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The Most important election in US History?

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No Presidential candidate has ever endured the sort of negative coverage that Trump has

Roger Stone Proven Right Again

Published on Jun 20, 2016

Alex Jones and Roger Stone discuss Donald Trump's strategy as he moves closer to the RNC.


"I have every confidence that Paul Manaford can guide Donald Trump" (suitably)



Donald Trump fires campaign manager Corey Lewandowski
The Guardian-8 hours ago
The news came as a surprise to Lewandowski when Trump informed him ... Others said the news had not been shared internally and they were ...
. . .

The news came as a surprise to Lewandowski when Trump informed him this morning in Trump Tower, a source told the Guardian.

Lewandowski’s departure comes as Trump’s campaign is increasingly struggling in its attempt to pivot towards the general election. Since becoming the Republican party’s presumptive nominee in early May, Trump has collapsed in the polls and faced increasing questions about his campaign organization.

Trump has made a series of controversial remarks including stating that the Mexican heritage of Gonzalo Curiel, a federal judge hearing a lawsuit against the presumptive nominee, meant that Curiel was biased, and doubled down on his calls for a ban on Muslims entering the country, in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando. Trump even suggested that the American Muslim community knew in advance about terrorist attacks and did not say anything.

The result is that even many Republican lawmakers who have endorsed Trump have now distanced themselves from him. John Cornyn, the No2 Republican in the Senate, said he would not discuss Trump until after the election and House speaker Paul Ryan, the party’s most senior elected official, has refused to condemn those plotting a convention coup against the presumptive nominee.

Lewandowski, who rose to power last year after beating veteran strategist Roger Stone to be Trump’s top aide, seemingly lost his own power struggle with chief strategist Paul Manafort, who was brought in by Trump several months ago. Lewandowski and Manafort struggled for control for months, but had apparently reached equilibrium in recent weeks. That has seemingly not survived Trump’s recent political woes.

In a statement to the Associated Press, Lewandowski said: “Paul Manafort has been in operational control of the campaign since 7 April. That’s a fact.”

One campaign source suggested that the final straw for Lewandowski was “some conflict between him and Hope Hicks that Ivanka [Trump] didn’t like”. Lewandowski and Hicks reportedly engaged in a public screaming match in midtown Manhattan last month. The two had long been considered close and constantly accompanied Trump on the campaign trail.

One source familiar with the campaign said Lewandowski had clashed with Ivanka Trump’s husband, Jared Kushner, and was even trying to plant negative stories about Trump’s son-in-law in the press.

The strain showed when Michael Caputo, a high-ranking Trump staffer who had long been critical of Lewandowski, tweeted: “Ding dong the witch is dead.”

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Free Enterprise versus Financial Capitalism


If you can only convince people that human interaction is a zero-sum game, you can control them. But that is a lie. We either all win or we all lose in the end.

Right now, in the U.S., capitalism is reaching its "natural" destination. Unfettered by external control, capitalism always results in a few winners and many losers. Wealth becomes concentrated, the majority becomes discontented, and they decide on a nuclear solution to combat the "enemy", too blinded by rage to see that they are standing in the blast zone. Everyone loses.

As the computer in the movie War Games concluded, the only way to win a zero-sum game is to not play the game. But people never seem to learn that truth.


Not all forms of Capitalism have the same end story.


The US used to have a healthy form of Free Enterprise, which aided the creation of wealth across the economic spectrum


Then, the wealth (Top 1%, or top 1% of 1%) financed various political candidates who pushed for changes (trade agreements, Glass steegle) which made it easier to make money with money. Financial speculation, takeovers, leverage buyouts, etc became easier to finance, and the profits were allowed to be accrued at low rates of tx.


I used to be a young banker at Chase Manhattan, and I can recall loans being turned down because they did not finance true economic projects, only speculation. That changed back in the old "greed is good days" around the time Clinton was president, and even earlier during Reagan's administration.


The brave new world made it easier for those who were close to the sources of money creation, and cheap money to get vast amounts of capital. And these changes ushered in a era of Financial capitalism, and more and more wealth concentration. Some of the excess profits got recycled back into buying politicians - including those in both parties. Hillary is a Democrat, but also the best friend of Wall Street, and her election would bring even more concentration of wealth - and more Wars given greater scope for profit-making in the defense contracting area.


