-Israel that are dragging down America. Along with that, Trump wants to re-examine 9/11, revamp the faltering US health care system, and stop the invasion of the US by illegal immigrants. The elites and the Deep State that control the political and economic agenda of America must feel highly threatened by the issues that Trump is raising. The way that the controlled media is attacking him now makes their frightened reaction very obvious.


This is the most important election in American history, and it has the potential to reverse the Coup D'etat by the Globalists that goes back to 1963 and the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.


I have been researching this a long time, and the reality of a coup, and shift in power to a powerful elite is the only explanation that fits the facts of all the political dramas and wars that have unfolded over the past several decades.


Here's my record, monitoring the outrageous bias that we have seen in once-respected media like the NY Times. and the Washington Post over the last several weeks, as the panic by elites and the media has become more and more hysterical.

Hillary vs. Trump - the Pattern of Press Bias

> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20626


And here's a video which sketches out the Timeline we have seen since the Coup d'etat that goes back to JFK"s time:

> America After the Coup pt1: Leader of the Decaying World



It is essential that we wake up as many people as possible, and take back our country from the elites that now control it, and who are quickly draining the USA of its remaining wealth. We now have a political leadership that has been bought by special interests. The most noxious and dangerous thing is the way the donor class is driving the US to fight wars that do not serve our country's interests. We need to stop this before we are dragged into WW3.




POLLS : http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html

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This video makes reference to a documentary about RFK


It is worth a listen, and it captures a magic moment from my youth, when many of us thought Robert Kennedy might win back the leadership role that had been stolen from his brother


This was recorded two years again when people were protesting Israel's war crimes in Gaza:

""What is missing now is a major figure from inside Washington who is willing to speak out aaginst the War...
What we need now is a major figure, a Robert Kennedy who is willing to run against this War effort."
(Strangely, Donald Trump has emerged as a powerful voice against the war and in favor of ordinary people in their battle with establishment politics.

It is Deja Vu all over again.)


Robert Kennedy and the Moral Courage we Need in Gaza


What other parallels can be drawn? Was RFK's demise really what the official story accepted the MSM say it was?


Sirhan's shooting of RFK certainly seems like a case of mind control : thread


And there is solid evidence of a second shooter:


The big question is WHO were the real plotters of RFK's assassination?

And WHY was he killed? (was it because he was seen as a threat to elites that took power after his brother's death?)


RFK was willing to take on the political elites - and take a fresh look at the Big Picture


Isn't this exactly what Trump is doing in the 2016 campaign?

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The Art of the Deal? Will it Save Trump and his family?


(I shared my comment in the original post with Robert Steele / see thread / - and he had THIS reaction

I also asked him if he was still anti-Trump, as I know he had an idea of how to get Bernie Sanders elected):



Robert David Steele said:


I was never anti-Trump, I wrote the below piece as an attempt to get him and his staff to listen:

CounterPunch, August 14, 2015 Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win*
I agree that it could be -- but probably will not be -- a confrontation between us and them. Unlike Perot, Trump could go the distance, and unlike Perot, Trump will "make the deal" to save his life when they make it clear to him they will kill him, his wife, and all his children if he crosses them once in power -- just as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton rolled over and played dead once in office.

You have interesting perspective, but I cannot deal with a flood of information. I have been trying to connect to Trump via Roger Stone without result after being blown off by the campaign staff. We have a strong piece coming out today -- Trump is a genius at one level, and his own worst enemy at another.

= unquote =


*Steele's article makes several powerful points, with which I mostly agree:


Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win

by Robert David Steele

Martin Luther King was assassinated when he took on the military-industrial complex. John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a cabal led by Lyndon B. Johnson that included rogue elements of the CIA, the Cuban mafia, Texas energy, New York money, and the Zionist state of Israel – both George H. W. Bush and Yitzhak Rabin were in Dallas on “the day,” Israel being angry over both the curtailment of its nuclear program and the plans to require all Jewish organizations receiving direction or funding from Israel to register as “agents of a foreign power.”

Since then the only credible threat to the neo-fascist 1% has been Ross Perot – so he and his daughter were threatened with assassination. Perot made a strategic decision, sound at the time, to yield to larger forces he could not confront...

The times, they have changed. America is in a revolutionary state – most of the pre-conditions of revolution, including the concentration of wealth and the loss of government legitimacy in the eyes of a majority, exist in the USA today, right now.

What we do not have just yet is what is called a precipitant. A burning monk, a Tunisian fruit seller – or the assassination of Donald Trump. If Donald Trump were to be assassinated tomorrow, I believe that both senior Republican leaders and the Koch Brothers as well as selected media personalities would be at risk of multiple uncoordinated largely spontaneous assassination attempts, many successful. These people have no idea just how angry – and capable – a very large number of veterans, blue collar hunters, and others are right now.


Donald Trump can get through this attack cycle – it is the GOP leadership and its financial puppet-masters, notably the Koch Brothers and their ilk, that are going through a psychotic break-down. Trump scares them for all the right reasons.


Steele goes on to make Seven suggestions, which range from impractical (Hire a Latino Deputy Campaign Manager) to brilliant (Sponsor a Balanced Budget Web Site) - though maybe I cannot truly recognize which is which.


But will Trump listen? Maybe eventually, but not yet... since his attention is elsewhere.

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INSANE Amounts of money are being spent to try buying elections


But most of it seems wasted - Let's put an end to this insanity !


Koch brothers believe Trump unstoppable now


By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on March 5, 2016


Charles and David Koch, two of the US Republican Party’s biggest donors, say they will not attempt to stop GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump from scoring the nomination, because he seems unstoppable now.

“We have no plans to get involved in the primary,” said James Davis, a spokesman for Freedom Partners, the Koch brothers’ political network, Reuters reported Wednesday.

The report said that the Koch brothers believe money spent against Trump would be wasted since all previous attacks on the New York billionaire have failed.

The brothers have also reportedly soured somewhat on spending big on presidential elections, having bankrolled failed 2012 Republican candidates Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

The Koch brothers wield significant financial and political influence on US politics, both directly and indirectly, via various advocacy and lobbying organizations. The brothers are the sons of Fred C. Koch, who founded Koch Industries, the second-largest privately held company in the United States.

The brothers have contributed heavily to conservative campaigns and think tanks. They are among the best-known Republican donors, and potential GOP candidates court their favor.

But the brothers are throwing their massive wealth and sophisticated organization into the Republican presidential primary for the first time. The Kochs have resisted jumping into presidential campaigns in the past because they had doubts in the value of the investment.

The Kochs spent some $400 million on US politics in 2015 and are planning to cash out about $900 million to shape this year’s presidential election.


> http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/03/05/koch-brothers-believe-trump-unstoppable-now/

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A REALISTIC ASSESSMENT - of the 2016 election

Craig B Hulet 3 3 2016


"I did not expect to see the rise of Trump so easily..." - CH

"Pat Caddell says the establishment cannot stop Trump, because they cannot recognize the legitimate concerns

motivating the people who vote for him."

"But... NOTHING CAN BE DONE without the Congress.... He cannot achieve anything, if he has alienated everyone."

(When talking about Hillary as President) : "THAT does scare me."

"I think there's something wrong with Hillary... something's wrong with her emotionally, and psychologically."


(comment from Youtube):


One thing Hulet is right about is Hillary. He makes her out to be crazy. She isn't crazy, but demon possessed. Thats what happens when you worship Molech like her and her creepy husband.
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Will Trump's success in the Primaries delay the stock market crash?


THAT was Craig B Hulet's opinion in his recent interview for C2C


It has been noticed that we are beginning to see Job losses in Hong Kong, much like early 2008:


/ 1 /

BAML, BNP Paribas, Goldman, JP Morgan all cutting bankers and traders in Hong Kong
It’s not been the best start to 2016 for bankers in Hong Kong. Bonuses have been generally poor and now global banks are quietly set to trim more of their underperforming front-office staff.
In a typical year roughly 4% of Hong Kong bankers and traders lose their jobs because they haven’t performed up to scratch over the previous 12 months. But in 2016 this percentage is likely to about double, say headhunters who are speaking to an increasing number of bankers who have been cut or fear they might be soon.

This is all in addition to the much larger-scale layoffs that Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Standard Chartered have already announced in Asia.
Unsurprisingly, Hong Kong will be affected by Goldman Sachs’ decision to axe about 10% of its fixed income staff globally in March, instead of the usual 5%

/ 2 /

My understanding is that it is not just banks that are cutting. Friends of mine who work for major corporations have said that management positions in particular are being axed with lower level staff being asked to take on roles previously undertaken by more senior (expensive) staff. I read recently that this was indeed the case with one of the major airlines. And this has been exacerbated by the outsourcing of so many roles such as security and facilities management as the successful bidder needs to drive down costs, particularly staff costs, to win the tender. I expect the situation to worsen as corporate profits fall or fail to rise due to the world economy and this will most likely impact housing prices.