This election year we have a real choice, and the chance to vote for a politician, Trump, who has the potential to deliver some real change. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee he would do it, But with Hillary, I can guarantee that she will bring more of the same - a continuation of many negative trends, while making her core base of radical lesbians, and state handout-takers feel good for a few months or years... right up until the time the government goes bust

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Hillary is a "Dangerous War Monger"


The Alternative Media with Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof, June 11, 2016, hour 2


"She has taken far more money than any other candidate from the armaments industry, and has strong links to the Israeli lobby"


Hillary in the White House may guarantee us WW3 .

Trump is the only candidate talking about diplomacy


(unfortunately, these truth are not being brought out by the corporate controlled media, which is doing its best to demonize Trump)

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A summing up --- for the record here


Donald Trump's Full Anti-Hillary Clinton Speech in NYC (6-22-16)


Hannity 6/22/16 - Sean Hannity on Donald Trump speech on Hillary Clinton & 'Clinton Cash'


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(((Trump))) is an ______

Blank =


"Gruff person who understands the issues important to real Americans"

"A very outspoken non-politician who challenges PC nonsense"

"An Alpha Male who is challenging the establishment"

"Someone brave enough to take on the Globalist elites"



"real americans"

only if you dont consider blacks, hispanics or immigrants (after date xxxx) to be "real americans"


Challenging the establishment:


yes, revoking healthcare for the 99% is going to work out great, and definately not what the "establishment" want.


Brave enough to take on the global elites...


well... theres the biggest problem.

because. imho. that is pure spin.

Probably better described as offer the global elites everything and exactly what they want, no matter how much it upsets everyone.


Do not let your very valid loathing of Hitlary cloud your judgement when assesing the alternative.


Compare what he is saying he will do with what the power players in the US want.


case in point - revoke Obamacare.

The republicans butchered obamacare since they took control 4 years ago. it could of been an awesome project. delivering healthcare to the US population similar to many other modern economies.


But instead of fixing it. He wants to go back to the situation where everything americans pay for their healthcare goes to line the pockets of insurance companies executives, while they offer a service little better than you can get for free in the deepest depths of the African jungle.



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2016 is a Year of important elections - we need to pay close attention. Apparent two party systems that are really one party (supporting Globalism) are breaking down. We saw this in the UK, where both the Tories and Labour officially supported staying in the EU, but the people won when they broke the programming and voted for Brexit.

In the US, the Globalists are lining up behind Hillary. Nine of her top 10 donors are zionist billionaires - they oppose Trump, because he has spoken about a policy of putting America First over the interests of globalist. Naturally, the globalist controlled corporate media, which used to be called the mainstream media is also backing Hillary. The pump out one anti-Trump story after another.

David Knight on Infowars talks about how Republicans like Hank Paulson are supporting Clinton:
“W” Cabinet is "With Her": Bush Globalists Stump for Hillary

If you think any good can come from a Democrat supported by Globalist Rinos like Paulson, you live on a different planet than I do.
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Hillary's Mission to CRUSH our Remaining Freedoms



Empress Palpatine ?


AJ: "everybody has been bought off now" - near 34 minutes


The Global Elite Are Losing Control | Alex Jones and Stefan Molyneux


SM (at 40 minutes):

"The problem is not a failure of the State... it is the escalation of Force" (ie too much state power)


Hillary wants to take away guns from the people, fight wars, and grab more power...

(to make donors like Soros, and the other Globalist backing her more dominant.)

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Sorry it's off topic but I have to say I have no time for Stefan Molyneaux and I am amazed Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson appear with him alot recently although I have had my suspicions about those two for a while now :


And this is the reason



Lets hope the American people vote Trump


I must admit I don't think he did himself any favours with the tone of his argument because the 911 false flag is very well documented. It seemed to me that he was trying to make the point that there is more important proveable information in our face which Governments have actually admitted to far worse crimes than 911, although I don't think you can just dismiss it like that.


I think Stephan is good at researching the history and destructive cycles of humanity and predicting the likely future.

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I don't agree with everything he says...

But I do think that Stefan speaks refreshing SENSE about many social issues


Stefan wants people to wake up - and see the reality of the threat posed by Hillary







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I don't agree with everything he says...

But I do think that Stefan speaks refreshing SENSE about many social issues


Stefan wants people to wake up - and see the reality of the threat posed by Hillary




I can appreciate that but for me this issue is so fundamental to his credibility that it clouds everything else he says.