(My reaction was):


This reminds me of 2008.
The cracks were appearing early in the year, and then in the summer the bad news flowed, as stock markets crashed. Firms like Lehman Brothers went bust, or got taken over. That's when the worst job losses started...

That may be what lies ahead this year: a stock crash - and hefty job losses.

There's a cycle at work, and the big picture is predictable imho.

The only thing that might now stop the stock crashes - is the elites do not want to make it easier for Trump to get into the White House.

So they may now do all possible now to delay the inevitable crashes into 2017.

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Larry Nichols is rallying the people... to fight election fraud




Herein he tells an inspiring story about the Alamo,

and implores people to join him in the fight, to stop the elites from stealing the election from Trump


MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/nichols/030716.mp3


One of his listeners in Ohio called in to describe a possible dirty trick being used on the Ohio ballots.

He also wants his listeners to get a list of delegates in their state


Please listen, and help, if you can. (I will !)

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  • 1 month later...

Steele's latest suggestions for Trump - at 8 minutes into this


AJ Show (3rd HOUR VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday 4/29/16: Robert David Steele, Peter Schiff


Seven Things Trump can do
1. Run a virtual constitutional convention in Texas
2. Run an Unemployment workshop in NYC, to shame the banks, etc
6. Fantasy Cabinet... get the public engaged
7. Eliminate personal income taxes, tax transactions
Article: Democracy Riots


"Bernie Sanders has done a deal with the devil... will turn over his email list... Is bought and paid for"


"Trump should get Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich into a coalition"

"... Jill Stein and Cynthia McKinney as well"


(his original 7-steps, from his website):


> http://www.phibetaiota.net/2015/07/2016-how-trump-can-win/

That candidate is — no surprise — Donald Trump.

Here is how he can do it.


Executive Summary:

  1. Sponsor the Electoral Reform Summit of 2015.
  2. Force through the Electoral Reform Act of 2015.
  3. Nominate a Coalition Cabinet and have them tour the country
  4. Publish a Balanced Budget
  5. Open BigBatUSA.org and raise $1 Billion from 100 million voters who did not vote in 2012 [i own this URL, will turn it over]
  6. Commit to eliminating the Fed and the IRS, public banking combined with the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax whose rate is set by national ballot, not the government
  7. Commit to full employment and basic income
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He is doing plenty.


Already, he has changed the focus and the debate.


And most importantly, he can keep Hillary out of the White House,

and do that without firing a bullet. That is very useful

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Many people see with clarity the importance of electing Trump, and blocking Hillary



(under the Video):

Donald Trump must win this election. The country is hanging by a tiny thread. Clinton would end the republic as we know it,
being a President for the Highest Bidder. Recall the Clintons sold our military secrets to Red China and they continue to take money from other countries, including our enemies, for political and monetary gain. If this "woman" ever ascends you'll be able to hear a sobbing sound of someone in the dead of night. And that person would be George Washington.
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Many people see with clarity the importance of electing Trump, and blocking Hillary




Some people believe in the importance of electing yourself and stop believing in the lie that trump, obama, illuminati, government, this or that, has any effect upon oneself.

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I find it very difficult to have any faith or trust in any politician. Trump is either playing a dangerous game or he's just giving us a load of rhetoric to give the impression of democracy and choice. I suspect the latter because the illuminati / cabal control both sides of all the major arguments and decisions.


Trump: We’re going to cherish and protect Israel




Johnson on May 2, 2016

trump.jpgby Bob Johnson


The US is currently holding its presidential primary elections. None of the candidates from either party ever says a critical word about the Jewish state of Israel and only heap praises on to Israel. The only exception is the only Jewish candidate, Bernie Sanders. However, for all practical reasons, Sanders is now out of the race, even though it’s not official as of yet. That leaves 100% of the remaining candidates giving their 100% unquestioning support for the Jewish state of Israel.


For over 30 years US politicians from both parties have been taking BILLIONS of tax dollars from Americans and giving them to the Jewish state, which currently amounts to over $10 million EVERY DAY. (I would think this would be considered a violation of the US Constitution as it is mixing government with religion since once the government takes tax dollars from its citizens, that money is government money which is then given to Israel which is a religious state based on the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.)

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"Trump: We’re going to cherish and protect Israel"



Actions speak louder than words, but the words may keep him alive


Israel has been something like a cancer growing on the US.

People need to start thinking and acting like America First is what matters most.

And only Trump has dared to speak like that.

He also has spoken of Israel paying for its own defense.

There's a need to cut a different deal... Trump may have started the US on that path

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I agree actions speak louder than words. We don't know yet if his actions means revolutionary change or just tinkering around with things here and there. Historically politicians rarely live up to all the rhetoric they spew out in order to get elected. The public are very fickle with short memories and have become used to the lies.


Very few people care or are bothered to hold these professional lairs to account.

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Donald Trump Wins Republican Nomination! Cruz and Kasich Drop Out!


Published on May 4, 2016




Roger Stone: Trump Will Not Hesitate To Destroy Hillary

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Washington Post - ‎1 hour ago‎
THE BIG IDEA by Matea Gold: James Hohmann is on vacation -- we'll have a series of guest writers from the Post political team sharing their analysis with you this week.
Is Trump on Track to Win the White House?
By Anthony J Gaughan On 5/4/16 at 10:33 AM


The 2012 presidential election provides a good baseline for analyzing the 2016 race.

To win the presidency, a candidate needs 270 electoral votes. In 2012, Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney by the comfortable margin of 332 to 206 electoral votes. In the popular vote, Obama beat Romney by 51 to 47 percent, a difference of about 5 million votes. Obama’s victory reflected the long-term trend in which Democrats have won the popular vote in five out of the last six presidential elections.

Trump thinks he can reverse that trend by appealing to angry white voters, but the 2012 results show why that won’t work. Lost in the uproar over Trump’s divisive appeals is the fact that Republicans already win whites by huge margins. For example, in 2012, Romney carried white voters by 20 points, and yet he still lost.

The reason was because Obama won the support of minority voters by even bigger margins. He carried 93 percent of African-American voters, 71 percent of Latino voters and 73 percent of Asian voters.

The electorate’s demographics will be even more unfavorable for the GOP in 2016. Nonwhite voters constituted 28 percent of the electorate in 2012, but in 2016 about 38 percent of Americans are minorities, which means the potential ceiling for minority turnout is extremely high.

. . .

The Biggest Demographic - Women

The Trump campaign faces an equally daunting gender gap. According to the Gallup Poll, 70 percent of women have an unfavorable opinion of Trump.

Women made up 53 percent of the electorate in 2012, which makes them the single largest demographic group. Female voters made the difference for Obama. Although Romney carried men by 8 points, Obama won the 2012 election because he carried women by 10 points.

Trump’s problems with women are vastly greater than Romney’s problems. The latest polls indicate that Hillary Clinton could beat Trump among women by 40 points, an astounding margin without precedent in American political history. A gender gap half that size would deliver the White House to Clinton in a massive landslide. It would also lead to crushing losses for Republicans in the congressional races.

To have any chance at all, therefore, Trump must dramatically turn around his standing with women. But he’s not off to a good start, to put it mildly. Last week, he claimed that if Clinton were a man, she would not “get 5 percent of the vote.” The comment appeared to make Chris Christie’s wife, who was standing directly behind Trump, roll her eyes in apparent disgust.


> http://www.newsweek.com/trump-track-win-white-house-455575




I don't think that women are as stupid, and as easy to control, as Newsweek seems to think


Republican Pessimism

It’s not just Democrats and political pundits who think Trump is a disaster for the GOP. Top Republicans strategists and party insiders believe Trump will lose by a devastating margin in the fall. Karl Rove, for example, has warned that Trump will cost Republicans the White House, the Senate and many House seats.


Karl Rove...

He's a piece of scum, beholden to the Bush crime family.

We can safely ignore anything he says, and/or regrd it as highly biased spin - much like what Newsweek publishes

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"Trump has the stature"... and the courage

"A man is defined by his enemies"

"He is Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare"

Roger Stone: Trump Will Not Hesitate To Destroy Hillary


"This is going to be the most exciting race in my lifetime.