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Confusing Polls do not tell us much


This week's crop of polls shows Hillary Clinton leading Donald Trump by double digits in an ABC poll (51-39), by only 5 points in an NBC/WSJ poll (46-41), and a virtual deadlock in a Quinnipaic University poll (42-40). A ''Rasmussen Report'' survey shows Trump with a four point lead (43-39).

What the polls do not show -- or they do in fine print and small footnotes -- is large margins of error (+/- 4 per cent in ABC poll), small samples (often less than 1000), and sketchy methods (Rasmussen is online and by telephone), among other limitations.

There is also the business of the missing numbers (the sum of opinion never amounts to 100), suggesting that some 5-15 per cent simply hold back their preferences/views -- enough to change the results when they express it.


> more: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/us-elections-2016/Poll-Vault-Hillary-leads-Trump-who-leads-Hillary-who-leads-Trump/articleshow/52999170.cms

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FBI just told us we'd be in bad hands with Hillary
New York Post-1 hour ago

Say you are a Hillary supporter and believe she would be a good president, and say you believe Bill was a good president. You still must ...

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Hillary Clinton Scandal: Poll Position

July 6, 2016


Got a pencil handy? Jot these numbers down …

Hillary Clinton – 41.1 percent
Donald Trump – 36.4 percent
Gary Johnson – 7.4 percent
Jill Stein – 3.9 percent

According to RealClearPolitics rolling composite of national polling data, this was the status of the 2016 presidential election on the day Clinton’s big email scandal reached its zenith.

How will those numbers be impacted as the fallout from the scandal continues to cascade?

Good question …

Our founding editor has projected that within a week, Clinton’s 4.7 percentage point lead will evaporate – and that Trump could end up taking a narrow lead.

Oh, and this is assuming the mainstream media polls are accurate (which they clearly weren’t in predicting the outcome of last month’s “Brexit” vote).

What do you think? How will the Clinton scandal impact the current national polling? More importantly, how will it impact polling in the handful of swing states that will ultimately determine the outcome of the election?


> http://www.fitsnews.com/2016/07/06/hillary-clinton-scandal-poll-position/

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I would think that most people had made their minds up about that scandal a long time ago


and the fact the FBI more or less cleared her is only going to be positive for her campaign


She should pick up some swing voters in the short term although Donald now has more mud to throw at her which may erode that.....


Short term..positive....Long term ....neutral


My opinion.

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Donald Trump has a 10-point lead over Hillary Clinton in this poll MarketWatch


Despite his multiple professional bankruptcies, some Americans believe billionaire developer Donald Trump might still know more about real estate than his rival Hillary Clinton.

Some 39% of those polled said a Donald Trump presidency would improve U.S. real-estate values more than if former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (29%) became commander-in-chief, according to a survey carried out last month of 2,000 Americans by the Harris Poll on behalf of Trulia, a San Francisco-based real-estate research group.

Only 15% of Americans said that real-estate prices would fall under Trump, slightly higher than Clinton’s polling at 13% seeing a real estate decline under her presidency.

“Americans give an overall edge to Trump in our poll when it came to a strong housing market,” the report, released July 7, said.

Notwithstanding most registered Democrats’ antipathy for all things Trump, 47% of those identifying as Democrats said housing prices would rise if the billionaire real-estate developer was elected, compared with just 24% who said the same about Clinton. Independents by a margin of 35% to 25% also saw Trump being better for real-estate prices. Trump owns his largest margin on the issue among younger voters aged 18 to 39, the poll showed, with a 21-point advantage of 49% to 28%.

Perhaps echoing his populist campaign of Americans left behind in the economic recovery, Trump performed best during the primary in counties that had seen only modest recovery (less than 4%) in real-estate prices since the 2009 housing crash, while losing those that gained 6.6% or more. For her part, Hillary Clinton won counties in the primary where real estate appreciation was a modest 3%, while losing counties where real estate gains were 7% or better to Senator Bernie Sanders.

Still, even with the rate of Homeownership at a near 50-year low, the issue of housing has taken a back seat in this election cycle, at least compared with the 2008 and 2012 election cycles.


> MORE; http://www.marketwatch.com/story/donald-trump-has-a-10-point-lead-over-hillary-clinton-in-this-poll-2016-07-08?siteid=bigcharts&dist=bigcharts


Written by a Jew (and/or edited by one).