He knows who the real enemies are... he will give them no quarter"

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The ANTI-vote really matters this year

Exclusive: Top reason Americans will vote for Trump: 'To stop Clinton' - poll


NEW YORK | By Chris Kahn


The U.S. presidential election may turn out to be one of the world's biggest un-popularity contests.

Nearly half of American voters who support either Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump for the White House said they will mainly be trying to block the other side from winning, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Thursday.

The results reflect a deepening ideological divide in the United States, where people are becoming increasingly fearful of the opposing party, a feeling worsened by the likely matchup between the New York real estate tycoon and the former first lady, said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

"This phenomenon is called negative partisanship," Sabato said. "If we were trying to maximize the effect, we couldn't have found better nominees than Trump and Clinton."

Trump has won passionate supporters and vitriolic detractors for his blunt talk and hardline proposals, including his call for a ban on Muslims entering the United States, his vow to force Mexico to pay for a border wall, and his promise to renegotiate international trade deals.


> http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-anti-vote-idUSKCN0XX06E

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Craig Hulet always has interesting things to say


Here he speaks about Trump and Clinton... and global geo-politics


Coast To Coast AM - May 3, 2016 Current Events & Midweek Open Lines



Russia and China are preparing for war against the "Corporate Regime",

but they hold no animosity against the American people - at 36 minutes

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David Knight nails it here... on what issues Presidential candidates face


Can Trump be Trusted?


There are some issues that Presidential candidates should leave alone


What difference does it make I know I can't trust hilliary and if she is elected this country will wind up at war with russia but there will be serious civil unrest anyway possibly leading to civil war
If trump betrays the people who voted for him... Well that would just be a horrible idea on his behalf.
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If trump betrays the people who voted for him... Well that would just be a horrible idea on his behalf.



trump is not in control, he is just some pawn that sold himself and if he goes against the agenda he will get taken out


his name is "trump", just like a trump card (a card that trumps all others) can only but trump within the game


but pour all of your hope into him




politics are being played like a card game, everyone has a hand, those who are in control have been playing with aces up their sleeves


some, such as the "Prince" and MichaelJackson have awoken to this fact and have decided to cash in their hand, and to also "undo" some of their damage by informing the public about certain truths: the NWO, chemtrails, etc. Since these individuals are bound by contracts, the PTB can do whatever they want with them, so they are taken out


some scumbags decide to continue playing the card game even though they have been caught cheating. They are going to play it out.


why they are choosing to do this? some possibilities:

-- they are in too deep or too excited to pull out (lol)

-- they are not mature enough to understand the repercussions/consequences for continuing in this game/charade

-- they fear the fate that awaits them and are trying to prolong the inevitable for as long as possible, against all odds

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trump is not in control, he is just some pawn that sold himself and if he goes against the agenda he will get taken out


his name is "trump", just like a trump card (a card that trumps all others) can only but trump within the game


but pour all of your hope into him


Here's what Hulet said at about 50 minutes into the c2c Podcast:


""Donald Trump does not have a clue about who runs the world and America.

"He hasn't read a non-fiction books in years, except the ones about himself."

"He will change after he gets the nomination."

"Hillary has been trained. They will have to train Trump"

"Bush and Hillary hate the constitution... That's what needs to be reinstated."

"The elites at Bohemian Grove use to laugh at Americans, they are not laughing any more.

They have been sent a message"

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Despite what the Washington Post thinks, Hillary is very vulnerable


Robert David Steele attacks the nonsense

"This election is Trump’s to lose..."


Robert Steele: Washington Post Offers 10 Reasons Hillary Clinton Will Beat Donald Trump

I Counter Each (1 True, 5 False, 4 Half & Half)


Robert David Steele



Jennifer Rubin, a former lawyer, is a conservative columnist for The Washington Post. Below I take the first line only from her , and offer concise rebuttals in favor of Trump’s winning — with the caveat that if Trump cannot listen and adjust in the next 30 days, Ms. Rubin is in fact correct — he will blow an election that is his to lose.

10 reasons Hillary Clinton will beat Donald Trump




Substance below the fold.


1. The economy is good enough.

FALSE. Thom Hartmann, a Democratic author, is on record with his book, The Crash of 2016, and recent commentary, to the effect that all of the good economic news is a fraud. The Administration is lying heavily, holding on by its fingernails, wrapping the economy in bailing wire, in a desperate attempt to achieve the appearance of “good enough” until Election Day. Then we collapse. The actual unemployment rate is 23% (40% among people of color, single moms, and older folk, and somewhere between 23% and 40% for new college graduates). The participation rate in the economy of adults is between 60% and 65%. Those are FACTS. It was the Clinton Co-Presidency that gave us the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and made it clear to all CEOs there were no consequences for exporting jobs to China as well. The destruction of generally white blue collar and middle management jobs was begun under the Clinton Co-Presidency. The Internet wiped out most generally black clerical jobs. No president has taken the concept of full employment seriously — high unemployment means low wages, billionaires love and pay for that situation to persist.


2. Donald Trump is so reckless and scary on economic issues that he scares even Republicans. He bizarrely suggested he would negotiate the sovereign debt of the United States.

FALSE. The brand of conservativism that Ms. Peters — a former lawyer — represents is what some of us call “crooked conservativism.” These are the conservatives that have sold their souls to the banks or to Israel — including of course many of the neo-cons. It is to Dick Cheney’s credit that he sees the value of supporting Donald Trump,* so some of this opposition may be early posturing. What is really scaring the US banks is that any questioning of debt orthodoxy is a stake in the heart of their long-standing crooked practices documented by William Greider, John Bogle, Matt Taibbi, and so many others. Banks are loan sharks with Congressional protection. They have systematically cheated the public for centuries, and it was the Clinton Co-Presidency that repealed the Glass-Steagall Act leading to the economic havoc we suffer now both at home and abroad. Debt jubilees have a deep Biblical and historical pedigree, and unjust debts such as are owed now at the national as well as state and local levels, are all easily subject to scrutiny and re-negotiation if not outright dismissal.


3. The GOP is badly divided, if not on the verge of a split.

HALF-TRUE, HALF-FALSE. The GOP has been badly divided since Newt Gingrich destroyed Speaker Jim Wright and turned all Members into foot-soldiers for the party. The loss of integrity and the loss of faith with constituents is what gave rise to the Tea Party Movement. Before that and growing stronger today, you have the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party, both indictments of the GOP’s loss of integrity across the board. Donald Trump has not split the party, he’s simply made it obvious that all of us who hold the GOP’s lack of integrity in disdain must now be heard. The GOP right now is in turmoil, like the naked drunk that sobers up on a stage and suddenly realizes millions of people are watching his every move….and seeing the smallest organ on the planet — there is no there, there, in the GOP. An Electoral Reform Act of 2016, particularly if it is applied only to states and districts where a seat is being vacated for this go-around in 2016, will leave the Republican majorities intact and bring in Constitution and Libertarian Members on the right, Green and Working Families Members on the left, and Independents in the long-lost middle. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) can introduce the Act tomorrow since we have established that neither Bernie Sanders nor any other Senator have the balls necessary to do the right thing by America. The “new” GOP must be a value-centered coalition that agrees on individual rights, state rights, restoration of the Constitution as the fundamental law of the land, and slamming the federal government back into a very small box — to include an end of direct federal taxation of individuals. Adopting the Automated Payment Transaction (APT) Tax, to be collected by the states that then provide quarterly stipends to the administrative federal service of common concern, is in my view the fastest path toward restoring America the Beautiful.


4. Trump’s crew is so tone-deaf to the split that it is likely to make it worse.

TRUE. This is partly explained by Donald Trump being so tone-deaf himself that he drove Roger Stone away, and partly by Donald Trump never expecting to get this far (he was “doing a Forbes”), settling for the B Team since the big money and big talent went with Jeb Bush and others who were favored in the early days. Now Trump is rushing to make up for a very shallow tone-deaf staff, and may hurt himself if he does not slow down and think more broadly. Below are the seven things I think Trump needs to do in the next 90 days to win big. There is absolutely no evidence that these ideas, channeled via various parties, have reached Trump, which in my view represents a continued indictment of his whole operation — they cannot ingest all the information that is flooding into them, and hence are missing key signals.


Click on Image to Enlarge

01 Virtual Constitutional Convention with Governor Abbott and Mark Levin in Texas. Focus on state rights, slamming the federal government back into a very small box.

02 Unemployment Workshop in NYC shaming all the banks and corporations, announcing a commitment to full employment and zero inflation – the real unemployment rate is 23%.