It is so obvious, when you see this lead: "Despite his multiple professional bankruptcies..."

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QuintNews - ‎11 hours ago‎

The two men met Thursday with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus at the National Republican Senatorial Committee headquarters were Trump also met with several dozen other Republican senators on Thursday.

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Trump: "We are at war... we are letting (dangerous) people in without documentation"


The O'Reilly Factor July 14th, 2016 (7/14/16) Full Show: Donald Trump, Crooked Hillary Interviews


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"TRUMP will bring focus, purpose, and change to Washington," says Paul Manaford


Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace 7/17/16 | Trump's Campaign Manager Paul Manafort



"Trump will deliver" in his acceptance speech on Thursday night, says Prebice


"Hillary led Obama right down a horrible path," said Donald Trump

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Goodbye to the BUSH CRIME family?


US election: Anti-Trump floor vote fails at convention
BBC News-5 hours ago
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told ABC News "the Republican party has been awfully good to the Bushes and they're showing ...
The O'Reilly Factor 7/18/16 | Donald Trump interview & Republican National Convention, Never Trump



Published on Jul 18, 2016
The O'Reilly Factor 7/18/16 | Donald Trump interview & Republican National Convention, Never Trump
Donald Trump phoned into The O'Reilly Factor while the Republican National Convention was underway. The presumptive GOP nominee outlined the themes of his upcoming speech on Thursday.
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RUDY sick and tired of the defamation of Trump:

"This is a good and decent man"

Rudy Giuliani PISSED OFF! Passionate Speech at RNC 7/18/16



"What happened to (Obama's) there is no black America, there is no white America, there is only one America"


"The only one who could not figure out it was an Islamic extremist attack... was Barack Obama"

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Hillary's speech in Cincinnati - This woman is sca-ary !


(starts at about 15 minutes)

Outnumbered 7/18/16 Full: Melania Trump, GOP Convention, Hillary Clinton Speech



She wants to hold police accountable... and national guidelines on use of force.

(Does she understand the real problem?)


Maria agrees about the danger of Hillary

We NEED Trump! Hillary is Scary! Sunday Morning Futures w/ Maria Bartiromo 7/17/16 Full


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TRUMP may name (or hint at) his cabinet at the Convention, says Roger Stone


Roger Stone: Prediction For Cleveland GOP Convention, CFT Rally | (7.17.16)


Damage control ?

Here's Why Anti-Trump Karl Rove Came to RNC

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Is Hillary Just "Obama Reheated" ?


Sebastian Gorka


“I’m really very disturbed about how we have people who say they are conservatives, or Republicans, or simply on the Right, and say now they’re going to campaign or vote for Hillary Clinton,” Gorka declared.

“Let’s just boil it down to the bare essentials,” he continued. “I’ve met Mr. Trump on more than one occasion. I’ve talked to him about national security issues, and I am disturbed by his lack of background on these issues. Yes, he is a black hole at the moment.”

He noted that as a businessman, there was no reason Trump would dwell on “the difference between Sunni and Shia, and really, you know, what you should be doing with North Korea or Russia.”


There is time for Trump to master these issues, while Clinton has an appalling track record that cannot be excused by a lifelong focus on private-sector endeavors.

“Compare that to his other competitor. Compare him to Hillary,” Gorka urged. “This is a woman who’s responsible for Libya, for Benghazi. This is a woman who should simply recuse herself from running for public office, or working in the government, because of her email server scandal. This is a person who could be blackmailed tomorrow.”

Gorka said it was “absolutely clear” that Clinton’s illicit, insecure email server was vulnerable to foreign intelligence agencies, and that Clinton faced a “slam-dunk” indictment on at least twenty “felony charges” – absent political intervention, of course. . . .

. . . Gorka also made the point that Clinton’s philosophy, bent even further to the Left by her primary challenge from Bernie Sanders, would make her “completely a third Obama term” as Commander-in-Chief.

“She’s actually said on the campaign trail, ‘I refuse to use the phrase radical Islam,’” he noted. “That’s just Obama reheated.


> MORE: http://thegorkabriefing.com/the-political-scene/

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I think Trump is a much better speech maker than Hillary ... The tone of her delivery is too deliberate...it sounds unnatural and forced as if she is afraid to go off script for a moment. Trump comes across as a conviction politician who believes what he says even though sometimes he exaggerates and gets it wrong....at least he sounds real.

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