03 Electoral Reform Summit in California with Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, Jesse Ventura, Cynthia McKinney, many others, perhaps repeated in Ohio — “make the deal” with incumbents (only the 20-30 seats being vacated will be covered in year one – incumbents are protected for one term to give them an opportunity to reconnect to their integrity and their constituents).


Click on Image to Enlarge

05 Fantasy Cabinet Game. Sponsor a national conversation and online “name your cabinet” or fantasy cabinet game for real – Joan Blades and Living Room Conversations could be asked to help here. This should include a national conversation about a Vice Presidential choice that is not a member today of the Republican Party. I will say up front that I believe the solution is to be found in Cynthia McKinney as VP, John Kasich as Deputy VP and Director of OMB, and Mike Huckabee as Deputy VP and first Governor-General. Roles should be found for Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Jill Stein, and many others. My own notional cabinet from my 2012 candidacy is still online — we need a Cabinet appointed on the basis of merit, without regard to ideological affiliation, not a Cabinet representing the banks that continue to loot the treasury. Such a cabinet should be charged with creating a balanced budget using evidence-based decision-support (what intelligence is supposed to be but is not — in the USA today intelligence is a massive secret technical cesspool of waste).

06 Balanced Budget Game. Sponsor a national conversation and online “balance the budget” game for real – “make the deal” with Ben & Jerry, ask them to lead this national conversation. This is how we create an informed engaged public going toward Election Day.

07 Automated Payment Transaction Tax – a tiny fractional tax on all transactions including currency and stock transactions not taxed now — radically expands the tax base to include making Wall Street pay for the government it has broken, while allowing the elimination of all other taxes and the elimination of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


5. Trump lacks a money operation to match Hillary Clinton.

HALF-TRUE, HALF-FALSE. It would be foolish of Trump to invest a billion dollars of his own money in this campaign when he can so easily raise $1 billion or more within 90 days simply by taking over the web site I have offered him via multiple channels, http://bigbatusa.org. When I was running for president myself I hired Joe Trippi as a spot consultant and I have the deepest admiration for, and understanding of how to replicate, what Joe and Zephyr Teachout did for Howard Dean. 100 million pissed-off engaged citizens donating $10 each is $1B — overnight. Half that number donating $20 each is also $1B. Donald Trump does not lack for money, he lacks for staff with imagination and the ability to think and act BIG, NOW.



6. Trump cannot possibly learn in six months how not to appear racist or sexist.

FALSE. Trump is neither racist nor a sexist. Cynthia McKinney is on the record about this and so are many others. Trump has been attacked by George Soros and others, all of whom should be investigated for incitement of stupid people (some paid) to riot, and others (such as MoveOn.org) who should have their non-profit status revoked because of their blatant organizational engagement in political campaigning on behalf of specific candidates. Joan Blades, a woman of great integrity who founded MoveOn.org, has moved on to found Living Room Conversations, and I suspect she may well be appalled at how lacking MoveOn is now in both intelligence and integrity. I for one would love to see Trump create and fund a cadre of lawyers whose sole job is to bring charges against all of these individuals who do not know Donald Trump but who are so ready to defame him. I guarantee he has more money than they have time — this crap will dry up fast once black and Latino and women leaders emerge in support of Trump’s (still be to be defined) Empowerment Campaign. In comparison to Hillary Clinton, whom Lee Camp has famously said on RT, cannot be defined as a woman simply because she has a vagina, whom Cynthia McKinney has described on the Alex Jones Show as “woman of the hegemon,” a woman who has made $21 million in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs and others, generally at $225,000 a pop and often with multiple such speeches on the same day, I am pretty sure that Trump is as close as we are going to get to a potential leader who is Of, By, and For the 99% instead of the 1% — which is precisely why the false charges of racism and sexism are being bandied about. Trump’s big problem is the threat of being assassinated by small minds with big wallets who do not see that the is the last best hope for restoring integrity to a system before we go into a violent revolution. Below is my most popular chart at Phi Beta Iota Public Intelligence Blog — when combined with all that is done in our name and at the expense of future generations, I would humbly suggest that we have vast problems that need national unity with intelligence and integrity, not the piss-ant crap that we get from a despicably controlled media world lacking in all respects.

Pre-Conditions of Revolution Existing in the USA Today


Learn more: http://tinyurl.com/Steele-Revolution

7. When all you have to do is say, “I’m for adoption,” or, “No, the U.S. stands behind its obligations,” you are in really good shape.

FALSE. This is sophmoric crap. Hillary Clinton, Co-President with Bill Clinton (she actually kicked Al Gore out of the offices traditionally occupied by the Vice President and his staff in the Old Executive Office Building), is the most offensive, murderous, political con-artist and legalized crime specialist this country has produced in a generation. Right now she is riding on fumes. Once Dick Cheney helps Trump avoid assassination and settle the GOP children of privilege, and Trump puts together an A Team including a national ballot website and a Sunshine Government with a Coalition Cabinet, it is Game Over. This election is Trump’s to lose, and right now he is doing many things that could lose it, including premature discussion of the Vice Presidency with every elderly white male loser he has ever encountered.


8. The ads write themselves. Clinton is already using the accusations and claims made by Republicans to attack and ridicule Trump.

HALF-TRUE, HALF-FALSE. The shallowness and blatant demogoguery of the Republican primary is only matched by the shallowness and blatant pandering of Clinton and Sanders on the left. There has been no substance in the primary process. What Ms. Rubin and all other pundits fail to understand is that Donald Trump is the one candidate who could raise a billion dollars and roll out a Sunshine Cabinet and Balanced Budget within 30 days of deciding to do so. If he were to embrace each of the ideas outlined under #4 above, he would engage no less than 70% of the eligible voters — remember that Barack Obama was “elected” by 26% of the eligible voters in 2012, 100 million eligible voters chose not to vote. The new voters — many of them Latino — are the swing vote this year, but so also are the black voters now realizing that the Co-Clinton presidency put more of them into jail than any other combination of past presidents. There are more black people in jail today than there were slaves at the beginning of the Civil War. Thank you, Co-President Clinton.


9. Clinton knows how to reach out to Republicans.

HALF-TRUE, HALF-FALSE. Half-true — Republican Members love sluts and pages….as do Democratic members. Clinton is the chosen representative of the corrupt establishment — the corrupt establishment that is one bird with two wings to the exclusion of 60% if not more of all others — and she knows how to fully satisfy Goldman Sachs. What is changing today, and Speaker Paul Ryan as well as the Tea Party Members understand this — is that the public is now awake and no longer ready to tolerate “one bird, two wings, same crap.” Now is the time for elders like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich to emerge from the shadows and join with Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Jesse Ventura and many others, to demand that the Speaker introduce the Electoral Reform Act of 2016 in partnership with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) in the Senate. Put bluntly, if the Republicans want to survive the 2016 election at the state and local levels, they need to take the lead on restoring integrity to our electoral process. Clinton may be good at reaching out to Republicans with money and a vote for sale, Trump strikes me as vastly more credible with everyone else — which is to say, voters across all boundaries (if and only if he gets his A Game going). My letter to Tom Steyer is free online and offers added perspective on the positive process we might follow to restore integrity to both our electoral process and how we govern.



10. The media will finally get tough on Trump.

FALSE. With the exception of a few stellar investigative journalists, most of whom do not cover political theater, there is no media worthy of the name. What passes for “coverage” across the networks and in the major city newspapers is garbage with no redeeming value. It is not possible to “get tough” on Trump in part because he is unabashedly authentic and has no major peccadillos in his past other than his cozy relationship with the Cuomo family and a few affairs. That pales in comparison to how the Co-Clinton Presidency literally sold the US public and the US treasury to the highest bidders, while Hillary Clinton continued to at minimum have massive conflicts of interest with her private foreign policy managed via private email — she may easily be indictable on multiple fronts, and a case could be made that she committed treason. There is no such case to made against Trump. On the personal front, we have Bill Clinton making eleven trips on the Lolita Express of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, obviously not being satisfied by his wife of record, while Co-President Hillary Clinton continues to have a range of overnight guests whose names going back in time and up to today my retired Secret Service colleagues are aching to release to the public. As Ray McGovern has pointed out recently, all of Clinton’s emails (including her most intimate emails with individuals not her husband) are in the hands of the National Security Security Agency, Romanian hackers, the Russian government, and the Israelis. Hillary Clinton is COMPROMISED. Game over.


> source: http://www.phibetaiota.net/2016/05/robert-steele-washington-post-offers-10-reasons-hillary-clinton-will-beat-donald-trump-i-counter-each/


(thanks to RDS, who sent me the link by email!)

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